Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Goodness...

I thought I was the only looney toon in the bin. But apparently I've sparked a real Hoomba with this Prairie Schooler Alphabet deal. And I've been asked mulitple I thought I'd address all the e-mails, questions, etc here.
The project that I referenced with the link below, I'll repost the link here:
Now, I don't know this lovely lady of the wonderful project, but I've read the captions on all her photos of said lovely project and it is stitched on 28 ct. one over one using the called for DMC.
Said project is The Prairie Schooler's Alphabet Series which you can go to this link: and check out the original patterns. They are a few years old.
Now I've also been asked if I'm going to set up a blog and do a Stitch~a~Long. Well I wasn't planning on it, but I guess if there would be enough interest, I could. So I guess...let me know? Leave a comment here if you want me to set up a Stitch~a~Long blog.
Now people have also asked if I've started: Nope, I haven't
I've been asked, when I'm going to start: Well, soon, I hope....I'm dyeing my fabric today! Gonna do a little basting and baking of the 'ol fabby and see what is what. But lets remember that I have 1 personal exchange that I've got to stitch for prior to Dec. 1. Then I have a little thing that is called a finishing business and talk about a looney bin....that is what it has been the past month. So I'm a little busy....but I'm thinking by Dec. 1 I'll be ready to start. Maybe.
So about this SAL, if there is enough interest I'm game to set up a blog, have people join and then lets just see what happens. I'm not good with SAL's every time I say I'm going to SAL I flounder. So lets just say it's a blog and you can work on it when you want, start it when you want to, drop out if you want to, not join if you don't want to. Whatever....that's the rules. Anything goes....but if I start a Prairie Schooler Alphabet Blog, then you got to at least stitch something using the said charts. It doesn't have to be all on one piece of fabric, but it has to be from the Prairie Schooler Alphabet Charts. Ok. There ya comment if you want to SAL. I'll contact you (if you leave your e-mail address).
Just a FYI, I did some cipherin' cause I'm a good cipherer (don't you know) and here's some dimensions for you:
All of the letters are 70 stitches wide. Some of the charts are 100 stitches high and some are 101 stitches high.
Now if you figure your layout. (I'm doing mine in three rows like "THE PROJECT") and that would be with (2 stitches in between all the blocks) 646 stitches wide and 307 stitches high.
here's the size fabric you'd need:
20 ct. (over 1) 36 x 19 (with 2" border included in dimension)
25 ct. (over 1) 30 x 16 (with 2" border included in dimension) or 32 x 18 (with 3" border)
28 ct. (over 1) 29 x 17 (with 3" border)
40 ct. (over 2) 36 x 19 (with 2" border)
I didn't do all counts, because this is the fabric I had to work with...but it will give you an idea....


  1. Oh dang it all...just when I decided not to share my crazy with the world, you had to put this one in my head!

    I've been trying to find a BAP for 2010, and methinks this might be it!

  2. I really like it but I'll probably just get to admire everyone's progress from afar.

  3. OK, wow! I hadn't seen this one...and I really haven't even been stitching lately...but THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!!

  4. I'm going to do it, and have already ordered a few of the letters sets (just in case my interest peters out, then I haven't committed too much money--see what a commitment phobe I am?) I've also got the fabric lined up (and thanks for saving me the work of figuring out the dimensions). I'd love it if there were a blog, but I won't call it a SAL, since I'm notoriously awful about those. Thanks for posting about this yesterday--I went to her photos and liked the Janlynn Santa as well, although that will prove a lot harder to find, I think. Again, thanks for being such a cool enabler...

  5. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I just saw this and just about passed out! It's gorgeous, what a good idea! I ordered the entire alphabet from 123 Stitch last week, but they emailed me that they are back ordered, maybe this is why! I would be game to do an "along" if you set one up.

  6. Awesome project Vonna! I think I'm a little over-committed but I'll have fun watching everyone's progress.

  7. Wow, oh wow!! That is absolutely gorgeous and I have the whole alphabet too. I think I might have to think about this a bit more but I might be interested in a SAL. Thanks :)

  8. I have not seen these designs before either. And I'm not usually a big PS fan, but this is a gorgeous sampler. I'd like to do it as a SAL, but I can't start until January. Already called my LNS to see if she can get the charts. Hope you get enough interest to go ahead with the SAL blog.

