Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Whatcha doin'?

Hello Friends!
Time keeps slip slidin' away, doesn't it? My heaven's it seems like I just *blink* and slam bam its Friday...We've had lots of stuff going on over the past week, so I'll get right to the highlights! ;)

and her Fast Pitch Softball team won Fall League Championship! I was happy for her as the Summer League team was runner up in Championships this past summer. Although according to her - she "sucked..." last Saturday during the games (she attended a sleep over the night before and her Daddy had to pick her up at 8:00 a.m. to get to the field on time). They played a double header. So being that she "sucked" in her own words, I asked her if the officials during the award ceremony announced her like this, "...and Katie Pfeiffer, who sucked and really doesn't deserve a trophy...will get one anyway." She just laughed at me and posed for her picture...

I've been....
working hard on my Prairie Schooler in betwixt working and driving to and fro around town after the babes....
Not much...
more to go! And wait till you see the frame....oh you'll flip!
"When Witches Go Riding"
By the Prairie Schooler
28 ct. Silkweaver's "Days Gone By" linen
DMC Threads
This weekend....
for the first time in 6 years, this Mama is having a "girls weekend"!!! In Terre Haute, Indiana (about 1.5 hours west of Bloomington), there is a Celebrate Fiber weekend at Sycamore Farm! I'm going and my Mama is going to meet me up there. We're spending the night even! WHOO HOO! We're taking a Wool Applique Class with Lois Griffith (who is a local artisan) and we're making a Fall Table Runner (penny rug). In fact it is this one designed especially for this event!

pretty doggone exciting isn't it?! I'm just tickled to bits over it! A real night away :) Cool beans! And....guess who's having a booth there at the event? Stacy Nash.... I told my husband to withdraw some money and hand it over quietly and with a smile on his face - Mama's goin' to town!

That does it for me this week.....

I'll be back with a weekend report and hopefully a framed "When Witches Go Riding..."

Until next time....
love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours!
Anything, everything, little or
big becomes an adventure when
the right person shares it.
~Kathleen Norris~


  1. It is always nice to read your blog, however fast time goes! I am impressed with your Witches, even without a frame. I am happy for you having a girls weekend... bliss! Have a wonderful time.

  2. Great stitching! Can't wait to see the framed finale!!
    Congrats to your daughter...sounds like my kids at their activities..."they sucked"

    Have fun on your girls away time!! What is more special than that!!!!
    Take care

  3. Congrats to your daughter. Even though she "sucked", she looks very proud! I can't imagine where she gets her perfectionism. ;)

    And enjoy your girls weekend - I'm super jealous - #1, I wish I had a LNS weekend-show-thingy near me, and I wish I had someone to go with me! Have fun and be inspired for all of us!

  4. Congrats to Katie! I'm ready for softball to be over here (6 days a week and 8 months worth is a bit wearisome!)

    Enjoy your weekend away...those girls' weekends are a great way to recharge the mom batteries :)

  5. Whoo Hoo!! Look at those trophies! Excellent job!! She must be so proud :). Witches go riding--WOW that fabric is fabulous! CANT wait to see the frame. Looks like girls weekend is going to be outstanding!!!

  6. I so know what you mean about time flying by. Kind of like those witches on their broomsticks. :)

    Way to go Katie! I wasn't the only one winning this past weekend. (See my blog post. LOL)

    I envy you having a Mommy and me weekend. Enjoy. Have a wonderful time at the show and class. I can't wait to see your next post.

    Love and stitches

  7. The witches piece is looking great.. appropriately spooky fabric!

    Sounds like a great weekend approaching. Fun to learn new techniques and have some relaxed "Mommy and me" time.

  8. This is such a great witch piece. Can't wait to see your frame choice!
    And a great update about the going-ons. Enjoy your girls weekend!

  9. What a great success for Katie. Congratulations!
    Your witches piece looks awesome and you made me so curious about that frame you will use for it.
    Enjoy your girls weekend. Sounds soooo exciting, and meeting Stacy Nash .... fantastic. Have fun!

