Friday, October 16, 2009

Witches and Wool

Hello my dear friends!....
and may you be enjoying a bright and bonny Friday with a wonderful weekend ahead! I have lots of good things to share with you today, so I'm going to cut to the chase and get right to it. This morning at 7 a.m. I put in the last stitches on my Prairie Schooler Design. I framed it up and here it is (pictures are clickable):

Prairie Schooler's "When Witches Go Riding"
Stitched on: 28 ct. Days Go By Linen by Silkweaver
Stitched with: DMC cotton as called for
Framed using Jill Rensel custom designed mats

Pretty smack dab awesome isn't it?!

I'm just thrilled to BITS with how it turned out!!!! I knew as soon as I saw these mats last year on the Bush Blog that I was going to get them. I saved up some Christmas $$$ - I don't usually buy fripperies for myself, rather for my hobby and home - and in February of this year I've had them awaiting my stitching the sampler. I'M. IN. LOVE. with this finish. Last Halloween 2008, I was in love with my La-D-Da's "Something Wicked" finish and frame....this year, I'm in love with my "Witches Go Riding" and the Jill Rensel Mats....PERFECTION!

Remember I told you.....
last time, that I was having a "Mommy's Weekend" at Celebrate Fiber in Terre Haute, IN? Well that was FUN! My Mama and I took a wool applique class and we had a B-L-A-S-T! My Mama's even ordered TWO more kits to come knocking on her door soon....Penny Rugs and Wool Applique are another passion of mine. I think I'm going to learn next to rug hook and needlepunch. Anyway....I don't believe that cross stitch will ever be unseated as my one true love, but these other needlework traditions are also something that call to me :) Here's my Fall Wool Table Runner as it stands today:

I have both sides completed, now I'm just adding the special embroidery stitches to make it all shine!

Like the outline stitch here on the petals of the sunflower....

I also used the outline stitch for the "ridges" on the pumpkin and the chain stitch as the curly-que vines....

the full sunflower....

a leaf with the blanket stitch and outline stitch....the stems are triple running stitches...

To finish this runner, I have to finish all the embroidery stitches, cut out pennies for the end, sew them together, tack them on and then sew on the backing ....then....viola! It shall be finished. I think I'm getting pretty good at wool applique, plus I like it....know what else I've been thinking abou? ...designing my own wool applique penny fact, I've already drawn out a design....hmmmm.....we'll see!

What's up for the weekend?...
work at the hospital. But I hope to squeeze in some stitching time for myself. I've gotten myself into a couple of personal exchanges, so I need to get hauling some rear on those. Well I better get my patootey off this computer and do some housework, or else my husband will fire me.

Until the next time my friends...

Love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from Our House to Yours!

Look for heaven here on earth....
it is all around you.
~author unknown~


  1. Vonna --
    Beautiful finish and perfect framing! Love the wool applique.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Vonna, I just L-O-V-E your framing job on the PS piece and it turned out to be absolutely wonderful! I can tell you are thrilled with it and well you should be!

    The wool applique is awesome! I have always loved applique but am never very satisfied with my efforts.

  3. BOTH finishes are awesome! Love that mat and frame, so perfect!

  4. Oh wow, that frame job is fantastic! I love the witch, it's so cute, and the fabric you stitched it on is perfect.

    I am so glad you had fun on your girl weekend away! I love doing stuff like that. Your penny rug is adorable. :)

  5. I'm so tongue tied I couldn't talk if I tried! I am gaga over your finish.I'm talkin' gallery quality girl! Way to go! I'm glad you had fun with your mama at your class.It's so nice to get to be with them and then have fun on top of it! Love the wool appliques too!

  6. I think When Witches Go Riding looks pretty faboo too!

  7. Fantastic stitching Vonna. your PS is wonderful. Love the fabric as well as the mats and frame.
    Very nice table runner, it will look splendid when finished and gracing your table.
    have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing your penny rug :-)

  8. Dear Vonna,
    Such a lovely finish on PS Witches Go Riding. I recently purchased this chart & will have to get to stitching it. Love your framing finish!

  9. Ahh! Both pieces are awesome, love that frame and the mat board, very cool.
    The runner will look very nice with the pennies added.
    I hear those Mia's are gonna be hard to get.
    Your music really is getting me going this morning, er! early afternoon, lol

  10. What a great stitching and framing job for the PS piece. That's one of my favorite Halloween patterns.

    And the applique job looks really cool. Fun to do lots of different crafty techniques.

