Monday, March 29, 2010

Look what hippity hopped....

...into my mailbox!
A delightful Plaid Bunny Floss Tag by the very talented Harmien! I was floored when I saw a package from sweet Harmien in my mailbox and imagine my delight when I saw the goodies contained within:

Like a good bunny, I've got it loaded up already with bobbins and I'm stitching away :) Thank you Harmien, I love it and always thing of you when I see it peeking out from the ring.

On Saturday evening....
at approximately 7 p.m. I found out that on Monday at approximately 6 p.m. (so less than 48 hours) I had to have two cakes prepared and decorated for my boy's Boy Scout Pack Meeting. YIKES! Well....since I had to work on Sunday I told Daddy that he needed to get the supplies and that as soon as I got home we'd get to baking. The cakes are supposed to be a family effort with the boys doing most of the work so after I got home from work yesterday afternoon, we got to baking. By 7 p.m. we had this:

Jake and his "Pro Bass 100" Fishing Pole
(complete with bobber and hook)


Ian with his Swiss Army Pocket Knife
although Katie and Ellie are not in Boy Scouts they wanted to decorate their own cake and here's the results - which the family enjoyed after supper:

*notice* the line dividing the cake....Ellie couldn't cross the line with her decorating talents. I'd say Katie divided it up equally....wouldn't you? LOL!

There you go on a....

Pfeiffer kind of weekend. We really had fun making the cakes together as a family. Tonight the boys will turn their cakes in and all the boys will be graded and ribbons will be handed out. I hope they win something!

I AM stitching, but it is always a rat race after Spring Break and I'm supposed to be at about 50 places at once. Between tutoring, concert band, Tae Kwon Do, softball, baseball, cub scouts, preschool, etc. I have also agreed to: hosting a spring teacher's luncheon, helping with the spring carnival and heading the graduation committee for the 6th graders graduation - which Katie is in the class and will be moving from Elementary School to Middle School next year. So you understand, if my posts will be sporadic - I'm not getting much done around here stitching wise. But it all will return soon and when I have something to show you I'll be here tapping on your shoulder saying read my blog! :)

Until next time....

my dear friends and readers (whenever that may be),
"Hands to work and hearts to God"!
Love and hugs,


  1. Oh what fantastic cakes. I hope your boys are very proud.

    The Easter bunny is still alive and well in our house. So I am playing the part getting eggs filled and such. Bri knows about the true meaning of Easter too. We put out a butterfly on Easter morning. My grandma shared with me when I was little a more gentle way to learn about Easter. She told me that Jesus was like a catipiller and a butterfly. So I use a butterfly on Easter. It is a sweet reminder of my Grandma too. She has been gone 5 years this month.

    God Bless

  2. What a beautiful gift! Love the cakes too!

  3. I saw the floss tag on Harmein's blog today. I thought it was so cute. I am glad that you are the one who recieved it! The cakes are great! I DID notice the line and thought that was so funny! Girl you really must have a lot of energy to do all those things! My head would be spinning and my mouth would show the stress! LOL! Btw... I seen a little decorating you had a while back of red, yellow, and blue hat boxes. I loved them so much I ran out to Hobby Lobby and bought some and got them painted! Sorry for swiping your idea, but I couldn't help myself! :)

  4. What a nice bunny tag and gift! And the cakes -- great stuff! I bet the boys will do well! I don't know how you keep up with all you do. It's great that you're so involved with everything!

  5. Very cute little bunny gift. And those cakes look so yummy. You are such a great mom to whip them up so quickly!

  6. Oh what a fabulous and delicious job everyone did on those cakes. I am keeping my fingers crossed for them. (Until 7 PM when I will start stitching)

    Sounds like you ahve a super busy time coming up. I hope you will find a moment or two for yourself to stitch and take a breather.

    That floss tag from Harmian is just stunning. Beautiful and adorable.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  7. Oh my gosh, you're wearing me out with all the things that you have on your plate. I've been there and even though I'm not glad that my kids are getting older, I am glad that I'm not doing so much of that stuff any longer. It was exhausting.

    All the cakes look wonderful and I hope that there is a prize to be had for their creative talents.

    And love the floss tag from Harmein. Adorable.

  8. OMG the floss tag! Soooooooo cute!

  9. What great family pics - I'm sure that your kids are making MANY happy family memories that will last them forever. You're a good mama to be so hands-on. Your kids are being raised right and I'm sure someday they'll appreciate it!
    What a sweet treat you received! Isn't it just lovely when someone shares their stitching talent by gifting us with their works of art?
    Happy Spring!

  10. Wow, those cakes are great! Winners for sure! I have no idea where you find the time for everything you do!
    Lovely gift from Harmien.
    p.s. thats a great pic of you on your blog siedbar, so pretty!