  10. What a coincidence that you're doing PS When Witches Go Riding, and I'm also (should be) stitching it (as soon as LNS gets some supplies in!).

    It's not a coincidence, however, that I'm also making penny rugs this week together with my mom who is visiting from out of town--I saw the one that you made for Edgar a while back, and have been falling for it a little more each time I see it in the background of one of his pics! So, away I went through his previous blogs 'till I saw that it had been a gift from you--then over to your blog and a quick search here for "penny rug" showed me all I need to know! An order was placed, and now that I have every thing done but the whip stitching I can truly say that I understand your scheme to cover every flat surface in the house! *cackles maniacally* That exclusive pumpkin rug is GORGEOUS!! I hope you and your mom also have a fabulous time together. :D

    With Thanks for the introduction to this wonderfully woolly craft,


  11. A huge congratulations to your daughter! She must have been thrilled even if she did "suck"! Love, love your PS piece and your pictures of it! I can't wait to see the frame you got for it, so stitch woman, stitch! LOL

    And have a wonderful time this weekend. It sounds like you're going to have loads of fun. Of course, a night away from the family is always a good restorative thing!

  12. Hi Vonna,
    Wow! Love the Prairie Schooler ~ can't wait to see the frame.

    Your weekend sounds like so much fun and well deserved!! Take pictures and enjoy yourself.


  13. I love a girls night out and a girls overnight - even better! Have fun!!!

    Love your PS piece - it's really wonderful and I can't wait to see your frame. Like Deb said, hurry up and stitch!

    Congrats to Katie!

  14. Your WIP is looking fantastic! That fabric is really nice! Have fun at your class--I really like that piece.

  15. Have fun on your weekend getaway. Mine is coming up in two weeks. I am going to weave baskets for three days.

    Your PS piece is really cute!!

  16. How exciting - sounds like a wonderful time! Congrats to Katie for the win and love the stitching!

  17. Life's just FABULOUS these days! Hooray! :D :D :D

  18. Yeay for Katie!!! Please remind her that some people (ahem...) would run screaming from the sight of a soft ball being thrown at them. She deserves props for just being in the game, but to win trophies?? Fabulous!!

    I love your PS Halloween. They do such great autumnal & Christmas stuff. I can't wait to see the frame!

    Enjoy your weekend--I hope it is better than you anticipate. :)

  19. I love When Witches Go Riding! Can't wait to see your finish or the frame. :D And your weekend! Sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

  20. GREAT stitching but more to the point I hope both you and your Mom have a really GREAT weekend. Love Patti xxx

  21. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I love daughter and mother fun outtings. My mom use to call them window shopping days when I was a kid. We would go look at clothes in the nice expensive stores and then go hit the great Fabric stores that use to be in Kasas City and St. Louis (depending on which city we were living in)to find fabric and patterns to make and reproduce the great clothes we just saw. Also we would have lunch at some fancy-smancy resturant. Now we do quilting days. Have a great time with your mom. Sycamore Farms sounds like a neat place you would see on a sign. Also can't wait to see the frame. I will tune back later.

  22. A girl's weekend - sweet! Enjoy yourself. Love the Prairie Schooler piece, that Days Gone By Linen is soooo pretty.

  23. I am happy for you! having a girls weekend is nice! enjoy it!.
    your stitcing is amazing. Congratulations to your DD!.

  24. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Always a pleasure to come visit your blog - put a smile on my face this morning :) Enjoy your weekend away, it's going to be awesome! And your Witches are looking spooktacular and giving me the urge to stitch it myself ... love Halloween stitching! Might have to consider one of these PS ones for my rotation slots coming up ... hmmm. Can't wait to see the frame!! :D

  25. Congrats to Katie and her team!!

    I love that project! I can't wait to see the frame you have too. Have fun this weekend!

  26. Lovely cross stitch, gorgeous! Suzie. x

  27. Love your witches!

    Hope you have a wildly wooly weekend.

  28. Congrats to your daughter.
    Your Witches look great. Curious about the frame.
    And wishing you lots of fun on your weekend away.

