Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Salutations my dear friends!
Are you all surviving "snowmeggeddon 2010"? The Pfeiffer Clan has been holed up in our cozy cave now for nearly a week. The kids have only gone to school 1 time in the last 4 school days. They are basically eating me out of house and home! :)
Between cooking, suiting up 4 Pfeiffers to go out sledding twice a day for the last 5 days, and then de-suiting 4 Pfeiffers after the great sledding adventures - Mama is tired! Not to mention the mountain of laundry awaiting me tomorrow...UGH!
However...the Winter Olympics have propositioned us about the possibility of using our back yard as their luge tunnel. My kids (without my prior knowledge) made a "snow chute", then they poured water on it (using their sand box buckets) which quickly froze because its so doggone cold, and let me tell you (although I had my stern face on) that was a pretty impressive sledding tunnel they had going. I even took a run this afternoon. :) The whole neighborhood must have thought the tunnel was pretty impressive too, because for the last 2 days we've had every kid under the age of 16 here sledding in our backyard. Living in the hills and hollows of Southern Indiana has its advantages, I suppose...well that and the ingenuity of 4 little Pfeiffer minds.....I dread the thought of when they start driving.....

While luge tunnels were being engineered in my backyard....
Mama was cozy in front of the fire stitching this beauty up, dreaming of baskets, flowers and robins:

Flowers of Lebanon
Designer: The Goode Huswife - Anne Brown
Stitched on 32 ct. Black Belfast Linen
using DMC
Started: February 2, 2010
Finished: February 10, 2010

This chart used to be.....
hard to find and so it is borrowed from a friend in an "inner stitcher loan". But now you can purchase this from The Goode Huswife herself on her shopworks site! I think it really turned out beautiful, these pictures do not do it justice. Hopefully we'll thaw out soon here and I've got a coupon for 60% off framing and I'm going to drop it off to get framed soon!

In other news...
I had to make a trip to the ER on Tuesday morning because I woke up with the middle finger of my right hand looking like a Oscar Meyer hot dog. Not only was it the size of a hot dog, but it was red, hot, throbbing with blisters down the side. I took my temp and I had a low grade fever too. This obviously is not a good sign and being a microbiologist in my working life, I knew I had a doozey of an infection. I figured it could get bad really fast, so I promptly put my rear end in the van and got myself to the ER. The doctor looked at it and told me to get my antibiotics filled NOW and take one IMMEDIATELY. Which I followed and today, looks like brand new. How did it get infected? The best I can figure is that I use that finger as my "needle pushing finger" and I stuck myself (which isn't anything new...I do that all the time) but I must have stuck it really deep and deposited some bacteria, the wound closed which created the perfect environment for the bacteria to party it up down there. The doctor said there was a "pad of pus" under the skin. Lovely! When I explained what I used the finger for, the doctor said, "well use a thimble from now on!" So.....I guess I will.

Other than that....
life is status quo around here. I've got LOTS more projects lined up and my clicky finger has been getting me into problems recently. But I'm sure that I've got it under control now. (Yeah, right...Nashville around the corner....) but any hoo, I'm cranking finishes out so I'm holding my own as far as input and output (I'm just going to keep on telling myself that...)

Valentines Day...
is coming up and I told my husband that I'd like to go out on a date to a really cool new restaurant called Sweet Grass. We've been for lunch and it was phenomenal. I want to try it for supper :) So I've been saving my points for a big blow out Friday evening (Keith is working overtime Saturday and I'm working Sunday). That is one great thing about living in a college town, there are lots of local eateries that aren't chains.

I suppose that does for this installation of The Twisted Stitcher's regurgitation :) I've got a new project loaded up on the Q-snaps and we'll see what comes of that in the next few days. Until next time my dears....

"Hands to work and Hearts to God"


  1. Ouch! When I read about your finger, Vonna, I hurt for you! Glad to hear you're on the mend though.

    Flowers of Lebanon looks great. I'm so glad Anne had re-released some of her old charts.

    Those kids of yours are brilliant to do that tunnel. What fun!

  2. Oh Vonna, I'd love to see the luge tunnel! Sounds like so much fun! And your flowers of Lebanon is GORGEOUS. I will seek this pattern out for my stash. Really really pretty, and finished in under 10 days?!? WoW! Amazing. Stay warm!

