Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Matters....

Hello Friends!
I hope this finds you all I'm doing ok, but I'm in a bit of a "funk". Seems this time of year always has me in this mood....a bit pensive, a bit of re-evaluation needed, a bit down....I don't know if it is know things are starting to go back a bit, tired of summer, tired of no routine schedule, disorder to order.....I don't know. But the last couple of days I've re-evaluated my life and I've come to some decisions.

This Sole E95 Elliptical will have some time in my life. I do it frequently, but not everyday like I had been doing. So bright and early this morning....I was down and getting chummy with it again. I will say (now this is my opinion only) but I believe that the elliptical gives me the best cardiovascular workout with the lowest impact on my knees. I have knee issues...and I think my knees actually feel better when I work out on this. Today....I did 10 mins. at 3.8 mph for 3/4 mile done. This evening....I'll do another 10 mins. and shoot for 3/4 of a mile again. Since I've not been faithful this summer, I cut my time back and will work up again. Last year when I started this...I could barely do 5 minutes without stopping just going a normal gait progress, is progress. 30 minutes DAILY that is my goal.

we are made of it, and I need to drink more of it....8 glasses daily . I suck drinking water...oh, I drink a lot each day, but it is more of the tea/diet mountain dew variety, not plain water. So I will do this....come hell or high water....ha. ha. ha.

Here's another thing, that I've been neglecting lately, my daily walk with God....and it shows too. Of course I think about God, try to live a Godly life, think of my neighbors, be the person I want and God wants me to be, but I've neglected one on one time with the Almighty and I'm not afraid to say it. I've been given so much, have been blessed so much and the few moments that I have where I could give back...I fail... so I will write it down, it will happen daily.

Now I'm a chubette of the first order. Always have been, and I always will be - but I can be and have been a socially acceptable chubbette. I constantly am thinking about what I am (or what I have not been) putting in my mouth. Remember this past spring....I lost 25 lbs. I've kept them off, but I need to lose more today...I grabbed my Special K protein bar for breakfast, my black coffee and boy (!) am I full (!) (not) LOL! But I'll write down my calories and I'll make it a habit. My goal is to stay at 1200 calories daily.

Now then....
I've stated it for the world to see and I feel better all ready! I'm human and I flounder, however I shall flounder less and reap more! And in Scarlett's famous words, "As God as my witness, I'll never be hungry again...." Well maybe that wasn't the quote I was going for, because probably my not wanting to experience hunger is what has gotten me here in the first place...... but my head hurts so I'll leave it at that.....

Let's just say I put the "Tea Party" away for a (long) while....I cried....that's enough...for a (long) while....and maybe my failure at that is what has me viewing myself as a total failure? I don't know...deep thoughts by Tim Handy...

Until Next time....
whenever that may be....Love and Best Wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours! XXxxxx


  1. Oh how I feel your pain my dear. I've been doing TKD for three years and my weight hasn't budged. It's frustrating. I actually had a funeral for my metabolism. I'm the same with water. LOVE my ice tea, but no actual water. You're not alone with these feelings lately.

  2. I am the poster child of the chubettes, so I feel your pain. On all levels. YGG for making the changes and charging forward. We all falter a bit! About the water... have you ever tried sparkling water? I used to think it was nasty but when I'm in Ireland, I drink it non-flavored and poured over a glass full of ice. I buy the store brand 1.5 liter and hate to see the fizz go out of it, so I make sure to drink it all that day. It's like a soda but more refreshing. Here in the US, I chug down Poland Spring flavored sparkling water. It has just a hint of flavor--the lime & lemon flavored are the best, IMHO. It might help up your intake of water; I know it does it for me. I think the carbonation helps me to feel a bit more full, too.

    I know you wanted to stitch the Tea Party, but you know, stitching is supposed to be fun. You have so many things that you MUST do, so enjoy doing what you WANT to do. Good for you for realizing that the Tea Party wasn't a fun stitch. Maybe it will be at some point, but for now, grab up what makes you happy and stitch stitch stitch.

  3. It sounds like you have things sorted out. I'm sure we all go through these funks!!!
    Stay on track and have a good day one day at a time!
    Know we are out here for you and rooting for you as well!

