Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday round up....

It's Monday....
not that I'm totally thrilled about it ;) But I'll get along OK . How was your weekend, dear friend? Mine, you ask? Well so-so, I had to work but that wasn't so bad, but poor Ellie is dreadfully ill. I thought she was coming out of it yesterday afternoon, but last night she took a turn and is back to the same old symptoms. (103 temp, sleeping, grouchy...) Today, luckily we have a "down" day, so she's staying in her PJ's and I'm sticking to my chair *fingers crossed*.

I've got....
lots to share so I'll get on with it. First up, was a surprise that landed in my mailbox last week. It sure was a sweet surprise when I opened up a box and found this sweet face peering back at me:

Brenda's Pincushion for me

Punchneedle Snowman Pincushion
punched and finished by my dear friend Brenda

Hop on over...
to Brenda's blog and check out all her lovely stitching and finishes. GORGEOUS stuff abounds in her stitching corner  :) Thank you Brenda for your sweet surprise. He sits on the arm of my chair grinning up at me.

I had this wild hair in late September to get myself a partner to exchange a Christmas Ornament with me. Seems I can't be satisfied just stitching one myself and hanging it on my tree... So I put up a "would you like to exchange with me..." on my blog and in 15 minutes I had five exchange partners and were turning people away. The next day I thought..."how in the world did it come about I was stitching 5 different ornaments for 5 different people"...I'm sure you know the feeling! LOL! But the stitching was pleasurable and the exchanges are beginning to be exchanged and that always gets my juices flowing! Here is the first little beauty that landed in my mailbox. This one is from Danica

Danica's Ornament to me

A Christmas Cross
stitched and finished by Danica
design taken from Just Cross Stitch Magazine Oranment Issue 2004

Thank you....
Danica for exchanging with me! I will treasure this beauty each Christmas season, as I hang it on our tree. And mine is in the mail on the way to Dani, so I'll be able to show YOU what I stitched for HER soon!

for the past 5 years, I've had this lovely gold and silver ornament ball wreath that I made hanging on our door. Last year, when I was taking down the Christmas decorations, I fumbled the delicate wreath -which resulted in mass hysteria. This year...I have no wreath to put on our door. The Hubs and I were talking yesterday about outside decorations for this year and I said, I'd rather go big on the inside and go light on the outside. So we settled on flickering candles in all the windows (that'd be 15 - you should have seen the guy's face at Lowe's when we checked out), trees with white lights in the milk cans at the front door and wreaths around the carriage lights on either side of the garage door....but what for the door? I looked at wreaths and nothing suited me (or my pocket book) so I had an idea about a large stocking for the front door. I got out some newspaper, taped it together and started drawing. Then I revved up my Janome and got going and here's what I produced:

My Stocking for our front door

A Pointy Toe Christmas Stocking
for our front door, made out of wool felt
with jingle bells and wool felt embellishments
by me :)

Not to shabby....
for an hours work, eh? And you should see how it looks on our Burgundy colored front door....!!!!! The neighbors will be jealous :)

I guess that does it for me.....
for today. Hopefully there will be something else to jump out of the pot to bedazzle you later on this week. Until then, I'll be keeping my "hands to work and heart to God"!
Hugs and love,

Tool: Smile. Smiling sure doesn't take much effort on your part, but the result it brings is worth more than a vault filled with gold.  Put a smile on your face and see the rewards that will be reaped....not only will you see smiles in return, but you'll see even the hardest heart melted, moods altered, the down trodden uplifted and your own heart filled with warmth and happiness. So SMILE :) it's a gift. It's a tool. Put it in your toolbox and take it out, examine and share it!


  1. Your exchanges are beautiful...I'm soon going to dive in and tackle the finishing thing :) Your stocking is fabulous!! I wish I had the talent I seen on my fellow bloggers blogs!!

  2. Hi Vonna,
    Sorry to hear that Ellie is sick. There's a lot "going around" The little ones seem to be hit the hardest.

    Brenda's punchneedle is precious, she does beautiful work.

    Your stocking is fabulous...a nice unique change from a wreath.
    We have candles too, and it always looks so peaceful.

    Hope you have a good week ahead.

    I'm sure your exchanges are lovely.
    Lucky the recipients!

    "Feel better, Ellie:)"

  3. What a great idea for your front door instead of a wreath! You certainly do lovely work. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  4. Oh my goodness! What gorgeous stuff in your post, Vonna. I love the pillow that Brenda did for you! She always does the prettiest things. Danica's ornament is beautiful, too, as is the stocking. Great idea!

