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Favorite Ornaments

Hello Friends!
I hope this finds everyone hale and hearty :) My husband went shopping on Black Friday and I had Christmas early because he couldn't wait to give it to me. LOL! So I thought I'd use my new gift to take some pictures. Keith got a sweet deal on a Cannon Rebel EOS T1i and it came home to live with us. So I was dinking around and took some pictures of some ornaments that I stitched for my kids over the years. These reside on my cross stitch only ornament tree.

Here is Ellie's Baby's First Christmas:
Ellie's First Christmas 2005 -
design from a random Leisure Arts Booklet

Ian's Santa ornament which was from either For The Love of Cross Stitch Magazine or from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine (I can't remember which) but I do know the design is from Terri Richards of Shepherd's Bush before I think Shepherd's Bush was born. Cute isn't it?

Ian's Santa Ornament 2001
Design by Terri Richards

Here is Jake's complimenting Reindeer Ornament that goes with Ian's Santa designed by Terri Richards, I always try to stitch "companion" ornaments for the twins. I know they won't have the same Christmas tree when they grow up and have their own families, but it always makes me smile to see them on my own tree.

Jake's Reindeer Ornament 2001
Designed by Terri Richards

And here is Katie's ornament. This is from a Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine, and I remember stitching this when I was pregnant with the twins. Katie was just about 22 months old and she was such a little darling (she still is a darling, just in a bigger package). I picked this ornament because at our old house she would sit on the couch and look out the window and this ornament reminded me of her and looks just like she did during that time.

Katie Grace's 1999 Ornament
So there you go...
a random trip of some favorite ornaments, a blast from the past. My kids are growing up so fast, and I can sit and look at them and my heart really just aches and tears come to my eyes. Oh they make me angry, frustrate me to no end some days, have me pulling hair other days, but those times are always eclipsed by the wonderful people they are becoming. They are kind and polite, concerned and caring, and they make their mother proud. I thank God every day for their them. They are Mama's little dears.

Now then....

I was paralyzed with fear over Thanksgiving - not about the holiday about the food that was going to be present over the holiday. But you know what? I made good choices. And so yesterday, I was sort of reining myself in by gathering my wits and was thinking of something that I could make that would be using filling foods and low in points so I came up with these delicious (if I do say so myself) and hearty Huevos Rancheros recipe. Here's what I did: cut up into small pieces red pepper, red onion and portabello mushroom (about 1/2 cup each). Spray saute pan with Pam, throw all the vegetables in and cook until tender (still a bit of crunch, but tender). Turn vegetable out on a plate. Spray pan again with Pam and then add 2 egg whites and 1 egg (salt and pepper) - scramble. Turn out egg on plate on top of the vegetables, mix and sprinkle with Weight Watchers Mexican 4 Cheese. Toast two pieces of Sara Lee Delightful Wheat Bread and use 1 tsp between the two slices. You can have this hearty meal for only 5 points. I think that's pretty fabulous, personally. I need something hearty because I eat after my 30 minutes on the elliptical. Today I did level 8 on the fat burner cycle and I thought I was going to have to crawl up the stairs :) LOL! But the readout said I burned 250 calories. So I guess crawling upstairs was worth that.

Well folks...
after a long drought of NO stitching, I'm finally stitching! BUT, it's for a personal exchange. Soon though I'll be able to show you that and more I hope.

In the meantime...

I wish you many abundant blessings during this season of joy!


  1. Vonna your ornaments are just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these, and I know they have so much meaning. Your photos are gorgeous too!

  2. Vonna, good for you making wise food choices! This time of year is especially difficult. I so enjoyed seeing your stitched ornaments. They will have meaning forever! I'm glad you are stitching again. I know I always feel happier when I get my stitching time.

  3. Woohoo on the new camera! I have a Canon Rebel 35 mm and love it--the pictures it takes are amazing.

    I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Lovely ornaments!

  4. I loved your trip through ornmanent memory lane. Jacob's reindeer really caught my eye. It's beautiful.

    Great egg recipe. For an unusual twist, I throw in some frozen spinach when I do my version.

  5. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Very pretty ornaments Vonna, thank you for sharing. And yes, the children do grow up fast, my daughter turned 23 this year and I thought she was still only 22, good grief where did that year go? And your egg recipe sounds fantastic. I think I'm going to join Weight Watchers after the holidays.

  6. What a cute ornament collection. I think I even stitched a couple of those oldies eons ago. CS&CC was the best mag ever. Never as good in its later incarnations.

  7. What wonderful and sentimental ornaments Vonna! Congrats on the healthy huevos rancheros! I'm going to give that recipe a try. Somehow my sister managed to lose 4 pounds over Thanksgiving weekend. It didn't seem fair!