  4. Sorry to hear you're in a funk Vonna. Sometimes I think this is just part of being a human being. I have been on and off diets so many times, and I think the key is just to eat healthy and proper proportions. It may take longer, but it will stay off. I'm starting again today! Also, if you drink some of your glasses of water after you eat your thirst will not only be quenched, but that one glass of water will really make you feel full. I think I've given up on exercise, but I have been thinking of taking a long walk each day.

    As for stitching I agree with what Siobhan said. This is supposed to be fun. If you like the design of Tea Party then it probably will be the project for you one day, but there is something else that wants to be stitched today so enjoy that one!

    Hope your day is an enjoyable one Vonna.

  5. "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you"
    Matt 6:33
    Boy your entire post today sounds just like me!So this scripture is for me to. I dont think I have ever posted to your blog before, but I felt moved to share this scripture with you this morning.
    I am going to add blogging to my list ;-)

  6. Must be the time of year, Vonna - I'm feeling a bit the same too. I haven't even stitched anything since Thursday! But then I did have a horrible cold over the weekend. I think I need a holiday - so roll on next week!

    And I really need to find some more time in my day for blogging and blog reading ...... anyone have a few extra hours in the day to spare?

    Take care of yourself and you'll soon be feeling better.

  7. Miss Vonna,
    Don't be so hard on yourself. One thing I realized when I lost 45 pounds is that you have to be a little selfish and take care of yourself. People might think you have "changed" but it made me change in a good way and I wouldn't go back.

    By any means you are not a failure..maybe just re-evaluate your own standards of yourself. I always say, when you say something negative about yourself, turn it around and say something positive.

    Don't let that tea party stitch get you down ~ pick up something fun to work on!

    Sending you a big hug! Have a great day..


  8. Wow, your being a little hard on yourself, don't ya think?
    Consider what you do in a day for your family, your home, your job, the finishing service, etc. You have a lot on your plate.
    It's good to get "back on track" but we all know that summertime is when it's ok to slack off a bit before the merry-go-round of school, holidays, etc. come back.

    Just take it one day at a time, keep on thanking the Lord for what you have and ask for His help as much as you need throughout the day.

    I betcha will be feeling better in no time!

  9. I've been visiting your blog for a time now and I always find it a constant encouragement.
    I was in a funk yesterday...just ask my DH! I feel so sorry for him sometimes.
    I exercise every morning because if I wait for even an hour more than I should I will talk myself out of it! I usually walk outside for 3.5 miles (takes me one hour) but today the fog just refused to lift so I did the treadmill...a harder workout but I feel better to have accomplished it. I wish I had a fancy do-dad like you have! It would be easier on my knees.
    I battle a constant struggle with my weight. I've lost/gained/lost so many times and I know that's not good for my heart. I don't set my goals too broad. Take each day as it comes.
    Sunshine expected all day today...bring on the vitamin D! It really helps my mood.
    Thanks again for your are an encouragement to many people, I know it!!

  10. Vonna - you're just putting into words how so many of us feel. I'll join you today on my elliptical as well. One day at a time! I also agree with the comments about pleasure stitching - too many things in our day are chores, stitching is for our enjoyment!

  11. I'm with the others. Not that there's anything wrong with self-evaluation and re-evaluation...and motivation...but I think you are being too hard on yourself.
    As far as the VS piece goes...put it away...and that includes moving past it in your head. So you ventured outside of your stitching comfort zone...good for you for taking a risk.

  12. Struggling Chubette here too. Sigh. It will be a lifetime battle, I'm afraid. I applaud your efforts to exercise--making the time (instead of excuses) is my biggest downfall.

    I stood my Tea Party in the corner, then I shook my finger at it, and now it's taking a long nap in the bin where I keep wayward projects. I think I can tackle it again, but I just need

    I expect we speak more harshly to ourselves than we'd ever do to anyone else.

  13. Good luck with your goals Vonna

  14. Love this post. I thought I was the only one who got the "August Blues" . This should be the happy-go-lucky days of Summer, but I feel a certain something dragging me down. It could be my gigantic butt!!! Yes, I feel the chubette thing too, although that term is a bit to cute to describe my body. I work in gymnastics and I get so disgusted with myself for not having that athletic body type anymore. Certainly I will not look like a 14 year-old star gymnast, but I'd love to lose about 20 pounds.
    Then there is that whole "seasonal" thing you mentioned. I get up some mornings and don't know weather I should be Spring Cleaning, dyeing Easter eggs, or setting up the Christmas tree. It's like something needs to be done and I can't figure out what it is. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. You've helped me greatly!

