Monday, September 28, 2009

Shiver Me Timbers....


What is happening outside my window (and blowing through it) today is enough for a girl to get up and grab a sweater! Brrr....what a thin skin I've gotten over the summer. And ME I *like* the winter time.....I always tell my husband it's easier (and better for most people's sanity) for me to put on clothes rather than take them off ;) Its been a busy week so I'll get down to the tellin' of the tale....
It was a right good day....
it was when I went to Michael's and found an open back frame to showcase my inlaw's anniversary sampler: A close up of the frame detail....

Then on Saturday on a wee bit o' a break from stitchin' my fingers off.....
I fixed my most favorite fob (the brown bunny one). Why? His fob cording was frayed and actually worn through and fell off my scissors :(

My friend Cathy B made this for me a long time ago, but I love it and so I clipped off the worn cord and made a new one...shebang! Good as new ;)

The other three fobs I made up from Fair and Square exchanges from this past year. Now I only have a few undressed scissors on my board...

notice the breast cancer awareness pair of scissors and the fob I matched with it...just a bit of earthy humor on my part :)

What else is going on?.....

I ran out of two colors of overdyes on Ann Pennsylvania Peacock *grumble, grumble*, well I started something I've long wanted to stitch for myself and it is Prairie Schooler's "When Witches go Riding..." There! I did and I'm not going to be ashamed...On Friday, I picked my fabric, picked a book on CD and got to work, here's where I landed at the end of Saturday evening before bed.....

that'd be what is up in the stitchin' department....on the reading end of things I finished a FANTABULOUS book (the 4th in a series with only one remaining to make an appearance next summer) by Karen Marie Moning. Its a paranormal romance/intrigue story and HUBBA HUBBA....ahem! The titles are: Darkfever, Faefever, Bloodfever and Dreamfever...YOWSA, YOWSA...lets just say, the storyline is excellent, the characters are stunningly drawn to life and Barrons can be my Druid any time he'd like to hop out of the pages.... :)

On Friday.....

the the postman came a bearin' gifts, from dear kind Edgar. Seems he found some beanie babies during his whirlwind clean out and sell off, and offered them up to lil' Ellie since she's got a beanie baby she is in beanie baby heaven....

she's saying, "ohhhhh so many babies!!!!"

And in the box...
was another treasure, but this time for Mama! Look what Edgar said he nearly knocked over a lady for in one of his treasure hunting excursions!

That's right a Jim Shore Angel! It's the Celtic Angel with an Irish Blessing on it....isn't it DARLING? I love it and it sets front and center on my mantel with my other two Jim Shore Angels:

I didn't work on Saturday....
and it was a brilliant day, so we played outside all day long with our friends....

Until next time....
love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours!



  1. Gorgeous stitching as usual Vonna! I tried your Chicken Gnocchi soup and may never need to go to Olive Garden again! I have my own recipe for Cappellini Pomodoro, and if only I could replicate that salad!!

    Wasn't Ellie a bit cold eating ice cream in the almost altogether?

  2. Glad you said to check out the melons fob! Very funny and I would have missed it! LOL

  3. Another great post! I've hear of others talking about the paranormal series you are talking about. I haven't read them but am considering to see if our library system or interlibrary loan has them. I sometimes listen to books on cd while stitching too. Good way to kill two birds with one stone! How's Katie doing with her new role? Hope you have a great one!

  4. Lovely stitching Vonna and I like the humour with the 'mellons' :-)
    Great mail from Edgar, I can just picture him with his elbows out, making a beeline to that angel.
    Hope your floss comes in soon, I hate it when I run out in the middle of a project.
    Have a great week x

  5. I've been thinking of When Witches Go Riding with a twinkle in my eye since Saturday, when I saw it stitched with an overdye (silk?) at the LNS! Yours is looking fabulous!

  6. Lovely stitching! I love that overdyed fabric. :)

    I have had someone else recommend Moirnings books as well. Gonna have to check them out for sure. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. What a perfect frame! I also love your new start!

  8. Love your new start. I may have to look into this one to add to my ever growing stash. Your new angel it so great. Enjoy!

