Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Thunks...

Hello Again Friends!
Is this what you call sporadic blogging? I've sure been sporadic for certain :)
Well I had to work the long Labor Day weekend...nothing like laboring the whole weekend while everyone else is sleeping :(
But I know I made some good mou-la, so I won't complain :)
This weekend after I got home from work I started Ann Pennsylvania Peacock and I made a few changes....can you tell?
(picture is clickable)
Design: Ann Pennsylvania Peacock
Designer: Little by Little
I bet.....
you can see that Ann no longer resides in my sampler, but I do....I'm going to make this my very own school girl'll all be the same as the design after this, I just changed the name and locations to my own ;) I really do like the colors in this sampler, it's sort of drabby, with shots of color to catch your eye, I likey!
I also have decided....
that I absolutely L-O-V-E this Zweigart Autumn Fields Linen...I mean L-O-V-E it...look at that blotchiness....perfect!
some blogging ladies stitch up some of the different Carriage House Stockings has made me want to do them all too. Oh, I've wanted to do them all before, but I have this hankering in my gut to do it or maybe its my heart....anyway, I want to do one. I have one kitted and it is the "primitive stocking". I likey. I hope after Ann that it will be my other new starty. And I was looking today on Carriage House's website and I was thinking I think she ought to do a Adam and Eve who's friends with Kathy? (SIOBHAN) TELL HER! TELL HER to do a Adam and Eve Stocking :)
I got my JCS Ornament Issue....
Did you? What do you think? My opinion is: this year's is OK. I think some of the finishing of the ornaments in the magazine is a little off. Look closely, there are crooked mounts, threads hanging off the ornaments (which is more of the staging person's issue), sewing stitches showing, there's a couple where you can see the thread being carried all over the place. I'm one of those people when I see things like that (without looking for them) it bugs me to no end. Then I can't concentrate on what I truly do like. One ornament, however, that I think takes the prize on ingenuity is the one that is finished to act like a Snowglobe.....little crystal seed beads act as the snow. They have the finishing instructions as stacking a bunch of mat boards cut the same on top of one another. I think if they would have just done one cut of 1/4 inch foam core that would have negated the cutting of multiple mat boards. But that is my opinion only. The ingenuity of the finish is GENIOUS...I really like it. And I'm too much of a slacker to get my rump up and find my magazine to tell you who the designer was....Look for it. CUTE! One that gave me a huh? momement was Brightneedle's design this year. It says "Christmas in July". The story they give behind the ornament is cute, and a wonderful thing....but they should have put that in the ornament PREVIEW issue that comes in JULY......who wants to stitch a ornament for July in December? I just thought that was weird, personally - but it may make perfect sense to everyone else! :)
What'd up....
this weekend? I hope a severe, nearly debilitating case of numb butt syndrome. I've worked 3 weekends straight and I'm ready for a little uninhibited stitching. Really....I AM....and I'm on course for a guilt free stitching hey day!
So until next time.....
Love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours!
Peace is not a season - it is a way of life.
~Author Unknown~


  1. Hi Vonna,

    Love your sampler and the changes..what a keeper!

    I want my magazine now! I thought the finishing was a little "off" on some of the Halloween ornaments in the last issue too.. It was funny, when I saw them, I thought, what would Vonna say about that crooked ornament? Ha! Ha!

    Well, I hope you have a great stitching day..


  2. Hope you enjoy stitching this sampler as much as I did Vonna! Your changes will make it uniquely yours. Little by Little is one of my favorite designers - not only the look of her designs, but I love her color choices. I'll have to page through the ornament issue when I see it at Barnes & Noble.

  3. I love the name change, Vonna. I'm always doing that! Your fabric is beautiful too, I'll have to make a note. I'll have to go on the hunt for the ornament issue.

  4. Love your sampler start Vonna. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the ornament magazine!!!

  5. Love the sampler you have started.I like to change wording on some pieces too.Makes it uniquely yours without taking away too much of the main intention of the design.Glad to see you 'back'! I haven't seen the new JCS ornament issue.Don't have a LNS anymore,have to go to Branson for that.None of the grocery stores in town carry it JCS anymore that I've seen.Never thought about going to Barnes & Noble to look,thanks for the idea Nancy.Thanks for another great post!

  6. Ok now you're going to get me wanting to stitch this one. I've had it in my stash forever! Siobhan's of course was also inspiration. :D Go numb stitchy butt! lol!