  15. How ironic! I have been sitting here at the computer thinking about going for a walk and putting it off and then I read your blog. Thanks for the inspiration - I am signing off and going for that walk. And I will be praying for you while I do.

  16. Vonna,

    I have so enjoyed keeping up with your blog...your are truly and inspiration to the rest of us!!

    We all feel your pain and angst...but, you have definitely taken a step toward recovery! LOL...Maybe your body and spirit are telling you that it's time to spend some time taking care of YOU instead of everyone else??!! Sounds like you may be listening too!! Best of luck with your tenacious as you are, you will exceed even YOUR expectations for yourself.

    Please visit my blog whenever you can! Keep smiling,


  17. You are an inspiration! Especially prayer. I need more prayer. Pray more, worry less :)

  18. You go girl! I'm sure you will do great working towards your goals. I think we all can use some self-improvement, I know I can! And as for the Tea Party...don't let it get you down, it just wasn't your cup of tea. {{hugs}}

  19. Vonna, you are so talented and inspirational. I hope you feel better soon. I love your blog and your tutorial blog too.
    Don't worry about setting the Tea Party to the side. Sometimes we have to put it away for awhile and work on something else. I have done that with several Scarlett Letter ones that get very detailed.
    Sometimes it helps me to intermingle some quick finishes to help me feel accomplished again.
    It will get better, hang in there!

  20. Hope you'll manage to keep your goals ;-) I also need to loose some (I can't stand to see myself in the mirror anymore ... )

  21. It's always good to have a re-think - just take your time and it will all work out.

    God bless.

  22. Vonna,
    Keep up the good work. I try to do the Elipical every other day I usually try to go 3 miles. It has made my knees feel alot better.I hope to have one of my own in my house one day. Then there is no excuss for me not to use it.

    For me ours is at the gym in our complex and I can always find amillion reason why not to go.

    Take care and just think of that special K bar as a nice big plate of fluffy panckaes with real maple syrup and some bacon on the side ;)

  23. I have been enjoying your blog. I understand and share many of your feelings. Chubbette, don't drink enough water.... also the August Angst. I think It is because I am a real creature of habit and there is only so much unstructured summer time I can take! Writing down your goals is a great idea, it always helps me keep on track. All the best.

  24. Another Chubbette here ! I keep saying tomorrow will be the day, but you have inspired me, today it is. I know from first hand experience writing down every bite helps and that is what I will start doing TODAY ! For the water, try adding a bit of juice, flavor it up.

  25. Praying for you girl! I usually get into funks like this in the winter and always set very similar goals! :) Hang in there! :)

  26. Anonymous1:26 PM

    You are my little Chubbette and I think you are just about perfect....not quite but almost.
    I love you...good luck on your goals. Just remember the little train....I think I can, I think I can, ............I know you can!!!!
    Love, Mom

  27. Good luck with your goals and good on you for setting them! This feels like a new years resolution post! I love how open and honest you are, your blog is great :)

  28. you are not a failure because you put the chart away for a bit!

    Keep going with the elliptical. I also have knee problems and after a week or so on it, they don't feel so bad. I let go of my gym membership a month ago, and I miss the elliptical.

    I think you can do it!

  29. Thank you for such a sweet comment! I try so hard not to be vain about my face, but I hate getting older :( I do not like wrinkles at all! hahaha But, it's my trial, where's the botox? hehehehe
    I need to exercise myself. My RA dr. wants me to try yoga, have you ever done it?
    As to praying, I'm happy to say that you made me re-evaluate my life, and I'm happy back at church, Jacob and I are attending every Sunday and I was gonna volunteer to be a greeter! I still feel lost somedays, but I know that God's just around the corner waiting for me.
    Thanks Vonna, you are the best!

  30. Okay, first of all be glad you are a chubette, I am way past the chubette stage. sounds like you have set very good goals for yourself.

  31. Good luck with your new goals, but don't be to hard on yourself as you work them all into your life, that's a lot to take on at one time. I think some of the feelings may be the season too, I generally get a bit down toward the end of summer, as I know winter is coming and I don't want summer to end. I don't know where the time goes but it flies by way to fast.

