Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Birthday Goodness...

First off....
a BIG "thank you" for all your birthday wishes to me :) Wow! astounding...thank you :) Each one sent by comment, by e-mail or by facebook has really made me smile. I'm flabbergasted at the kindness each one of you have shown to me. I'm am humbled. Thank you!

Let me show you what my good friend and bestest bud sent me... Marie P sent a lovely, gorgeous and beautiful gift made especially for me:

The Whitman Sampler Tin Sewing Set

Isn't that.....
GORGEOUS?! I cried when I opened it up because I have this pattern and I have these tins saved back to make for my girls and I've never gotten around to making them, let alone having one for myself. So THANK YOU Marie for taking all the time you did for stitching, finishing and making this set especially for me. THANK YOU! And thanks for those sweet stacked patriotic pillows and all of the COOL extras :) Hugs my friend....you are a star! Everytime my eyes alight on this beauty, I smile thinking about my friend Marie (who is a friend to all)!
Next up....
so sweetly knitted patriotic kitchen cotton dish rags from dear Pam (a.k.a. pjstitcher). Pam doesn't have a blog, but she's a faithful follower of many blogs. She's a real sweetie too and I have enjoyed a friendship with her by e-mail for the last several months. Thank you Pam for your sweet generosity and for remembering my birthday! You are a dear, dear lady and friend :) THANK YOU!

On July 3rd....
I was still sitting in my nightgown at 10 a.m. stitching away because I didn't have to work, my kids were occupied by the television and I thought what the "hay" its a holiday! Then the doorbell rang. I thought it was most likely the neighbor kids since none of our families live close and I wasn't expecting any friends to drop by...so I told my kids to go get the door bell. Well they walked to the door, opened it and said, "What are you doing here?!" Then I heard my 5 year old nephew shout, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT VONNIE!" My Mom, brother, sister-in-law, nephews and a dear family friend, drove 2 hours up to surprise me for my birthday. They brought me flowers and a cake and took me out to eat for lunch. We visited a few hours in the afternoon and then they drove back home. I sure was surprised and so happy that they came to see us! Thank you to my family who drove over 4 hours on Saturday to surprise me! :) That was so much fun!
Here I am...
with my flowers and birthday cake from my extended family:
Bring on the cake!
And here I am with....
my Godson and newest nephew Benjamin! See he already only has eyes for Aunt Vonnie ;o) He thinks Aunt Vonnie rocks!

Aunt Vonnie and Benjamin
July 4th....
was spent at the pool during the day and spent in our driveway shooting off firework during the evening :)
July 5th....
my actual "birth day" started off with being awakened by a little bunny that was crying. She was sick (I thought she'd been coming down with something last Wednesday), by yesterday morning she was full blown sick. So I threw on some clothes, pulled a brush through my hair and we went to the Promptcare Clinic at 8 a.m. She has bronchitis and the Doctor said another day more and she most likely would have had pneumonia....so here's the little bunny Ellie doing what she did all day yesterday:

Sick Ellie
What did I do on my birthday?
My husband took me out to lunch to Cracker Barrel for one of their Country Chef Salads (love those things) then we came back home to this (another cake)....please excuse my hag lady look...this is sans makeup...as I never got around to it after my rousing from bed:

40th Birthday cake (I'm thinking...."I'm sick of cake")

Birthday Wishes...
The afternoon....
was spent cleaning our basement as we had gotten to an "intervention hoarding" level. So we made Keep Piles and Donate Piles all afternoon. We loaded up the van and Keith took the donates to Goodwill....where the man in the donations place said to him, "You're donating all this?" Yep, it was that bad.... But NOW I have a clean basement. So Keith (who just turned 40 on May 14th) and I can start our 40's out with a clean slate!
my many thanks for your visits and comments, your well wishes and words of wisdom, and everything you share with me!
Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God!
Love and hugs,



  1. Sounds like a perfect birthday weekend. And whata wonderful surprise having your family come up like that and then getting to hold that cute baby :) I am glad you had a wonderful birthday may each day continue to be a gift to you and a beautiful journey!

    Take Care

  2. Vonna --
    It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! How very special for your family to surprise you like that!

    You got some great gifts from your friends too! Love the Whitman Sampler Tin!

    Hope your little bunny is feeling better.

    Have a great week.

  3. Beautiful cakes and cute baby! Sounds like you had a great few day. I hope your little one is feeling better soon....Nancy

  4. Looks like a wonderful 40th birthday, besides the sick kiddo!!!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful birthday. See 40 is not so bad.

