Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One busy morning...

Good Morning...
my dear friends and fellow stitchers! Today, on this Tuesday, I found myself with a second "totally free" day in a row! If you knew how my schedule has been over the last year, you'd understand my enthusiasm and the feeling that I may have hit the lotto  :)  In fact, my new found ability to say "no" has been quite rewarding. I'm trying to practice the word now without feeling that twinge of guilt when I say it.

So what to do...
well I decided that I might as well get ahead of the Christmas rush and finish a few ornaments and gifts that I've been squirrelling away. Here's the first:

Little House Needleworks "Frosty Flakes"

"Frosty Flakes"
Designed by: Little House Needleworks - Diane Williams
Copyright 2010

Then I pulled out this one...

Little House Needleworks "Peppermint Twist"

"Peppermint Twist"
Designed by: Little House Needleworks - Diane Williams
copyright 2010

And the good Lord...
blessed my extended family with two new additions, so like every other baby that is related to me, I stitched my old standard "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. I've stitched a lot of these (including some for my own children) and they always turn out so cute. I've finished them in a variety of ways over the years, but these turned out the best ever, in my opinion. This one is for my brother Adam's new son (and my Godson) - Benjamin:

Benjamin's Ornament

Then my other brother...
Jeremy, had his first son this year too. His name is Weber and he's a chip off the old block (if I do say so myself):

Weber's Ornament

Sweet Benjamin and darling Weber...
won't get to know each other very well because Benjamin lives here in Indiana and Weber (and his Daddy and Mommy) live way out in California, but they will share ornaments on their tree made by their Aunt Vonnie who loves them both dearly!

Baby's Ornies

"Bunny in a Stocking"
Designed by: Lorri Birmingham
copyright 1997

So no idle hands...
were to be found here this morning! And I don't think all of this:

A Morning's Worth of Work

is too bad for a morning's work! Even when you throw in that I also made homemade biscuits and gravy (my kiddo's favorite breakfast), getting three kids off to school and straightening the house. And it's only 11:30 a.m. Now on to the afternoon's project! I pulled something today that I'm going to *hopefully* feature in December. It's an oldie, but a goodie!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my "hands to work and heart to God"!
Hugs and love,


  1. wonderful christmas ornaments:)

  2. Oh Vonna, they are beautiful!!
    I do like how you have finished "Frosty Flakes" and "Peppermint Twist" - perfect. I am sure the two boys will adore their own special ornaments from Auntie Vonna.
    Not a bad morning's work at all my friend, you did great.

  3. Your ornaments looks so beautiful! You had a very productive morning and you still have the whole afternoon:))))

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Vonna, they're gorgeous! I really love the way you do the LHN ornaments with the felt backing - I treated myself to a pinking cutter recently (after holding out for too long) and just need to get a wave blade to go with it so I can do some of these. Congratulations on the latest additions to your family :)

  5. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Vonna, I Love them all.

  6. what darling ornaments. I love the way you finished the first two, how do you get the fely cut that way? Rotter cutter? I am going to try that finish.

    Love the baby ornaments. I am positive it is something they will treasure forever.

    How is your daughter feeling, hopefully she is on the mend. Enjoy your down time :)

  7. All of your goodies are beautiful!!

    That breakfast sounds good too!!

  8. Vonna, great stitching, not that I am surprised! Weber and Benjamin are lucky babies. The ornaments are so pretty.....find sometime today to relax!

  9. Lovely ornies Vonna. You have finished them all beautifully. x

  10. ScullyPA1:04 PM

    Love them all!

  11. Wow, you did all that in one morning?! With time to spare? I'm lucky is I can get myself up, fed and caffeinated in that amount of time! lol

    The ornies are beautiful! Great job!

  12. Sweet ornanments Vonna and I love the way each is finished. Have a happy afternoon...hugs, Linda

  13. Goodness, what a productive morning! Much more so than mine yesterday.. lol. The ornies are gorgeous!

    How is Miss Ellie doing today? Any better?

  14. Such fast finishing and so perfect! They are all perfect. Love those baby ones.

  15. They are all adorable....I especially like the LHN ones with the wavy felt, that's a neat idea.

  16. Precious! All of them! I really like the bunnies. They are just adorable. :-)

  17. They are so pretty! Glad you had a productive morning.

  18. love the ornaments! someday I'm going to try that finishing technique :)

    so glad you are enjoying "just say no" :)

  19. Beautiful ornaments Vonna! thanks for sharing your finishes with us.

  20. Ornaments turned out beautifully.

    How is Ms. Ellie this afternoon? Hope she is feeling better than yesterday.

  21. What knock-outs Vonna! Just adorable!

  22. All your ornaments are gorgeous. I'm sure both boys will be thrilled. I can't wait to see next years LHN ornies.

  23. Too bad the boys won't know each other well. But, they'll love the ornies! And your other ornies - how adorable! Can't wait to see what else you have on the needle!

    Smiles - Denise

  24. Wonderful ornaments and finishing !

  25. You make great use out of your time!! Those ornaments are wonderful and I love the finishing! Can't wait to see what you finished up this afternoon.