  32. Sounds like some great plans are underway. All positive things that can only make your life richer and better. CJ ok;-)

  33. All worthy goals we all could probably shoot for - I know they apply to me, too! Good luck and pretty soon hope to see your funk is gone. :)

  34. I love the phrase socially acceptable chubette! I put on a few pounds more than my "I won't ever weigh more than this" weight and became a Weight Watcher. I lost about 20 lbs and have managed to keep it off for 4 years. But it is a struggle every single day. I could stand to lose more, but I don't have the discipline to keep it off. Bravo on your 25 lbs! It shows that you can do it! Plus you have a great support system for stitching and life in general!

  35. Goals are very good, but don't forget to have enough fun. It's important!

  36. Hey Ms. Vonna,

    Keep your chin up. I take my hat off to you for losing the weight that you already have. That is not easy!

    As for the tea part? Maybe you should make a visit to Boston and throw it in the harbor? LOL

  37. Hi Vonna, sorry you are feeling a bit funky, I think we all have the same feelings evey once in awhile...but I like your plan. You have set great goals and bit by bit you will achieve them...if you slip just keep going. Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without working at it. I have the same Live Well motivational on my blog and it is a perfect way to start each day...I'll think of you each morning as I read it and wish you a great day....hugs, Linda

  38. What is it with water??? If it only tasted better we would drink loads of it. I struggle with it aswell, especially during Winter time. I have recently lost 6kg's (sorry we work on kg's here in Aus)and feeling very excited about the way I am changing, havent been under a certain weight since having my son. I have another 10kg's to go to my goal weight. It's hard at times with some weeks only a measley 100g coming off, but it takes time and the slower it comes off the better as they say!!
    Good luck with your new goals and hopefully you will come out of your funk very soon.

  39. Vonna, you're singing my song. But I also have to say that I agree with Elizabeth. You are a very accomplished woman who does so much every single day, so don't forget to give credit where credit is due.

    Take heart from your family, your friends, and your faith, and you'll have a new outlook.

    Good luck with all of your goals!!

  40. Good luck with your goals but don't forget to have fun too :)
    All the best !

  41. Vonna, I can completely understand and empathize with you right about now. My recent health problems have forced me to take a really hard look at myself and my lifestyle and yep there's some changes coming my way too :) You are such an inspiration to me, with your stitching and your look on life. As for the "Tea Party" some things are just not our cup of tea so to say, i'd put it away and forget all about it. Bravo to you for trying something new and incredibly difficult!

  42. Dear Vonna, I feel much the same too. It really must be this time of year. I have been thinking about life, dieting, stitching, the kids-the list goes on and on. It can make you crazy. Just trying to do the best you can is all you do and don't beat yourself up about it-though that is the hard part. Sounds like you have a plan-which is more than I can say right now. Wishing you all the best!

  43. I think it can do a person wonders to have goals to work towards. Just remember that no-one is perfect and don't be too hard on yourself. Don't let 'Tea Party' get you down, you are a wonderful, inspirational stitcher. Rise above.

  44. Vonna, you always help me take a good hard look at myself and I thank you for that (or it may never get done). I too need to start concentrating on many of these things much more!

    I think it must be this time of year. I have never been very at my happiest or most peaceful during the hot dog days of summer.

  45. Vonna, good luck with all of your goals! You should be proud of how inspiring your blog is to many of us new bloggers...I am in awe of your finishing skills--truly! And I'm a huge advocate of exercise as a non-medical antidote to any gloomy feelings. Keep it up :)

  46. Good for you on what you want to do. I need to be better about diet and exercise as well. As for the Tea Party -- don't get down on yourself. That is one hard piece!!! And you know, stitching is supposed to be fun. If it's not fun but frustrating and discouraging, you shouldn't be doing it. Relax, don't be hard on yourself.

    Oh, and water? I looooove water! I rarely drink anything else! On the other hand, I probably don't drink enough of it. :D

  47. I agree with Siobhan, stitching is supposed to be fun and not something that you dread getting back to doing. I am glad you told us about this project as I will not get it, even though it is so cute. I am stitching The Riddle by Drawn Thread and it has specialty stitches that are not hard to do but will add to the project. There are so many out there that are beautiful and fun to stitch, so I wouldn't even worry about it. I need to drink more water as well but don't enjoy it. I hope you can start something new and fun to do!