    Hope Ellie is well soon.

  6. What a beautifully blessed birthday! I think you look pretty darn good sans makeup! I can't say the same for me-LOL I hope Ellie feels better soon and your Godson is adorable.

  7. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Happy Birthday!
    And what a filled days you had!
    Hope Ellie is getting better!
    Have a wonderfull time enjoying both you and Keith the happy forties (I do belive that nothing changes getting there, and I'm 43 already)

  8. Vonna: Happy Birthday, I love the tin the color is so vibrant that it makes me want to eat the picture.
    The Patrioc cake is also yummy looking, I hope you had a very lovely birthday.
    Happy stitching

  9. Happy Happy belated Birthday Vonna! Looks like you had a great time and that's the way it should be! Hope Ellie gets back to her bunny self soon.

  10. Your birthday gifts are lovely. I am glad that you had nice birthday week end. I like to keep it going for about a week. LOL

  11. Sounds like you had the perfect day for your birthday! Your decade in the 40s is off to a wonderful start.

    Such a precious little nephew, and I hope Ellie feels better soon.

    Tired of birthday cake? That could never happen to me!

  12. You sure look happy hun; who wouldn't be with all that cake!!! LOL I'm glad you had such a great weekend. Take care hun.

    Hugs, Shar

  13. What a great birthday! I love cake and you sure got your fill.

    The Whitman's box is great. Those tins are are hard to find these days, so you are especially lucky to have one stitched up for your.

  14. I thought I'd come out of lurkdom and wish you a Happy Belated Birthday Vonna. You share your special day with my mom, who just turned 81 yesterday.

    I have been reading your blog for a few months and I have it in my Google Reader sub list.

    I so admire your family values, all you do for your kids, and of course your exquisite stitching and finishing.

    Much love from Canada,

  15. What a GREAT surprise from your family!! Sorry about your little love being sick though. Hope she gets better real quick!

  16. Congrats on hitting 40! Looks like you had a great weekend - and fireworks all in 'your' honor!

    Hope Ellie is on the mend. I hate when my kids are sick.

    Smiles -Denise

  17. What a fabulous birthday surprise that your family could drive over to spend it with you!

    Love the gifties...what Whitman Tin is just awesome!

    Hope Ellie starts feeling better soon!

  18. Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was a great day!

  19. What lovely presents and what a nice birthday surprise visit too! Sounds like you had a nice one -- except for the poor sick one. Hope she's feeling better!

  20. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I love your blue blouse. We sure did have fun on Saturday. Chat with you later. Love, Mom

  21. Lovely pictures Vonna and you look as good as the cakes sweetie! Thanks for sharing your day with us. x

  22. Looks like a fabulous birthday! You are so deserving! Love the sampler tin. so special.
    Have a great day, and enjoy all of your cake! (love chocolate cake myself. :D)

  23. Vonna,

    I hope Ellie is feeling better.
    What a wonderful birthday. I have never seen the Whitman's tin project before - amazing!

  24. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and birthday :) I hope Ellie feels better soon too! Love your gifts.

  25. Sending get well wishes to little Ellie but it looks like a grand bday weekend Vonna. I sure wish I had a piece of one of those cakes right now...they look yummy! Aren't special gifts from friends just the best?!?

  26. What a wonderful weekend! Enjoy those beautiful birthday goodies.

    I do hope that your little one is feeling better!

  27. Spending the morning in your nightgown because you weren't going anywhere and company shows up? Ain't it the way? Happens to me too! One does feel special when people drive two hours to see you for your birthday! The cake look great and I love the picture of you holding little Benjamin.That was a precious moment for you I know! I hope your little Ellie is feeling better soon!

  28. I'm sorry I missed your Birthday. :( But happy that you had a wonderfulday. Well, except for poor Ellie. I do hope she is feeling better.

    Happy Birthday Vonna! May you celebrate all year long.

  29. How can you ever be sick of cake!! I LOVE cake. Poor Ellie I do hope she is feeling a bit better by now. I ended up with pneumonia because the antibiotics I was given weren't strong enough. Anyway it sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and certainly one you won't forget in a hurry. Love your gifts and you were so spoiled and so deserved of it.
    Patti xxx

  30. Sounds like the perfect birthday, so glad your friends and family made it special for you. I hope Ellie feels better soon x

  31. It sounds like you had the most perfect birthday and you're so deserving Vonna. Love that Whitman Tin so much. Such a wonderful gift to receive!!

