Monday, March 01, 2010

Spring in the air....

Can you smell the sunshine?
well personally - I hope to someday! So since I can't yet....I updated my blog background with spring-y colors and elements to make this gray, rainy and cold weather that has been hovering over the great state of Indiana seem a little less gloomy :)

however there was a slice of sunshine in my mailbox! And here it is:

Friends Through Threads Pinkeep Exchange
from: Gabi
to: me
Isn't this the most beautifully stitched pinkeep?! I love it! Gabi, my partner, couldn't have picked anything more perfect for me. It's from the "Friends" leaflet by Prairie Schooler and she stitched it one over one on 25 ct. using a variety of threads. L-O-V-E it! Thank you Gabi, so very much!

was the deadline for mailing our pinkeeps in the group exchange, so mine is now flying on to its new owner....I hope she likes it! More on that, at a later date.

This morning...
Michael's called me and said I had two pretties to pick up and here they are:

Flowers of Lebanon
by The Goode Huswife

Valentine Sampler
by The Goode Huswife

Aren't they pretty? I just can't get over these frame jobs I've been picking up. I really *really* am loving all these 60% off frame deals! :) My Michael's has done a fabulous job, they really have.


I've got a couple of irons in the fire, spoons in the pot, fingers in the pie - so hopefully in the near future I can dazzle you with something....I hope. One project I'm going to start working on, I can't tell you about until next fall. Phooey! The other one is a big A$$ project, so I may not be back for a week or so until I get it all finished up and I can show you my efforts. But you all know I'll be back with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes ;o)

One more thing before I leave....
(now this is NOT to toot my horn - cause I've got a lot more, more, more (think to infinity and beyond) work to do) but this weekend for the very first time someone that DID NOT LOVE ME (meaning not someone in my own family or with my blood running through their veins), told me: "You're looking good Vonna. What are you doing?" It was our Priest and I wanted to stag leap across the vestibule, cartwheel over the baptismal font and dance a jig with St. John's statue! But.... I contained myself and just said: "Thank you, I'm doing weight watchers." Oh, that is rewarding....and helps me to continue on in the battle - and believe me, no matter how you Splenda coat it (ha ha - get it SPLENDA coat it) - it *IS* a battle. :)


until next time.....hands to work and hearts to God!
love and hugs,


  1. GORGEOUS gift from Gabi, you lucky girl! I too hope Spring is just around the corner. I'm SO ready for spring you have no idea! And I'm sure if more of us could see you, we'd tell you how great you look too! Keep up the great work!


  2. What a beautiful pin keep from Gabi. Great verse also. I saw alittle bit of sunshine peeking out behind soem clouds today but it was not for long. I am not going to complain though becasue here we do not have snow just some rain.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Beautiful exchange!
    Lovely framed pieces!
    Best of all - someone noticed!!! YAY! Keep up the good work!

  4. Great framing, must give our Michael's a try. Your working on a project and can't tell us till NEXT FALL, do you realize how long a time that is to tease us :)

  5. Lovely exchange and such beautiful 'pretties' too :-)

    Well done with the weight loss, i could never get on with WW myself but have managed to loose nearly 1stone now by 'loosley' following Slimming World, isn't it a great feeling when other people start to notice and comment?

    Well done you - keep up the good work!

  6. I read your blog often but don't know that I've ever commented. I too am ready to smell Spring. I thought I caught whiff of something the other day but I don't think it was Spring. Anyway....I wanted to let you know my sister in law has been doing Weight Watchers and she's doing GREAT! I've heard so many good things about them. Keep up the good work!

  7. Beautiful pinkeep exchange from the colors and that verse!

    Great framing and how great you must have felt to receive such an awesome compliment. Good job on your goal! Me...I need to get moving a little more to help me with mine. :)

  8. rofl @ the "Stag Leap". I love it, and haven't heard it before, so you can depend upon me stealing it!! Don't worry; I'll credit you. (The first 2 or 3 times at least ;D) I'm known for "prancing" (not my verb; someone else declared it) around when I'm happy. YGG! I wish my battle were going so well; I've lost a couple of rounds, but will win the war! Thanks for the inspiration.

