Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update for thee on me...

Hello my wonderful stitching buddies....
So how are you all? I hope doing fine and fit as a fiddle! We're wallowing along here. Sort of in a routine, I guess. The mad rush of the beginning of the school year is behind us, for that I am glad. I guess the next "big" thing I have to worry about is the Staff Appreciation Luncheon that I organize for the school staff, but heck that isn't until Oct. I think I'm good to go for awhile. Whew! :)

So, I know you're all wondering....
did I contract a debilitating case of numb butt this weekend? Well, I'm happy to report, I sure least on Saturday. And for my effort this is what I get to show you:

Design: Ann Pennsylvania Peacock (changed to Vonna Marie Epperson)
Designer: Little by Little
Stitched with recommended fibers: GAST and DMC
on 28 ct. Autumn Fields Linen

I was hoping.....

for more progress, but although I tried, this is all I got done. I guess its not bad, I would have been happy if all I had left was the tree, grass and house though....but soon, yes?

My work schedule....
has recently changed. I now work every Sunday and every other Friday and Saturday. I did a bit of bargaining and now I'm worried that I was stupid. See, I had to work most Friday nights. I hate working Friday nights, especially when I don't have to work the next day. That just totally STINKS to have to work late on a Friday night and then you don't work the next day - totally ruins your weekend in my opinion. So I bargained and got my Fridays off on the weeks where I don't work the entire weekend and changed my Fridays for Sundays. So in a two week time period I work: Sunday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and it repeats. Not bad I guess. We'll see how it works out.

Today is....
laundry day. And in true Vonna fashion, I am thinking of anything and everything to do besides laundry. Hence, this post... :)

I really....
don't have much to even discuss or talk about except one thing....did you feel the earth shake yesterday? No? Well it did because I finally, whole-heartedly agreed with President Obama on a topic of much debate. Would you like to know what it is? I agree Mr. President.....Kanye West *is* a jackass.

Until next time my dear friends....

Love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours!

People who deal with life generously
and large-heartedly go on multiplying
relationships to the end.
~Arthur Christopher Benson


  1. Stitching always goes so much slower than we think it ought to. That is just a lovely design and I think you made tremendous progress on it.

    Isn't it funny how this off-the-record remark of POTUS generates more unanimity of thought than his public speeches!

  2. Great progress on VME! I hope you like your new schedule. I know you work long days but working 4 days in 2 weeks sounds wonderful!

  3. I agreed with the Prez's comment too - I think that was so rude of Kanye! I think you're making great progress on your piece. I think that we all think that something is going to go faster than it does.

    Hope that you like your new schedule much better. I think that I agree that having to work late Friday nights would be the pits - you're exhausted while everyone is rested up for the weekend.

  4. Lovely progress!

    And it was certainly a bit chilly in AZ when I too agreed with Pres Obama's remark LOL

  5. Nice start on Miss Peacock! This sampler takes longer than you think it would. I think because there is quite a bit of filling in. Enjoy!

  6. Dear Vonna
    Sometimes the work seems to get in the way of everything!!!
    Love your new stitch project!
    Haven't stitched much because of work too!!! :-(
    Hope the mail is my friend as well as yours. A week gone by but I think another will have to pass for me to start worrying about tour drawing lucky gift.
    This weekend I become a granny-aunt for the second time My niece had a baby boy!!
    Hugs for you and all the Pfeiffer's
    Paula Nunes Lima

  7. I love the fabric you're using for Ann PA Peacock.

    And yes, President Obama was correct in his assessment of Kanye. I felt so bad for poor Taylor Swift and what should have been a really wonderful moment for her.

  8. I think we have all had numb butt at one time or other. I know I have ant those are the best week ends.
    Happy Stitching

  9. Glad to see an update.I miss reading them.I like your comment about Obama.Have a super rest of the day!

  10. You make me smile. Love the progress.

  11. YOu had a productive, but-numbing weekend, in my opinion. Don't you LOVE when you do that for yourself? Me, too! Hope you have more, soon!

