Thursday, April 29, 2010

While the Tom Cat is away....

....the mice will play!
And that is exactly what Ellie, Chatty, Red and I have been doing today. Here's a little pictorial trip around Pfeiffer Haus today :)

First off....
it's laundry day (my favorite day of the week...yeah right!) and while Mama was sorting laundry Ellie got down to some serious painting. Now I don't know about you, but don't you think this is exceptional considering she's only 4 years old? I know she's mine, but the girl's got talent, look at that flower:

I've been letting my clicky finger get me in trouble again. I was looking at the cute stuff on Jeremiah Junction's website and I just *had* to have these sweet magnetic deals that come with peel and stick numbers for your address. Isn't that just darling?:

I made a quick trip to Joann's and I found these sweet little garden statuary things on sale and well, I wanted it, so guess what? I got it. And when I planted my red salvia, put fresh mulch down and nestled my newly purchased pretty down...well it just fits, don't you think?

while I was continuing to browsing at Jeremiah Junction's website, I saw these sweet Garden Flag holder things and *gee whiz* I really did need to replace the one that I broke two summers ago and never replaced. And you know what else? They had such sweet flags, and they really hit my fancy so...oops! came to live with me. Isn't it darling?! And since I've been on a spray painting kick, I went ahead and spray painted the urns (it has a twin on the other side of the garage door) and planted them with flowers for the season. These are going to look spectacular when they get all fully grown - black urns, crisp white flowers with a little bit of wispy green stuff out the top. Beautiful!

we (the kids and I) went on a rock adventure. See we live in the hills of southern Indiana and the area is known for its limestone (think Empire State Building). Just down the road from us is a quarry and I went digging around in the woods behind it and found these discarded quarried stones. Had to dig them out, then I had to load them up...but don't they look nice among my Stella D'Oro Lillies? (they aren't blooming yet, of course, but they will) And my bird houses...with the daisies and black-eyed Susan's that fill in around their bases (you can see they are starting to grow) And just on the corner there on the side of my house is my lavender fields, smells so good! How about that old water pump? It was my Grand Pap's:

because I've had some requests here's Mama's Pretty Boys, Chatty and Red. Chatty's been on a diet...doesn't he look all spiffy, with his pretty green eyes, and Red, his fur color is so handsome:

Here the kitties are saying....
"Oh CRAP! Here comes Ellie...." she bothers them incessantly, but they hardly ever get upset or nasty with her. They just look *harassed* by the end of the day.
Here Red is saying...
"SHHHH!! There went a bird out of Mama's bird houses. My Mama is so nice to put our kitty sill right by the bird feeder and bird houses....if only I could break through the screen and get those guys! Here Birdy Birdy!"

We hope....
you enjoyed your visit with us at the Pfeiffer Haus today. Our Daddy has been gone all week on business, but he'll be back on Friday and since we've done a bit of playing now we've got to get back to business and clean up!
Until next time....
Keep your "hands at work and hearts to God!"
Love and hugs,
EDITED for Jeremiah Junction link:


  1. Vonna --
    I love all the little things you did around your house. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to "spruce" things up a bit?

    Elle's drawing is just great. Are you going to put it in a place of honor?

    Love your cats. I think they would love to come visit my Howard!

    Thanks for sharing your home.

  2. Your cats are gorgeous!

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of around your house. You have some great things in your garden(s).

  3. Your new garden decor looks lovely
    Thanks for Sharing :)

  4. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog entry today, your gardening looks so pretty, and your cats are gorgeous! It's so fun to watch them when they are watching birds. I have a question, where did you get that adorable little windmill with the chicken on top in your garden? My husband put a big windmill in the front of our house but that would look so cute in our back yard.

  5. I love your garden. It's beautiful : I especially love the flags. ♥

  6. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Ellie's painting is darling and I just love seeing piccies of your gorgeous furry duo!!! Did you know there's talk of a 4th in our house...????

  7. It sounds like you're just having the best time. I have to agree with you on Elle's drawing - it's great! Love the finds your clicky finger found for you and your Joanne finds too - love that sphere - might have to run over there tomorrow - my garden could use one of those!

    And love the kitties too!

  8. Gorgeous kitties and lovely pics of your garden! Thanks for sharing :)

    To answer the question you left on my blog today - no, my sewing machine sadly isn't co-operating 100% :( Time for a visit to the shop...

  9. Whew! You've been busy! Love all the new finds you've shared. Your plantings look beautiful!

    Tell your daughter her art work is beautiful!

  10. I love it! All the new stuff is great, as is your daughter's picture! I may need to check out Jeremiah Junction -- I need to find a more clear way to display our house number and this just may fill the bill!

  11. Oh Vonna, how wonderful it is to visit with you, Katie and the kitties today. Looks like a wonderful day all around.
    My oldest son did a beautiful painting when he was small. I took it in and had it laminated and it hung in my house. It now hangs, with pride in his house - he is 35.
    Don't have too good a time while Tom Cat is away.

  12. I enjoyed my visit with you today! Gorgeous artwork by Ellie, and what beautiful kitties!! I used to have orange cats and miss them. Love the gardening, too! Enjoy the last hurrah before the Tom Cat ummm, purrs back into town. ROFLOL Sorry, couldn't resist, even if it sounded lame!!