    What beautiful frame-ups! Can't wait to see what your crafty little spoon is stirring up!

  9. You go girl~~~ Dance a jig!~~ LOVE those framed items from Michaels btw......Nice!~

  10. HI Vonna! Your piece from Gabi is absolutely gorgeous--makes me want to look for the chart! And your two framed pieces--again, I wrote their names down to peek at the charts for future stashing. Congrats on the progess with WW. I am trying to be faithful in exercising--it ain't easy!! Keep up the good work!


  11. The framed pieces are beautiful. I particularly love the first one. Have a great week.

  12. Beautiful pinkeep from Gabi! Love all the colours.

    You've scored big finding that good framer at Michael's! The pieces look just lovely!

    Congratulations on the weight loss!

  13. Vonna,

    That blue house that Gabi stitched just says "Spring" It's a lovely color.

    I'm sure you're going to look DYNOMITE in your Easter bonnet this year. :)

  14. Great pinkeep from Gabi and great framed finishes for you!

    Yeah for you and the compliment! Keep up the good work!

  15. That's a lovely pin keep and your framed pieces look great! Congratulations on your compliment. It does feel good, doesn't it =)

  16. WOW -- if you're priest noticed, you must be looking good! Post a picture, so we can all agree!

  17. Two beautiful framed pieces sure to treasure.
    Pretty exchange piece

  18. A beautiful exchange piece and your framed pieces look fantastic!
    Well done on the weight loss - I need to find some of that willpower from somewhere

  19. I would expect nothing less from Gabi....doesn't she do the prettiest things??? Perfect pattern too. Great job on the weight loss and it really is nice when people notice!!!!

  20. Beautiful exchange piece! And oh Vonna I am just drooling over the Flowers of Lebanon. It's GORGEOUS and that frame is fantastic!

    So glad to hear about the sweet comment your priest made. That really is a huge diet boost!

  21. What a gorgeous pinkeep.. so, so pretty!

    Your framed finishes are stunning as well! I've had great luck with Michaels for my framing needs too.

    I'm so happy for you and your weight loss ~ keep up the good work, we are all cheering you on!

  22. Nice spring look to the blog. And lovely pinkeep (lucky girl!) and fabulous framed finishes. You are definitely the queen of finishing!

  23. Beautiful Pinkeep Vonna!

    We had sun here today so maybe it's gonna head your way soon. This winter has been the most dreary and cold winter that I remember.

    Your framed pieces look great and congrats on your weight loss! It's always nice to have someone notice, makes all the sacrifice easier to handle.

  24. Your framed pieces look amazing, Vonna! LOVELY frame choices :)

    The pinkeep from Gabi is very pretty :) Enjoy!!

    I am sure you look most beautiful :) You go girl!!

  25. Beautiful framing!!!!!! All of them look so nice with your stitching!!!!
    Great exchange from Gabi as well!!!

    Congratulation on reaching your goal!!!

  26. northern IN was sunny & bright today, so maybe it will head your way soon!!
    Love the pinkeep you got in the mail.....too cute!!!
    keep up the good work on the workouts..... I am at a standstill it seems!

  27. Gabi stitched you a gorgeous pinkeep! What a nice surprise to get in the mail.

    Your framed samplers are beautiful Vonna! Really beautiful! You have convinced me to try Michael's the next time I get something custom framed.

    I love your springy blog!

  28. You are beautiful inside and out! Great to get those uplifting comments tho and it gives you the drive to go, go, go!!! Love your framed pieces...especially the Valentine Sampler. It is still on my list but not sure I can do it.

    I am also so ready for some spring weather and some colorful flowers to start springing up! Winter has been long and so drab....we can color our world with floss!!! or your Flowers of Lebanon sampler!!! pj

  29. Beautiful framing Vonna! You do such beautiful work and the frames just accentuate that beautifully!

    Great exchange from Gabi. It is beautiful with the different threads!

