Friday, March 12, 2010

Drive by posting...

A harried hello and howdy doo....
to you my dear friends and readers. My goodness time does fly! That seems to be a central theme here at The Twisted Stitcher, doesn't it? I think it's been close to 14 days since my last post, and I really don't have much to show you in the way of my own stitching. Oh, I've been doing it....but a little here and a little there....I've determined that I have Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), only of the stitcher's variety. Believe me I'm not making light of the disorder as I have a son that lives with ADHD, but I believe that truly is the way I've been now for about a month. I flit from project to project. Starting new ones, losing interest, putting them in a bag, only to dream of them, pull them out, stitch a couple of hours, put them away again, start something clicky finger keeps adding stuff to carts, my Toyota Sienna keeps mindlessly driving to my Local Needlework Store, both of their own volition and accord. What is a girl to do? Stash, stitch, stash, stitch and stash some more, I guess.

That is....
until Mr. Twisted Stitcher comes after the missus with the credit card bill in one hand, the checkbook in the other, a red face and eyebrows that look like lightening bolts. YIKES! That's enough for a girl to straighten up and stitch right - right out of the stuff she's already got, I guess. Yowza! He's been watching A&E on television and has threatened an intervention of my hoarding tendencies. I guess straighten up and stitch right is my motto as I whistle a merry tune "hi ho, hi's off to stitch I go - YES FROM MY STASH Mr. Twisted Stitcher!"

with that dilemma off my chest. Here's what I stitched up for the fabulous Pinkeep Exchange over on the Friends Through Threads private exchange board. My recipient was Hazel and I saw on her wishlist this pattern, so I stitched it up and made this for her:

"Be Joyful In Hope"
Designer: Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks
Threads: Crescent Colors
Fabric: 32 ct. Sassy's Fabbys Mud Pie Lugana
Finished as a pinkeep with rusched ribbon edging
*this was a scripture thread pack distributed by Crescent Colours*

To be....
completely honest it was very hard to put this in an envelope and ship to the U.K., however Hazel is a delightful young lady and I knew she'd give it a good home. I do so hope that she loves it as much as I did ;o)

those rascally rascals the Pfeiffer kids will be out on Spring Break at the conclusion of the school day this afternoon. So we have the Sienna (or Mama will have) it loaded down for a trip to Haubstadt to visit Poppas, Memes, Grandpas and Grandmas for a few days. We'll see Aunts, Uncles and cousins too while we're there. Then bright and early Monday morning, we'll load up again and travel to French Lick, Indiana (keep your nasty thoughts to yourself) for a day of fun at an inside water park. (oh joy...can't in a bathing suit for 12 hours...I'm thinking positive thoughts and deep breathing) Tuesday we'll be up bright and early again to go spelunking at Mammoth Cave. Then Wednesday Mama is gonna sit her bottom in a chair (or I dream of sitting it in a chair). The Twisted Stitcher kiddos have movies, zoo trips and other things in mind....I wonder who will win? You're right...probably not Mama.... :)

that does it for this installment of keyboard upchuck. I hope that you all have hours in a chair stitching resulting in that dreaded syndrome of all syndromes - numb butt....I'm planning on some Grandmas, Grandpas, Poppas and Memes doing a little entertaining while I advance my numb butt case myself. Oh the horror I plan on my rear end experiencing! You all really need to experience the restorative healing of a trip to Haubstadt, Indiana! The little hamlet does a lot for the mind and soul :)

So until next time...
"hands to work and hearts to God"!
Love and hugs,


  1. Vonna, you have to pay the bills yourself so DH won't see the spending. lol! Actually, I think I need to have my DH pay the bills so I get my spending under control! I love the pinkeep you sent Hazel -- so pretty! Have a great time with the grandparents etc and at the water park too!

  2. It's not hoarding, it's collecting! Someday you can sell these priceless antique leaflets on ebay and make your fortune! LOL!

    The pinkeep is beautiful. Hazel is a lucky woman.

    Have fun on your trip.