  11. Those are some VERY cute cakes!

    Can't wait to see some stitching progress :-)

  12. Wow, Vonna, I need a little lay-down after reading how busy you are and will be!!

    The kids cakes are super! I hope the boys get some recognition for theirs. :D

  13. great stuff
    cakes 1 & 2 look masterful

    the icing looks so nice and thick and tasty on cake 3, yum...
    thats the one to jump into with a fork in each hand
    and a frosting smile

  14. Those cakes are so cute!

  15. That's a whole lotta bakin'!! Quite a bit of that at my house on Saturday along with some unusual dinner making. Usually I take Saturday off, but I volunteered to make dinner for a new mom from our church. All the fam appreciated my efforts, lol!

  16. Vonna, you are the perfect example of why you should always give a job to the busiest person-LOL. I'm new to the blogs and love yours to death. You've re-inspired me to step it up, pick smaller projects and think about other finishing techniques. Thank-you!

  17. Beautiful gift! Lucky you Vonna! And all those cakes look amazing!

  18. Lovely cakes - they look too good to cut and eat.

    What a great gift too :)

  19. I got the biggest chuckle out of Katie's dividing line on the cake. Ah, big sisters. LOL I love all of the cakes--the boys' cakes are so creative! Very neat.

    Lovely gift from Harmein! Very cute.

    Enjoy your Holy Week as you dash from place to place and try to be in twenty different places at once! Pop in when you can, even if it's to show us older stitching. I am always super excited when I see you pop up in my blog roll.

  20. What great cakes! I hope your boys won a ribbon for their efforts. Katie and Ellie also did a wonderful job!

    The floss ring is beautiful. You are really staying busy! Take time to stitch!

  21. Such cute cakes--I loved cooking/baking with my sons when they were growing up. Really some of my favorite memories!

    Easter blessings to you and your family, Vonna...

  22. What wonderful cakes Vonna :) Sounds like you have been super busy, the floss tag is so cute!

  23. Great cakes! I love the dividing line - such a classice sibling thing to do!

    We are making a cake today for my baby - he turns 6!!

  24. i love your floss tag. do you have any idea where she got the pattern or the company name? they would make wonderful little gifts for a fellow stitcher. thanks,denise[]

  25. Cute bunny! Harmien did a good job with it!

  26. Such a sweet bunny! Great job on the cakes with the family!

  27. Such a busy mama. Isn't is amazing how busy we can get?!

    Love the cakes - so creative.


  28. I love the family activities in your household. The cakes look wonderful - the boys are not only great cake bakers, but they did an awesome job at decorating. Let Katie and Ellie know that they did an amazing job too! This definitely beats our family activity of changing a flat tire...but bottomline, it was a family event and was strangely fun!
    Your mother/taxi driving/activity coordinator, etc sound exactly like my role remember to take care of yourself as you wear all those hats!
    Lisa D

  29. What a cute floss tag!

    And those cakes look so yummy, hope the boys get their prize for those beauties :-)

  30. GREAT floss tag!!! You know, this is going to reveal just how dimwitted I can be, but I'll tell you anyway. I have seen lots of pics of floss tags before - and they were probably even attached to a floss ring... but until I looked at the pic on this post, I really had no idea what a floss tag was used for. Then when I saw your pic, it was like the light bulb went off and the choir sang. Never been accused of being the brightest bulb in the pack!!! :)

    Your boys made great cakes! Great idea for the fishing rod cake!

    Have a wonderful Easter, Vonna!!!

  31. What fun to read of your adventures. The cakes were fabulous! (I think I liked the girls' cake best ~ giggles)
    How sweet to receive an Easter present when you're so busy. I think the Lord does that to encourage us during times that we don't know which way is up. I pray you'll be able to "get it all done", spend time with your family, spend time with the Lord, and have a little time left over for stitching! Blessings!

  32. do you know where that plaid bunny pattern is found? Isn'ti t a freebie? :)

  33. First of all, great job on those cakes!

    What a sweet floss tag ~ love that bunny!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

  34. Awesome job on all the cakes! Love every single minute of the chaos of your kids. Because pretty soon, you will be where I am, getting sad because they don't really need momma there for everything! I'm struggling with Jacob graduating, he's the last one for me! sniff...
    Between ball, soccer, scouts, wrestling, marching band and smyphonic band and art, the years just slipped by without me realizing how quickly time went!

  35. All the family is talented!!!
    Hope you all have a lovely Easter. Thanks for the beatifull comment!
    Hugs from Paula and Rui Lima

  36. THe cakes are priceless (especially the one with the dividing line). Love your bunny floss tag. Sooooo cute!

  37. I love the floss tag, very cute!

    Wow, those cakes are amazing. I am sure you all had such fun making and decorating.

  38. Happy Easter to you and your family! :)
    Love, love, love those cakes AND they look delicious.
    The Bunny floss tag is just too cute.

  39. Congrats to the boys on their fantastic cakes. Our Pack has not done the cake decorating contest for the last 3 years and I miss it.

    Easter blessings to you all.

  40. Boys,those cakes are awesome!! One of you has to win for sure. Do you need any help eating them?

    Vonna, I'm getting dizzy just thinking about everything you're getting into. Amazing! That little plaid bunny is adorable. Harmien did a super job.

    I hope you have a very blesssed Easter with your family.


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