    Sending Ellie some healing vibes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  5. Hello what beautiful things at home! I love the last bunch I love everything!
    continue to amaze us!
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  6. Lovely exchanges! Sorry to hear that Ellie is sick. I feel for you; my youngest boy and oldest girl are out sick today with that yucky stuff too. I had it last week myself so I know what they are going through. :(

    Love the stocking you did for the front door. So unique and I can imagine how beautiful it looks on your door. I really need to do something similar for our house. I have the same sad wreath that has been in need of a makeover for years. lol

    Hope Ellie starts feeling better soon.

  7. I hope Ellie feels better ASAP!!
    Your stitching is always.

  8. What a lot of pretties! The stocking is so fabulous with that funky pointy toe!

    I'm laughing about your smile tool. My permanent 'laugh lines' don't look so unpleasant when I'm smiling... another reason to put on a happy face!

  9. I hope your Ellie feels better soon. It's hard on a mom when they don't feel good for several days.

    Beautiful exchanges and a gorgeous stocking! Your "lite on the outside" sounds very classic. My kids are adults and we haven't had anything on the outside for an number of years. I'm working on my husband for this year though!

  10. Wonderful gifts you received...and love the stocking....

  11. Such a pretty ornament to add to your tree. I can't wait to see what you created for your exchange partners. :)

    I do hope Ellie is feeling better.

  12. WOW, your stocking is just adorable. You did a beautiful job! The decorations on the outside of the house sound beautiful!

    Thanks for the link to Brenda's blog. I'm looking forward to checking into it. Her pillow is gorgeous.

  13. Anonymous11:11 AM

    What gorgeous treasures you shared, Vonna! Looking forward to see your home decorated for the holidays! When does the holiday elf come do the decorating?

    Hope Ellie is feeling better soon!

    Robin in Virginia

  14. Hey Girl, Sorry to hear Ellie is sick, poor dear. I LOVE the snowman punchneedle pillow. You know what a snowman freak I am!!! And if it's ok with you, may I steal your stocking idea? That idea is TOTALLY WICKED!!! I could see one on my front door all jazzed up with greens and presents sticking out of the top. What a great idea!

  15. Poor Ellie and poor mommy worrying about her sick child. Hope your down day goes well and she feels better soon.

    Great gifts you've received Vonna.

    Your socking is wonderful and will look so festive on your door.

  16. Sorry about your little girl, I hope she will feel better soon. Love the stocking, I think it's a great idea! Maybe I'll make an effort too. But we have the sinterklaas-festivities first with absorbing all creativity in poets and surprises.

  17. The neighbors will be green with envy! That is just too adorable. Love your ideas for decorating - still thinking about my decorating. Love the punchneedle you received - been wondering what to do with mine - now I have some ideas! And your exchange was beautiful - can't wait to see what you stitched!

    Smiles -Denise

  18. So sorry to hear Ellie is sick :(
    I hope she gets better soon!

    Love the snowman pillow from Brenda! it is precious!
    Love the ornament from Danica too! Very pretty!
    Your stocking is a hoot! Love that pointy toe! What a wonderful idea you had to make it ;)

    I am working on finishing ornaments for exchanges and I just came on to look at your finishing tutorials for the rusched ribbon when I saw your post :)


  19. What beautiful exchanges! I just love the stocking you made for your front door -- so pretty! I sure hope your Ellie is feeling better soon.

  20. I love the stocking! What a great job you did. I have candles in the windows and just love the look of them. Hope Ellie feels better soon.

  21. Hope your daughter picks up soon. Lovely gifts received. Love the stocking.

  22. Get well soon, Ellie.

    We will also have candles flickering in our front windows. My mother found automatic battery candles that will turn on and off at the same time each day.

    Love your door stocking! Never thought about a stocking for the door before. Thanks for another great idea.

  23. As always - your stitching goodies are beautiful! Love that stocking - you'll have to share a photo of it hanging in its proper place!

    We've been battling fever/stomach virus/cold issues here as well - I do hope that your Ellie is feeling better soon!

  24. Take Care Ellie - We will pray for you :)

    Lovely ornament exchange - congrats to you Vonna !!!

  25. Poor Ellie!

    Love the stocking! Can you post a pic so we can be as jealous as the neighbours?

    As always, love tooltime!

  26. What pretty gifts you received! Love the stocking, that's a great idea. Hope Ellie is feeling better soon.

  27. Sorry to hear about Ellie. I hope she feels better soon.

    LOVE all your new 'goodies'. Each thing is unique and perfect in it's own way. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  28. Hope Ellie feels better soon. Your exchanges are wonderful. Love the stocking.