  13. Your yard is looking so lovely - mine is so boring - when we moved into the house, it had been landscaped, and there are some flowers, but no real "homey" touches. I really love your birdhouses!

    Are you going to frame Ellie's picture?

  14. i believe you have a budding young artist.

  15. Ellie's artwork is beautiful! I love that flower. :) I also love all the home decor items you bought. I want to check out that website, but after seeing all those cute things, I am almost afraid to. LOL!! Your cats are adorable.

  16. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Please post the link to JJ...I found several when I site only let dealers in????
    Ellie's artwork is precious!
    Glad you had fun welcoming spring!!!!
    Busy Hands...Happy Hearts

  17. What a busy day you had. Your house looks great. Can't wait for my things to start growing. Way up here in Northern Maine, things are coming slowly.

  18. Ellie is definitely showing an artistic bent. Very pretty piece of artwork.

    A fun post with the kitties and your new garden tchotchkes.

  19. Okay, I want to come and play at your house!! Kitties are too cute for words, thank you for sharing your life and stitching with us.

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit ...I'll be setting up my container gardens this weekend ... maybe I'll take some photos to share, as well.

  21. The Pfeiffer Haus is really wonderful.
    Hope Ellie continues with the years ahead with such good inspiration.


  22. LOve the front garden and flag.

    You should frame the painting! I did that with a few of my kids really fetching ones, which they now, as adults have hanging in their homes, and the paintings still look brilliant to me! Nothing like a mother's love eh?!

  23. You have such a pretty blog! Your puttering around day has really beautified your home and garden too. The kitties are so gorgeous!

  24. I enjoyed my visit with your household! Everything you have done looks so pretty, and I'm sure the Tom Cat will approve upon his return! Your kitties are beautiful, but then being a cat lover, I am very biased when it comes to felines. And Ellie's art? I love kid art, and her painting is precious!

  25. Love your comments and the visit. MY your garden is lovely, especially with the new pretties!
    :D Thanks for sharing.

  26. I just love all your goodies! I may have to visit the JJ site. There stuff looks right up my ally! Your rocks look wonderful.

  27. What fun you had, and what great improvements to your outside. I just may have to go to Jeremiah Junction and have a look see!!

    Your daughter's painting is fantastic! I have several "works" of my kids when they were little in frames around my craft room. Of course they are now 37, 28, and 26 so they don't appreciate them much, but I do!!

  28. Oh I definitely think you've got a little artiste on your hands! Love all the garden pics... the door dad you found at Joann's is fab... I'm going to have to look for that. :) Your kitten are so sweet... be careful w/ the screen though. We had a cat that would run full speed into the screen to knock it out of its frame to get at the birds. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  29. Vonna, I love it! All of it. Your home is always so beautifully decorated, and even the outside is too. Thank you for sharing it with us. Love the frisky felines.

    I have a question for you regarding finishing....have you ever attached a finished piece to a wooden hornbook? If so, what is your recommended way to attach it so it will stay?

    Thanks again,

  30. It all looks great - enjoy your time. Great pic by your little sweetie and love the pic of your cats!

  31. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Thank You! I love seeing the pictures of the cats! Red has grown soo much! I'm so glad they love each other as they do.
    They might appreciate this link;
    Click on *Sound* and play the first audio clip. Hobbs goes nuts! The Blue Jay is their favorite bird to hear, but they like the cardinal sound too. The Wild Turkey doesn't interest them at all. :-)
    Elle's picture is great! I think it should be framed and hung in her room!
    Your yard looks beautiful as always.
    I hope you're having a good week.

  32. It's dangerous for me to be home right now 'cause my clicky finger is acting up way too much too. I'm not going anywhere near Jeremiah Junction right now, lol!
    I love what you've done with your garden. It's just driving me crazy that I can't get out there and do what needs to get done in ours.
    Tell Ellie I love her painting. It fits in well with your garden theme.
    Love your kitty pics! One of these days my Clarisse is going to kill herself trying to fly through the window after those birds.

  33. I enjoyed the visit around your house Vonna - everything looks so good that you added to the garden. Kitties are darling and going back a post - LOVE your ornament finishing - they are all wonderful and the new baby door hanger - darling! Thanks for showing the inspiring pieces. Melody

  34. A bit belated but I have to leave a comment - what a lovely post! I love seeing all your garden work - it looks fantastic!

  35. Ellie's painting is beautiful. I can see she has her Momma's talent and eye for color.

    Your garden photos are just lovely. And all those adorable garden assessories are such fun in a garden aren't they? Beautiful photos.

  36. Vonna the touches to your yard are "picture purrfect"! And tell Ellie I love her artwork!!

  37. I love it! Especially the cat pics, and Chatty's face in the last one, lol!

    Thanks for sharing the new accessories. :)

  38. Love the fresh new look of your blog and around your house. I had a neighbor like you while living in MD, she was across the street and her house always look so nice! I especially like those birdhouses ~ fancy, fancy.

    Kudos to Ellie on her beautiful drawing. She is a cutie, even if the cats think differently. :)

    Happy Mother's Day to a Mom who certainly deserves "Mother of the Year" :)


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