  7. Hey Vonna,
    Funny, I was just thinking of you today and wondering how you were. I love, love this fabric you have for your sampler. Great idea to make it yours. Lovely stitching!
    I haven't gotten my JCS copy yet - it's waiting, so maybe I can grab it tomorrow - I'm hoping to see some must stitch ornies!
    PS - Love the Alabama music!

  8. PS - love the quote at the top left!

  9. Yup, I agree with you...that fabby is stunning. Now I'm REALLY curious about the JCS ornie issue. It seems every year I get a little more disappointed with it but I hope not! :) A snowglobe? Sounds like on my 'to do' list :)

  10. I haven't gotten my JCS Ornament issue yet, but am on the look-out :)

    I'm with you...would totally love a guilt free stitchy day :)

  11. oh can you post a picture of the globe I haven't received mine this is no fair lol

  12. It will be a while before I get the JCS ornament issue, so I'll have to wait to see which ornaments you're talking about.

    I love the changes you've made to the Ann Peacock sampler to make it your own. I can't wait to see your finish!

  13. I just love your new sampler and agree that fabric really caught my "eye" too :) I'm dying to see the JCS Ornie issue now, I thought last year's was really slim picking!

  14. I absolutely love that fabric and will go looking for it! I haven't seen the ornie issue but won't get it most likely, since I never ever stitch 'em, but I know what you mean about the finishing. I see it in both knitted sweaters (pulled seams, things that don't fit right or weren't blocked carefully) and dress pattern models as well (dangling threads, mismatched seams especially in plaids and patterns--just stuff that itsn't CAREFUL). I blame it on the "good-enough" culture--and it's why I like my fellow needleworkers' blogs so much--everyone takes such care. And why I like your finished stuff so well also--everything I've seen of yours is just perfect--not sloppy.

  15. That linen is gorgeous and I love the way the blue makes the whole thing "pop". Very pretty Vonna.

  16. Hi Vonna,
    Love the sampler and the changes you made. I like the personalization. Isn't Zweigart Autumn Fields fabric just fabulous!! It is one of my favorites.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. Nice start Vonna!

    I'll be picking up my copy of the ornie issue tomorrow, so I look forward to checking out that neat finish.
    I also hope to have serious numb butt this weekend.....

  18. I'm with you. I always fall for the drab with a punch of color. That's my cup of tea.

    After stitching a CHS stocking, I've got to warn you, I'm now on a mission to stitch them all . . . or as many as I can get my hands on. Finishing my first, but after seeing them all done up at a trunk show, I know it won't be my last. "Primitive Stocking" is next on my list.

  19. Love how you're making this beautiful sampler your own!!!

  20. A lovely start Vonna! Your changes look great and the fabric is perfect.

    I wish I could get my hands on the JCS ornament issue to see what you are talking about :)

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Very much liking your newest start Vonna, and great idea to make it your own. I too like the CHS stockings and would like to do one 9at some point!)
    Wishing you a weekend of stitchy goodness :-) x

  22. I always look forward to your posts, no matter how far apart or close together they come!

    Your changes to the sampler are wonderful, and I agree that linen is GORGEOUS!

    Good luck working your way to a numb butt with stitching this weekend!

  23. Woohoo! I was so glad to start off my Friday with a post from you. :) I LOVE the changes that you made to your Vonna! You can't call it Ann any longer, it has to be Vonna. ;) Isn't that Autumn Fields soooo nice to work on?? I love it. I wish they made it in higher counts.

    The stockings... wouldn't an A&E stocking be INCREDIBLE??? I would love that. I would love a Halloween stocking, too. Oh, and a boy to go along with the CHS girls, says the person who couldn't design a straight line. I need to get back to my stockings, only have two finished but have all but one fully kitted & ready to go. I have to finish Sampler Stocking still... I wasn't happy with the threads.

    I can't wait to get my ornament issue! It's on order--hopefully next week.

  24. the change is perfect Vonna!.oh, ornies ornies...i am still make my bears ballerinas ornies (felt)..

  25. I love the new look of your sampler! I have been thinking about trying a stocking too! There are some really nice ones!

  26. The new sampler is looking good. Love the fabby.

    Now I'm really anxious to see the JCS ornament issue. I'm always one of the last to receive mine. But I suspect I'd never notice those finishing issues if you hadn't mentioned them. I'm the opposite of a perfectionist!

  27. Loving that sampler! Suzie. xxx

  28. Nice to hear from you girl and happy to hear you have a quiet weekend coming. Enjoy the stitching time.
    Love your new start and the idea of making it your own sampler. Look forward to watching your progress.

