Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A cluttered and chaotic mind...

Hello Friends!
I thought I better get on here and write something of substance and knowledge before all my followers decided to go follow someone else :)

The reason for the lack of blogging is.....
I have ~ now go grab a tissue ~ not stitched, not even ONE stitch, for about three weeks now. Why? Well school has started, that is one thing. The other thing is, with school starting so does PTO. I'm not an elected official in the PTO, I'm just a volunteer. But MAN do I volunteer. Because see I have a problem, when someone says they "need" something or "needs help" mind takes over and I think...
  • oh, that's not so very much to do...
  • I'm really good at organizing...
  • that wouldn't take long if I....
  • time? I've got lots of time....
  • to those that have been blessed much; much is expected

So then off I go raising my hand saying, "Oh, I can help..." or I open my mouth and say, "I can organize..." So my big fat mouth and my Catholic guilt get me in trouble every and I do mean every time. Here lately? Well I've done these things:

  • created a spread sheet charting 150 volunteers by name, phone number and e-mail address, marking each one of the 15 activities that the PTO sponsors through the school year - that they are interested in helping with. This position, you ask? Why...I am the illustrious (please hold your applause) Summit Elementary Volunteer Coordinator
  • I've also recruited, made the sign in sheets, sent reminders for the 12 volunteers needed at last night's Open House Celebration
  • I've organized, chaired and worked the 2nd Annual Bake Sale benefiting our 5th grade class trip. The Bake Sale occurred last night at Open House - since I was the Chair Person for this event I also got to donate to the Bake Sale - which I did, making 180 peanut butter blossoms and 6 (9 x 13 inch pans) of iced fudge brownies....we made $378.50 for the cause (down $100 from last year...but still good)
  • I've hosted 2 Monday Summit Star Parties ~ Oh did I mention I am the Star Party Hostess? which means I get to organize all the Monday parties through the year...and host at least 1 per month and fill in for those other hosts that cannot make their assigned times?
  • What about Staff Appreciation Luncheon Chair...did I say anything about that?

Well I think that wraps it up....that's not too bad, right? Well maybe a booking with a Psychiatrist is in order....

Stitching....stitching you say?
Oh....I've not done any of that....but does that stop my reckless thoughts? OH NO!

A couple of years ago I saw Nancy's
and then I saw Siobhan's
and then I thought...I HAVE to get I did and here it is:

Design: Ann Pennsylvania Peacock
Designer: Little By Little
laying on a cut of 28 ct. Zweigart Autumn Fields Hand-dye

Then ever since I've seen Deb's finish and frame, I've been OBSESSED with this lovely:

Design: Adam and Eve
Designer: The City Stitcher
(laying on a lovely cut of Sassy's Fabby's linen called Toffee)

And we all know my affinity for Little House Needleworks and here they all are along with a lovely cut of Blue Sky Hand-dyed linen (which you can't see, but is in there) - I think it will just be the cat's MEOW as the backdrop for this lovely series, that I have all kitted up and ready to go:

Sea to Shining Sea Thread Pack Series
collaboration between Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours

And although I'm more of her mother's style in decorating, Country Cottage Needleworks just grabs me most times (ok, ok...ALL the time), and I have all of these (well the ones released to date) all ready to rip through:

Winter Wonderland Thread Packs
Collaboration between Country Cottage Needleworks and Crescent Colours

And hell...why stop now?

I've got ALL of the BBD stockings kitted up (yep, that's right January through October) in this ziploc bag, ready to go and I've stitched ONE. ONE stocking from the July pattern book....but I've got 'em all...right there at my finger tips:

Designs: Tis the Season Booklet
Designer: Blackbird Designs

And I've recently fallen in love with the Goode Huswife, so I have been collecting (for posterity) her's Ida all dressed up and ready to go:

Design: Ida Mae Crow
Designer: The Goode Huswife
Do I stop the Insanity?

Remember her? LOL!