  3. I love the pinkeep! I agree with Jan that you aren't hoarding, just think of all the entertainment value there is in your stash. I bet you make a lot of gifts too, so they shouldn't count as stash, but come from the 'gift' budget. I hope you have a wonderful spring break... sounds like so much fun. Your kids are lucky to have so much family to have memories with.

  4. I love the new picture of you! You look great!

  5. My dh has come at me more with furowed brows than once because of a spending spree he was not aware of! That's why I am finished until next Market! lol. Your pinkeep is lovely. Have a wonderful and safe vacation!

  6. You are so funny! Have a great Spring Break!!

  7. Beautiful pinkeep - I'm sure Hazel will love it!
    Have a great time at Spring break, hope you manage to get a little stitching done but if not build some great memories with those kids of yours.

  8. The pin keep is lovely! You always do such a wonderful job with your finishing.

    It's stash stitching around here for a while too. And it isn't so bad. I mean, I loved all the charts I had at one point when they were purchased, so I must still love them. Right? :)

  9. Love that pinkeep. And love your new photo too.. very updated sophisticated look, I must say.

    Is this another problem for which Toyota will have to issue a recall? Cars veering off to the LNS without provocation? If so, I want one of those.

  10. I haven't figured out a way yet to treat my stash like I do my dresses. I used to put dresses in the closet (still do on occasion) and then pull them out and I'd say "Oh, this old thing... I've had that forever." With stash, there's no good LNS so I order most of it and Rob usually gets the mail first. DRATS! The "Don't talk to me about my stash with all the baseball crap you have bought over the years!" isn't working anymore.

    Love the pinkeep - the ribbon is beautiful! Enjoy your spring break - you'll have a lot of fun!

  11. Vonna the pinkeep is beautiful. I love the finish. Hazel is lucky to have you as a partner.

  12. Vonna,

    Such a beautiful pin keep finish. Sounds like a fun week is planned for all. Have a great time!


  13. I do love it! I love that ribbon edge as well. Very clever. Thank you for a lovely exchange piece Vonna. xx

  14. I agree with Jan - it's not hoarding, it's collecting!!

    Sounds like you have some busy, fun times awaiting you!

    The pinkeep it beautiful!! Hazel will cherish it!

  15. I tell Niek stashing is an expression of hope. ;)

    I love what you made for Hazel and really it looks so very perfect for her - great job both in making it and in parting with it!

  16. The pinkeep you made for Hazel is so pretty! I love the ribbon edging.

    Enjoy spring break!

  17. The pin keep is absolutely beautiful. I love the way you finished it.

    have a funtastic time next week. It is always nice to go visit family. We'll be waiting to see hte photos of fun times.

  18. lovely stitch and finish
    it will certainly bring happiness

    have fun week, go vonna go!
    you look great in your blog pic-
    way to stick with your goals

    those kids will keep you on the move all week...gotta love it...and stitch when you can!

  19. Vonna, I like the new look on your blog. Your exchanges you've sent and received are beautiful. Have a fun spring break week and hopefully you will get your stitching mojo during that time.

  20. Pinkeep is wonderful! Enjoy your spring break!

  21. So nice work! Beautiful finish!

  22. Oh Vonna that pinkeep is really something special! I love what you did with the ribbon trim.

    Enjoy your trip!!

  23. A lovely pinkeep for Hazel.

  24. What a beautiful pin keep!! I am sure Hazel will treasure it. Have a fantastic time on your Spring break travels!

  25. Hazel is gorgeous! I love the purple runched ribbon and the cute little bow. Perfect!

    Have a wonderful Spring break with your family. Hope you get some "numb butt" time! lol :)

  26. I agree it's not hoarding if it's for a rainy day like today it is raining somewhere - just call Jimmy Buffet.
    When did you get the contacts? I know you said you were going to try again. It looks good! the new pic of you.
    Happy Stitching! and a safe journey with the munchkins!

  27. Hi Vonna,

    I hope all of you have a safe and happy vacation.

    Your pinkeep for Hazel is a beauty!