  9. Love the fob finishes! and your frame is perfect! Awesome gift!
    DD really racked up with the beanie babies and so did you!! Edgar spoiled you both good!

  10. Oooh, nice fobs! That sounds kind of naughty, doesn't it? Looks like you had a practically perfect weekend.

  11. Har! Melons.... priceless! I lurve your new PS start - so cute and perfect fabric too! Lovely treasures from Edgar - how great to be spoiled, no?

  12. What a fun post! Let's see, where to start. Love love love the frame for the anniversary gift! It's perfect. Beautiful progress on your new start! I say it's your hobby, go for it. Stitch as many things as you want. :) Your scissor fob collection is so nice! Fun pictures of Ellie--looks like Edgar was a hit with his finds! The Jim Shore angel is wonderful, too. Have a great week!

  13. Oh my, what a fun post! First off, you're off on "Talk like a Pirate Day" by about a week or so. lol! But that's ok. Love your fob collection, and your Jim Shore angel collection and everything else too! Did you make that lovely Pfeiffer piece hanging over your mantelpiece? Spectacular! Anyway, thanks for the fun! I bet Ellie is in 7th heaven with her beanies! :D

  14. Great post, your love and happiness shows right through :) The frame goes very well with the sampler. Love the fobs, melons, I would have missed that. DD looks so happy with her new babies, love the Jim Shore Angel, you were both spoiled. I'm off now to check out those books.

  15. What a wonderful post.

    Gorgeous stitching. As usual. And that Celtic Angel from Edgar is beautiful. Love it. (If you ever decide you don't want it........... LOL)

  16. Perfect frame for the anniversary sampler!
    Great picture of Ellie and the beanies! And how generous is dear Edgar - not only beanies for Ellie but a Celtic Angel for you!

  17. I love your new angel! How sweet of Edgar to grab it up for you! Your new start is lovely! I can't wait to see more of it!

  18. Your posts always put me in a good mood, Vonna! I plan on making your Chicken Gnocchi soup next week--had to look up what "chiffonade" meant, though--I'm not the best cook :) Will especially be looking for the PS finish!

  19. Your scissors all look very dressed now.
    The gift for your inlaws looks beauitul in that frame :)
    How nice it is to be 4 - I loved the 'day in the life of Ellie' photos :)

  20. Hey Vonna your stitching and finishing is just fantastic!

  21. What a fun post, Vonna. Funny though - while we all think Ellie is cute as can be in her undies lounging on the couch, I doubt any of us would get the same reaction, do you. It's a pity.... she's a doll.

    Love the piece you stitched and framed - really pretty and the scissor fobs are fabulous -love the melons!

    What a sweet thing for Edgar to do. Have a great week.

  22. I love the frame with your sampler. Looks great!

    Isn't Ellie a lucky girl?!! It's raining beanies from Edgar! How fun! And it sounds like your mom was lucky as well. :-)

    I love "When Witches go Riding". I recently pulled some threads for it. Hope I can get to it soon.

  23. WOW, how lovely of Edgar to send those little cuties to Ellie and that gorgeous Angel to you, I love anything Irish and she really caught my eye, very pretty!

  24. OK, you know I love pictures of your lovely stitching, but that photo of Ellie is PRICELESS!! It's put a great big smile on my face, so thanks for brightening my day!!

  25. The weather here was awful today, too. Windy as heck, but the neighbor was chasing the leaves out of his yard with the leaf blower. Go figure!

    Love your start on the PS Witches!

    What a wonderful box of goodies you got! Love the Jim Shore (don't have one yet) and so lucky for Ellie to get all of those Beanies. She must be in overload :)

  26. Crikey is right!!! :D

    Love the frame you found for the anniversary sampler. And how cool of Edgar to send of his excess Beanie Babies to someone who will love them soooo much. And that Jim Shore just puts the whole thing right over the edge - you're one lucky lady, Vonna! :D

  27. Ok, you got my attention with the books on cd, I better see if I can find the first one....maybe the library??? When Witches Go Riding is a GREAT project and so fun!!!! You will have it done in no time, you stitch on fast forward girl!!! Great start for an evenings work. Oh, tried your soup recipe, you know the Olive Garden one...loved it, wrote it down and filed it in my recipe box. Thanks for sharing it.