  3. GORGEOUS! Wow, Vonna, that's just stunning.

    Hey, I'm glad your finger is okay - what a scare! Good that you didn't waste any time waiting for it to get better on its own!

  4. We are barely surviving here! MD is not used to this kind of weather. Your backyard luge sounds like so much fun. Wish I could send my kids over!

  5. Sounds like the kiddos are having a swell snowy time. Your finish is such a pretty design, you certainly did it justice on black. Maybe you could show us again when it's framed?

    Hope you have a Sweet Stitchin weekend...

  6. Beautiful finish. Congrats. Thankfully your finger healed up that fast.

  7. Gee, Vonna, on the finger. Not good! But good luck trying to find a thimble you like--I've tried and tried--metal, plastic, rubber, something gooshy, leathre. All a bust. What I do instead (I don't get an infection, but in the winter when my hands get cracked and dry, it can tend to open up and be really sore) is cut a piece of bandage tape--tiny, tiny. It sticks really well, you don't use much, and the back end of the needle doesn't go through.

    Love the GH--I've seen some nifty stuff on her website lately! And your stitching, as usual, is beautiful.

    And a note on the groceries: there are just 2 adults in my house, and one of us is on a diet. And STILL we eat all day long....

  8. Close to Glenna's suggestion, there is a product on the market called "Thimble It" which is a soft pad you can stick on your finger to protect it. Glad you got that finger fixed up quick.

    Love that red bird on black, fabulous!

  9. The Flowers of Lebanon is beautiful. Glad you are able to stitch even with the sore finger. Stay safe and warm with the weather you are having. Enjoy your date and Happy Valentine's Day!
    Hugs! Gayle

  10. What a beautiful piece! Good thing you got to ER quick. Now keep that thimble close by! The snow tunnel sounds like fun!

  11. Your bird piece is the perfect thing to keep your mind off the snow! We've only got about 8" this time, I think the south of us and the East of us got the brunt. Oh, and I got my cabinet last Friday, he didn't wait for Valentine's or my birthday! It's very nice, I'm glad I saw yours!

  12. As always, your stitchery is beautiful!! And I LOVED the tunnel story~~~

  13. Wow! I just love how that came out! And thank goodness I have this chart! lol! Didn't even have to order it from Ann! Eek on the infection! I do that all the time (stick myself with my needle that is). Hope I don't get an infection like that! Sorry you all have had lots of snow days. We had one today as well -- we'll see about tomorrow! I'm assuming there will be school, but maybe there will be a delay. Good luck with the kiddies!

  14. We're finally getting our share of snow here in Northern NJ--so pretty!

    Also, your stitching is Gorgeous! Love the choice to put it on black--gutsy!

    Glad to hear your infection adventure had a quick and safe end!

  15. I love the luge tunnel! I live in Canada and all of my snow has melted in the +7 Celsius and sunny day we had today!

    Your projects look lovely as well!

  16. My oh my! That sounded like a nasty finger you had young lady! Glad you got it looked at.
    Your piece is beautiful! Can't wait to see it framed.
    And I'd love to see the kids on the luge myself. ; )
    Have a wonderful dinner with Keith.

  17. Youch!!! :( I'm sorry you stuck yourself with the bacterial soup. Glad you were smart enough to go get it looked at "stat", though!!

    Your finish is beautiful! I really love the colors - how bright and cheery it is!

    You've got some pretty smart and creative kids! I'm wishing I could get my girl to venture out into the snow. Every time I ask her, she gives me puppy eyes, shakes her head and says uh-uh or my personal fave - No way Jose!

    Stay warm, and enjoy your Valentine's Day celebration with your DH!!!

  18. So glad that you had presence of mind to go to the ER when you did... you know how quickly one thing leads to another. I love the Flowers of Lebanon. Makes me want to search for the chart and try stitching on black fabric... haven't tried that yet. You did a terrific job... it is beautiful!


  19. southern IN must be worse than northern IN!!!! School was closed here today, but other than that....go!!!!
    Your finish is beautiful!
    Ouch about the finger. Last summer, I ruptured/fractured? a tendon in that same finger. Sure made it hard to stitch for 8 weeks with a splint on!!!!

  20. Glad you're better-kinda scary for a minute I bet. Love your finish!

  21. Gee, I wanna go sledding with your kids!

    Beautiful stitching, as always, and so dang speedy.