Heck NO!
I've got 5 Plum Street Samplers kitted, 3 Hands to Work Samplers kitted, A Chill is in the Air by Homespun Elegance, 5 BBD Loose Feathers, 2 large Shepherd's Bush (Family Sampler and Finch's Song) and Jan's new sampler all at the ready for a moment's attention....

Not to mention...
that I have LOTS of WIPs including: the Village of Hawks Run Hallow that I want to complete. All the NPI's, fabric and pattern for Carriage House Samplings Adam and Eve...should I go on? I better not.... because I've already totally embarrassed myself...

I guess....
that I let my fingers do the clicking to "add to cart" like someone else I know. Well that makes me in good company! :)

So that does it for me my friends....
one of these days - which I think it is in the air with my volunteering slowing down a bit now...that I may have SOMETHING (ya think? with all the stuff I have ready....) to show you soon!

I shouldn't even mention this (I really shouldn't) but you know that St. Charles market is coming up and the Good Huswife is supposed to release that Colonial Gardening Series book that is an absolute MUST have for me. Oh heck...I better just go schedule a confession now....

Until Next time.....
Love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours! XXxxxx


  1. Beth R.8:20 AM

    Hi Vonna! I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one buying stash like crazy and yet don't have the time to place needle to fabric! But one day we WILL have time to stitch and will have many wonderful charts to choose from. Have a great day! Beth

  2. Can't wait to see all these incredible finishes when your needle starts flying.

    Isn't stashing fun????

  3. Hi Vonna! I know what you mean about the voluteer thing.It can get carried avay quick.Seems the more you volunteer,the more you're asked to do so.However I try to remind myself about serving one another.What great goodies you've got planned. I would love to do Ida Mae Crow.She's so cute.As far as loosing followers...I'm not going anywhere and I'm sure others aren't either! Have a blessed week!

  4. Oh Vonna, it sounds like you are so incredibly busy right now! I did a bit of volunteering recently, and quickly found out it is a lot more work than it sounds.

    I have been doing more stash collecting than stitching lately. One of these days, I just might get to work on some of the projects :)

  5. Well good morning girl!! Thanks for the lovely, chatty, chuckling post this morning.
    I cannot believe all the things you have volunteered for. No wonder you are too tired to stitch. Good heavens girl have you never heard of the word NO!!! You should try it out sometime.
    All that new stash, wow. You can join the rest of us who plan to live to 125 to have time to stitch it all. Have a great week there girl.

  6. Oh yeay, I'm always so glad when there's a new blog update from you! :)

    On the volunteering, all i can say is that I am glad that over here, they don't ask for/require volunteers. I did a ton of it at my kids' school and church at home. Here, I've taught a few Confirmation classes but that's about it. Phew. Your kids will remember it, though--and that is payment enough.

    On the stitching. GF, I could have written this entry myself!! I just went through ONE bag of my stitching stuff yesterday and am thoroughly overwhelmed. I want to do City Stitcher's A&E and CHS A&E, too. You'll enjoy Ann PA Peacock--LOVE that cut of fabric that you got! Oh, and the BBD stockings... I only have one July stocking stitched so far, too. LOL At least we're in good company, right?? LOL I can't wait to see what you work on next, when you get a spare minute!

  7. I'm tired!!!! And that is just of imagining all that activity!!!!
    You better slow a bit girl or all these beatiful projects to cross stitch will have to move to next year and the list then will grow again :-)
    Hugs ans hopes that all goes well

  8. Oh Vonna, do I feel your pain with that volunteering stuff. I did that for a while - raised my hand and screamed "I'll do it", but after a year of helping out with math in the second grade, sewing pillows that the kids painted, running the school auction for two years and being PTO Treasurer for three (while the Principal was embezzling money) swore me off that excessive volunteering for good.