  28. Lovely frame for the sampler, and I LOVE the fobs, especially the Melons LOL - cute. Your DD is hamming it up well - such a cutie. And I love Jim Shore angels - aren't they the prettiest? Enjoy!

  29. Your FABULOUS pictures make me wish I'd been at your house the past several days!!!

  30. What a lovely, wide-ranging post. I feel like we just shared a cozy chat over a cup of tea. The children look grand ... as does the stitching. The Witches Go Riding is on my own wish list but I am in no rush ... I could stitch from my stash for several years.

  31. What a great post. Lots of things to see and drool over. Your anniversary sampler is perfect framed.
    Love those scissor fobs.
    Katie is just too cute with the beanie babies hanging everywhere.
    That Edgar - that is quite the special haul. She looks perfect with your other angels.
    Have a great week

  32. Love the frame you found at Michaels. I think I may have to make a trip there this week! And how sweet of Edgar to send all of those Beanie Babies to Ellie plus the beautiful Jim Shore angel. The photo of Ellie is priceless!


  33. Hi Vonna,

    What a perfect frame for your anniversary sampler! Ellie is so cute with her new babies! How sweet of Edgar to send gifts to both of you!

    Your fobs are so pretty ~ I need to make one of these someday..


  34. Your start is just beautiful!! I am so glad you both like the prezzies - and she looks lovely with your other angels.

  35. well you have had a busy week!! and i also tried your method of stitching with the needle ( i was reading tammys comments) and it works!! although im very slowwww at the moment

  36. The frame is perfect for your inlaws stitched gift. And your new start is prefect...

    Love her face with all the bennies too funny! I saw a Jim Shore snowman at a gift shop near the beach last week and was so tempted to buy it,it was so lovely.

    Have a great day and stay warm it is very chilly here in San Fransisco also I think I may need my mittens LOL

  37. Wonderful gifts from Edgar, a great halloween start for you and I have to disagree on the whole winter thing. Doesn't matter how many layers I put on, I can never get warm. I can however put a pair of shorts and a tank on and be cool in the summer. This week we have dropped into the 60's and this mama ain't happy!

    Nice frame for your in-law piece btw.

  38. Great framing, it's perfect for the piece. Your fobs are lovely and your new start is gorgeous

  39. What a great post. So much going on. The piece you framed is wonderful and the frame itself is really great. Your stitching on the PS piece is wonderful and it makes me wish that I was stitching it. I loved your humor on the BC scissors - Melons indeed! LOL And how great of Edgar to score the Jim Shore piece for you! Looks great with your other ones!

  40. That was so lovely of Edgar. The angel is beautiful.

    That frame is perfect for that sampler. You couldn't have gotten a better one custom at the LNS!

  41. Your In-Laws are going to love their anniversary sampler!!! Love the pic of your scissors and quite a chuckle out of the melons ;)

    And I really love your new start too...I've been meaning to start that one, but guess that would mean I need to get busy cross-stitching!!!

  42. Wow! You have been really busy! Great stitching! Sorry you ran out of your needed threads, but what better excuse to start a new piece?! It looks great1 can't wait to see more progress!

  43. I love your collection of fobs - I have a couple of fobs where the cord has either been snipped off, or frayed, etc. I need to re-cord them; thanks for the gentle reminder!

    I love the Jim Shore angel, and those beanie babies are adorable. I bet Ellie was over the moon!

  44. lovley frame!.
    Ellie look so happy with those new babies!.

  45. Wow, I think that I need a nap after ready that post :)As always, I love reading what you are up to with regards to your stitching and your finishing. The Anniversary sampler for your inlaws is beautiful!!! I am sure that they will cherish it.
    Lil' Ellie looks like she is in heaven buried under all the Beanie is fun to see things that we enjoyed "back then" our kids are enjoying too. Nice that mom got a little trinket too! Edgar is very generous from what I can see.
    Lots of wonderful things in your post! And I feel blessed that you shared them and I was able to take time and visit!