  22. It's just gorgeous, Vonna!! Congratulations!
    Happy to know your finger is OK :)

  23. Would love to see photos of the luge tunnel. I saw one on the TV news tonight. What fun for the kids. They have made the very best of a bad situation.

    Lovely stitching. Be careful with you needle. I have never been able to handle a thimble. Good luck with getting one to work for you.

  24. Vonna, that birds and blooms piece is gorgeous - love it on the black. OUCH! When I read about your finger it just made me cringe. Take care of yourself girl.

    I enjoyed reading about the luge tunnel. LOL I am really looking forward to the Olympics - I might have made a run down it myself. :o)

  25. Dear Vonna-
    You always leave me wanting to hear more! Just thought you should know. :)
    Keep warm--I grew up in Indiana and have fond memories of backyard sledding.

  26. Sounds like you are having fun. We are expecting snow on Friday. We southerners are used to these cold temperatures. Have fun with the next project. I can't wait to see what Nashville brings...

  27. Flowers of Lebanon looks great!
    Wonderful story about the kids and the tunnel!

  28. Ouch on the finger, I'm always jabbing mine. Love the bird. Sounds like your kids are having a great time with the snow. The Olympics start this weekend and we have had a snowless winter. In fact it is raining tonight.

  29. That pattern is absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely love the colors! Glad to hear your finger is getting better, that was probably a scary experience!

  30. I'm glad you got your finger taken care of before it got really bad! Did I miss how the eye appointment went and whether you got contacts? I hope everything worked out ok!

  31. So sorry about your finger! Sounds very yucky, but glad it's on the mend!

    Love your beautiful project.

    I just found your blog and have been enjoying your beautiful projects and fun posts. You also convinced a no hoop, no stand girl to give a stand and Q-snap a try. I'm hooked! I'm stitching SO much faster and my project looks so nice.

    I'm searching for a nicer stand than I have - I DO like to stitch in my recliner- but am so pleased at my new stitching stance. :) Thank you so much for sharing that!

    God bless you - Julie

  32. Love how those colors come to life on the black linen. It turned out gorgeous Vonna. What a scary story about your finger, glad you got to the Dr. before things got any worse. Please post a photo of the tunnel, I would love to see what the fabulous "4" designed!

  33. beautiful stitches
    esp like how the colors and their contrast
    to the black linen

    take care of your self....
    esp the finger

    hooray for the outdoor winter fun
    boo to the mountains of laundry

  34. Woohoo on the finish!! I figured you had to be stitching your fingers to the bone (well, except for the infected one...) since you hadn't posted in a bit. I kept checking for an update. ;)

    I am SO glad that you got to the doctor and got the infection sorted right away. YOUCH!! It sounds like it was painful... I'm glad it's on the mend now.

    Yeay for the kids! I didn't realize that your part of the US was getting a lot of snow, too, but then I've been talking constantly with family in northern VA & northern DE and they've got more than they have ever had. Sigh. I'm jealous. You'll have to take pics of the kids' luge. We used to do that sort of thing when we were kids--good memories. :)

  35. Oh, Vonna, how pretty! Tell us how you work stitching on black. I know you're a smart woman, but I just have to ask, you DO keep your tetanus shots up to date, right?

  36. I'm so happy your stitching finger is as good as new but OUCH when you woke with it. I love your blog, ok so I'm not the only one that loves it, and your children are just amazing. Who'd of thought, but them obviously, to do what they did. Amazing. You have amazing children. And I love your Flowers of Lebanon it is just beautiful. I have yet to stitch on black but one day.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  37. Flowers of Lebanon looks so fab!! That finger, ouch! Yes . please use a thimble from now on! I usually don't use one for stitching , just handquilting, but I really like the leather ones if you were wanting suggestions. You can either go for the more expensive ones with the metal pad inserts or do what I do, use a cheaper one and put a nickel in it. Works fine for me and less than half the price! :)

  38. Oh I'm happy to hear that your finger is better now! It's amazing that everyone seems to get lots of snow this winter! We don't have snowstorms like you in the USA do, although this year in Southern Finland they've had something that can be called snowstorms. Here more north we're steadily getting more and more snow and I love it :) And I must admit I love shoveling too :) Have a happy day!

