Monday, February 01, 2010

In the village...

Hello dear friends....
well, I didn't meet my goal, but it wasn't without trying my darnedest! My final goal was to finish block #12 on the Village of Hawk Run Hallow by the end of January. Sadly, I didn't make it :(

I gave it the old college try, but honestly all that night sky defeated me - really it did - my hand is cramping and I'm seriously thinking I don't want to stitch for a couple of days! However....on the 1st of February about 12 hours off my mark - victory was mine! And it tasted sweet! May I introduce Block #12 of The Village of Hawk Run Hallow:

before you get all excited, I haven't finished the village. NAY! I have only blocks 1, 2 and 12 done, I still have 9 to go. (astonishing mathematics skill, hmm?) But if I stay on course, I could have a huge wonderful finish by the end of the year. I have the perfect place to hang this, and I love all these pieces so victory shall be mine someday - God as my witness! (please envision Scarlett O'Hara holding up a rotten carrot, shaking it at the heavens)

Next Up...
Margie came home from her spa treatment and I must say, I'm rather impressed with how she turned out. This is the first needlework I've had framed at Michael's and I think it turned out fabulously. So much so that I came back picked up and then dropped off "Creation" (I live about 5 miles from Michael's).'s Margie ready for the party:

Margaret Pence
by The Goode Huswife (Anne Brown)
Stitched on: 28 ct. Autumn Fields Linen
using DMC

Here's a close up of the frame detail....

that does it for me for today, probably for the whole week, as I don't think I have anything in me to get something done by the end of the week :(
I have another set of goals for this month. But it is sort of scary when you think that this month is only a meager 28 days. Anyway, a new start is loaded up and ready to go. Hopefully I can swing a finish in a week or two, fingers crossed....

Until next time...
hands to work and hearts to God!
Love and hugs,


  1. OH! Margie looks great, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that frame. And 5 miles from Michaels - I have to go about 85 miles, so I'm a tad jealous. Congrats on MORE finishes, you go woman, you're on a roll!


  2. Your framed picture looks great! The #12 village is my favorite. I love the looks of that cemetery! Nancy in WI

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Another fabulous finish for Vonna!!! I've never used either Michael's or A. C. Moore to frame before...good to know that someone who is a meticulous finisher was pleased.
    Enjoy a delight week of stitching!
    Busy Hands...Happy Hearts

  4. Your Margaret looks lovely! The frame is very classic and perfect for her!

    Congrats on finishing your block! We will keep your secret and not tell that it was a day later than you intended:)

  5. Margie looks great, nice frame you picked out.

  6. Great framing job for a lovely piece. Glad to see that Michael's came through for you.

  7. Lovely frame on Margaret! I love that wood color and the detail. And congrats on getting that Village block done! That's the hardest one, with all that fill in! Yay!

  8. Great finish, really like the frame you chose. My BOAF linen arrived, not quite right for my special piece, so it's off to the LNS tomorrow:)

    Sweet Stitchin...

  9. HRH is very achievable by year's end! I missed my monthly goal I think 3 times. Once was by something like 12 hours too. Since you seem to have been very smart about stitching all the blocks first I suggest a simple block (lol! I know this is HRH we're talking about) for February. You deserve a break after tackling the background monster.

  10. Yeah for you finishing your block! It looks fabulous and I think 12 hours off is pretty darn good!

    MP is lovely - I'm going to have to hop on the bandwagon, I guess!

    Have a good week, rest your hand and I'll look forward to seeing your next start.

  11. Wow, Michael's did a great framing job on your Margaret Pence! She looks great! I'll look forward on seeing your progress on VoHRH. I'm on the fence on this one. Maybe a 2011 BAP for me?? Who knows. :)

  12. I agree, I think the framing turned out beautifully! Love the molding you went with!!! Now about those goals....You did awesome anyway!!! I am fabulously proud of you!!!

  13. I love your Margaret! That's great that Michael's did a good job for you. I had a bad experience at one and never went back. Maybe I should try another store again.