    You have some absolutely wonderful projects ready to stitch! You need to find some time, girl. Glad that you're going the A&E - it's a great one to stitch and won't take too much time. But all your choices are wonderful and can't wait to see some progress on them. Quit raising your hand! LOL

  9. Oh I remember those volunteer days! At least you haven't lost interest in stitching - just your time. Hope you enjoy Ann Pennsylvania Peacock. It was a wonderful sampler to spend some time stitching.

  10. Oh I love it! lol! Volunteering can definitely be dangerous to your stitching time. :D I just love all your kitted projects!!! That linen for Ann Pennsylvania Peacock is stunning! I want to get to that one too! Your list of kitted items isn't that bad. You should see mine! lol! And it's not going to stop with market around the corner. I want the Colonial Gardening series book from the Goode Huswife too -- it's a definite must. Hope you get some stitching time in! Our school starts today -- ugh!

  11. At least volunteering is a positive addiction. You have a really good heart!

    And you have the world's greatest stash too!

  12. So what do you do in your spare time?
    Oh looks like you have no spare time!
    How do you do it all? I need lessons, really!

  13. Hilarious!!!! I am breathing heavily just at the thought of all of that wonderful stash! if you can't cross-stitch at least you can fondle everything right???

    Hope you get to stitching soon!!!

  14. Oh Vonna, Wow, just reading your post of volunteering activities makes me tired!

    Here's hoping you can put your guilt on a back burner, and say NO so you can reclaim a little time for your fun projects!

    It's not like you aren't already keeping a busy family going....

    Have fun.


  15. I love your Stash Acquisitions!

    Take some time every day to stitch, even if it's a few minutes. I know there is something about pulling that thread through fabric that gives me courage to go through the rest of the day, even if my to-do list is long. I didn't stitch Monday night at all, and I was so agitated yesterday. Last night, I got to stitch, and was much more agreeable.

  16. Vonna, It is good to see that I'm not alone in my ambitious stashing!!! As for the volunteering, God Bless you! You are an inspiration - even though you may need to eventually learn to "just say no" ;-) (Can you imagine the sheer number of volunteer opportunities that will abound when Ellie gets in school too!!!) I feel my fall will feel much of the same once my kids start back to school next week. Great to hear what's been going on with you and hope you get to stitch some this weekend! Mere

  17. Oh Vonna, just reading your list makes me tired. :)
    Some of those future stitching projects of your are fabulous. And I do hope things quiet done a little soon so you can get started on them. Why? So you can get more stash quilt free. After all you have to have X number of things kitted up for the long cold winter months. Right? LOL

  18. Wow, you are one busy woman, Vonna! I'll let you in on a little secret--I actually totally stopped stitching for almost a 10 year period when my kids were growing and busy with activities! It wasn't until I needed to stitch a piece for my parents' 50th anniversary in 2003, that I picked up my needle again and realized how much I had missed it...

    It must be the smell of autumn in the air that is spurring everyone to acquire more stash for the long, cold months ahead. You bought some lovely pieces...can't wait to see them unfold!

  19. OMG, woman you are busy. You have said before on my blog that I was busy. Well, I don't hold a candle to you. Your school is blessed to have a mother that is willing to do all the things you do.

    Your kitted projects are wonderful. The stockings stitch up fast and that give you motivation for other stitching. For me it is hard to function if I cannot stitch even a little each day.

    Waiting to see your progress on all your projects.

  20. Vonna dear, you just tickle me so! But you forgot something, with all of that hand raising and volunteering, you have a heart as big as Texas, and I do so hope they know what they have in you!

    I love all of these projects, and can't wait for you to get some time to work on them!! I have so many things kitted up it is almost scary. My problem is not only lack of time, but serious slow-i-tis!!


  21. Dear Miz Vonna.

    I would like to formally apply for the Personal Assistant position that you haven't posted, but clearly need! I will happily follow you about with a clipboard, a very well appointed iPhone, and some gum. You can then feel free to tell everybody that asks for your time: "You'll have to check with my assistant", and then I can say "I'm sorry, but Miz Vonna is booked completely for September and October. Can she accomodate you in November?" And then I'll give them a snooty little look and tell them to STEP AWAY FROM THE PERIMETER.

