Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A win and a finish!

Hello my stitching buddies.....
How are you this fine day in September? I hope great! I'll cut the chase and get straight to the meat of the post ;) My mother and father-in-law are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary on Oct. 25th. They are having a shindig and I'm in charge of the cake and the cake table. I felt like I needed to stitch something for them in celebration of 40 years of marriage so I turned to Blackbird Designs. I chose to stitch "New Love" which is sampler #2 of the Schoolgirl Sampler Series. I stitched it exactly as the sampler except I inserted my MIL and FIL's initials and the year of their marriage and the year of their 40th wedding anniversary. Here it is all finished up:

"New Love"

Designer: Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 32 ct. French Vanilla linen
Fibers: GAST Rhubarb and Raspberry Parfait
to be framed

Funny thing....
the 40th Wedding Anniversary is the "ruby" anniversary and look at that thread color...pretty cool, eh?

And you all are going to be jealous....

but look what arrived in the mail today! A lovely parcel from Paula in Lisbon, Portugal - I won her Blog Anniversary PRIZE! Isn't it pretty? I have admired this pattern from The Sampler Girl and now it is mine all finished up beautifully in a standing frame ;) and look at that bounty of rainbow DMC! Thank you Paula! Not only has Paula befriended me, but she sends me beautiful postcards on all her travels. She's a lovely woman and I am lucky that she has taken a liking to me :)

Paula's Blog Anniversary Prize Winner! (me!)

Well now....

that does it for me for today. Tomorrow is the dreaded laundry day (UGH!). What shall I pull out of my treasure chest to stitch next? Hmmmm....I think it is back to Ann (Vonna).....I think I can knock that out in a week or so....maybe....if....I'm....prove tenacious!

So until next time.....

Love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours!

Love...puts up with anything,
trusts God always, always looks for the best,
never looks back, but keep going to the end.
Love never dies.
~1 Corinthians 13:4, 7-8~


  1. Happy anniversary to your parents in law! That is a beautiful sampler to commemorate the special occasion next month! I love the colors you chose...very autumn-like.

  2. What a lovely gift!
    Do have fun at the shindig. :)

  3. Lovely finish for the in-laws. 40 years of marriage deserves a big celebration.
    I wish I had a laundry fairy to send you - after she's done at my house lol.
    many hugs and thanks for being you.

  4. That's a very sweet gift. I'm sure the happy couple will cherish it.

    What a deal... to be in charge of cake! If that were me, there wouldn't be any cake left for anyone else!

  5. What a beautiful finish! Such a lovely gift Vonna. I'm sure they will adore it!

    Lucky you to receive such a great prize!

  6. What a beautiful finish! Happy anniversary to your parents-in-law! Nice prize too. Isn't it nice to discover stitching friends from afar?

  7. A beautiful finish as always!!

    Such a sweet gift for an anniversary!
    I love that Sampler Girl piece. I have that pattern and keep saying I'm going to stitch it up. Very nice and congrats!


  8. I love the tie in with the color and the anniversary year! You think of everything! Will this be the design on the cake? How are you going to "finish" the design now that it is stitched? Can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. What a thoughtful gift! Vonna, you can always come to my house and do laundry! :) lol

  10. Hi Vonna,
    Lovely finish - those colors are so dainty and pretty. nice win, my dear!


  11. What a lovely finish for a special day! Congrats on your win - what a great prize! I detest laundry day.... good luck tomorrow.......

  12. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Congrats to your inlaws, and Lucky them to receive this lovely sampler!
    Your beef stroganoff is bubbling away in my crockpot, so my family will be thinking of yours at suppertime. It smells sooooo good, I hope they like it!
    Thanks for the recipe. A slow cooker is a stitcher/mom's best friend!
    Cindy in NE Indiana

  13. That is a beautiful sampler. Your in-laws will love it.

  14. Congratulations on your win! Any chart of Tanya's is pretty so I know you're thrilled.

    Beautiful anniversary gift! New Love is one of my favorite samplers, and I stitched it once for a 50th Anniversary gift.

  15. Love your gift to your in laws. It looks adorable. Congrats also on your win.

  16. In today's world 40 years is something to truly be proud of. I know they will love your special stitching, Vonna. And congratulations on your win--lucky you!