  14. Congrats on finishing Block 12! I am positive you'll have this baby done at the end of the year!

    Margaret is gorgeous! You picked out a beautiful frame. Have you filled your walls yet? It seems like you've gotten a bunch done :)

  15. Block 12 looks wonderful! You really went all out last month. I can't wait to see what all you do this month. Margaret is just beautiful. I haven't anything framed at Michaels in a long long time. Maybe when they have another big sale.

  16. This one and Houses is two I want to do. Then there is AatHRH. I'd love to do that one, just the sound of it is great. All except the stitch design.Have you heard? It's a massive 185w x 614h! I'm thinkin' maybe I could take certain elements of the design and do that.I can't imagine taking on such a huge design. The frame alone for that sucker , if doing the whole thing, would brake the bank even at 50% off! Thanks for your comment on America .Ihat was a fun stitch!

  17. I love Margaret Pence. The frame you picked out is just perfect.

    We are here to cheer you on to victory by the end of the year on Villages. I'm sure it will look splendid when finished.

    Have a good week!


  18. There is no way that I could safely live only 5 miles from Michael's.....they did a great job of framing for you.

  19. Margie looks great and I love her frame. I'm impressed with some of the frames from Michaels that I've been seeing lately. I need to get in there soon with some of my finishes.
    Congrats on finishing square #12! I've seen this piece finished recently by one of my stitching group and it's awesome.

  20. Very good work young lady!

    and Thanks for the encouragement!!!

    have a great week!


  21. Yay! I'm so happy to see Block 12 finished 'cause it is my favorite of the dozen... It looks wonderful, Vonna.

    I've been hesitant to try Michael's for framing, but maybe I should give them a try after seeing what a nice job they did on your piece!

  22. Oh wow, Vonna, I just love how your framed piece came out!! Wish there was a Michaels within an hour or even two of here. LOL. And congrats on another wonderful block done on Hawk Run!!

  23. Lovely stitching and that frame is very pretty

  24. Margie is beautiful and I love the frame choice. Congrats on finishing another block.

  25. Maggie's frame is gorgeous, and they did a beautiful job! I may have to take advantage of those coupons some day.

    Congratulations on a job well done with block 12. You did finish it so you did meet your goal after all!

  26. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Love the molding you selected for Margaret! You are lucky that your Michael's has a good needlework framer.

    Congratulations on getting block #12 finished! It looks fabulous!

    Robin in Virginia

  27. Diana8:46 PM

    That is a very pretty frame you picked out for Margaret Pence and the stitching is beautiful as usual.

  28. Margaret looks gorgeous in her new duds. :o) I love that block in VoHRH, yours looks great!

  29. You had me going Vonna - I thought you had completed the whole darned thing! LOL But great job on Block #12. That one would definitely cramp the hand with all that black fill in!! Whose going to notice that you went over by a mere 12 hours! Close enough!

    And Margie looks great and I love the frame you picked out for her. I love that chart so much - it's on my to do list - just haven'y gotten there yet!!!

  30. framed and fabulous
    your sampler wall is going to be even more glam!

  31. Congratulations on finishing block 12, Vonna! I know what an accomplishment that is, even if you were a little late in completing your January goal.

    Michael's did a nice job of finishing for you - I like the frame you chose. I can't wait to see your next framed finish!

  32. Wonderful finish of your block and love your frame!

  33. Anonymous10:41 PM

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  34. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I love the Hawk Run Hallow series. Someone gave me the Christmas one for, well, Christmas of course! I have yet to start it.

    Congrats on finishing block 12; keep up the good work on your goals! I'm in love with the frame Margie's in. Very lovely. (:

  35. The frame-up looks good. I can't even begin to understand how much black stitching that is!!

  36. I was all set to celebrate finishing the Village and then you throw in your math twist!
    Margie looks great!

  37. Oh, yeah! Miss Margaret is gorgeous. And what's a goal or two as long as you're enjoying yourself?

  38. Anonymous1:51 AM

    I love the frame you chose for Miss Margaret, it looks fabulous! I see what you mean about the night sky, that's a whole lot of stitching!