  29. wow what a fun wknd
    thats like joy heaped on joy
    and spending money to boot

  30. Congrats to your daughter, even though she "sucked".

    Can't wait to see your witches piece finished and framed. You've really peaked my curiosity about the frame. :-)

  31. Well now, I's been a decoratin"
    Oh you lucky girl! Enjoy your wonderful weekend away. A bonus to have your momma going with you.

  32. Oh, oh, oh. I'm really, REALLY sorry that I didn't hear about the Celebrate Fiber event. REALLY sorry! Sounds like something I would have LOVED to do. Oh well, promise me you'll enjoy yourself during every minute and that you'll give a full report on your blog when you return!!

  33. Congratulations to Katie and her team! Witches looks fabulous! I can't wait to see the frame you have picked out for it. Have a great girls' weekend. That sounds like such a fun time!!

  34. Hurrah for Katie! You go Girl!!!!!
    Have a blast on your girl's weekend! It sounds like fun, and time spent with your mom is so great!

  35. Oh, Vonna, that witch just cracks me up! Think I'll have to make that one my next purchase. Always enjoyable to visit and be inspired by your blog :)

  36. I just love your progress on the PS piece! I can't wait to see the frame! Have fun on your girls weekend!

  37. 'When Witches Go Riding' looks great - I love that design!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  38. LOVE, love Witches go Riding - can't wait to see your finish. Congrats to Katie! Now, you get that withdrawal so you and Mom can have a wonderful time! Enjoy every minute, and oh, my, Stacy Nash. What a dream...

  39. Wooh,Hooh! for sure! That getaway sounds like so much fun and I adore that table runner. But then I always was a sucker for anything fall related. Glad your Mom can join you too.
    Congrats to Katie on her trophy. I'm especially in awe since yours truly and sports never went hand in hand.
    I just have to do that PS someday. It's just so wicked!

  40. Congratulations to Katie and her team! What an awesome accomplishment...even though she sucked :)
    You sound like me, getting my stitching done lately as I drive around to pick up and drop off the kids...stitching certainally making waiting for them in the car go quicker.
    Enjoy your "girls" weekend, you definitely deserve it!

  41. Congrats to your daughter who sucked so bad she won a championship and her team!! LOL Your stitching is looking gorgeous!! Hope that you have an absolute blast this weekend! Can not wait to hear all about it!!

  42. Congratulation to Katie!

    Love your PS piece! Have a fantastic time this weekend!

  43. Have a wonderful weekend away!!!

  44. Congratulations to Katie. The rug is gorgeous, enjoy your weekend :)

  45. Hi Vonna,
    Can't wait to see your frame for Witches! Going away for the weekend and Stacy Nash too? Lucky you!

  46. Lucky you! I'm sure you will have a fabulous time with your Momma, can't wait to see your penny rug.
    Have fun!

  47. Congrats to Katie!! Love the stitching on When Witches Go Riding! I know that you chose a 'to die for' frame. Can't wait it see it all stitched and framed!

  48. Congratulations to Katie, and have fun on your getaway. Love Witches, you've made great progress, it looks fantastic.

  49. Oh my goodness, I love the When Witches Go Riding....where did you get the pattern? I am new to stitchin but am hooked.......I just finished my first piece and have it displayed on my blog, it is so much fun, I stitch with my mom and aunt! Jennifer

  50. Vonna I hope you have a stupendous weekend with your Mom! You deserve it!

  51. Congrats to Katie, that is great!

    I am sure that you enjoyed your much deserved weekend away. Love the wool penny rug....gorgeous! Did you finish it yet?

    Look forward to your Witches Go Riding framed~ :D

  52. Love seeing your progress on the PS design. I do plan to stitch mine someday, lol! The penny rug is to die for!

  53. Hello Vonna, pass for here searching tutorial of pinkeeps, and yours realizes, I congratulate you you have a few very pretty labors. An Embrace of Bogota, Colombia.
    ( He(She) forgives the text but a translator uses because not English.)

  54. Go Katie, that is awesome!!


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