    Congratulations on your continued weight loss. It is an ongoing battle and kudos to you for continuing on.

    Love your new "springy" backgrounds.

    So glad you posted, it brought a smile to my face.

  30. Wonderful gift from Gabi. Just love the Spring colors on your blog. I wish I'd get up the courage to change mine. I'm afraid I'll doing something hideous to it!

    Can't wait to see what other things you have up your sleeve. And congratulations on that wonderful compliment from your Priest. Makes the struggle all worth while, doesn't it?

  31. What a wonderful exchange! I know you are thrilled with it. I can't wait to see what "irons" you have in the fire. Your new framing pieces are just beautiful! Michaels is doing a lovely job.

  32. Hi Vonna,

    Firstly, congratulations on the
    recognition that you received for
    your weight loss from a member of
    the uninformed general public.
    (Meaning no disrespect to your
    Priest). Now you really know that
    your efforts are paying off! Be
    prepared for it to happen again,
    and again. It really is a great
    boost to the ego, and encourage-
    ment to continue with the battle.

    Oh, your beautiful, beautiful
    framed stitching!!! Look at them!
    They all look freaking amazing!!
    I don't know what they charge you
    in Michael's in the States for
    framing, but up here, even with
    the half price or more coupons
    the cost is enough to make your
    hair curl!!

    In any case, the frames are
    gorgeous and they compliment the
    stitched pieces perfectly.

    Your Adam and Eve wall is off to
    a great start. I love that one
    by Diane Williams so much. Her
    sheep always make me smile when-
    ever I see them in one of her

    Your pinkeep exchange piece from
    Gabi really is beautiful, and is
    a wonderful treasure to add to
    your collection. I've never seen
    this design stitched up before
    and think it's really cute. She's
    finished it off so nicely too.

    This topic came up during our
    Weight Watchers meeting last
    week so I thought I'd ask you if
    you knew the answer:

    When you've given something up
    for Lent are you allowed to
    indulge as normal on Sundays
    during that time?? In other
    words, are Sundays exempted
    from the 40 days of abstinence?? What about St. Patrick's Day???

    We had sunshine and temperatures
    around +1 Celsius today which
    made my walk to Curves and then
    to home afterwords very pleasant
    indeed. Not yet time to switch
    from winter coat to spring coat,
    but it's a step in the right
    direction. In the meantime,
    your new blog background is a
    nice reminder of things to come.

    Have a great week!!


  33. I love that pin keep!!! And your framed pieces -- spectacular! Great choices! And 60% off -- wow!

    It must feel good to have someone outside the family tell you how good you're looking. Good for you!

  34. OK, I love both of your GH finishes. In fact, the word "stunning" comes very quickly to mind.

    And I'm pretty sure that dancing a jig will earn you some pretty good WW activity points, so dance away!

  35. Such beautiful finishes, congratulations!

    Thanks for the ribbon ruching tutorial.

    Feel free to toot your horn as loud (and as often) as you like. When you work hard enough begin to feel better it is worth celebrating! Grab the nearest piece of fabric (I know you have to have some within arms reach) and second-line around the living room!

  36. Your frame jobs are wonderful! And they are even more wonderful at 60% off! So glad that your efforts at Weight Watchers are paying off. The numbers dropping on the scale are nice but when people NOTICE, well, that is just priceless! Way to go!

  37. Gorgeous pinkeep! Love your framed pictures - beautiful!

  38. you about gave me a heart attack! I'm in a pinkeep exchange too and I was afraid I'd totally missed the deadline, when you said yours was March 1st! I quick went and checked and mind isn't until April 1st! thank goodness!

  39. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Pretties indeed, they are stunning, Vonna! And isn't that a sweet gift from Gabi! A priest said that? You must be stopping traffic...LOL!! I hope you are very proud of yourself for all that hard work!! (I've been slipping for months, and would love a bit of your strength...)