  26. Whew! You WERE a busy woman this morning! Biscuits and gravy (YUM!) and all those lovely ornaments..all before 11:30! You go girl!

  27. You have been very busy! The ornaments are beautiful.

  28. Everything looks wonderful. How lucky are those two little boys to have such a talented aunt to stich for them.
    Now, come over to my house and do my finishing for me! LOL!

  29. All of them are just gorgeous!!! I know your brothers and their wives will be thrilled to have the baby ornaments to add to their collection.....In time, they will become even more precious!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Faye

  30. Hi,

    What a delight to your blog. I was reading what you wrote about saying no, this is no easy task, but many times we say yes to everything and everyone and then left us NO, they do both for people and just not have time for us.
    Her embroideries are wonderful and I love LHN. You are the fairy stitching.
    Hugs from Brazil!

  31. I need to get myself on your time management system! You don't waste a minute!

    Beautiful finishes all of them.

  32. Gorgeous finishes Vonna! You just can't beat those "free" days for having fun.

  33. Hi Vonna,

    Well, I must say that you put
    me to shame with your very
    industrious morning.

    Those LHN look wonderful the
    way that you finished them.
    The felted backing is such a
    nice finish because the colors
    of the felt accent and enhance
    the colors on the ornaments.

    Those two ornaments for your
    new nephews are adorable and
    look wonderful the way that
    you've finished them. The
    red trim with red pins around
    the outside of each ornament
    is beautiful.

    Hope you had an equally enjoyable
    afternoon of crafting.

    How is Ellie feeling???


  34. Wonderful ornaments Vonna!!

  35. Love your finishing as always! I know your nephews will cherish those ornaments in years to come.

  36. Beautiful ornaments Vonna! I really love that gingham ribbon!

    Doesn't it feel great to get so much accomplished in the morning?!

  37. They are all beautiful, Vonna - you definitely had a productive morning!

  38. Wow! They're all wonderful -- and you did them all in one morning? You're amazing!!

  39. Hey there, Vonna!!! I must say, these finishes are just so adorable!! I especially love the finishing of the trim with those ribbons...perfect touch!!!! You certainly were very productive with your morning!!! Wow!!!

    Hope your dear daughter is on the mend, nothing worse then having a sick child!

  40. Absolutely beautiful stitching and finishing Vonna! So glad you got to enjoy your morning this way!

  41. What a productive morning. Love your finishes!

  42. Wow were you productive today! They look beautiful - all of them. Love your new "door" stocking on the previous post. Very cute.

  43. So glad you had such an enjoyable morning Vonna! All of the ornaments look so pretty and festive!

    Sometimes the oldies but goodies are the most fun. Can't wait to see what you have been up to!

  44. I love the way you finished the two LHN ornaments, and the baby ornaments are just too precious.

  45. Not too shabby indeed! You've had a very productive morning and I can't believe how much you accomplished. Honestly Vonna, I can't do that much in an entire day anymore!
    Your ornaments are really lovely and the two for your nephews are so sweet. I love the ribbon you used on them.
    Hope you've enjoyed the rest of your day.

  46. Gorgeous ornaments, I love the wavy felt backing on the LHN ones

  47. Vonna, your finished pieces are lovely. I'm so glad I've read your tutorials. I'm going to have to finish mine soon. :) Thanks for sharing your lovely ornaments. Cathryn

  48. Your LHN ornaments turned out beautiful! And the baby ornaments are so sweet!! Congrats on the finishes!!

  49. Wow, Vonna, your ornaments are just beautiful! Love how you've finished the LHNs.

    I hope Ellie is feeling better today.

  50. Beautiful finishing Vonna! i love the peppermint twist one. I hope you enjoy your free time very much, you deserve it.

  51. I just love ornaments (as you probably have figured out from reading my blog :) and these are real beauties, Vonna. I think your finishing on the LHN ornaments is just perfect--you've surely inspired many stitchers to imitate this wonderful finish.

    I know your little baby relatives will treasure their ornaments each Christmas as they place them on the tree...

  52. Vonna,

    Wonderful finishes! Those ornaments for your new family members are so precious.

    I hope your little angel (Ellie) is feeling all better by now.

  53. Vonna, you are so good getting your home all organize, children off to school and still finding time to do the fun stuff. How do you do it girl?

  54. Oh my gosh, super cute Vonna! I love them all :)

  55. You are a busy gal! They all look super cute.

  56. Lovely ornaments and beautiful gifts! and all four finished in a real excellent way.
    Have a nice day, Gloria

  57. I think the LH ornies are about the cutest of any this year. I am diligently working on tem also.I love your finishing, you do a great job.

  58. Great ornaments, congratulations

  59. Beautiful ornaments!

  60. Wow I love your ornies.
    The LHN ones are adorably finished, I will have to remember these.
    I'm going to have a whole day free tomorrow and am going to spend the day trying to get over my phobia of my sewing machine so that I can finish a couple of things. Want to try my first little pillow ornament, but I'm SCARED! lol

  61. Ornaments look wonderful! Love the ones's for the babies.


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