  39. Congrats on finishing the block! I can see why all that night sky would get to you!
    I love the framed piece. I wish we had Michaels over here!

  40. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Margie looks absolutely gorgeous all framed up - they really did do a great job! Congrats on getting your next HRH block finished too :)

  41. Woohoo!! Congratulations, Vonna! That block on Villages took me forever. YGG on getting it finished! I love how your Margaret Pence turned out, too. Great frame choice--and the saltware crock to the right of the pic? FAB-ulous!

  42. Great work! I was trying to get my block on HOHRH done this month too but that didn't work out.
    Great framing job! I had Holly framed there too and they did a great job. I guess it's which one you go to but one of the framers at mine used to cross stitch also.

    You do know that I had the lion sleeps tonight running through my head and I'm sure it will be there for the REST of the day, LOL.

  43. Beautiful frame Vonna! It's perfect for Margaret Pence. Block 12 looks great Vonna! I know how much work those solid blocks are!!

  44. Vonna, I can relate to you thinking you'll never finish VHRH. I felt that way many times before I finally conquered it. It's well worth the effort though. Your Margaret Pence is fabulous and that is an excellent frame choice.

  45. Congratulations on finishing block 12 Vonna, it looks fabulous! Margaret looks lovely too, perfect framing choice :)

  46. nice finish and the frame is beautiful

  47. they did a great job on her. She looks great! Love your Village Square finish! Pretty!

  48. Looking great, Miss Vonna! I NEED to get back to my Hawk Run Hollow too, so it will be finished in this lifetime. It just hasn't been calling my name. Your frame is perfect for Margaret, and of course the stitching is perfect. :) Great job! HUGS

  49. Hawk Run is looking great and if I am not mistaken, when you were finished with your block it probably was still Jan. 31 SOMEWHERE in the world. So, if I were you, pat yourself on the back for accomplishing a Jan. goal! Margaret looks stunning in her new frame and glad to hear that Michael's pulled through for you!

    Oh, and I have to comment on your Thomas Jefferson quote. That is one of my favorite quotes and I have been passing it around a lot lately. Glad to see you agree with its wisdom! Happy Stitching!

  50. Fabulous framing on Margaret. A great finish on Block 12.

  51. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I love Margaret (especially the fabric!). I guess it's hit or miss with framing at Michael's. I think the one by me does a fabulous job too, but I know others have problems with theirs. Can't wait to see your others framed :) ~ Terri

  52. Congrats on your block 12 finish! I love all of the village designs. I am looking so forward to Autumn at HRH in February. :)

    Your framed Margaret looks fabulous. Love the frame!! Did you pin it or did they? You always do a good job...but I am not sure about them, which is why I am asking. ;)

    Hope you have a great week! Your finishes are really inspiring me to stitch, stitch, stitch!

  53. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Hi Vonnie,
    Just finished reading your blog. Love the frame and your looks great! Did you know that 73 years ago on Feb 1 your grandparent had their first date. You remember the story about the quarter bet granny had with her cousin about getting that date. Just was reminescing. Oh how I miss her some days!

    Love, Mom

  54. I have had good luck with Michael's framing and love the 55-60% deals~ Your piece is beautiful, love the frame ~ did you frame under glass or not?

    Congrats on the VOHRH block finish, I have 6 blocks done but NEVER find time to work on it.GRRRR

    You are a woman on a mission with all of your finishes, good for you!

  55. Wow, Hawk Run Hollow has lots of stitches. Congrats. on finishing the block, and only nine more to go,huh!! It turned out pretty and I'm sure it did {taste sweet}.
    Margaret's finish is beautiful, as is anything that you do.
    It's cold and rainy here in MS. which is perfect weather for putting some long simmering food on the stove and have a "Numb butt" day. I love reading about your Numb butt. Makes me giggle.
    God bless,

  56. Block 12 looks fantastic. Congrats on that one.
    LOVE Margie's frame. Margaret turned out looking so beautiful.

  57. Beautiful as usual Vonna!! Love the framing by Michaels..I have never tried them, but live close to two Michaels.
    Take care

  58. Congrats on the finish, love your VoHRH block. And Margaret is gorgeous too.

  59. M. Pence A&E *and* VoHRH look great! Keep up the good work on VoHRH and you'll meet your goal!

  60. I absolutely LOVE the frame - it is gorgeous! Congrats on the finish of another block of VoHRH - I'm sure victory will be yours by the end of the year!