  32. I'm so glad you had such a nice birthday (except for little Ellie being ill)... Looks like you got some wonderful gifts and wow--two cakes! Lucky you...

    Enjoy your forties, Vonna :)

  33. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday Vonna! Great gifts, great surprises, great food. What more can a girl ask for?

    I know 2 people right now with pneumonia, must be something going around. Hope the little one is better soon!

    Take care!

  34. Congrats on the birthday, your family is wonderful to spoil you the way they do! I hope Ellie feels better soon, it is no fun being sick in the summer. And....last, but not least a big congrats on the cleaning out and ridding yourself of unneeded things. I try to that often!

  35. Congrats on the birthday, your family is wonderful to spoil you the way they do! I hope Ellie feels better soon, it is no fun being sick in the summer. And....last, but not least a big congrats on the cleaning out and ridding yourself of unneeded things. I try to that often!

  36. What a lovely tin. And SO much cake! YIKES! Sorry to hear that your little Ellie has bronchitis. . . maybe Gracie will send her a note with lots of puppy kisses to make her well. I hope so.

  37. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday (except for poor little Ellie getting sick).

    The gifts from your friend are just gorgeous!!! How special!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  38. Very happy birthday to you, Vonna! What fun (and I hope the little bunny is feeling much better).

  39. Glad you had a wonderful weekend and birthday. Hope Ellie is feeling better. You look GREAT!!

  40. Both cakes look so yummie! :) Glad that you had a nice birthday...ya look awesome for 40!

    Hope that Ellie is up and about soon.

    Hey, is that an old apple ladder pictured with the pretty quilt??? (who made that quilt?) I SOOOO want to get an old apple ladder to display quilts...where did yopu find it?

  41. You had a tremendous day Vonna. What a way to spend your birthday. I also hope baby girl feels better soon. Give her hugs for me.

  42. Belated birthday wishes, Vonna! Sounds like you had a great time, if a little busy!

  43. Sounds like you had a most wonderful birthday and I loved your b-day gifts! I have that Whitman tin in my pile to do also!

    What wonderful dishcloths you got as well. I love getting homemade gifts from friends!

    Hope your daughter gets better soon!

    Take care and happy stitching!

  44. A very Happy be-lated Birthday to you Vonna! I hope all your wishes come true (actually, double the wishes for double the cakes!!!) You've had some wonderful surprises, and most deservedly so!

    I hope Ellie is feeling better. Being sick in the summer is especially rough. And you, my dear, look quite fresh-faced and youthful in that last pic :)

  45. So sorry to hear Ellie was sick. But what a great birthday you had and lots of great gifts! I think you look fab in the last pic. I love your shirt. And I like the 4 and the question mark candle. Nice touch.

  46. Happy belated birthday Vonna! Love your stitchy gifts :-). And what a sweet surprise it must have been to have visitors on your special day.

  47. It was so sweet of your family to make that surprise visit! That cake looks yummy too (both of them actually!).
    Those are some very lovely birthday gifts to add to your special day.
    And as for the lack of makeup... you don't need it! You look fantastic without it! I wish I looked that great without makeup. It seems to hide a lot more things on me than it used to, lol!

    I hope Ellie is on the mend soon, poor little pet.

  48. I'm so sorry I'm late with birthday wishes, Vonna! I hope you have a FABULOUS new year!!

  49. Happy Belated Birthday, Vonna! What lovely surprises you had and all that cake, too! :) Hope the little one is all well by now.

  50. Poor little rabbit--hope she's feeling better! Sounds like you guys had some fun times--nothing like a de-clutter to make one feel like a "New You"! :D

  51. Gosh by golly, friend...I pathetically missed your b-day...and it was a BIG one at that!?! Sorry!! First off I must say again...you look fantastic! Second, Happy 40th! You don't look a day over 20 in my opinion :) Looks like you've been doing well and enjoying your summer. I miss the dickens out of you and think of you often. Sounds like you had a wonderful b-day weekend last weekend celebrating with your fam. Bless you, friend, and hugs from a few miles away :) Love, Kel

  52. Happy Birthday Vonna, it sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend apart from the doctors visit. Hope Ellie's feeling better now.

  53. Looks like you had a great birthday, and I'm sure the surprise visit from your family made it all the better! Enjoy the 40s!

  54. What a wonderful birthday weekend you had. I hope that Ellie is doing much better.

  55. Happy belated birthday to you, sweet friend! It looks like you had a fabulous day!


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