  40. Lovely finishes - and what a sweet gift from Gabi!

    And congratulations on the weight loss.

  41. What a gorgeous pin keep from Gabi! She does such beautiful work, and over one! Your framing--fanTAStic!! You must be so thrilled with it. I love the new blog header and layout, too.

    Congratulations on your priest noticing your hard work! Isn't that the best?! I'm so happy for you. Keep at it!!

  42. Fabulous pinkeep. And the framed pieces are gorgeous.

    Congrats on your weight loss. It's great when people notice, isn't it?

  43. You Do are looking good Vonna. All of us can tell you that :-)
    Love the framings.
    I'm finishing a huge project and I wish there was a Michael around here. Am always afraid of framing!!
    Spring hopefully is on its way. No snow here but we could do without the rain. All the best
    Best regards

  44. Oh, V - to be a success at weight loss! How wonderful. Congrats

  45. Love the new blog look Vonna! Your header is so cool!! The pinkeep from Gabi is beautiful! I love her color changes. Your framed pieces turned out beautiful too!! I really need to get that Flowers of Lebanon pattern. It's so pretty. :)

  46. What a fun new look to your blog! And beautiful gifts and finishes! Congrats on the compliment, too. Isn't that a blessing! :-) It does make it easier to go on in the "battle".


  47. The pinkeep from Gabi is simply gorgeous!
    Love the spring colors on your background. Spring, warmer weather, and new leaves are sorely needed. :) I for one have had more than enough of snow, ice, boots and coats. :)
    And congrats on the weight loss being noticeable. It does make you feel great when someone other than family notices.

  48. Beautiful pinkeep from Gabi and great framing, they look lovely

  49. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Vonna, the pinkeep from Gabi is adorable and I love your new framed finishes!! congrats on the Weight watchers. keep it up!!!

  50. Gorgeous gift from Gabi! Beautiful! Also, your framed pieces are wonderful.

    Congratulations on WW. It's great when someone notices all the hard work it is on the journey. I can't say I've done as well :-(

    Happy Spring!

  51. We've had such a mild winter this year that the fruit trees and flower bulbs are about six weeks ahead of schedule. This is scary for the orchardists who will have to be on guard for much longer for the frosts that are sure to come, and suffer the subsequent increase in cost of production.

    Such wide swings of the pendulum this year! Hope the coming seasons bring us back to the center. :D

  52. Such lovely work you do! Hey, my friend, you should be tooting your own horn! Congratulations.

  53. Beautiful finishes, feels good to have them framed huh!

  54. The pinkeep is such a beauty! Lovely colours and the design is wonderful.

    Oh I love the frames! Especially the red one in Flowers of Lebanon, the colour is gorgeous!

    Congratulations on your weight loss, it's wonderful when someone outside your family notices :)

  55. Wonderful pinkeep. It is stunning.
    I too am waiting for spring. It needs to get here.
    Congrats on your hard work with WW. It always feels good to have your hard work noticed

  56. What a beautiful gift from Gabi. And your framed pieces look wonderful.

    Congratulations with the weight loss too. It's always nice when someone actually notices :)

  57. Loove the framing!! Especially Flowers of Lebanon - perfect frame choice.

    And what a wonderful pincushion - how nice to receive such a treasure. :)

    And last, but not least - I am SO happy for you that your priest gave you that wonderful piece of encouragement! YGG!!!

  58. Congratulations on the weight loss! Isn't it wonderful to have an outside compliment you on your loss? I always get a thrill when I have a co-worker comment on my weight loss. Keep up the good work!

    Your latest framing finishes are gorgeous!

  59. Congratulations on the weight loss. That is so hard to do! Did you change the colors on Flowers of Lebanon? Yours looks so much better than the model! Beautiful...