  17. Hi Vonna....the anniversary sampler for your in-laws is lovely...a sweet remberance of their very special day.

    Love the stitchie you won and all the floss is yummy...pretty, pretty.

    Have a happy evening...hugs, Linda

  18. Hi Vonna,

    It's so nice to have you visit
    my blog again. Of course I've
    been a regular visitor to your
    blog throughout the summer and
    and have enjoyed seeing all of
    your wonderful stitching, plus
    reading all about your family's

    How lovely to receive a stitched
    gift from Paula for her Blog
    Anniversary. It is so pretty
    and I'm sure it's beautifully
    stitched and finished as well.
    What a wonderful gift to
    receive, something to treasure
    from a very kind and generous blogging friend.

    New Love is a pretty design and
    I'm sure your in-laws will love
    it when you give it to them.
    Have you given them some of your
    stitching before for special

    Your tutorial for the Blackbird
    Designs stockings was very
    informative (as are all your
    tutorials actually) and now I
    want to order all these cool
    designs and stitch them. That
    Candy Corn stocking is an
    especially fun design, isn't

    I visited your recipe blog,
    and think your recipes all
    sound scrumptious. And look
    it too.

    Autumn arrived today, so
    happy first day of Autumn
    Vonna! (where did the summer

    Cheers! Judy

  19. Congratulations to your in-laws and what a wonderful way to mark their 40th anniversary!

  20. I really love what you made your parents-in-law, Vonna!!!

  21. A Happy Anniversary to the in-laws - I am sure they will be very happy with the beautiful sampler you have stitched for them.

    Great prize from Paula

  22. That's such a pretty finish. I bet your cake table will be wonderful. Just wish I could be there too lol. XXX

  23. 49 years, wow is a lot of time!!, lovely ruby stitching!.

    oh,lovely gift from Lisbon.

  24. I love the heart design on your anniversary sampler - so unusual. Your inlaws will be so touched. What kind of cake are you having? The TSG verse really describes your home - it's such a comfortable place. I always love seeing pictures of it.

  25. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Good Job Vonnie....the sampler looks so nice. Bernie and Ed are lucky to have you as a DIL. Just a thought maybe an antique looking ruby red frame would be nice to frame it in??? Just a thought from your bossy mommy. Have a good day and hope things are going well for you.
    Love, Mom

  26. Such a lovely sampler, Vonna...perfect for an anniversary celebration! Hope you take pics of the table and cake, you are in charge of! I just know it will be so beautiful!!

    Lovely gifties for winning, good job!!

  27. Your anniversary stitch looks great! Very pretty!

    Congrats on the win from Paula! Great gift!

  28. Lovely finish! I love the colors that chose for the design too.

    Congratulation on your win!!

  29. Hi Vonna,

    Just wanted to say hello to you it's been awhile. It's Wednesday, and I know your buried in laundry. Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  30. What a lovely gift for your parents -- congrats to them on 40 years - wow! How perfect that you chose the ruby thread.

    Sweet gift from Paula!

  31. Great finish Vonna :) 40 years is awesome, yay for them! I hope you get some more relaxing in. School sure wears me out, and I've only got two :) Love ya!

  32. I love the stitching for your in laws. It is lovely and I am sure they will love and treasure it too.
    Nice gift! Isn't it nice to get stitchy goodnesss in the mail.

  33. 40 years is a precious anniversary - lovely gift for them. Wonderful prize from Paula, too!

  34. Beautiful finish for your inlaws! And I love what you're doing with Ann - the fabric is gorgeous and what a great idea to personalize the piece!! Btw - thanks for recommending Moning's books - I've also seen them recommended on goodreads, so I'm going to have to give them a try!

  35. What a thoughtful and perfect anniversary gift.

  36. What a beautiful gift for your In-laws, congratulations

  37. What a gorgeous gift!! I know they will treasure it, and the love that went into it--and that it celebrates! Great job, Vonna.

    What a fabulous win--lucky you!

  38. Vonna, it's beautiful, what a great gift! I also love the BBD stockings you've made, they are so cute :) Have a happy weekend!

  39. New Love is the perfect anniversary gift! Congrats to the new president- does she get special privileges at home?


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