  61. Lovely block and lovely framing!

  62. The framing on Margie is perfect! What a beautiful addition to your A&E wall.
    And I love your square 12. Hey, it doesn't matter what numbers you do as long as you get them done. It will be fabulous when it's finished.

  63. MP is gorgeous Vonna - beautiful framing - WOW - I should try Michaels - I know some are good and some are not but it's worth a try. Good luck with HRH - it's a comittment for sure. Melody

  64. Yeah on finishing block 12. All that night sky would have defeated me I think. Margaret Pence is beautiful and such a lovely frame. This is the second one I have seen, so maybe I need to stitch mine as well.

  65. Hi Vonna, Oh Margaret looks so lovely in the frame that you chose. It is really beautiful. Congratulations on such a great finish.

    Block 12 is really lovely. Congratulations also on finishing this one as well. I must be a bit morbid. I always seem to like these grave yard blocks lol. - Sandra.

  66. Ohhhhhh my, Maggie is beeeeeauticious! What a lovely finish. I definitely missed a lot, Vonna, what's this about you finishing Block 12 of HRH?? Is the SAL on again? Should I join you in your attempt to finish it some time this year?
    Goodluck to you, anyway. I really hope you make it!

  67. You have such an eye for what frame will set off a piece perfectly. It's encouraging to know that Michael's can do a good job - framing is so expensive and they have good deals. Your block looks awesome. Looking forward to the one for February. You can do it!

  68. Congrats on finishing the square, it looks great. Villages will be an awesome piece to have all finished up and displayed when you get it done. Margaret looks wonderful too, what a gorgeous frame you found for it.

  69. Congrats on finishing that square on VoHRH! Don't worry about not finishing it on it's "due date"!

    The framed piece looks fantastic, I love the contrast between the frame and the fabric.

    Hey, while I was in Muncie this week, we kept driving past your hair salon. It was called: "Twisted Scissors". Every time we passed it I thought of you. :)

  70. Great framing Vonna, Margaret looks gorgeous. Congratulations on finishing another block on VoHRH

  71. Hi Vonna,

    That frame is spectacular!!!
    I love it!!! Beautiful detail
    and the wood is such a rich,
    warm color. It's perfect to
    show off Margaret Pence. I'm
    glad that Michael's gave her
    the VIP treatment that she
    deserves. Can't wait to see
    what they'll be doing with

    Well, you may not have made
    the deadline for finishing
    that square #12 for VHRH but
    I certainly think that you
    deserve kuddos for sticking
    with it and getting it done
    the next day. All that black
    stitching can't have been the
    most riveting stitching ever.
    ZZZZZZZZ!!! I'd have wandered
    off to something else after
    a few hours at it. It does look
    great though.

    Don't think I commented yet on
    how much I loved your floss
    tags from January 29th. Very
    sweet design (well of course,
    it's LHN) and of course they
    are beautifully finished. I'm
    sure that the lucky recipients
    will be thrilled with their


  72. It's a beautiful frame! I've seen couple of posts about framings lately and they remind me of framing too :)

    Congratulations on finishing the block in the Village! It looks very beautiful and I wait to see your progress. I've been admiring these Hawk Run Hollow designs, but haven't bought one yet. Now when I've seen parts of the Autumn chart I know that's what I will stitch :)

    Happy stitching and happy new week, dear Vonna!

  73. OH!!!!! Great!!! Wonderful!!

  74. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Hi: Read your blog everyday but I am missing you. Great work.


  75. Your block looks fantastic Vonna. I've just finished block one of Shores and started block two but not got a blog post done yet lol.

    Margaret Pence looks wonderful and what a perfect frame!

  76. That frame is fantastic! And your village block is great too! Look at all that fill!!!


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