  12. Really, as long as the family has clean underwear laundry is nothing urgent. Least that is how I guage the need for laundry.

  13. You had a numb butt and I have numb hands! Oh, the swelling!

    Lovely progress on Vonna Marie Epperson :)

    I agree with you and Mr. President about Kanye being a jackass.

    Have you worked on your Me, Myself, and I RR lately? I just remembered the blog you made for that. I'll have to hunt down a link for it!

  14. Great progress--very pretty design. Yes, I know, work DOES interfere with alot of enjoyable things in life doesn't it? :p

  15. Vonna,
    You do crack me up - love the comment about agreement with the Pres. - it is true - the guy's a jerk and he's done it before. Why didn't they just remove him from the premises immediately and be done with it? Love your stitching - this is a beautiful piece.

  16. Looks like you got a heap stitched. I love the way you are personalizing the sampler.

    That was so rude of Kanye.

  17. Your "Vonna" piece is really cute. It's nice to be able to personalize a piece.

  18. Your stitching is beautiful, as always, Vonna!

    I heard the Obama quote on the radio today when I ventured out to do errands, but didn't know where they got it or what it was referencing. *NOW* I get it :) I have to agree. Total lack of class.

  19. Dear Numb Butt....:)

    I am so glad you got some good stitchey time in on this lovely! Heck, that would have taken me FOUR of those days to get that much done! You are amazingly fast, my dear!

    And since I don't care to talk politics on blogs....I will say, that is the ONLY thing I have ever agreed with him on! LOL Now, I am going to go and hang my head in shame, at spouting my political views. Then again, maybe no one other then yourself, will read this?

    Hope the new work schedule works out for you, dear one!!


  20. Your project is so pretty! I hope the new schedule works for you better-so hard trying to find that right balance.

  21. Your sampler is looking good Vonna! I like the new blog format. I plan to try some of those recipes!

  22. You'd hoped to get even more done??? Good heavens, what you did would've taken me a week! It's gorgeous, by the way. Really stunning. :D Enjoy your day, and watch out for that laundry!

  23. Frankly, I think that's the only intelligent thing I've heard from our president's mouth.

  24. Holy Tamoley! That's a lot of stitching IMHO! It looks great!

    I hope your new schedule works out well for you - sounds ideal to me!

    Have a great weekend.

  25. Gosh, Vonna--to me it looks like you got A LOT done! I don't know how you fit it all in along with raising four kids! And working part-time is the best, isn't it? I love my 2 1/2 days a week at the library...

  26. I think your progress is impressive!! And I'm with you and Obama...Kanye is a jackass indeed!

  27. Oh, Miss Ann (alias, Miss Vonna) is looking lovely. That's a great sampler.

  28. Great progress on 'Ann', it's looking gorgeous

  29. Hi Vonna,

    You made a lot of progress (in my opinion).. what a pretty sampler this will be..

    Hope you had fun doing laundry (hee hee!)


  30. Lovely progress, it is looking magnificent. I agree with President Oboma as well on this one, Complete Jack ASS!!!

  31. You're making great progress on this beautiful piece. The fabric you stitch it on is just gorgeous, it's like made for it. I also had seen the finished piece on Nancy's blog first and was completely taken away by it. It's in my stash since then and I think I have to stitch it soon.

  32. Your blog looks great! I like the top clickables.
    Your piece is looking pretty-had to chuckle because you haven't done her head yet. ; )
    Good luck with your new schedule. We are trying to have at least two people employed here-not easy.

  33. Hi Vonna! Thank you sooo much for sharing a tutorial with us for the stockings. Bless your heart! Your stitching and finishing is fantastic!

  34. Isn't that funny, I have agreed with nothing the man has uttered until that one comment. I guess i probably won't agree with anything else the man has to say, but hey, anything can happen once. Always love to see what you are up to! Have a great fall!


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