Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving Thanks....

When you look at this picture...
can you imagine what that first Thanksgiving was like? Oh from the time of Kindergarten we've learned about that first Thanksgiving. Through the years I've come up with my own thoughts on it. I can imagine that it was probably dusty, dirty and smelly. There most likely was the scent of tangible fear in the air, exhaustion, hunger and myriad of other things. Can you imagine the thankfulness of the Pilgrims, not only to the Native Americans, but to God? They were starving, they watched their children starving, death and dying all around them. I'm sure it was pretty bad, I'm sure there was a feeling of total and complete devastation, dread, loss, suffering, self doubts, and more. I also theorize that if the Native Americans came to deliver the Pilgrims from their plight with gifts of food and comfort, that they must have felt a huge amount of empathy for them. How else could the natives have confronted their own fears of these people of the pale skin that came with "fire sticks"invading their land? Much was over come on that day and one thing was definitely illustrated - that human emotion of thankfulness.

Although I believe this is a basic emotion, it is one that is often overlooked, especially and sadly it seems, in this day and age. On the most basic level, do you hail your fellow man when passing on the street with a "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon" or just wish them a good day in general? What about a simple smile? My Granny always told me it is easier to smile than to frown, so I try to do it a lot. It makes me look prettier than frowning anyway and it sure does seem to have a positive effect on people around me. In my personal experience the smallest of acts, brings the greatest joy - not only to myself, but to others as well.

it often seems that bad things happen to good people. Don't they? All you have to do is take a trip around the blogs on any given day, at any given time of the year and you will see pain, suffering, heartache, illness, depression - things that you don't wish to happen to anyone. We all have experienced these emotions, and when we read about others facing difficult issues we feel badly for them, we have empathy for them, we remember how we felt when we struggled with something similar. It hurts, makes us cry, makes us want to burrow our head and never come up for air.

My family has experienced loss year. We experienced it just 9 short months ago. We've experienced this kind of loss before and we'll experience it again. It makes me scared. Makes my heart ache knowing that I have to live through that kind of emotional hurt and pain again. But that is part of the beauty of life. We don't know when the day or the hour shall be, but if you put forth just a little bit of effort those days and hours leading up to the day and the hour it makes it all worth while.

So therefore...
I'm thankful. I'm thankful for all that I have and all that I have been blessed with and you know how I show it? I smile. I say "good morning" or "good day". I try to always thank those around me - for opening a door for me, letting me in a densely packed traffic line, oh, there's lots of things I can thank people for, but I shan't list them all here. I do these things, but the most important thing I do of all is: I pray. I pray for God to help me be a shining example for my children and perhaps to others. A light that beacons calmness. Am I always calm? Heck no! Am I perfect? Absolutely *not*! But I try to be, I strive to be - and that my friends, is the ultimate human condition - striving. Striving to be something more than what you are. Striving to have what ever it is that makes you happy. Striving.... it's a good word, as is thankful and prayer. So to cover all my bases I try to do all of them. I strive, I'm thankful, so I pray. I think it's a good life plan, and I'm going to keep on keeping on. :)

In closing...

I wish all my dear readers, friends and family a *SPECTACULAR* Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for you! I also want to let all of you know that I pray for all those that have difficulty in their lives and are facing things that are nearly unspeakable. I hope that you find inner peace and a wall of courage to face your challenges. I pray for you now, as I know that countless others prayed for me and mine 9 months ago. I never forgot the outpouring of love and prayer and I never will.

May God's abundant blessings be upon us all, Happy Thanksgiving!
*now please pass the turkey!*


  1. This post was really moving and thought provoking Vonna. Ive just come from Annemarie's blog and am so sad for her.
    We dont have thanksgiving over here, it was nice to read about it and your thoughts on it too. Best wishes to you and your family xx

  2. You're are a special person Vonna - I feel blessed just by "knowing" you! Wishing you & yours a very happy & blessed Thanksgiving. Love & hugs my friend!

  3. Vonna, Thanky ou so much for those words. I think that many of us know these things and in turn try to practice them, however, sometimes life gets hectic, stressful, etc. and someone like you comes along to remind us. Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Vonna, you have such a way with words, bless you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  5. Well said Vonna, we need more people to smile and love their fellow mankind.
    I do hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Blessings to you,
    Margaret B

  6. That was all very thoughful. It was a really good way to begin my day as I was dreading going to work. You're right, there is so much to be thankful for and an unexpected smile from someone can and has brightened my day before. Thanks for sharing and I wish you and your family a terrific Thansgiving!

