Sunday, January 24, 2010

Floor Stands and Q-snaps

Well the votes are in....
and I've officially created a bru-ha-ha. So to answer a plethora of e-mails and questions in one fatal swoop (which I enjoy the opportunity to point others in the direction of good products), I ask you to take a really close look at this picture. To refresh your memory.

Point 1: The 15 drawer organizer is from Office Depot. It cost $79.99. Yes, they did have smaller sizes there and I believe the price range was something from maybe $49.99 to the largest organizer which was the one I purchased at $79.99. It was very easy to put together, in fact I did it myself. Living with mine one full week now, all I can say is...LOVE IT!

Point 2: The reproduction thread chest was a purchase off the "bay of evil" as Edgar calls it :) I got it I think something like 3 years ago after lusting after one for years. Here's the exact seller that I bought mine from: his seller name is jcc43. Maybe he should send me a free one since I always send him business? Anyway if you can't find him that way if you search in the eBay search box for SPOOL CHEST it comes up. He's having a sale so grab one if you are interested. Again all I can say is....LOVE IT!

Point 3: Yes, I do use Q-snaps. In fact they are the only thing I use. Yes, I did try scroll frames - I didn't like them. No offense to people that use them, I'm sure that it is a matter of personal preference. Some choose scroll rods, I choose Q-snaps. No, I have never had any issues with my stitches being crushed, my linen being crushed or anything else crushed although there was the belly fat incident...but I'll spare the details. I heart Q-snaps. I know there are various other bloggers and stitchers that don't have a good word for Q-snaps, but that isn't the case with me. I like them, have I said that already? ;) In fact, I believe I was asked this same question about Q-snaps before, you can see what I said about them and how I keep my fabric taut HERE and before anyone wonders - no the felt has never bled on my fabric. And actually I find that when you remove the snaps, that your fabric comes out looking close to what it looked like when you put it on there. In fact if you had wrinkles when you put your fabric on, I'd say there are less wrinkles using the felt as I do on my Q-snaps, when you take it off. Again, personal preferences....I'm not speaking or thinking ill of in hand stitchers vs. hoop stitchers vs. scroll rod stitchers vs. q-snap stitchers. I prefer Q-snaps, others don't. If you haven't tried them and are wondering just buy one and give it a whirl. I use my coupons to Hobby Lobby to buy them and then I take them apart and make all sorts of shapes and sizes. The exercise of remaking them reminds me of a childhood pursuit of mine - Tinker Toys. My personal favorite size to make is 17 inches long and 8-10 inches tall. Fits perfectly into my floor stand which brings me to...

Point 4: My floor stand shown in the picture is a Needlework System 4 floor stand. If you google it there are tons of reviews, remarks from other stitchers, both cross stitchers, needlepointers, etc. out there to read and learn more about it. Basically it is a versatile, very lightweight stand. I was getting stitchers elbow and had to do something because of the repetitive motion of my stitching. The doctor confirmed that I wouldn't be stitching if I didn't change the way I stitched. So I had little choice if I wanted to continue stitching. I researched and googled and looked and test drove and made a decision. I had never stitched two handed in my life so that made the test drives a little bit daunting. I made the purchase two years ago this month. It was the best $300 I spent in my life. And I mean that with much sincerity. No I cannot put my feet up on a recliner, that is the biggest question I'm asked, but I never stitched that way anyway, so it wasn't like I was giving something up. You purchase the floor part and then purchase the "head" separately, there are many heads to choose from. Mine is the Q-snap head, the largest one they sell which opens to a width of 17 inches. I cannot say enough about this stand. It is wonderful. I drag it all over the house, upstairs, downstairs, into our office, whatever room Mama is kicked out of, she picks up her stand (one handed) and walks it to another location. It is in a word bliss. I think I stitch faster because I stitch two handed. My right paw is under the linen and my left paw is on top. I don't turn my needle so it is just up and down, up and down - really quick in my personal opinion. Plus not turning the needle I can use the thread right down to a nub. Maybe it is just in my head, but now if I stitch in hand (i.e. sitting in the car, or somewhere waiting on kids) it feels awkward. I double heart my Needlework System 4 floor stand. Donna of Daisy Girl Stitching bought the exact model and head I have because of my recommendations and I believe she is happy with hers. You might want to ask her of her opinion if you are interested in it to get another slant of the subject.

So....I think that covers everything. Always happy to share good things that I have found to make my hobby more enjoyable for us all! working on my current new WIP, but I'm getting close. Which means if I get my bottom off this computer I can maybe actually finish it!

Until next time....hands to work and hearts to God....Love and hugs, Vonna