    Love the new picture of you on the sidebar. Looking Good:)

  28. Oh I can see how it would be hard to ship that one off! It is lovely!

  29. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I think Mr. Twisted Stitcher should be in awe of the beauty you create and just give you a blank check...LOL!! Have a great spring break with the kids! BTW great picture of you in the side bar!!!

  30. Oh yeah, I think we are all in the same boat about the bills coming in from all the stashy purchases! I get the *look* too!

    Love that pinkeep you made for Hazel!

    Have a lovely spring break holiday with your family!

    ps French Lick, huh? You couldn't just have said Indiana? Now my mind is wondering about how that town got its name! ;-)

  31. Wonderful pinkeep ! Have fun on spring break. Love your new photo, you are looking great !

  32. Thank goodness Mr. Twisted Stitcher can't converse with my Mr. "What do you need that for".
    Your pinkeep is stunning. Wonderful gift for Hazel.
    Enjoy your restorative trip to the family. The kids will surely benefit from all the attention from their grandparents etc and hopefully it will allow you to indulge in your favorite numb butt.

  33. Love your new picture Vonna! You're looking great! I think that you need to set up one of those change baskets like I have then no one is the wiser about what you're buying!! Love the pinkeep that you sent to Hazel - she's one lucky girl, and it's very pretty! Have a great time!

  34. I've had a touch of the not-sure-what-I-want-to-stitch syndrome lately too, it must be the time of year ;)

    Love the pinkeep for Hazel, very pretty with the pins and ruched ribbon :)

    I'm lucky that I deal with all our finances, plus I'm in when the post comes and Mr. V never sees it LOL! I've done plenty of stashing lately - time to rein it back in again. Have a great trip!

  35. Beautiful finish! I love purple. I have been trying to be good too and 'stitch from stash', and stitch some of the many things I have already! Just browse through your stash and you will find so many things you forgot you had!

  36. Vonna,
    Try not to leave a paper trail... LOL!!! I know what you mean about the attention thing. I do that same thing when stitching sometimes...just can't seem to settle on one thing and wanting to buy everything that catches my eye. You aren't alone. :)

    Beautiful pinkeep! Hazel is going to be one happy stitcher. :)

    Sounds like you all have a great spring break planned! When you drive by the Hodgenville exit on I-65 headed to Mammoth Cave, give me a big wave. :) Have fun!! :)

  37. Since I'm the breadwinner in the family, I only have to account to myself for my spending :)

    I agree with another person's comment - I *love* the new picture of you - you're looking great! Congratulations on the continued weight loss!

    That's a lovely pinkeep you stitched for Hazel - I love the finishing!

    Have fun on your spring trip - I get a laugh every time I hear the town "French Lick" - I always wonder how they came up with the name!

  38. Vonna...enjoy spring break...and by the look GREAT! in that new photo!!!

    Take care

  39. Gorgeous pinkeep - lucky Hazel!

  40. Beautiful finish Vonna!! I definitely have stitching ADD too. I can't seem to settle down to anything lately!!!

  41. Beautiful stuff; Lucky Hazel! :D

  42. The pinkeep is lovely Vonna, love the purple. Have a fun and safe trip!

  43. Love the pinkeep, and I'm sure Hazel was overjoyed with it too :) Have fun on your trip! A water park sounds like fun :)

  44. love the pinkeep for Hazel! I haven't tried doing the ruched ribbon yet, but plan on it very very soon. it is soooo pretty.
    Mr Finely Finished (LOL) has recently been in the craft room and said a few "words" about how much I have in there and just gave me "the look" and walked out. ;-) Guess it is time to stitch from stash for just a little while anyways. LOL
    You look great by the way! love the straight/flat hair! very cute!

  45. I know exactly how you feel. At least you can sprinkle stitch in between the shops. I really can't.

    Enjoy spring break!! If you don't have a specific movie in mind already, Alice in Wonderland was a GREAT movie! I didn't know before I went that it isn't a remake it's a continuation. Fourteen years later.

