Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blackwork Angel...

Thursday Greetings!
I just heard that one of my exchange partners, Catherine - who agreed to do a Christmas Ornament personal exchange with me, received her ornament I made for her. This is an oldie but a goodie and I came up with a new way to finish it. Please let me introduce to you Catherine's Ornament:

PS Blackwork Angel 1

PS Blackwork Angel 2

PS Blackwork Angel 3

"Peace Blackwork Angel"
Designed by: The Prairie Schooler
design taken from the 2003 Complimentary Card
Copyright 2003

For the finishing...
I wanted something beautiful, something new and different that I hadn't seen before, and I think that I achieved it. I laid in bed (yep, I fall to sleep at night dreaming up ideas of how to finish stuff - demented, I know) and figured it out in my head - the next morning after I got the kids to school I was putting my ideas to work. And what I dreamed and planned in my head, worked out perfectly on the finish! That isn't a "pre-fabricated" shaped board. Nope, it is mat board that I drew the scallops on, cut it out and then painted it black, sanded it, punched some holes into it, painted it a couple of more times, varnished it and then strung it with cording and mounted my stitched piece on it. Then I jazzed it up with tiny ball fringe around the piece and a gold bow to set it off. I hated to say goodbye to my little angel., but I hope that Catherine loved her as much as I did. Sometimes, I don't know if what I think is pretty, others think is pretty. But I do know that my little Angel will bring "Peace" to the home she graces. I'll whip one up for myself another time :)

is back to her normal self! Thank you for all your well wishes and inquiries. She was back to bossing us all around yesterday. After seven days of malaise I was sorta glad that she was back to her bossy self...well, for the first few hours of the day anyway... :)

Until next time my friends...
I'll be keeping my "hands to work and heart to God"!
Thank you for visiting with me!
Hugs and love,


  1. Very nice finish Vonna! Glad that Ellie is back to her normal bossy self! :)

  2. I am glad Ellie is back to her old self. Even if she is a little bossy. :)

    Your finish is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the way it turned out. Another fan-tabulous piece!

  3. Vonna,
    Your work is so beautiful! I'm a newbie cross stitcher myself and mainly sticking to simple patterns. But your Christmas ornament finishing tutorial gave me some great ideas!
    And as for your daughter, as a woman who has also been called bossy a time or two, that must just mean she's quite smart and independant. ;)

  4. As usuual you have a great finish..and the angel is a stand out! Lucky Catherine...

  5. Gorgeous finish Vonna. Catherine is lucky to have this ornament to grace her tree!

  6. What a beautiful finish! It will be a perfect addition to Catherine's tree. Glad that Ellie is feeling better and reclaiming her "Bossy Queen" throne!

  7. Fantastic finish Vonna! You're so creative, I love what you did with the matboard, great job!

  8. Your ornament is gorgeous Vonna!!You came up with the perfect finish for it!

    So glad to hear Ellie is better :) We can always tell when my son feels better after an illness. He gets annoying LOL

  9. Beautiful finish!! I am sure that Catherine will adore it - I know this Catherine would!!

    So glad to hear that your Ellie is feeling better!!

  10. Just beautiful! You're such a pro at finishing. Glad to hear Ellie is better.

  11. I'm so glad Ellie is better! And your finish! Just beautiful!!

  12. You are so creative - if you are demented I want to be just like you! I'm glad Ellie is well again. And I love your new blog look - perfect for the season we're entering into.

  13. It's lovely, Vonna! People that can do things with paint and varnish always amaze me. I'm completely out of my element with things like that, but I love the final product!!

    Glad your dd is feeling better!

  14. I am glad Ellie is feeling better.

    Your ornaent is absoutely beutiful.

  15. I'm glad Ellie is feeling better
    Your ornament is lovely :)

  16. Terrific finish. But I have to ask - what did you use to cut the mat board with?

  17. This is so pretty Vonna, and I'm sure Catherine loves it not only because it's beautiful but because you made it just for her. I love the peaceful faces on these Blackwork Angels. Glad to hear your litte one is feeling better!

  18. A beautiful finish. Glad to hear your daughter is back to her usual self.

  19. Glad Miss Ellie is feeling better!

    Beautiful finish!

  20. Great idea and gorgeous finish! What did you use to cut that scalloped edge?

  21. What a great finish! Beautiful work as always, Vonna! LOL at your falling asleep to finishing ideas. I dream up samplers that I want to stitch. Some count sheep, some count stitching...

    I'm glad to hear that Ellie is back to fightin' form!

    Great pic of you on the side bar, too, btw!

  22. Wonderful finish! I can't believe you cut the matboard yourself. I'm terrible at that.

    Love your new blog header.

  23. Am commenting for all 3 posts together. Wow, you really have been busy. Good for you. Love all your finishes. Especially the lace ribbons add a great touch to each ornament. Your idea of mounting your work on board is very new and unique. Thanks for sharing it :)

  24. Good to hear Ellie is back...yay!!

    I love, love your new finish, it is quite eye-catching!!! Absolutely divine and I am sure that Catherine is over the top thrilled with her 'Vonna' exclusive! :o)

    Have a super great day!!

  25. Your ornament is just gorgeous! You always have such great finishing ideas:)))

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Vonna!

    Stopping in to say hello.
    The finish is beautiful, as are all your works!
    Hope you have a great day today,
    Louise xx

  27. Lovely ornament and an inspired finishing idea

  28. It is just beautiful!! I love it.

  29. Vonna, you've outdone yourself! It's outstanding! Love it! What a creative genius you are! I get so inspired by your ornaments. Makes me want to stitch them all!