  9. Tempting, very tempting...let's see how long I can hold out before I jump on the bandwagon!! LOL!

    Oh, leave me to my know I'll end up buying every darn chart...gracious, I am such an easy target :o))


  10. I forgot, you asked for e-mail address I'm at yoyo_9203 at yahoo dot com. Hope to be hearing from you.

  11. Well, count me in on this one. I severely stink at SALS (have never been known to complete one on time), but since the rules are pretty lax and I can still get in some other stitching, I'm all for it! I've got the charts as I had some midguided thoughts of doing them at some point, so why not now! I'm pretty sure I have the fabric, so I'm ready to roll after I get back from my trip.

  12. Several years ago when the PS Alphabet first came out - I ordered all the charts with delusions of stitching them as this person did - the photo is AWESOME - I do have A is for Anchor framed and hanging - I gave up the idea of stitching all on one piece of fabric - I'm not good with SAL's with due dates but if its all in good fun - I'd like to join. BTW - your PS ornament is darling Thanks Mel

  13. Count me in. I have to get the first couple letters and fabric, but I'm there.

  14. You truly ARE an enabler. Not only do you show me the picture, now you've even gone and done all of the figuring for me. Next thing I know you'll be putting a threaded needle in my hand and saying, "Go!" and then I'll be a goner.

    Until then, I'm thinking, I'm thinking . . .

  15. Hmmmm, well I have the chart set, and a piece of fabric. Sigh. All I'll need to get is a few more hours in each day :)
    Yes, I'll stitch along, but slooooowly.

  16. Isn't that gorgeous! I'll not be joining right away but I'm certainly going to watch everyone else.

    I love your enabling! :)

  17. Okay Vonna. I don't know if I should be happy with you or really upset with you! This is the most gorgeous thing ever, and I would love to join your SAL. I don't have one thing yet for this project, so I will have to order everything, but I'm a sucker for Alphabets, and this is an especially good one!
    I'm currently trying to stitch CHS Alphabet blocks as well! Can I keep up? I'm not sure, but I'll try. SAL's are just about the best things ever! I love the interaction and the encouragement.
    Take Care!

  18. I would love to embroider and participate in this SAL of the alphabet sampler but will you be posting the chart for each alphabet on the blog? I can't access Paririe Schooler from India.
    It is a beautiful sampler and I think a SAL is a great idea.

  19. I intended to comment on your last post about the PS Alphabet and you already have another post up about it. It really tempts me to do it, but I am not a fan of over one and over 2 it would be to huge on the counts that I would use. Giving it some more thought.

    Also fell in love with the "Songs of the Season". Did not even know that was a PS chart. What number is that book? I may have to do some e-bay shopping.

    I figured that you finishing business was overwhelmed. I have a Christmas Tree that I was going to send to you to finish, but have not gotten around to it. It might just have to be next year. I will e-mail you before I send it to you.

    Prairie Schooler should provide something special to you because I think they are going to be selling more of those alphabet charts. LOL!!

  20. I followed the link and was duly impressed ... the distressed frame was absolutely perfect for the project ... BUT I just don't see this project in my future. I own only M-N-O which I purchased because I love Mermaids and Owls ... and while some of the other charts are appealing, they would also represent a major investment at precisely a time when I am trying to stitch from a very extensive stash rather than purchase a lot of new charts.

  21. Oh Vonna! I think I need to put this one on my Christmas list. And to think I didn't really want anything for Christmas. I would participate in a blog, but probably not as a SAL because this would go into my rotation, and as my dd said to me.... it's gonna take you years mom!

  22. Good luck to everyone!

  23. Anonymous9:47 AM

    This is crazy, but because you sound just like me (and some of the others do too) I'm going to join in. With rules like these, how can we fail?
    thanks for making me laugh and giving me something else to start :)

  24. Vonna, quick question. With the 28 ct over 1 would you recommend one strand or two?

  25. I would love to join this SAL, I think I have all the patterns, will have to check, I went over to the ABC SAL site but could not find out where to join the SAL can you email me at and let me know how to join the SAL! It is so beautiful!

    Paula Shelgren

  26. Okay Vonna,
    I'm a looney hold out. Sign me up for the alphabets. These rules work for me. I will be starting late.

  27. Did you decide to start a SAL? I have all of the charts but other projects to do. Still interested, though.
    Mary Anne


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