  11. Oh my ... I love the framing !!!!

  12. WOW!!!! What else can I say? Your PS finish and framing is totally awesome! Makes me want to whip out that pattern and order that mat and frame immediately!!! How can you do anything today, but stare at that incredible finish :)

    Great job on your penny rug! Your embroidery is simply perfect! And how fun to share it with your mom!

    Enjoy your weekend and your PS finish...
    Blessings, Patti
    p.s. Did you buy any goodies at the show?

  13. The frame and mat couldn't be more perfect! The wool applique looks like fun. I know I have a few projects kitted up to do "someday". What fun you are having!

  14. Wonderful framing job (and of course stitching too), and the Jill Rensel mats are perfect, perfect, perfect. Love the Penny Rug, and the embroidery does make it shine. I'll bet the class was too fun! You continue to inspire, Vonna!

  15. Beautiful work!! I love the way that mat looks with the design and frame!

  16. Wow - always loved the chart, and your framing is amazing! Fantastic job - love, love it!

  17. When Witches Go Riding is fabulous! No wonder you are in love. Your penny rug is great too. I just love autumnal and Halloween themed projects!

  18. Wonderful finishes, especially the PS piece, just amazing.

  19. Love "Witches Go Riding"...I just purchased that pattern at In Stitches while on vacation. And the wool piece is just as pretty!

    Until later...

  20. Love the framing job on your When Withes Go Riding. The mat is so fun! Your penny rug is coming along fabulously...can't wait to see it all done up!

  21. Fabulous finish!! Love it!

  22. That framing job is wonderful. Those mats are gorgeous! What a great Christmas gift for yourself!

  23. Wow! Wow! Wow! That has to be one of the most incredible finishes ever--just perfect :) I am in awe!

  24. Great finish, the mats and frame & perfect!

  25. Love "When Witches Go Riding" - the fabric and mat are divine!

    Beautiful wool applique looks excellent. Perfect stitches!

  26. The framing is fantastic and I love love love the mat (but after having Googled Jill Rensel, I think they are a little too rich for my blood)! Have a great weekend!

  27. fantastic finish
    looks super
    also love the woolery happenings

  28. Both are gorgeous! Those mats are to die for.

  29. Looks too good to be true...

    Now if only my LNS would have my linen (instead of not having it after they told me they did). Anyone know where a girl can get some 28 ct. Pilgrim Brown!?

    Penny rug is gorgeous, too. You should definitely try out your own design!

  30. Anonymous3:47 PM

    There is not one single thing you have shown that I don't like! I absolutely adore that mat you have there, you couldn't have found anything more perfect for that! Beautiful applique project there too! Hey, you could take up quilting, you missed that on your list! LOL

  31. Oh...My....Gosh! Do I love your Prairie Schooler piece. Not only your stitching, but those mats and frame are perfection! I would be doing a severe happy dance with this one. And I love your wool rugs too! Very nice! You make me envious!!!

  32. WOW! I just love your PS and the framing. I am still stitching my PS Witches. It is taking me longer than I expected. Great job!

  33. Congratulations on your PS finish! I love Jill Rensel's mats. I have a couple of Shepherd's Bush things with her mats, and have thought about having her custom design some mats for me, but haven't done so as yet.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  34. Vonna,

    I LOVE your Prairie School finish and the mats are PERFECT! Your mat is so pretty too.. great job as always!

    Have a great weekend!


  35. Awesome job Vonna!!!

  36. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Wow! Your PS piece is simply awesome and the mats/frame really sets it off!

    Glad your girls' weekend was wonderful! Love your wool applique!

    Robin in VA

  37. I LOVE it!!! The mats are perfect. Will definitely have to contact Jill and get those mats once I get this stitched.

    Your runner is looking beautiful! Such a great job!

  38. Smack dab awesome is correct. I love it! Your class piece is pretty awesome too!

  39. Oh, my, gosh! My eyes are about to bug out of my head that is such an awesome finish and framing job. What a treasure!

  40. Wow, super finish, congrats. You are right the Rensel mat made it so special. The applique looks great and I look foeward to seeing the completed piece. I am off to make a little Twisted chicken and dumplings. Plus I have all the things to make your German coleslaw next week and I owe it all to you. Somehow you made cooking fun for me. CJ ok;-)

  41. What a lovely finish. The mats sure make a difference. I saw a couple of these on Autumn's blog - her mats are amazing.
    Nice work on your applique rug. Look at all the lovely embroidery stitches.