    So glad that Ellie is feeling better. It's the pits when our wee ones are ill.

  30. Hi Vonna, Beautiful new finish!! I just love it! Glad that Ellie is feeling better now! My 4 year old has had a fever on and off since Tuesday and while it's forced me to stay home and be productive (and snuggle and stitch a little) I'm ready for her to get back to being her spunky self!!! Can't wait to see the next finish you come up with! Love them all!! Mere

  31. Prairie Schooler strikes again!! What a gorgeous ornament!

  32. Vonna: this is positively beautiful
    Thank-you again.

  33. I am so sorry I did not mention on my last posting that I am glad Ellie is getting back to herself, Mike went through the same thing last week.

  34. Gorgeous finish Vonna! Love it!

  35. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I really like this ornament. You finish everything so nicely!

  36. Vonna, very creative and elegant!

  37. Glad Ellie is back to normal.

    I may have to borrow that finishing idea. I like it a lot. The ornament is just beautiful.

  38. Wonderful finish ! Glad to hear Ellie is feeling better.

  39. you make so many beautiful things that I folling yourblog

  40. Did you really just use mat board? It looks fantastic!!! I have to try this one sometime.
    I'm so glad that Ellie is back to herself. Give that little one a hug for me!

  41. The ornament and finish is really very nice -very clever.

    Glad Ellie is better and life is back to normal!!

  42. Very cool idea and it worked up beautifully! Lucky Catherine:)

    I forgot to tell you that I love your looks great on you! Beautiful lady!

    Keep on dreaming about finishes!


  43. Love your stitching...beautiful

  44. Hi Vonna,

    Well, you've done it again.

    Your newest invention for
    the finishing of this cross
    stitch design is amazing!
    And lucky Catherine gets
    to keep it all for herself.

    You just keep inspiring us
    all with your finishing
    magic Vonna.

    I love the scalloped edges
    the most about this finish
    although the pom poms are
    so cute as a trim too. The
    gold bow brings out the gold
    in the design nicely as well.

    Glad to hear Miss Ellie is
    all better and back to running
    the household according to her
    standards and wishes. Long may
    she reign!!


  45. Lovely finishing, Vonna! But then, you always do wonderful work, and this is no exception!

    Glad Ellie has bounced back and all is right in her little world again!

  46. Absolutely DARLING.
    You are so clever with your finishes! :)

  47. The ornament turned out very nice Vonna. I am glad DD is feeling better and I know you feel better about it too.
    Take Care.

  48. Good to hear that Ellie is fully recovered.
    Love your stunning new finish - how on earth do you cut mat board into scallops - with scissors? I find it hard enough to cut it square without attempting fancy shapes! Maybe US mat board isn't as thick as that we have in the UK? Lucky Catherine to receive such a pretty ornament.

  49. I'm glad Ellie is better! As annoying as my son can be, it is always so sad when he feels too bad to be his normal teasing, instigating self.

    Your angel is gorgeous!

  50. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Dear Vonna! I am from Russia. My name is Nika. I LIKE your blog and your crosstitch too!!!! I will be happy to be your friend. I and my husband have a ministry in a Far East Russia. You can see my blog

  51. Very cute finish!

    So glad that Ellie is feeling better and back to her normal self. Hate it when the kids are down and out!

  52. What a wonderful way to finish the lovely PS ornament!
    Glad your little one is back to normal and feeling better.

  53. Wow, what a fab finish, you are so creative! I'm just so scared when finishing anything and it takes me like a full day to finish one item which really puts me off.

  54. Hi,

    Your blog is really lovely, I like it so much! I turn com back!
    Hugs forma Spain.

  55. What wonderful things you've been getting up to these last few posts! :)

    Love it!

    I know what you mean about wondering if others will agree with what you think is "pretty"--for my part I love this; I'd describe it as "Prim 'n Fancy"; I think it's just right to complement the spirit of the design. :)

  56. Pretty ornament!! your creative side doesn't surprise me at all, your awesome

  57. Beautiful finish Vonna!! I love how you made the board behind the stitching! You are so creative!!! :)

  58. Just gorgeous, Vonna! I really love the finishing on this, it's really unique and elegant.

  59. Glad Ellie is back to normal! Love the finish!

  60. what a great finish you gave this ornament! it sounds like a lot of work, but it paid off.

  61. Beautiful finish ~ as always!
    We wish for a little 'quiet time' but when we get it we wonder what's wrong! Glad she's back to self.

  62. Wonderful finish, Catherine is sure to love this dear little angel.
    Good to hear Ellie is feeling a 100%.

  63. Oh wow, Vonna, how absolutely beautiful your ornament is. I would go as far to say that I ADORE it! I will have to try something like this.

    So glad Ellie is back to her normal self:)

    By the way I've posted pics of my SB rolls but not in the baskets as you couldn't see them all properly!

  64. Cute, cute, cute!!!! I love it and the finishing is so perfect :-).

  65. Lovely ornament, congratulations

  66. Happy Thanksgiving !!

    Great job on the design for Down Sunshine Lane's new blog. I'm a huge fan of theirs too. Amy is so sweet !!

  67. Beautiful Christmas ornaments ! and very nice finishing too!
    I am going though your blog and i find ti very nice! , Have a nice day and weekend, gloria


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