Monday, April 05, 2010

Good Times...

Good Day to all my good friends and readers!
How are you? Did you have a wonderful week/weekend past? We sure did at the Pfeiffer Haus, that is for sure! I don't think in my nearly 40 years worth of Holy Weeks and Easters have I experienced a more wonderful and faith filled liturgy than I did the past Good Friday and Easter Vigil Masses that we attended. I know this is due to the fact that we are blessed to attend a most wonderful traditional Catholic Church and our priest - Father Michael Fritsch is the best around. His homilies are wonderful and this past week was no exception. Thank you Father Mike!

Easter Pictures...
Katie was an alter girl at the Easter Vigil Mass Saturday Evening. Mass started at 8 p.m. but she had to be there at 7 p.m. to go over her parts of the Mass with her fellow servers. Here's the obligatory pictures prior to our going out to supper that evening before Mass:

"Boys, tuck in your shirts!"
(while they were tucking the girls were doing their "model posing")

Easter 2010

I worked....
at the hospital Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but luckily it wasn't busy so I was able to come home early and do a little work around the house - just little jobs that need doing. Sunday afternoon, I painted some milk cans to put at our front door. I intend them to hold seasonal flowers. These milk cans were from my paternal Grandfather's Dairy Farm, they were pretty nasty - all rusted up. But my sweetie sanded and sanded and sanded his little fingers to the bone and then primed them for me. All I had to do is paint them and take all the credit :) Here's the result of my efforts yesterday on the painting and the flower arranging today:

Welcome to our house!

I made a tree. Yep, you read that right! :) See you know how I am always trying to make everyone feel at home and taken care of, well cats don't like regular scratching posts. Nope, they like to scratch my furniture. :( Mr. Twisted Stitcher was constantly getting mad at Chatty and Red until Christmas time. What happened at Christmas? Well.... no Mr. Twisted Stitcher didn't suddenly become less "scroogie".... nope, rather I have a tree that looks like real bark and they started to go to town scratching that tree trunk and stopped scratching the furniture. After Christmas....yep, you guessed it, they went back to scratching the furniture and Mr. Twisted Stitcher started getting really scroogie again. So I grabbed a hand saw and went into the woods by our house and cut down a small tree. Bad thing is...the top of it got caught in the tree next to it. But I did a little manipulating and got a fairly good chunk of tree trunk. No I won't be trying out for the "Ax Men" show anytime soon. I'm not a logger....that was speedily apparent. Mr. Twisted Stitcher mounted the fruit of my labors on some sort of "X" thing he made out of scrap lumber so that it would stand. But that thing was butt ugly and I've looked at it since January - just a big piece of cut off tree trunk, standing in my living room. So thanks to an A Primitive Place tutorial I got this idea to make a tree and look how GREAT it turned out! I even put some little LCD lights in there. It's gonna be a beauty tonight at dusk ;) and I even got to use some power tools to make it. Thank goodness Mr. Twisted Stitcher was at work, cause he gets twitchy when I use his power tools!

Scratchin' in Style now!

yep, I've done some in between work, church and fun! And here's what I finished:

Hawk Run School House

I plan on making some curtains for my living room. I chose this print for the top and the homespun to peek out underneath. I think it will be cute :)

that catches you all up with my life and I'm desperately trying to get caught up on your lives. My reader is full, but have no fear - I'll be by your blog soon!

Until next time...
"Hands to work and hearts to God!"
Love and Hugs,


  1. Vonna, love your kids and your home entry. W2G on the "cat tree"! Your stitching is beautiful, as usual. You have been a busy girl!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. For some reason I'm unable to email folks from blogger to respond. That was quite some tree!

  2. Pics of the kids look great. Our service was also wonderful and so inspiring! Love the idea of the tree - wish that worked for sweet doggie! And HRH schoolhouse is so cute!