  29. Vonna...oooh, it's looking just gorgoues and I LOVE your changes!! I look forward to watching it progress!
    I hear you on the stockings...I have the CHS stockings and want to stitch them as well :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  30. Vonna, I love your change, to make this personally yours!! Awesome!!!

    The ornament issues for the shop haven't arrived yet, I need to call them, I thought they would be here by now!! And finishing extradinaire that you are, of course you would see those blibs!

    Have a wonderful stitching weekend, dear, you are deserving!!

  31. What a great start - feels good, doesn't it? I like your fabbie, too. I got a call from my LNS yesterday saying an order is here, and did I want them to put an JCS ornie issue aside for me. No, I'm a subscriber - but not here yet! Pooh. I'll take a look when I pick up my order.
    Love visiting with you!

  32. Me likey too! Enjoy your stitchy weekend!!!

  33. I love your sampler and the changes you have made to it!!! And I'm going to have to check out that linen and see what it looks like. If you like it, it must be wonderful!

    And I agree with you on the A&E stocking. We definitely need to get Siobhan in Kathy's ear about that. I'd stitch it in a minute!!

  34. Vonna--
    Love your personalized sampler!

    Hope you get a lot of stitchy time this weekend! You deserve it.

    Have a good weekend.


  35. Great start on Ann, it's looking lovely

  36. Love your new start Vonna.
    Thanks for the 'preview' on the JCS ornament issue. Mine is on order by has to travel across the ocean before I get to see it. I am intrigued by the snowglob!

  37. Love the colors in your new sampler, Vonna--and especially love how you are personalizing it... Can't wait to see the finished piece :)

  38. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Have to admit we often celebrate "Christmas in July" down here, because that's when our winter is, but even so I don't think I'd go out of my way to stitch an ornie for it! :/ Still waiting for a while yet before the ornie issue hits our shores, will be interested to see what's hiding between the pages this year :) Your sampler is coming along beautifully :)

  39. I love how you've personalized your sampler. And I'm with you on the it!
    The JCS ornament issue isn't out here yet. Heck I just managed to find the Halloween one.
    Enjoy some down time. Three weekends in a row is just plain crazy.

  40. First let me say you have a lovely middle name! ;D Your sampler start is "precious" (loved the story about the kids and your Mom using this word).

    Shoot, I did not get my JCS Ornament issue yet...maybe early next week. I will check out the snow globe, sounds like I might need to stitch that one.

    Hope that you got a lot of stitching's that butt feelin'? :D

  41. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Oh dear... I hope mine isn't one of the bad finishes you were taking about! I noticed my hanger is all crookedy in the pic, but I swear it was straight when I mailed it in LOL I actually found several in this issue that I'd like to stich, and I *love* the new layout :)

    Your sampler is so pretty!

  42. Hello Vonna!
    I love your sampler and I too have wanted to do something similar, but I've not found one that I really like (a sampler that I'd stitch, but change the name to my own). I tried googling Little by Little designs and Ann Pennylvania Peacock and found nothing. Do you know if the pattern is still available and where I might see a completed picture of it?

    Darn it! I can't find any good pictures of the stockings too! I have a really old JCS issue (1980's) that has a great stocking in it. Something I could see being published today and that many would enjoy. Some day I'll stitch it and some day I'll stitch the cat's stocking. I can't remember the designer for it. I also would some day (I hope I have a lot of somedays in my future!) stitch a stocking for each nephew. Someday.

    Haven't gotten my JCS issue yet. It should arrive this week. I have felt the same but about the Halloween issues. Some nice patterns, but nothing I'd write home about. But then I've always known I'm PICKY! :-)

    I hope you enjoyed a beautiful weekend with the kids. Julie

  43. I think that the changes you have made are wonderful! Personalizing it for you is perfect! Great job so far and I look forward to seeing more~

  44. Great start. I do that with my samplers too. I am not giving someone else credit for my work, LOL.

    I will have to look at the finishing on the ornaments. I thought a lot of the designs were cute this year, but they don't really show any clearly enough to figure out how to do the finishing.

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  46. Oh gosh, you're making it so hard not to want to just pick up Ann Pennsylvania Peacock myself! lol! It's gorgeous! I agree too, that fabric is wonderful! I'm going to have to remember that one.

    I haven't seen the JCS ornament issue yet. I'm anxious to see it!


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