  8. nice early xmas gift
    and good for your holiday start
    love the ornaments shared
    sweet and sentimental smiles

  9. Such lovely ornaments for your dear children. Such memories!!

    You are certainly doing well in the food & exercise department. Congratulations.

  10. What a super prezzie!! I love your ornies as always just beautiful!!!

  11. Very nice trip down memory lane. Love the ornaments. Wow!! A new camera. You will have fun with that.

    Keep up the good work with WW. It is a great program and will help you a lot.

  12. Vonna,

    Your ornaments are so beautiful and stitched with love..

    Good job on making smart food choices ~ I've fell off my wagon but I'll hop back on! I can do it!

  13. I love all the ornaments you've stitched for your kids! And the camera -- yay! Happy early Christmas! :D

  14. I love the ornaments that you have stitched for your children. I have always had intentions of doing that, but never have - it's never too late and you have inspired me! Thank you.

  15. I love all your ornaments. They'll bring such fantastic memories throughout the years. And I'm going to have to try out your recipe. I started back on my diet again after my trip (gosh those pounds add up quickly). I don't do Weight Watchers, just 1,200 a day, but use WW recipes often.

  16. Cute, cute ornaments! I love the ones I either made for my kids or purchased for them.
    You put me to shame! I was not a smart WW member! I indulged. I am hoping that all I have learned so far from WW saved me from myself, becuase I did not over indulge, I think! I am getting right back on the band wagon though. If I gained, I gained with a smile and I will be losing it again. Like I always say, I have not come this far to go back!

  17. Wonderful ornaments-I like the santa best, I think.

    Good recipe idea, too. This holiday, I ate whatever I wanted, but didn't overeat at all. Small spoonful of mashed potatoes? Sure. Cake? Yeah, but I couldn't eat more than half.

    Glad to hear you are stitching--gonna be fun to see what you're making. Congrats on the new camera!

  18. Thank you for sharing the ornament photos. They are all gorgeous.

    Have fun with the new camera

  19. Wonderful ornaments ! Your Huevos Rancheros sounds yummy, will have to try it someday.

  20. Espectaculares son todos los ornamentos. Felicitaciones.

  21. Congratulations on your new camera! Thanks for sharing these ornaments, they are all very special and beautiful. Have a wonderful week, soon it will be Christmas, yippee :)

  22. I applaud you for dieting! I stink at that subject, hahaha. I do need to lose some weight too, but not being able to eat chocolate would kill me.
    Love the ornies down memory lane! What a great Momma you are!

  23. Gotta love those Canon EOS! I have a Rebel Xti we bought a few years ago, and it's still the #1 camera on Flickr. Your photos are so clear. Have a blast with it! All the ornaments are really sweet.
    Your recipe sounds interesting! I wonder how roasted veggies fair with Weight watchers. I guess you could spray them with Olive oil Pam-they are so tasty!
    Any new photos of you? Show it off girl!

  24. How beautiful the ornaments are! I am still trying to find time to sit and stitch, sigh, I just can't seem to get going. I tried the one thread over one stitch, I don't think I am doing it right, it looks weird?!!!!
    Any tips?
    I guess I could just stick to the regular, I just loved how that one you did looked!
    Margaret B

  25. Beautiful ornies!! I always had the best of intentions to do "Baby's first Christmas" ornies but never did get round to them. Oh well. I'll just have to make them each one anyway. x

  26. Hi Vonna, Your comment was so sweet ~ thanks for the compliment but I still need you too!

    Have a great day..

  27. What a great present! All the ornaments are so beuatiful!

  28. AAAHHHHH a lady after my own heart! I have a Cross stitch tree too. Just the lights that the stitched ornaments. Mine goes up this weekend. weeeeeeeeee

  29. Thank you for sharing such wonderful treasures. They are indeed so very special.
    Congrats on making it through the holidays so successfully.

  30. amazing christmas ornaments!!!

  31. Enjoy your new camera :) Your ornaments are lovely.

  32. I would love to see a pic of your entire tree. It looks gorgeous. Beautiful ornies!

  33. Love the ornaments and am wondering if you stitched one per year for each of them? (putting me to shame LOL).
    I'm with you on how very special are children are...I will email you with a link to a ring that I just purchased because I miss those boys so much! :)
    Congrats on your continued success with WW and exercise!

  34. I love the ornaments. I am sure that your children will treasure them as they grow older.

    Have fun with your new camera!

  35. I have that same mouse in stocking design as the baby's first christmas ornament you have at the top there, only your finishing is much prettier than mine!

  36. cross stitch woman1:33 PM

    I would love to have the pattern to the Katie Grace's ornament. I have several vintage Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazines but apparently not the one with that pattern. Do you know what month/year of CC that would be ?
    I personally love the vintage magazines more than the newer cross stitch magazines today. Also, any tips/tutorial on stitching on linen would be so helpful.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us women.
    Loved all the Christmas ornaments too !!


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