  39. Oh well, I got completely buried under the snow issue and forgot to tell you that your stitching is absolutely gorgeous! What great colours, they really make me miss summer :)

  40. That's a lovely piece of stitchery! I know exactly what you mean about your finger getting pricked. I bought one of those leather thimbles for mine as I'm sure it keeps hitting a nerve - OUCH! x

  41. Positively gorgeous stitching Vonna, and on black linen! Way to go!

    Take care of that finger, and have a lovely Valentine's date! We're going to go out for dinner too.

  42. Wow that is beautiful,,,and you are not the only one with a clicky finger problem,,but I have an excuse,,my anniversary is friday plus valentines day so I went shopping for my present..and now I must go look for the Goode Huswife pattern,,,glad to hear the finger is all better..well till next time,,,keep those fingers moving...

  43. I love the colors of Flowers of Lebanon on that black linen, Vonna! Just spectacular...

    Glad you are surviving the snow--we are now up to 30" just since Friday and I think the end is finally in sight!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family :)

  44. Oh, I just love Flowers for Lebanon. That black linen really sets off your wonderful stitching!

    Ouch on the finger! It sounds like it was painful and scary - even with your knowledge of what was probably going on!

    Sounds like your kids had a wonderful day sledding. My kids don't like doing that anymore - they've reached the age where they're too old for such childish pursuits. I can remember sledding into my 20's, so I don't know what is up with that.

  45. Hope your finger feels better soon. Your WIP looks fantastic!

    I wonder if we could make a luge tunnel here. That sounds fun. And we have the snow, LOL.

    Have fun
    on your V-day date

  46. Wow sounds like things have been pretty busy at your house. Love your Flowers of Lebanon absolutely gorgeous the colors against the black are beautiful.

    Glad your finger is doing better and from now on I will make sure I use a thimble. Had to be scary waking up with your finger in such shape. Sounds like you are doing much better now.

  47. LOVE your finish! The colors looks so vibrant agains the black fabric. I can hardly wait to see it all framed up.

    Hope your finger is feeling better.

    Have a great day!

  48. Hey Girl! I miss ya', friend! I hear you on the exhaustion of having the kiddos home for so many hours of so many days. Don't get me wrong...I love them and we have loved sleeping in and being in our pj's half the day...but you are SO right....getting them in and out of snow suits for the last 3 days has worn me out too! And my laundry is atrocious as well! At least 3 of your 4 are back in school in an hour. I only have 1 back to the school grind. I can't wait for the snow to clear and spring to pop up. I'm over the cold, white stuff. And "whoa!" on the idea of a snow chute. Wow, if we'd known that we'd come right over too. Our kids and the neighbors spent 2 days making a snow fort in our yard :) Miss ya', friend, and wish we lived next door so at least we'd see you more than once or twice a year. It's shameful really...we need to get together sometime! Love ya!

  49. Flowers of Lebanon is beautiful! Very nice work!

    Glad your finger is doing much better. What a scare!

  50. Waking to a hot dog finger had to be an alarming experience! Let us know if you get the hang of using a thimble, it always feels weird to me.

    I'm definitely not telling my kids about yourluge tunnel! That's the kind of thing they dream of and here we are in one ofour warmest winters ever.

  51. Lovely finish!
    I'd say sledding in the luge would be fun but I'm too old and it's too cold there.
    Can't wait to see the next project. Happy Stitching!

  52. Glad your finger is better - how scary! Flowers looks amazing. I love love love those bright colors on the black. What a pretty one! It is actually snowing here in Texas today. Crazy!

  53. Glad to hear that your finger is back to normal...that must've been a bit scary!

    Gorgeous finish! I love how vibrant the colors are, they really pop off that black fabric! I've been really eyeing the GH Book of Designs vols 1 and 3 ;)

  54. Angela M.12:21 PM

    Vonna, I always get excited when I see you have a new post because I know I am going to see something beautiful. Thanks for providing such inspiration!

  55. Flowers of Lebanon is stunning - the colours look amazing on the dark fabric!

    Hope your finger is still fine!

    Enjoy the snow :)

  56. FOL is gorgeous - might have to invest in that one. But what's so intriguing is the "luge" tunnel created. What fun and how cool for the kids! Sorry about the finger - who knew? How many times have I stuck myself, and so forth? Glad it's all taken care of now. Take care and enjoy your date out with DH, whenever it happens.