  3. Your front door is so very inviting. And I just love those photos of the family. What beautiful children.

    Great idea about the treat scatching post for the kitties. Are they using it? :)

    And curtains too. My goodness you are just one busy lady. :)

    Love the stitching too.

  4. Your front door looks very inviting, and the kids beautiful :-)

    Love what you've done with the tree trunk! but are your cats now keeping off scratching your furniture again?? I might pinch this idea if it will work, my two fur babies are slowly working their way through my chair legs, so we will have only spindles left, lol

    Glad you had a great easter

  5. Love the tree cute! And I think the WIP is beautiful too!

    I have decided all future finishes will be sent your way to be finish-finished...LOL! I "attempted" a scissors fob finish (you can see it on my blog), which turned out okay; but, man, what a nightmare...I am too lazy for all that...LOL!

    Your home is gorgeous and soooo inviting! The curtain fabric is to die for and will be a great addition, I'm sure.


  6. Vonna - I can't wait to see those curtains - I just love that color combination! Love your tree - what a great idea. Your DH sounds like mine - if he even sees me with a hammer he goes nuts! LOL

    Glad that you managed to get some stitching time in between everything else that you have going on!! Your life sounds so busy!

    And our Easter mass was wonderful too. We had the most people ever being baptized, etc. It was really something!!

  7. What a lovely picture of your little ones Vonna! I love your homemade tree - wonder if that would work in our house? The cats have completely wrecked our settees/carpets and I hate how tatty everything looks :(

    Congratulations on finishing your HRH block, it looks wonderful!

  8. Your kids look great!

    Love your little "cat" tree. It looks like it is a decoration and not a scratching post.

    Beautiful stitching as always!

    Can't wait to see your curtains.
    You've been a busy little beaver!

    Have a good week.

  9. Good lookin' kids, Vonna
    Love the tree.
    Your Village block looks great, I miss it sooo much, it was such fun.
    Prtty materail for curtains.
    Take CAre!!

  10. Great Easter photos of the kids.

    I love your cat scratching post. I bet they will love it. Our cats have a favourite tree outside which they use as a scratching post. Your idea was perfect to bring the tree indoors!

    Hawk Run School House is gorgeous.

  11. How creative you are!! I love the scratching tree!!! HRH looks great!!!

  12. Vonna - you're amazing! Enough said I think... ;-)

  13. I love it all! The Easter finery, the lovely front porch, the scratching tree, your stitching! Everything!

  14. I love the cat tree! Also, your milk cans turned out so nicely! You have the cutest kids.

  15. Great job on the cans and the tree! Your front entry looks beautiful.
    I can't wait to see your curtains when you get them finished.
    Maybe a couple pictures of the room too? I liked what I saw of the room with your new tree in it!

    Have a great week!

  16. How busy you've been sprucing up the place! Lookin' good with that "cat tree" especially! :D

  17. Cute kids, cute decorations and cute tree. Very creative!!!

  18. Hi Vonna,

    The kids, your home and your stitching all look WONDERFUL!

    I'm glad you had a nice Easter and were able to get off work a little early.

  19. Yeay, I'm so glad to see a post from you! The kids are adorable--love the Easter pic! Tell Katie I said YGG about being an altar server. I miss the days when my kids served. Your church sounds awesome. We went to the Easter vigil mass on Saturday night and loved it. I still miss my St. Helena's Church at home but it was really awesome. Not just because I managed NOT to give into my knee jerk reaction to fling the candle I was holding when the hot wax dripped on my hand, LOL. Anyway, it was neat--Irish dancers and liturgical dancers, a homily that brings everything home, etc. My mother had tears in her eyes throughout the mass.

    Great job on the tree! YGG! You should take pics of it all lit up, I bet it's beautiful. I am still chuckling at the image of you foraging through the woods, chopping down a tree. ;)

    BEAUTIFUL stitching!! YGG!! It looks amazing.

  20. Vonna I love your 'busy-ness'...very productive and rewarding and what a fabulous tree you made for the kitties!!!!

    Also love your schoolhouse finish for Hawk Run, beautiful!!