  46. It's a beautiful pinkeep, dear Vonna! Your work always is wonderful :) Enjoy the spring break! Our kids just had their winter holiday week and go back to school on Monday.

  47. Love the pineep that you sent to Hazel! It's beautiful!

    Has Mr. Twisted Stitcher been talking to my DH? My DH had the same angry eyes and the same beet red coloring when he went over our CC and checking account!

    Enjoy your break with your family and have fun on your trip!

  48. LOL :) I get the evil eye whenever a new evelope shows up. And the hoarders reference has come my way more than once while we have been watching that show.

    Your pinkeep is absolutely beautiful!

  49. Vonna the pinkeep is just gorgeous.

    Have fun next week with the kids and relatives while on spring break - travel safe.

  50. Gorgeous pin keep! I don't recall that thread pack! I am right there with you in the stashing dept. I have stuff in my buffet, stuff overflowing in 3 baskets and 3 plastic containers at my bedside. I think I need the intervention! But, I have vowed to stop......for now! LOL

  51. Hi Vonna,

    I've just award you the "Sunshine Blog Award".

    No pressure, just want you to know how much I love your blog and think others will too.


  52. Very nice new picture V - looks like you're being very successful!

  53. My DH would have heart failure if he ever found out exactly how much I spend on my hobby! Fortunatly I have my own card so he doesn't see. However I do get the occasional comment regarding the number of envelopes that arrive for me at the post office. Too bad we don't have home delivery!
    I love your pinkeep! I can understand your reluctance to part with it.
    With all that you've planned for March break you may need a vacation of your own when you return! Hope you manage to get some numb butt at some point in time.

  54. Adorable pinkeep! I found some of those thread packs today for half price! Yay!! :-) Have fun on your trip!

  55. I'm a wee bit late in responding and wishing you a wonderful vacation time with the family, but I have had a BAD case of numb butt! Wow, what a great feeling.

    Not to worry adding to your stash; it's not you, it's the beautiful designs introduced at Market, last month. Market is like a candy store, to enjoy, one must sample. LOL.
    You look super in your new picture. Your WW efforts are showing.
    Peace be with you my friend,
    Colleen B.

  56. Oh, I love the little pinkeep you stitched for Hazel. And oh, what a nice ruched edging you made. Hazel will be so delighted.
    Hva e a great trip.

  57. Vonna, Please come and get your Beautiful Blogger Award from my post:

    Happy Stitching! Robin

  58. The pinkeep is lovely - I'm sure Hazel will also love it! Enjoy your trip!

  59. Stitch stash stitch stash; keyboard upchuck... lolol!!! Love it... I seem to only be getting the "stash" part of the equation done... and not even the market items I've been waiting for what seems like forever to arrive - I keep buying more and more while I wait!

    I was going to post a stash post when everything is in, but I might be almost embarassed to show the world how much my little plastic card has been in use... that said, what have you gotten?

    Please help me feel better about my lack of restraint by sharing your stitchy acquisitions... please?

    Love the pinkeep! You did a really fantastic job! How did you "do" the ruched ribbon? It looks wonderful, and I think I'd really love to use it myself...

    I hope you enjoyed your time at French Lick (hehe) (I'm assuming that by the time you read this your trip will have already happened), and Mammoth Cave - wow I've always wanted to see it. Hopefully the children will give their mama some
    stitching time!

  60. You have described my symptoms to a T! I have the same ADHD problem. Must be spring!
    Love, love beyond love, your pinkeep! Beautiful finishing! Hazel is so lucky.
    Have a great trip! Hope you enjoy yourself.
    Love the haircut! You are looking fab-u-lous!!!

  61. Beautiful pinkeep Vonna!!!

  62. The pinkeep is gorgeous, congratulations

    Enjoy your spring break

  63. Gorgeous pinkeep. That rouched ribbon trim is lovely! Enjoy spring break!!

  64. I have to agree with Jan, it's collecting and a very fine collection you must have.

    I love the pinkeep, especially the rusched ribbon edgeing.


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