    Good Lord, I've got waaaay too much time on my hands!

    Thanks for the post, Vonna. Now I'm going to have to think about getting out of my seventeen year old sweatpants and actually do something today.

    As to the stash purchasing, might I suggest: "Bless me, Father, for I have stashed."

  22. Don't underestimate Catholic Guilt as a force for good ... as Coordinator of Religious Education at a large suburban NYC parish, I am almost as good as a nun at manipulating that guilt reflex ... If I weren't, I'd be working much more than the 50-60 hours a week that I already do. But even I am stunned by the amount of volunteering you do ... and by the stitching waiting for you ... sounds like several years worth to me.

  23. Vonna, I really enjoyed your post today! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one building a stash that will last a few lifetimes! (And I'm not even going to mention all the WIPs I have.)

    I hope you get stitching soon so that we can see some of your lovely finishes!

  24. LOL - excellent stash. Soon, we will be snowed in & you can stitch for hours and hours!

    I call it the "back-to-school-shuffle" and there really isn't much spare time to do anything until a routine is established

    Enjoy projects, when you get around to them : )

  25. At least your are still collecting and kitting. Otherwise I would have been worried, lol! I have all of the BB stockings kitted up and that's what is in my stitching bag. I am on the last of the March designs and you might think that is progress until you hear that I am leading a SAL for the monthly ones at my local needlework guild that starts back up this month!

  26. Gosh....well.....geez. Don't know really what to say. SLOW DOWN!

    Hurry up and get back into your old routine of stitching. :)

  27. Well you have more guts than I do... I refuse to even try & list anymore of my recent stash purchases! LOL And you also left out your finishing buiness AND your job. Good grief woman, you need some VONNA time! I'm going to have to tell that DH of your to tie your hands to your side while you're at those PTO meetings, at least for a bit! ;-)
    Hugs my friend, hang in there & try not to work too hard!

  28. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Loved your "Do You Remember Her"...I laughed out loud at my desk.....that really struck me funny....just like the guy at the doctor office the other day.

    I know you are busy but your kids will always remember how much you did for them....just like I remember the thing your granny did for me.

    Love, Mom

  29. Oh I remember those days of volunteering at the that mine are all grown and no one has asked Grandma to do it yet I don't. Don't be embarrassed about what you have kitted.....I think I might just take the prize. I numbered all of mine so I could draw numbers of what to stitch once one was finished!.......(drum roll please) 125 all kitted and ready to go....that's ot counting the 18 store bought kits!!! And all of this after I have stitched 38 projects so far this year......can one say ADDICTION! LOL!

  30. Vonna,
    I've missed you and your blog! Glad to see you back, stitching or stitchless. It's people like you that truly make a difference in schools and their children's lives - You go, girl! And as fast as you stitch, you'll probably have half of these done in the month!

  31. Vonna, how do you have time to breathe with all that volunteering you are doing? I bet that school LOVES you... seriously. I work in two schools and know how important volunteers are. YGG! I love all of your new stash. That Adam and Eve Sampler and Ida both made their way to my stash pile as well a few months ago. Your list of WIPs and kitted projects sound like a lot of fun. We have similar taste. I can't wait for that Goode Huswife Colonial Gardening series either, but I don't think my wallet is as excited. :)

    Have a great week! Hope you find time to stitch. :)

  32. I got such a kick out of reading this! I was a professional volunteer from 1985 (when my daughter started kindergarten) till 2007 (when my son graduate). That's what happens when you're blessed with two kids who are eight years apart! Busy times, loved every minute, but glad for the slow down. I've got quite a few (not as many as you!) projects set aside and never started. My son is looking to buy his first house and I am determined to make him some artwork for his living room!

