Thursday, November 04, 2010

Peyton's Square...

Happy Thursday....
stitching friends! With renewed vigor and purpose, I stitched right along on this quilt square for Peyton at Love Quilts . Peyton is a girl my boys' age, her favorite things are hearts, flowers and the color purple. So I stitched up this square, using a lot of purple and I think it just turned out darling.

Peyton's Quilt Square 1

Peyton's Quilt Square 2

Peyton's Quilt Square 3

Peyton's "Love Quilts" Square
Design: "Believe" part of the "Once Upon A Time" thread pack series
a collaboration of Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours
Stitched on: 14 ct. White Aida
Stitched with: DMC in my own colorway for Peyton
copyright: 2009 Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours

one square down and many more to go for this worthwhile cause, its my goal. I don't know what will come out for air next in my stitching bag...but something worthy and worthwhile to tickle my fancy and yours hopefully. I don't have to work this weekend, and I got all the laundry done...the house is clean too, so I'm thinking a little numb butt is in order for the weekend. I hope my husband and kids play nice with my plans. Ellie's already told me she's going to Lunch Bunch tomorrow (that's "extended" day for Pre-school, where they take their lunch and eat with their classmates then have romper room afterwards)...that means Mama has 4 hours to herself! That's some prime numb butt time:)

last weekend we went home to visit our parents and life had me thinking about people that made large contributions to making me who I am. I had a teacher once that always had some quip or quote to tell us at the end of his classes - I was in High School at the time - and right before the bell would ring he would say something witty and then say, "Remember it, put it in your tool box , pull it out and use it in your life." So I thought it would be cathartic for me to remind myself of some tools in my tool box, take them out, examine them, remember them, use them and share them with you . So at the end of my posts, I'm going to have my tool of the "week". I know it will help me, maybe it will help you....

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my "hands to work and heart to God"!
Hugs and love,

Tool: Be a listener. Tamp down that feeling to best, beat and talk over someone. Bust up the ego. Close your mouth. Open your ears. Listen. You may be surprised what you might hear. It's an art. It's a gift. Use it. Put it in your toolbox.


  1. Too cute!! I love knowing you remember what a teacher told you...maybe my students ARE listening afterall!!! And, yes, todays tool in your toolbelt is wonderful!!!

    Take care, Faye

  2. That's great Vonna esp that you stitched it up so quickly. I found that the longest time was choosing the right design that was the right size! Perfect job. Love the tools idea. I'm going to tell that one to my dh. x

  3. That is a beautiful chart! Great job!

  4. What a super design for that quilt. It's often hard to find just the right thing in the themes. Yours is just perfect.

  5. What a sweet little design Vonna, I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled :)

    Enjoy your stitching time this weekend!

  6. What a wonderful design! You're so great to be doing this!

  7. Angela4:48 PM

    Love your toolbox tip! I am fortunate to be mentored by a very good listener at work, and so I know how just listening - not already thinking about your response - makes someone feel so special.

  8. Beautiful square! I love the tool in your toolbelt today. Extremely good advice.

  9. Beautiful stitching and color changes Vonna. I think Peyton will love it!

    I love your toolkit idea. I wish more people would adhere to this one. Listening is so important and so many people don't. People talk over me all the time (so rude!) and I am always admonishing them to listen and wait til I am finished.

  10. What lovely stitching for Peyton's quilt and what a wonderful project you are involved in.
    I can't wait to see your next finish

  11. I love your new tool feature! And that square - just beautiful. She is going to love it. I can't wait to see more. I hope your plans for the weekend works out.

  12. I love your square Vonna! I think Peyton will too, it's so cute! I also like your tools idea and the one you posted today is so great! Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Wonderful idea. I am going to share this with the 22 folks who work with me. Hope I can remember to be a good listener.

    Glad to see you back more often.

  14. Your square for Peyton is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure she will love it. Love the toolbox idea.

  15. What a beautiful piece--good job! :)

    I also LOVED your tool for the week. I sincerely believe that it was something I truly needed to "hear" today.

  16. Love the toolbox!!!

  17. I love this Vonna! And I know that Peyton will, too. :-) Can't wait to see what you pick next!!

  18. This is just beautiful Vonna, and how could it not bring a smile! Speaking of smiles - you have a beautiful one in your new photo!

  19. That is a perfect design for a little girl! Great choice!

  20. Peyton's Square turned out beautifully, Vonna. You always add your own personality to things. Can't wait to see what you work on in your 'numb butt' time! ;) Thanks for the tool. I'm a subscriber for listening. Can't take credit for it, though. It's probably because I'm an introvert! ;) Cathryn

  21. What a special quilt block this will be for Peyton!

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of the tools for our toolkits. The simple things are so very important!

  22. I love the square for Peyton!!! It is beautiful!!!

  23. That's a REALLY cute design!

  24. Vonna, Beautiful stitching! It looks like the perfect design for a special little girl. I love your tool box tip - I know I could benefit from practicing listening better! Thanks for the reminder! Have a wonderful weekend with lots of stitching! Meredith

  25. Peyton is sure to love looking at that gorgeous square in her quilt. I am a purple lover too so I might be a bit biased. :o)

    Love the toolbox idea - I can certainly use it. Thank you!

  26. Beautiful square for Peyton's quilt! It is going to be a wonderful addition to her quilt.

  27. She's very cute!! It'll look perfect in the quilt.
    The tools idea is a wonderful one!

  28. Nice finish for such a great cause! Love your tool box analogy...hope you have a very stitchy weekend!

  29. Hi Vonna,

    Okay, I just read your "comment"
    verse above and had a big smile
    spread across my face. Thank
    you for that. So now, how could
    I not leave a comment??