  48. Re-evaluating is always a good thing. I think it's wonderful that you're taking a look at the things you do want to have in your life and how to get there. And for Tea Party, well, stitching should make you happy not drive you batty. So, good for you for putting it away. I've just this weekend pulled a piece back out I wasn't happy with and I'm giving it a second go. Sometimes, you just need some distance from it. And that distance may tell you "chuck it". Big hugs.

  49. Know that you are loved my friend! :D

    Okay, I have been eyeing my treadmill (as I sit in the media room watching movies LOL) and am seriously going to step back on it...I might even turn it on. :D

    I must get a look at the Tea Party pattern to better understand your dilema..will do this next time I am at the LNS.

    Good luck with your many challenges ~ I shall pray that you achieve them all!

  50. Dear, kind, Vonna. I've truly been wondering when you'd have a dip one of these days! You do so much for your family and others...stitching friends and blogging and finishing and stitching...etc... It's far too much for one woman! You're doing just the right thing in reprioritizing, Vonna. Just move God up to the top of your list and He will carrying you right through the rest! Love and hugs, your friend forever, Deb

  51. There are more than a few of us bloggers doing the introspective lately. One has suggested that we do some of our re-organizing together. (Misery loves company?) I think you are just going along in the cycle of our lives and checking in, so to speak.
    I am with you on the water thing...I do tea, nothing much else. I even bought myself a cute little 20 OZ water bottle so that while at work, I can fill it and get over half of what I need to drink by using that one bottle. Do you know where that bottle is? It is at the back of the refrigerator at work. I forgot it the very first day. At least the water is cold!
    I need to get off my duff and get in gear here myself. My walk with God is lacking, my walk period is lacking. I need excercise and a diet program. Then perhaps my feet and knees will stop screaming at me. Good luck in your endeavors. I will say a prayer for you to help!

  52. I didn't read through all the above-but I would recommend eating lots of fruit-fiber baby! : )
    I'm a bit stuck in a rut with weight loss-I'm at the pre-menopausal age. I'm living with it, but not that happy about it.
    Anyway-you are lovely the way you are-as you have a great soul too!

  53. Vonda, I do wish we lived closer. I have the same issues in my life as you, well, most of the same. I find myself in tears at times because my life is so... unsettled??? I don't even know the right words anymore to describe my life. My, I don't even know what to call him, partner will work, has not had a regular job since Febuary and that job had not even lasted a year and he was laid off. He works now but just for minimum wage. He is trying to get some insurance sales going but the economy is bad. Money is the root of all evil. Unfortunately, you have to have it to live. You know I am crying right now just writing to you. I have just been keeping stuff inside. I need to lose weight as well, I have a 4 year old and I fear that one day I won't be around to take care of him. I am 49 and my weight is not on my side at this moment in my life. I know I am just babbling here, but it feels good just typing about my problems at the moment. I have friends but they hear my problems all the time and I don't want to bore them with the same issues over and over again. I know they would say that isn't true but you don't want to hear the same answer all the time. Well, I will let you go and thanks for letting me know everyone isn't perfect, and that I am not alone in this world. Cyndi

  54. Vonna
    Congrats on the weight loss and may the Lord help you as He promised in all aspects of your life. I have been really challenged lately listening to a series on the Seven Deadly Sins - one of which is Gluttony so reading your blog I am inspired. Same problem, same Lord maybe even same result??


  56. In order to achieve any goal, one must think positively. Then be realistic with your goals by writing down steps that you can do within a given time frame. Be dedicated and don't let distractions worn you down.

    Goal Setting Tips

  57. Maybe I should wait to comment until I've read all your posts! I think its fine to have put VS aside. I've done the same with And They Sinned, but I've been thinking about it more and think I'll be visiting it soon. Time away from something isn't bad.
    I love you other thoughts/comments. I'm trying several of them myself. But I do have a question! I drink tea. Regular old lipton cold brew tea. Does that not count as water? Cause I'm counting it as water and trying to avoid the pop. I've failed miserably at that this week, but I've also had more on my plate this week then I can handle.
    I hope the changes you've made, the start of school, the return of a schedule has helped and you're feeling better.


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