  33. Vonna, Vonna, Vonna.....we are going to have to teach you to say 'no' now and then. LOL I don't have kids but I used to volunteer a lot with my sewing and quilting guilds...which I eventually got over thankfully. I used to have lots of things kitted up but last year I took them all apart as I found I had so many duplicate overdyes etc sitting in kits. We just can't help ourselves can we - so many wonderful patterns and never enough time. You are not alone in this crazy addiction we have.

  34. Vonna - Phew! I am exhausted reading all that you do. I sure hope that school appreciates you :) Now I need to teach you a word, it is a bad word but I think you should add it your vocab, but DO NOT apply it to stash buying - the word is "NO" !!!

  35. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I am a teacher, so I am exhausted from the other side of the beginning of school..and wondering when I will ever get to stitch again! Time at home is only school work, weekends..same..but it will get better. Thanks for being so funny! ..and making it feel good to be human and have plans and dreams in the midst of detours. :) Terry in Texas

  36. Are you my twin? Did you read my mind? Not only was I a one-time chronic volunteer at school (full-time employment ended that), but I, too, was QUITE bad on a recent trip to my not-so-LNS. But oh, was it ever fun!! Enjoy your time with your new stash, whenever that might be.

  37. Vonna, you have many wonderful designs all kitted up and waiting to be stitched, I love them all! My mind is spinning with all of your volunteering but I applaud you and if you enjoy it then why not?

  38. WOW ! Looking at your list, I nearly fainted ! LOL
    Happy stitching !

  39. Hey Lady,

    With all your volunteer work I would have thought you'd have no time to add to the stash pile :) Glad to see it hasn't cramped your style in that area.

    In all seriousness, I wish you well in all that you do and I pray that your giving and helpful spirit will encourage those around you to lend a hand.

  40. You know what they say...If you need something done, ask the busy mom... she will be able to get it done! Your kids are so blessed to have a mom like you. I am glad that you realize how wonderful you are and reward yourself with stash. The time to do it will come eventually. Meanwhile I second the person who recommended stitching at least a little every day.... 10 minutes is better than no minutes! Bless you.

  41. I'm there with you. I spent so many hours updating our department's web page yesterday that I was actually dreaming about it last night. And, I may have purchased a few things this week.

  42. I am a famous alumini of that school volunteering and Catholic guilt! LOL! Between the two, you just don't have a chance!

    I love your new charts! I just have to get that Adam and Eve chart and I will have to contain myself on the Good Huswife booklet. Maybe it could be a Christmas present from DH!

  43. You are probably like me--I find that I am more productive when I have a lot to do. If I just have a little bit to do then I seem to accomplish a little. Plus being busy keeps me out of trouble.

  44. O.K. Vonna: Were the withdrawel pains horrible or what, I did this vacation away from stitching only once, and my poor husband felt my pain.
    He kept asking if I was going to put my stuff away that I was stitching and if not could he give it to his sister, oh nooooooooooo,
    I asked him if he liked his tools in the garage or should I give them to my brother, I only asked this because it had been about one month since he used any of them,
    slowly he backed away.
    So I sat down and started to stitch and made a promise to myself that i would stitch everyday even if only for ten minutes.
    Welcome back we missed you.

  45. You are a force to be reckoned with, Vonna!

    I used to volunteer like that at Max's school till they made up rules that you couldn't do any of the at-school stuff if you had a baby or young child with you. That put paid to my volunteering days. Hope to get back into it when Arden's older, though on a smaller scale than you!

    Love all your goodies, and am also eagerly awaiting TGH newest book release.

  46. Vonna! Your kits are AMAZING! And boy are they plentiful as well! I hope you get plenty of stitchy time soon. It can be really hard to say no sometimes.

  47. Ah, but three weeks off will make you appreciate it (stitching) even more. Tell you Catholic guilt this; will my kids remember me for the time spent directly with them or the time I spent doing all these activites for the PTA and school? No wait, don't! That might cause more Catholic guilt! Gee that guilt thing can be a vicious circle! Please don't take care of yourself. Having too much stress isn't healthy.