  42. Wow!! Your framed piece is gorgeous and the mats are perfect!! I can understand why you had to "have" them!! Your applique piece looks great!

  43. Stunning! I am in awe :) I am sooo in love with your blog, thank you for keeping me inspired :)


  44. Vonna,
    I'll use the "wow factor" here on your framed piece(smile). The wool applique is looking splendid also. I have some calling my name too.
    Kind regards.

  45. Oh My Goodness that "When Witches Go Riding" turned out fantastic! I love it! The frame, the matting everything is just right!
    Your Fall Wool Table Runner is great too! You do the most fantastic stuff! Thanks for showing us!

  46. I love the framing for the Witches!!!!! It's just perfect!!!!

    I've been working on a wool applique, too!!! But it is coming really slowly..... Hopefully I can get it done before fall is gone~ Your piece looks lovely~~ Can't wait to see it done!!

  47. Ever since I've seen that mat too I thought it was just perfection for that piece. It turned out great!

  48. Oh, Vonna, the frame and mat are just perfect for When Witches Go Riding! An excellent finish!

    Wow, your work on the applique project is really neat!

  49. Oh gosh, Vonna, that is so awesome!! Well worth whatever you paid, it just makes that Prairie Schooler design! WOW

    And I adore that table runner, it is gorgeous!!! Don't work too hard, and try and put in some magical stitches!!

  50. That is definitely one to be very proud of, I love the mat you used with the frame it shows off the stitching perfectly! This chart is going on my stitching list for next Halloween :)

  51. Vonna, your framing skills are really outstanding. The PS piece looks awesome. And so does your table runner. Is there anything you can't do?? Lol.

  52. Great finish!!! I knew that I wanted that pattern.

  53. Beautiful Vonna! Your crafting journey into wool applique is excellent! I can only imagine how stunning the rug hooking and needlepunch will be! :)



  54. I also love that finish! What a perfect mat! Do you ever sleep? You are one busy lady! I am glad to hear you had a nice time on your girls weekend.

  55. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the matting, frame, fabric....well, heck...I love it all! Everything you do always turns out so beautifully!

  56. Anonymous12:40 PM

    That's a beautiful piece and I love how you framed it!

  57. That mat ROCKS! :D

    Glad you enjoyed the time spent with your Mom creating beautiful wool table runners. I am going to take a punch needle class soon and will keep you posted on how I like it.

  58. Hi Vonna, love your PS 'when witches go riding'.

    Your wool table runner is lovely, what fun to learn something different.

    Happy Halloween,

  59. Anonymous11:29 PM

    That mat is awesome! It fits that design perfectly. Great job, and great job on the table runner.
    Happy Halloween!
    Donna in WV

  60. Oh wow, When Witches Go Riding is just gorgeous. You did a fabulous job on the stitching and framing. Now you have made me fall in love with Rensel mats,LOL. So beautiful. Great job on the runner too, you are so very talented and creative. Every visit to your blog is so much fun. XOXO

  61. Your PS finish is incredible! I mean what else is there to say but WOW?!

    I love the table runner. It's fun to learn new things!

  62. Congratulations on your beautiful finish. I love it all, the fabric, the stitching, the mat, and the frame. Where did you find such a gorgeous frame? It fits the piece perfectly! The wool applique rug is gorgeous as well. I too would love to learn rug hooking and needlepunch. So many hobbies, so little time. :)
    Have a great week!

  63. Your Witches is gorgeous, congratulations. Love your progress on the runner

  64. Vonna I love your PS piece AND your wool applique! You go girl!

  65. Your PS finish all framed up is awesome. The mat is perfect for it. I didn't realize that they had specialty mats like that, think I need to go check them out. Your table runner is looking wonderful too, all the different stitches on it look great.

  66. Wow! The framing is just wonderful! I love that frame! And the mat! And the piece itself for that matter! lol! And your wool piece is wonderful too! Can't wait to see your finish!

  67. OMG Super finish!! I LOVE the framing...the mat is perfect and makes your needlwork pop!! Excellent choice! Your penny rug looks fantastic!! You go girl! :-)

  68. really nice finish and framing!, the wool work is so pretty too.