  57. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Beautiful finish! Owww, I was wincing just reading about your finger, I know I've ended up with a few needle holes here and there and they are very painful. I'm glad you got it sort out.

  58. I just love your Flowers of Lebanon! I was thrilled to see Anne offering some of her discontinued charts on her site and very happy also to hear that she is going to continue designing. Good luck coping with all your kids at home--I only have 2 and they would drive me nuts if we were cooped up in the house, I can't imagine what I would do if I had 4 to deal with! Sending good thoughts your way as you come up on your difficult anniversary...

  59. Your Goode Huswife finish is stunning! And you say the pictures don't do it justice??? WOWZER!

  60. I'm so sorry about your finger Vonna!! That happened to me last year. I know how painful it is! I'm glad you are doing better now though. I love your Flowers of Lebanon. Definitely a must have pattern. I was going to order it, but kept going back and forth, now there's no question - gotta get it! :)

  61. Wishing your finger well.

  62. Ouch! I hope your finger is all better.

    Your finish is beautiful - love the colors!

    Hope you get your night out - you deserve it - with all the laundry, snow stuff, your finger, etc.

  63. It's GORGEOUS Vonna, as always! Can't wait to see what's next. So glad your finger is better too! Hugs my dear,

  64. Vonna, I'm so sorry to hear about your bum finger! Ouchy..

    Your Flowers of Lebanon is so beautiful ~ I LOVE the bright colors.

  65. Wow, you are the first stitcher I know to have a stitching injury land them in the emergency room!
    Hope all is going well and you're getting better.

    I am really jealous of your snow, seems every around us can get some, but not us.

  66. Vonna,

    I'm glad your finger is doing better. That was smart to go to the emergency room.

    Your finished piece is so pretty and colorful.

  67. Love your finish. Love the colors on the black. Didn't realize stitching could be so dangerous!!!! Please be careful..happy stitches.

  68. Scary thing, bacterial infections! Your stitching is gorgeous as usual. My kidlets have been home for a whole week. Thank goodness I am past the snowsuit stage... still have laundry though.

  69. You've got to give them credit. That tunnel is pretty ingenious! Now let's hope they don't start charging admission,lol!
    Flowers of Lenanon is really stunning on that dark fabric. It's so rich looking.
    Knowing what bugs you can come in contact with, it's better you picked one up at home than at work.
    Make sure you take those pills!

  70. Ouch, poor finger-been there with a finger like that except it wanted to extend up my arm. Hope it's better soon. Beautiful finish-loving those colors. Thanks for the tutorial-it's great!

  71. A beautiful finish. So glad that finger is on the mend, have you got it insured?!! The kids sliding tunnel sounds wonderful, ingenious minds. :)

  72. I am glad your finger is getting better, that sounds awful :(

    I love your Lebanon, it's beautiful, the colors look so good on the black background.

    Enjoy the snow days :D

  73. Oohh, Vona,
    So sorry to hear about your finger. Thank goodness you got it seen to immediately. I'm always sticking the back end of the needle through mine, i shall watch out for that in future.
    Your stitching is really beautiful. I love this design.
    Have a great Valentine meal :>)
    Warm wishes Angela xx

  74. Wow - lucky you got yourself on the antibiotics real fast - wouldn't want to lose a stitching finger ~:

    Love how kids let their imaginations go crazy when they are outdoors. On our last holiday, I couldn't tow out a car that got bogged in sand on the beach because 'Oh yeah, we took your tow rope to make a is now firmly attached, high up a very tall gum tree. You gotta love 'em!

  75. Oh my, what a sweet little beauty you finsihed here. My thoughts when I saw your post were exactly the same as yours - flowers, a birdie, a basket - must be spring somewhere, lol.
    That must have been scary to wake up with such an infection. Glad to read that you could get it under control with antibiotics.

  76. My goodness: the snow chute, the infected finger, and the lovely finish! Glad to know that there's never a dull moment at your home!

  77. Oooh, your finger sounds no good, I do hope it has healed up well.

    I love this chart and so many others at Anne's web shop. I know I shouldn't, but I want so many more charts now!

    Now you certainly have some clever kids there. The snow tunnels must be so much fun.

  78. Glad the finger is recovering well.

    Flowers of Lebanon is lovely, congratulations


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