    Your front door entry is now very spring like and so inviting!!!

  21. Congratulations on finshing the HRH School. It looks great!
    Wonderful pics of the kids and home!! I love your entrance!!

  22. Sounds like you are being kept very busy indeed! Your tree and milk cans look wonderful and the Schoolhouse is fabulous. Love your fabric choices for the curtains too!

  23. Vonna, you have a lovely family and the entryway to your house makes me want to come and visit. :o) Love the tree idea - I think it is neat cats or not cats.

  24. Loved the cute pictures of your children and your decorations. They are TOO sweet!

    You had a great weekend and were so productive. We have a carpeted cat "apparatus" and our cats just love to claw at it.

    You even got some stitching in! Terrific VHR school house!

  25. As always, I love reading your blog!
    Love, love, beyond love your black milk cans. I have one of those, and now I think I may need to paint it!
    Your kids are darling, and I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter. Mine was spiritual and wonderful as well. I'm feeling very blessed.
    Love the new start, and the curtains should look really cute.

  26. That is one classy scratching post,I love it!
    I was just saying to my DH that I thought the liturgy we had this year for Good Friday and Easter was the best we've had in a long time. We have an interim priest right now and his homilies are great. And of course DH's music was inspiring.
    The kids look great all dressed up in their Easter finest. I'm sending off some spring dresses to my granddaughters that look very much like Ellie's.
    HRH School house looks great and I love your choice of fabric for the curtains.

  27. So glad that you had such a blessed Easter! I know what you mean about having such a special priest/minister. I love our minister, he has made such a difference in our lives and our church. What a blessing!

    I LOVE the milk cans! How stunning and what a fitting tribute to your grandfather!

    Look forward to the curtains and more blocks on HRH...oh and your tree is creative!

  28. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Hi Vonna!
    I'm so glad you and your family had a good Holy Week. Easter Sunday didn't go as planned and was rather sad, but I had good visits with several friends and our church sermon was really good too.
    I love the cat tree, but we need to see some pictures of the cats cause I was wondering if Mr. Stitcher sent the cats packing as I was reading that! My advice; double stitck tape. Its not pretty, but leave it on the furniture for a while - tell everyone its there, its sticky! And eventually the cats get the message. After a while of being off, I just have to reapply to get Hobbs from scratching the sofa. And he's got a HUGE cat tree only a few feet from the sofa to use. Maybe I'll try the real wood trunk suggestion. He'd probably like it, though he's never scratched at the firewood.
    The kids look great in their Easter outfits.
    That is my favorite block of that piece, the school house block. I love the little kid swinging and jumping rope. Too cute.
    Thank you for your continued support and comments on my blogs.

  29. Glad you had such a wonderful Holy Week and Easter. So many wonderful projects. Always a pleasure to drop by the Pfeiffer Haus.

  30. Vonna, you are a busy, busy girl! Your family looks adorable getting ready for Easter!

    Your schoolhouse looks fantastic!

  31. Looks like it was a happy Easter at Pfeiffer Haus. Congrats on yet another block on HRH - you'll be finished before you know it. Have a great spring Vonna!

  32. Just cracking up at your first photo with the boys tucking in their shirts while the girls prettily pose! Only mothers of boys could understand that photo!

    Have you ever thought about writing a book, Vonna! You really do have the most creative ideas. Wish my cat was still living so I could steal your idea of the cat tree--love it!

    Oh, and, as always--lovely stitching :)

  33. My mom decopauged milk cans like those when I was a kid and they were used as umberella stands on the porch. Your look great. Wonderful photos of your kids. HRH is really coming along too! I love the fabrics for your curtains.

  34. What a lovely blog!I adore your BBD.Couson

  35. You've been very busy lately - cutting a tree, stitching a school house, losing some weight and doing many more things. But this is what makes life worth living.

