Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Ornaments...

Hello Friends!
This year I drastically reduced the number of exchanges I did, however the ones I did participate in were of a personal nature and I was thrilled with them all. My final exchange of the year was with Kim B. Kim stitched me the sweetest little candy that she wrapped in cellophane with jingle bells to hang on my tree isn't it cute?! And it looks so pretty on my tree:

She also sent me some really super wonderful goodies: two spools of Christmas ribbon, a Christmas button for a special project, a skein of Sister Scarlett Belle Soie (love, love, love this!) and the present that made me cry when I opened it, a St. Therese medal prayer card and a St. Therese finger rosary - Kim remembered that St. Therese was my favorite Saint so she being a fellow Catholic sent me a most special parcel.

Kim for such a lovely exchange. You touched my heart. Thank you!

Here's what I stitched for Kim:

Prairie Schooler's Booklet #42 - "Angels"
stitched on black 32 ct. evenweave with DMC as called for
finished as a flat ornament

This is the second one of these angels I've stitched from the booklet and let me tell you the picture on the cover does not do the actual final stitched product justice. They are amazing and it isn't my stitching I cross the X just like anyone else - it is just the simple color palette and excellence of the designer - sheer and utter gorgeousness! Prairie Schooler makes us all look like great stitchers.

Well what else up?
I'm trying really hard to keep afloat, but my google reader tells me, I'm kidding myself if I think I'm floating....ha, ha, ha! I'm sinking and like a stone. Friday was the twins birthday, tomorrow is the Staff Holiday Appreciation Luncheon that I'm coordinating at my children's school, Friday is Katie's birthday and this week my husband is out of town again, this time he's in Norfolk, VA. I told him if he DARES go to Williamsburg to see Christmas I'm going to clobber him. BUT if he does go, get me some saltware pottery and a William and Mary sweatshirt! :)


now I see as I glance in the corner of my computer screen that it is 7:19 a.m. and I must dash to get breakfast on the table. So much for Mommy time and I still look gross and smell like a pig farmer from my elliptical workout. I guess I won't be impressing anyone today....oh well...tomorrow...

Until next time....
love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours!
Today on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary - she born without original sin - may we always in our hearts and minds shout a resounding "yes!"


  1. What lovely exchanges! You sound like you have a very full plate Vonna! That's okay, it never seems to be more than you can handle. I hope your December is as fulfilling as it is busy.

  2. What beautiful exchanges and your angel is just stunning! I need to get this design! I love the rosary and holy card also.

  3. A lovely exchange! The "candy" ornament is so cute, and I love the Prairie Schooler angels!

  4. The ornaments are lovely.

  5. I love your exchanges! The PS Angels are something else I'd love to stitch for myself someday.

  6. What gorgeous exchanges, Vonna! You both are so lucky and talented! :D I love the St. Therese holy card & finger rosary--that was a nice, special touch that I know meant a lot to you.

  7. Great exchange!
    I remember those days when I helped get the girls ready for their days. (home computers had just started getting popular, so no distractions there) I am so glad (at times) that they are all grown up...more mommy time!

  8. It is such a joy to read your blog. It is like reading a note from home.

    Lovely stitching and gift from Kim B. Your angel looks wonderful too. Great job as usual.

    You get so much done it amazes me.

  9. Gorgeous exchanges! Love them!

  10. Lovely exchanges Vonna. You have such a busy schedule it amazes me you get so much done. x

  11. Both ornaments are lovely but yours is absolutely stunning! I guess that's why I am drawn to PS designs. :)

    Happy belated Birthday to the twins and a very Happy Birthday to Katie on friday.

    I have two sisters and their families who live in Chesapeake, VA. (Right next door to Norfolk!)My favorite trip to Williamsburg was the time I took my Mom and my dog. We all haad a blast. I just love that place.

  12. What great exchanges. I agree with you on how wonderful the PS pieces do actually work up! I am amazed at all that you have on your plate!

  13. I love the ornament Kim stitched for you - it is so clever to wrap it in cellophane - it looks good enough to eat :)

    Hope you keep up with all your activities!

  14. Great exchanges! I had to smile to see that your hubby was in my neck of the woods for the week ... depending on where he's staying, he'll have some fun with tunnel traffic if he does try to go to Williamsburg. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  15. Lovely exchanges! Wrapping the candy in cellophane was too cute..

  16. What a great exchange and such a lovely novel idea to make the orni into a sweet!
    Love it!

  17. What beautiful exchange gifts... you sound busy but don't forget to breathe! :)

  18. Hi Vonna, the little candy ornament is just adorable. How clever to wrap it in cellophane.
    But the ornament that really took my breath away was your angel. It is stunning. I must look for that chart.

  19. What a clever "candy" ornament!
    Your PS ornament to Kim is so pretty...I agree, some of the PS leaflets pictures do not do the finished pieces justice.

    Happy birthday to Jake, Ian and Katy!

  20. I haven't seen that PS angel sitched up before, Vonna--it is spectacular!

  21. Lovely ornaments, Vonna! That candy one looks good enough to eat :-D

  22. Beautiful exchanges you have received and hung on your tree. Your Angel is beautiful...and you do stitch amazingly (but PS does have beautiful color palletes). Sounds like the holiday season has got you jumping in several different directions...but kudos for getting in your elliptical time and a little mommie time!
    Take care and happy holidays!

  23. love the cello wrapped peppermint
    and the angel is classy
    nice nice nice

  24. Both of these ornaments are wonderful!

  25. That's a very cute ornament that kim made you and a very thoughtful gift with the rosary beads and payer card. The ornament you stitched is lovely as well.

  26. I'm finally finished with my finals and catching up on blog reading and writing! So happy you liked what I sent Vonna. Receiving an ornament from you was such a special gift this year! You are UNBELIEVABLY talented!!! Thank you again!!



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