  29. Lovely exchanges, and the stocking you made is just beautiful!

  30. Vonna --
    I hope Ellie is feeling better real soon! It's not any fun to be sick.

    Your stocking for the front door is just beautiful! I'm sure it will looking stunning against the burgundy! If you can, please take some pictures to share with us.

    Have a great day.

  31. Vonna, the door stocking is BEAUTIFUL! You are so very gifted! I love reading your blog. :) Cathryn

  32. Your stocking will be the envy of the neighborhood as it graces your front door, Vonna--beautifully designed and sewn!

    What pretty gifts arrived in Indiana for you, too--don't you love the excitement of opening your mailbox and seeing a little package that you know you didn't order staring back at you?!

    Hope Ellie feels better very soon...

  33. I sure hope Ellie is feeling better today!

    I absolutely love the punchneedle that Brenda made for you! It's so cute! Lovely ornie from Dani too.

    Thanks for your "tool". Smiling sure does help turn those frown lines upside down too. It's a good thing to remember esp. on bad days.

    You should take a picture of your entryway with your stocking. It would be nice to see! :)

  34. Oh Vonna, I hope Ellie is much better by now. I was always so uneasy when my boys were sick. Still am!
    Brenda's punchneedle is so sweet! What a lovely surprise.
    Your decor is going to be gorgeous. Your stocking is fabulous. I wish I had an eighth of your imagination.
    Our Christmas wreath kind of disintegrated last year so I just found a replacement that has little red cardinals in it. Can't wait to hang it!

  35. Love the stocking, great job!!

    Do hope Ellie, starts to feel better soon.

  36. Very cute gifts! Love the stocking you made the pointy toe! Hope you find some more good stitching time and hope your daughter feels better soon.

  37. I have a thing for snowmen, so you can guess my fave for sure.
    Could you do me a favor?? Hubby suggested wreaths around our lights outside the garage door and I kinda freaked out a bit. I would love to see what it looks like.
    I adore that stocking. What a GREAT idea!!!
    We're doing candles in our windows this year too.

  38. I'm glad you like the ornament :) Hope Ellie feels better soon!

  39. Hi Vonna, I hope you'll post a pic of your front entry, I need even more inspiration! AND I love your new picture on your blog, pretty red top for the holidays. Your blog brings me lots of joy, I am just getting used to an empty nest after so many crazy busy years when we were raising 8 kids (blended family)! I would do it all over again in a minute so I so enjoy seeing and hearing about your growing family and what you try to fit in a day. You're awesome!

  40. Hi Vonna,

    I'm sorry to hear that poor Ellie
    has been so miserable and sick
    this passed weekend. I hope that
    more rest today will do the trick
    for her and she'll start to feel

    That punch needle snowman is so
    adorable and the fabric that
    Brenda used to finish him off
    really compliments the design.
    What a lovely gift.

    You're your own worst enemy when
    it comes to exchanges and all
    things stitchy aren't you Vonna?
    But you'll no doubt receive five
    wonderful new ornaments from
    your exchange partners, and they
    will receive the same from you.
    So everybody wins!

    Danica's cross is beautiful and appears from the photo that the fabric that she used to finish
    it is wonderfully sparkly.

    I hope that you'll show us
    pictures of your Christmas
    decorating when it's all out
    on display. That stocking
    that you made for your front
    door is wonderful and will
    indeed look fantastic on a
    burgundy colored door.

    Have a great week!


  41. What lovely gifts have been landing in your mailbox!!! And your stocking is just delightful too :)

    I hope your little one is feeling better really quickly.

  42. Hi Vonna...Ohhh, I love your stocking and it's going to be gorgeous on your burgundy door....all your outdoor decorations sound so pretty, I hope there will be pictures.

    Love the needle punch snowman and the cross is beautiful...very sweet
    pieces. Sorry to hear your little one is under the weather, wishing her well and a speedy recovery...hugs, Linda

  43. Носок получился очень красивый!!! Я в восторге!

  44. Lovely exchange and the stocking looks great! Hope Ellie is better soon!

  45. Lovely gfts through the post. Love that stocking too. xx

  46. The mail brought you some beautiful gifts Vonna! They are so pretty! Nice idea for your front door, and of course, you did a lovely job!

    Hope your little one feels better soon!

  47. Hope Ellie is feeling better. Matthew caught it too - has been keeping me up for a week. I think he's finally getting over it!

    Beautiful gifts and I love the stocking - too cute!! :)

  48. You've got some lovely gifts. I hope Ellie is feeling better


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