  60. Oh myyy, I am also waiting for spirng, it was beautiful during last weekend but now it´s cold again and weather forecast said there will be snow again...nOOOOOOOO....can´t see it anymore and would lovew to get some colors doesn´t help to have spring flowers all around in my house*sigh*


  61. I really liked your pinkeep from Gabi. I especially liked the verse. I will look that chart up. YOur framed pieces are gorgeous. That is a good thing about Michael's - their coupons!! Congrats on the weight loss. I always think this is the hardest "addiction" to quit. You can't "cold turkey" this one, so you are forced to face your demon constantly. You are doing a wonderful job!!

  62. That is a STUNNING exchange - I love it! The framed pieces look great!

    Congrats on the compliment - I'm sure many more are going to come your way in future months :)

  63. Gorgeous pinkeep Gabi stitched for you. Both of your framed pieces look beautiful.

  64. Your framed pieces look amazing!! And what a sweet pinkeep. Isn't it nice when someone notices our efforts and comments on them - I'm sure you were thrilled with your Priest noticing how hard you've been working. Fantastic!

  65. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Hi Von,
    I love you new background and you new artwork from Michael's. I am really proud of you about your weight loss. You description about jumping with joy in the back of church was too funny. Have a good Thursday. See you soon.
    Love, Mom

  66. Gorgeous pinkeep! Your framing is lovely and how wonderful that your new look was noticed. It is thrilling and it really helps keep one motivated.

  67. Love the pinkeep from Gabi....what a sweet design! Your stitching back from Michael's looks fantastic, too!

    Go ahead and celebrate, 'cause spring is almost here!

  68. Gabi's pinkeep is beatufiul, I love it. The colors are great! I will have to try Michael's for frames. We have a great frame shop, but they never run sales and I've got several pieces I'd love to have framed.
    I've given thanks for the last eleven mornings for the sunshine. Hopefully it'll come visit you soon. Today we had sunshine and a high of 55. The next four, five days are to be in the upper 50's. I had to get out, so walked out at the lake this afternoon and am looking forward to exercising outside Saturday and Sunday.
    Congrats on the weight loss. I'm stuck at 64, but I've been making mistakes. I need to do better.

  69. Yup, Gabi's pinkeep is gorgeous. She always does such beautiful work!

    I too LOVE Michael's framing. They have never failed me. Your two pieces are so pretty; congrats on the completion of those.

    Love the new look of your "springy" blog. You always do a great job at that.

    Thanks for the know, your excitement over the priest's comment. :D

  70. Vonna, you are quite an awesome finisher !!! Just one question for you: where do you find room to hang everything you stitch?? :-)

  71. First of all I love your Spring blog look :) The pinkeep from Gabi is gorgeous! And I love all your framed pieces too. You've been busy! Can't wait to see what you do next :)

  72. Not only does the pinkeep (what a lovely gift!) and framed finishes (love the dark background on "Flowers"!) look great..., but so do you (great new picture!). Keep up the good work!

  73. Wow, 72 comments. I'm far down that list these days. I just can't seem to catch up!
    Beautiful pinkeep. I love all your new framed pieces. What wonderful work you will have to display on your walls.
    Take care my friend and have a wonderful week!

  74. Yippee...blogger lets me do one comment at a time and it picked you.
    It was nice to hear from you....You do look good.I've been at my goal weight with WW now for 6 mths and it is so rewarding .
    I'm so Proud of you....keep up the good work. Don't let it be a battle .
    I was just thinking about changing my header because the weather is so nice now 10c. I'll see if I have one from last spring!
    The stitching you have is all wonderful and I look forward to seeing your updates!
    Take care girl.
    Stitch with happy fingers.

  75. Vonna, WWs does work, so stick to it and you'll see.... Be kind to yourself and give yourself time.

  76. I looked at your new picture of yourself on the blog and noticed the difference right away. You look great girl! You must be so pleased. It's certainly not easy.

    I wish my Michael's did as nice a job as yours. Unfortunately some of the pieces are not stretched properly before framing and I just don't trust them anymore.

    I'll try and send some of our sunshine your way. We've been blessed with mild weather for about 5 days now.


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