  7. Vonna,
    Thank you for a beautiful, moving and wonderful posting. You are truely one of those special people who say the right things at the right time.
    As I spend my first Thanksgiving without my Mom I will be thinking of your words and counting them among one of the things I am thankful for.
    I hope and pray that you and your have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Vonna! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day :)

  9. So beautifully articulated Vonna. I cherished each and every word. I will count this post among the things I am thankful for.

  10. I'm sure the first Thanksgiving was quite different that ours - sitting all comfy in our warm homes and feasting on delicious food. Hope you and your family have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Thank you such a moving post.

  12. Vonna,

    Thanks for sharing ... here's hoping that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  13. Vonna,

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving ~ your post was such a delight to read, but your posts are always a joy. I am so thankful to have met you and to be able to call you friend..

  14. I never tire of saying Thanks or Thank you. Believe I have said that somewhere before. I thank you for your thoughts and all that you do to inspire us all.

    I too pray every morning if it's nothing else but to "thank God for allowing me to see another day". For I know tomorrow is not promised.

    May heaven continue to smile on you.
    Hugs Vonna.

  15. What a great post. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  16. After my visit to Plimouth Plantation last summer I know life was very hard for the pilgrims - it was very interesting to see how very small those houses were - dark dank and tiny but they survived and so will all of us. Times are very hard and prayers are needed. Thanks for reminding us to be thankful every day - not just at Thanksgiving! Hope you have many blessings this season - Melody

  17. Wonderful, thank you Vonna.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Vonna. Even though I only know you through the internet and your beautiful stitching I count you as a friend.

  19. Thank you, Thank you for this wonderful post! I am thankful for so much even though things are not always good and we have been through some really tuff times this past year, I am so rich in my life because God has given me so much to be thankful for. I hope you and your family have a most Blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!! BTW, I love your header!!!!

  20. Vonna, thank you for such a moving and inspiring post. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  21. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Dear Vonna
    The new look moved me and your words are always lovely.
    The feeling of loss is a part of live, although it costs us all so much.
    After experiecing it for the first time we think we are ready for the ones we know will follow, but the hurt is always there.
    Happy Thanksgiving for all the Pfeiffer's

  22. I was told to go and read this post, and I find it very moving - even though in the Uk we don't celebrate Thanksgiving the sentiments hold good. Will be following your blog in future!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving, Vonna! Please, please have some turkey for me ... we didn't get turkey this year, no one else in the family really likes it besides me, sob!

  24. Thank you for sharing, Vonna. The Thanksgiving holiday is a relatively new concept to me (having only lived in the US since '92, and not having studied American history in school...), but I enjoy the sense of togetherness that the holiday invokes, and I am thankful each year for my healthy son and family.

  25. Thank-you for a wonderful post.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving got you and all your dear ones.

  26. Happy Thanksgiving, Vonna!

  27. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family..

  28. ((Hugs!)) Vonna! Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts!

  29. Hi Vonna,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on such a special time of your year. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving down here, but it makes you think doesn't it.
    I hope that you and your lovely family have/had such a wonderful day. Easy on the turkey though lol - Sandra.

  30. Happy Thanksgiving, Vonna! Wonderful reminder for us all.

  31. What a beautiful blog entry, Vonna! I hope that you & yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy your weekend!

    Love the new blog look!

  32. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Hi Vonnie, (as granny would say),
    We really had a great Thanksgiving...I'm so thankful for having you as my daughter. You always do so many nice things for me. Thanks for all your help while you were home. From altering my slacks to helping with the Christmas decorations. I love you and want you to know I am one lucky mom to have you as a daughter. Love you always, Momma
    PS: Keep on your diet...you are looking good girlfriend. Mr. Potato Head says hi!!!
    See you soon...give my little angels in Bloomington a hug.

  33. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  34. Thanks for a moving post. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.

  35. Thank you for reminding me that every day is special and worth doing something worthwile of, even though I sometimes wake up and just want to go back to sleep again...

    I hope your TG day was great! <3

    Thanksgiving is celebrated much earlier in the autumn here, and it's purely a church thing - if you're not a die-hard fan of the Almighty ;) I think people in the US are more religious than us in "the old countries" - the legacy lives on ;)

  36. What an awesome entry, you gave me so much to think about. Thanks for nudging me to be thankful for what I have even when I'm faced with challenges.


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