  69. Oh my, I hadn't ever seen those mats - just too perfect! What fun to display this month. Your penny rug is cute too - they are fun and easy to do aren't they? There's just so many cute things to make we could busy for the next 20 years easiily! Thanks for sharing - now I really MUST stitch When Witches Go Riding!!

  70. Beautiful finish Vonna!! It turned out great! The Jill Rensel mats are perfect! Your table runner is looking beautiful too! :)

  71. Wow - fantastic finish framed! Love the applique, too. Have a good weekend. :)

  72. LOVELY finish! I do love the mat, it adds a lot to the piece.
    Beautiful table runner!

  73. Oh my. I love the PS finish. The stitching, fabric, the frame, the mat... They are all perfect!
    And your table runner is lovely.

    I hope your weekend was uneventful and your week is filled with wonderful stitches.

  74. Great finish on When Witches Go Riding! I absolutely Love the frame!

  75. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Oh WOW!!! I am literally floored by this exceptional framing job - seriously! I'm in love!!! I so have to buy one of those mats for when I stitch mine ... I've never been urged to buy one of her mats before (not being a huge SB fan on the whole), but this one is ... WOW!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell how much I like it? :D The wool applique is really pretty too - love the colours :D

  76. Wow! What an incredible piece of cross stitch. Wow!
    So glad I stumbled across your blog today. Wow!

  77. You are so right-the mat is perfect! I love The Prairie Schoolers and when I see something like this awesome piece, I want to do somersaults! : )
    And your applique piece is so pretty with all the nice stitching you are adding. I love doing this too when I can get away from cross stitch. I betcha you would love punch needle! That goes fast!!

  78. You have such an artist's eye for putting things together, like the PS design and those mats. It's a pleasure to see everything you make. I'm in awe of your prowess with embroidery stitches. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  79. Ummm, wow. Well, I have a confession to make... I saw this right after you posted it (one of the benefits of being your stalker is seeing when you post stuff right away... I'm trying to get the computer to sync with my mobile phone to send me alerts, too, but no luck yet...) and didn't comment, meant to get back to my blog reading but didn't. Instead, I just thought and thought and thought about this fabulous finish of yours. Wow. Your stitching is amazing, your fabric choice is inspired, and the mat is the cherry on top of a very scrumptious cupcake. FABULOUS!!

    The wool applique--wow. Too flippin' cool. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your own design. The best part, I know, is spending time with your mama and the memories that your applique finish will hold. :)

  80. Hi Vonna,

    I love Prairie Schooler designs.
    Seeing your finish of When
    Witches Go Riding reminds me of
    this fact and also rekindles the
    urge to start stitching a new
    project from my collection of PS

    The mats that you've used to
    frame this piece are amazing!!
    OMG!!! The whole thing looks
    fabulous! I seriously hope
    that you'll leave this up all
    year round on your wall because
    it would be a shame to put it
    away just because Fall/Halloween
    is over.

    Your Mommy's Weekend does sound
    like it was a ton of fun. And
    especially since you got to share
    it with your Mum. The runner
    that you're making looks great
    and I love how three dimensional
    it looks.

    I have been going to Curves for
    three weeks now and am really
    enjoying it. I'm still learning
    the proper way to use each of the
    machines, how to sit or stand and
    get the most out of each exercise.
    I'm putting more effort into each
    workout and am pleased with how
    I'm working all my muscles.

    That's wonderful that you've
    had such great success with their
    program in just a few weeks time.
    Isn't it a great feeling to have
    that weight come off??

    We'll encourage and support one
    another to keep working hard and
    sticking to it.

    Hugs and High Fives all around!!!


  81. Beautiful P Schooler! and what a great job on that wool applique!!

  82. Love the PS - The mount and frame are perfect!! Like the penny mat too.

  83. Love love love your Witches Go Riding - it looks fabulous with the mat and the frame...beautiful! Your runner is going to be lovely as well - what fun!

  84. Hi Vonna -- what a perfect finish -- love it! And your rug is awesome, too! Congrats, dear!

  85. Wow! Both of your projects are awesome!

  86. 2 GORGEOUS finishes!! Congrats on both!

  87. I adore the Witchy framing....It is so awesome

  88. Vonna!
    That mat is awesome and PS-finish too! Where did you purchased this beautiful mat? Do they have web-site?


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