    Your first square for Love Quilts
    looks wonderful. Peyton is going
    to love it since it contains all
    her favorite things. I love the
    dress and the colors used for it.
    You and Peyton have great taste.

    I hope that your plans for a
    numb butt weekend turn out
    just the way you hope. I can't
    wait to see what your next
    project will be.

    The "Tool" segment at the end
    of your blog is a great idea
    and will no doubt leave us with
    food for thought indeed.


  30. Beautiful square! And what a great organization. It's lovely when we can turn our hobby into something that helps others.

    btw-- thanks for visiting my little blog and commenting. It really makes my day!

  31. Peyton's square is really very nice...good job. I am liking this tool box idea of yours....

  32. Peyton's square is adorable Vonna. What girl doesn't love purple? I love this LHN series. I'm working on Dream for my daughter.

    Your toolbox is a great idea....sure to have a little something for all of us :)

    Hope you enjoy your stitching this weekend

  33. Fantastic square, what young girl wouldn't love it ! Look forward to more from your tool box.

  34. Great finish and so fast!

  35. PERFECT square - the pattern is too cute

  36. This is just perfect! And I love your tool idea!

  37. Peytons quilt square is adorable!

  38. Your toolbox idea is such a lovely one. It's always worth to think about how to use these kind of tools in our lives.
    The square for Peyton is just darling. It will bring a lot of smiles into her life.

  39. OMG Vonna, you are really inspired by this project! I love this design. I haven't even picked mine out.

    I think the toolbox is a wonderful idea, one that I am sure is going to help you.

  40. As always Vonna, you are an inspiration. You deserve your numb butt this weekend.
    Peyton's square is adorable! Love your tool box too...

  41. LOVE your toolbox!! That stitching is absolutely stunning!! I have to have to have to make more time for that in my life.
    Thank you for the note you left me. Prayers that we both use our words to always build up and that we let no negative word or unkind thought take up residence in our mind.

  42. Vonna, Peyton's square is so cute. I love your toolbox idea!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! You are a super sweet gal!!

  43. Peyton's square turned out really cute, I'm sure she'll love it! Enjoy your 4 hours of stitchy time!!!

  44. The square is great! The quote from your "tool box" is something we all can take to heart~

  45. Your square is just beautiful. Love the colors you chose!

    Hope you have a great weekend and get LOTS of stitching in.

  46. Gosh Vonna - What a memory you have - I can't believe you can remember things said in school but likely you are younger than I - even still - I didn't rememeber what teachers said 20 years ago. Your square for Peyton is wonderful - I love the colors you chose - so bright and perky full of hope and well wishes. YGG - Mel

  47. Vonna what a cute design and I know Peyton willlove it in her quilt.

  48. What a wonderful finish, it's sure to look gorgeous on Peyton's quilt!

  49. I just knew you would have Peyton's square finished. It is absolutely darling.

    Love the 'tool' idea and today's tool was wonderful.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  50. Love your finish. The colors you chose are perfect. Peyton is sure to treasure this square of her quilt.

  51. Excellant color choices, very pretty.

  52. Oh Vonna, how adorable! What a sweet square this it!

    Loved the tool...going to put that one in my toolbox :)

  53. Beautiful finish Vonna. Loving it.

  54. Sandi Frueh4:21 AM

    Vonna, your quilt square for Peyton's Love quilt is beautiful.

    I think the "tool" idea is great. I look forward to reading all of them.

    I'm new here so hope I figured out how to sign up correctly. HA !!

  55. I love your "tool kit tip" and wanted to share with you what my Dad always told me when I was growing up.
    We are from Yorkshire, in the UK, and my dad has a very strong accent.
    He told me almost everyday "Remember Lass, a still tongue makes a wise old head!"
    Same tip, just told in a different way.
    I love the way you have done the quilt square, purple is just right.

  56. Beautiful piece for Love Quilts. I also stitch for them on a regular basis and have enjoyed it very much. Love your blog-very inspiring.
    Hope to see more of your work on the Love Quilts site.
    Peggy in Florida

  57. Vonna, your square for the quilt turned out so great!!! I am sure Peyton will love it. I LOVE your tool kit idea. And I have put your tool in today's post out where I can always see it. I have put it into practice and I feel so much better about myself! And people who I usually talk their ear off don't know how to react! It's great! Sometimes saying nothing is the best reaction.

  58. Adorable Vonna! It's so sweet and so sweet of you to do this project!

  59. What a cute finish, Vonna! Great idea for today's tools. :)

  60. What an adorable square Vonna :)

  61. Dear Vonna,
    I have been trying to reach you via e-mail and it keeps coming back to me saying that there are errors and can't be delivered.
    I am wondering if you have the Goode Huswife Colonial Garden series charts and would be willing to sell the ones you're finished with? Can't find them any place and would love to stitch them all.
    I love checking your blog each day. Your work is just beautiful!!
    Thanks so much for your help.
    Linda Pence

  62. Love your progress Vonna, how sweet of you really.
    Love the idea of a "Tool" :) Thought provoking indeed

  63. Anonymous9:48 PM

    What a sweet piece, very cute. I really love this one!

  64. That turned out super cute!

  65. What a sweet finish!

    I love the tool for us...this is a great one..hugs, Linda


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