  48. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Vonna, you have some amazing projects ready to go. I look forward to seeing each and every one! I LOVE your fabric choices!

    Sorry for the Anon,'s the only way it would let me post-for some reason...anyway, it's me..BeckySC

  49. Oh my~ just reading your list I am overwhelmed. Bless your sweet heart~

    And wow what a stash! hahaha can't wait to see them getting stitched and pretty!

  50. You are my hero - volunteering hero and stitching hero!!!

  51. Vonna, I hear ya girl! I used to be the "yes" girl myself until I found myself sewing every child's costume for the Christmas pagent, after I had, written it, conducted the practices, (with music and dancing)and directed it. Then I realized why everyone loved me so much....none of them had to volunteer anymore!!

    But I did enjoy it because it was for my kids and I would've done it anyway! Now those cute babies are a girl Marine, a guy Marine, and a married mommy with a baby!

    Love and Stitches

  52. Oh Vonna, you made me laugh with this post! Did you have a lot of coffee when you wrote it? ;-) You are zipping along with lots of activities planned and volunteer work!

    And you are one big bad enabler - I heard about the Colonial series from you and yes, been saving the pennies for that release!

    Take care!

  53. Woo ... you have the dreaded "YES" disease. You're gonna be a busy girl, and you'll probably do a wonderful job. More power to you.

    I love, love your ready-to-start projects. That Adam and Eve are in my pile of things I wanna do right now.

    Good luck finding some stitching time. You deserve some!

  54. are very and I mean very busy, but I love your style. I don't know how you get everything accomplished,but you do and it's always perfect.
    I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful stitchies in your stash start to bloom...hugs, Linda

  55. Whew!No wonder you don't have time for stitching! I'm getting tired just reading about all your activities. Maybe you'll inspire me to get off my butt and do something! Work has been so overwhelming this year that I've fallen behind in everything.
    As for the stash, my excuse is that I'm buying while I still can afford it, before I retire. The way I'm going you'd think retirement was next month, lol!
    Sorry I'm missed your bloggerversary.Congrats!

  56. I know of what you speak...I had teachers at the school ask if I were an employee! :) You are good to do all that you do.

    Thanks for making my day... You win, you have way more WIP's/purchases than I do!!! STOP "ADDING TO CART" ";D

  57. :drowling: your new stash is amazing!!

  58. Hi-lar-i-ous!!! We could have been twins separated at birth. There's something so satisfyingly yummy about new stash.... and no calories!

  59. Hi Vonna,
    My goodness, you are a busy girl. I think thats the joys of having children. They go to school and sometimes we do as well. When mine were younger I used to feel that I lived there sometimes.
    What a lovely lot of things that you have planned. I really love your Ann PP. She is such a dorky thing. I seem to have a thing for dorky people lol. - Sandra.

  60. Vonna, you are superwoman!!!
    I am exhausted reading all that you do. LOL

  61. Lots and lots of fantastic and wonderful stash Vonna! I'm on a stash diet but I know that I'll fall off the wagon once Market comes to town. Oh boy...can't wait! :)

  62. Ok, it's been 4 weeks now almost -- so, how are the needles? No rust, I hope! Start 3 new things, that'll get you in the swing of things.

  63. Vonna. After reading your post this morning it got me thinking. My daughter just started Kindergarten and I was very interested in volunteering w/ the PTA in her school too. I'm a homemaker right now, love to stitch and love to collect just like you do. How is it that you still have such a beautiful smile and actually get things done w/ your lovely, gracious attitude still in tact? Just know that you are an inspiration and a shining star in my book. I only admire and strive to do as you do and really, really wish you luck in all you do. God speed sister! You rock!

  64. Beautiful stash and wips Vonna. Love the Little by Little design. xx


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