  36. LOL! I loved the group pic of the girls doing diva poses and the boys not having it all together yet. If you only knew how many pics it takes me to get my kids looking all prim and proper and looking at the camera. Too funny! And you crack me up with your fancy scratching post/tree. Where do you think of these ideas? You should have your own store here in town with all your Vonna creations. And I just saw your lovely cakes that you and the boys made. You should be proud! They are GREAT! :) Love ya' and great finally seeing yesterday. It's been tooooo long and you always warm my soul! Hugs, friend! :)

  37. You've been a busy, busy girl! Everything looks great and your children are wonderful!

  38. Lovely photo's of the kids :)

    You have been busy, the milk churns and tree look great and so does your Schoolhouse.

  39. You have the most beautiful family, I love the pic at the front door.

  40. Always a fun read. You are so creative in all you do. Good luck getting your cats to use the post. If they don't use it yet, rub cat nip all over it, maybe they'll get the hint.

  41. Thanks Vonna for your prayers. We had the most amazing weekend and feel so blessed and excited to now be Roman Catholic!! All the services were just breathtaking. We made them all from the Thursday night service, Good Friday service, the Easter Vigil and Easter Mass on Sunday morning!

  42. Vonna, your posts always make me smile. Actually I was laughing about Mr. Twisted getting all twitchy when you use his power tools...I am impressed that you venture to do that. Hey, that tree thing looks quite nice, especially with that quilt at the base.
    Your children are all so sweet, I always enjoy their photos. As for your house...I still dream of being your neighbor, preferably a neighbor across the street so I could look out onto your beautifully decorated house!

  43. Oh I so enjoyed my visit! Always do!

  44. Good times, good times! ;)

    The kids look adorable!!! But of course, you knew that already, I'm sure!

    Great idea re: the tree! I'm lucky that neither of my cats seems to have the slightest inclination to scratch on anything but the scratching post (I'd better hope they don't read this...).

    Have a great week!

  45. Your front door looks very cheerful and inviting!

    SAHRH is beautiful!

    You sure have a lot lined up to do - good luck with everything!

  46. Love the idea of the tree. I really want to do 2 of these. My cats don't touch my furniture anymore. They use all my molding in the doorways. I thought about getting scraps of carpet to tack to the molding. I might have to use the tree idea first.

  47. Whew, Vonna! That's a busy week you've had. LOVE the tree idea - perhaps doing the same will save a little of the wallpaper still hanging in our bedroom. LOL.

  48. You are so clever Vonna! You should market those scratching trees sista! Take them to craft fairs, etc. Love it!
    We had one of the saddest Easters as both my hubs and me were sick. Our son went to church by himself, though he is grown up and all-lol
    Your kids look so sweet dressed up too!
    I use to have a milk can too. Just make sure you sit them in plastic plant pot holders some time down the road as they may rust again.

  49. Vonna, i love your work. Happy Easter to you and your family

  50. Your kids are ADORABLE and growing up really fast. Thanks for sharing pictures of them, I always love updates on the kids :D Easter was really nice for us too, what a great day huh?

    BTW, your picture on the sidebar there, I have to say you look fantastic and I love your hair, so cute :) It’s a great picture!

    Your tree is too cute, and those cats…. That’d drive me crazy, you are so good not throwing them out haha!

  51. I am glad to hear that you such a wonderful Easter. Your children look adorable. The milk cans look great and make a nice display on your porch.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Love the pictures of the children, what a great looking group! Your front doorway is lovely - the milk jugs look really good.

    What a fun gift you received - I think the floss tags are really nice.

  54. Love your house and kiddo pics. :) HRH schoolhouse looks fantastic! :)

  55. The kids are adorable. I love those milk cans too!!

  56. Great pictures of your family and your home, Vonna - I love both!

    Way back in the mid-70's my two sisters and brother were all altar servers at one point - it was a neat experience.

  57. Vonna I just love the picture prep photo of the kids. So glad you captured that moment in time. :)


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