  46. Hi Vonna!
    You look like you are having some fun, girl!! LOL
    Your daughter is cute with all those beanie babies.
    The weather here is getting cooler too.
    Your scissor fobs are gorgeous! I need to make some fobs myself. Mine are all naked.

    Hey, Dr. Phil, said to tell you Hi! LOL


  47. A lovely frame for your sampler, it matches so perfectly. Great fobs and your WIP is progressing nicely. Hope it's finished for Halloween. :)

  48. Love the sampler for the inlaws...just darling. And wow, love love love the Jim Shore pieces. I got the nursing angel for my DIL and I have (no big surprise) the uncle Sam one.

  49. The fobs are so sweet! As usual your work is sunning.
    Glad you had a nice weekend when the weather was still warm. It's pretty cold here now too!!!

  50. Hi Vonna,
    What a great post. Love the frame. It is perfect.
    Beautiful fobs and I really love the Angels.
    Lovely photos of your kids. They are very cute. - Sandra.

  51. Beautiful frame and your new start too!!

  52. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog from APP! I saw the picture of St. Teresa and my hear filled with memories! My mother talked about her all the time and she is my brother's favorite Saint. I have several pictures of her that were displayed in my mother's bedroom! Thank you for bringing back such memories!

    I love the work you do and your family is lovely!

  53. Do you know I live close to Lisieux in Normandy? When Chuy's family came to visit us, we went to visit the Basilic. It's one hour by car from here. It's beautiful there ( I had put pictures on my blog but I don't think you go to my blog.)

  54. Your framed piece looks great, as do those FOBS! I still am merely "collecting" F&S blocks.
    What a wonderful surprise from Edgar, he is so generous. I LOVE the Jim Shore Angel, you are a lucky woman...and Ellie a lucky girl. :D
    I enjoyed your St. Theresa post.

  55. The fobs and framing are awesome Vonna--truly! Thx so much for your kind words on my blog-you rock.

  56. Hi Vonna,

    Found your post about St.
    Therese quite interesting and
    the idea of little acts of
    kindness very appealing.

    I think that the on line
    stitching community has a high number of such acts of kindness, often done anonymously. Edgar is
    a case in point, sending Ellie
    all those Beanie Babies, and
    sending you the Jim Shore angel, just because. A generous soul

    Love the frame that you found at
    Michaels for your in-law's
    anniversary sampler. The
    whole thing looks terrific
    together, especially with the
    touch of red in the detailing
    on the frame which reflects the
    color of the sampler.

    Your scissor fob sets are so
    darn cute.

    Oh boy! You've started stitching
    a Prairie Schooler design, and
    it looks fabulous on that fabric.
    Can you tell me the maker and
    color of that fabric? Or is it
    one of your own dying projects??

    I am going to pick up that
    series of books by Karen Marie
    Moning since you loved them so
    much and gave them such a great
    recommendation. (Hubba Hubba)

    Congratulations to Katie on her
    election as President of Student
    Council for her school. That's
    wonderful and I'm sure she'll
    do a fabulous job. And I hope
    Mom and Dad have recovered from
    the stress and strain of the

    And good luck to you as you
    start the Weight Watcher's
    program. I'm sure you're going
    to find it a healthy and smart
    way to change your eating
    habits. Dani inspired me with
    her weight loss and I'm glad
    that my own journey has done
    the same for you. I just
    renewed my membership for
    another six months and we'll
    see how that goes. Christmas
    and Thanksgiving should be


  57. I wanted to email you about your above post and couldn't find your email. So I will just simply say thank you.

    Your stitching is amazing as always, I lurve black cats!

  58. Lots of things in this post!! Love the little frame you found for your anniversary gift! Love the PS design. Kids look sooo cute. All the best with your WW - I'm at Slimming World. xx

  59. Love your new start on's such a great piece!!!

  60. You don't know me, but I've been following your blog awhile. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the stuff you stitch, the stuff you collect, the cleaver way you use the stuff you collect, and your sense of humor. It's very refreshing . . . and enjoyable - katherine


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