Friday, July 31, 2009

Time will tell....

Happy Friday Friends!
Hope that you all are ready for a FAB-ulous weekend! Me - I'll be at work, but that in and of itself isn't a bad thing. Since resigning from one of my weekend jobs (I used to work at two hospitals on the same weekend), life has been much better for me, I was plainly over worked, over stressed and that started affecting my life through the week. Simply it made Mom tired, and we all know Mom's can't be tired no matter how many children you have, but with four kiddos and a husband that leaves at 5:00 a.m. and doesn't return until 7 p.m. at night that's a little much on Mama :)

So do you want to know......
what has Vonna pulling her hair out?.....Here it is: Victoria Sampler's "Tea Party". Oh heaven's to Betsy this is making me BATTY! First off this is the first VS I've ever attempted, I fell in love with it because it is just cute, in my opinion. I didn't realize by the photos I'd seen online that it had so much NON-cross stitching. Although I should have known this since it was a know the love at first sight sort of hankerings you get gazing at the newest releases....
This picture shows the point where I'm at. The last of the cross stitching is the bottom white lace that I started and where my needle is parked:

Victoria Sampler's ~ Tea Party
Fibers: Miscellaneous from the thread "bundles" pack
Fabric: 28 ct. Vintage Country Mocha Belfast

Now I'll tell you friends.....
I don't claim, nor personally think I am the greatest stitcher in the world, in fact, I know I am not. I do, however believe I'm moderately intelligent...trying to stitch this is like trying to dissect a frog or maybe a fetal pig since I did the pig in college and we had to do it with finesse rather than the hack job that I did in 6th grade with the frog. You have to do it in layers, gently peeling back the connective tissues and muscle layers, getting into the "meat" of the issue...well that's what is like doing this VS. There is a list of steps and you stitch the pattern in these steps and referring to diagrams...DIAGRAMS? for a pattern...I mean its not the stitches, its a diagram for the pattern....oh my! And by the way, thank heaven that there ARE diagrams for the stitches because if there weren't....yep it'd be in the trash bin. I know I'm going to have to get my Rosary out when I get to that flower stem and the flowers, because I think there is actually crewel embroidery work on it....I haven't delved that deep yet I'm still on step #2 and I'm afraid looking forward will just make me want to throw up my hands in disgust. All I can say is: it's. gonna. get. finished. one. way. or. the. other. I guess even if I have to peer into hell itself! :o/

Now this morning....
When I was downloading the camera this is a sampling of what appeared on my screen:

I guess....
The girls had a photo shoot showing their cat attributes? Or at least their "paws" and their sharp "claws" - this I know must be the case because Ellie is constantly hissing at me and showing me her sharp claws and asking me to wash her paws.... *sigh* and I must admit...she's pretty cute when she does it! LOL!
we all know the cutest kitten in the house is Lil' Red:


Now it's off to work....
so until next time, Love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours! XXxxxx

May the Lord keep watch
between you and me when we
are away from each other.
~~Genesis 31:49~~


  1. Oh, yes indeedy on the VS project. It has not appeared on my blog lately because I am doing a most unladylike cursing and kicking it around the room. And because it sassed me, it's standing in the corner. Yep, grim determination + needlework = not fun, and when it comes to my free time, I'm a believer in the Fun Projects. I'm about where you are on it.

  2. Before you start tearing your hair out because of your VS Tea Party, go and take a look at the tutorials on her website. She's got some good stitch animations there. I can certainly see how the Tea Party would have enticed you.

  3. Ugh. It is pretty though.

  4. I'm with Glenna and Donna...hang in there...take a look at the tutorials (hmmmm maybe they have tutorials because others are in the same boot(Canadian for boat-they're in Canada)...bad I know...anyway...hang in there.
    The pics of the girls and the kitty are pretty funny...and a nice surprise no doubt when you found them.

  5. Vonna, I hope you persevere with the VS project - just think how proud you'll be when you master all those new techniques:) I've stitched VS projects before and the instructions and stitch diagrams are really very good - I'm sure you will be able to figure it out! Love all your beautiful finishes!

  6. Great stitching so far! I am sure you will master those speciality stitches.

  7. One band at a time. Don't worry or think about what's coming up next. Go check VS's site like others have recommended. It's all counted thread work - just like the cross stitch; only different. ;)

  8. I don't envy you the VS pattern. It's a beautiful chart but having to think to do it would stress me out!

    The kiddies and the kittie are adorable!

  9. Good luck with your VS piece. I've done just a few VS charts, and while I found them challenging while I worked on them, the end result was worth the effort.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. I sympathize with you. I'm currently tearing my hair out over a sampler with lots of different stitches. It's much simpler than a VS design, but plenty complicated enough for me. If you care to see the 1/2 way mark, check out my blog.

    And I remember dissecting a fetal pig in school. Completely grossed out us 14-year old city slickers. ;-)

  11. Wow, I loved that VS piece but had no idea that it involved that much work! I'm sure that if you can get through it you're going to have a wonderful finished piece.

  12. I can't wait to see how you do with this piece, Vonna! I fell in love with it too, but I've sworn off crewel embroidery. lol! Haven't done it since I was 10. Love the kid pics too! :D

  13. Urf. My one attempt at a VS remains half finished in a drawer. Naturally it was the first of the alphabet samplers, and I have a notebook with lists of things I was going to do to personalize it. I figure I'm a pretty seasoned stitcher but it just had me going batty. Stick with it, though--the end result is sooooo pretty!

    ROFLOL at the kitty fashion shoot!

  14. It's looking good!
    Hang in there with all those specialty stitches. I usually get intimidated with those but they make beautiful samplers.
    Good for you that you don't work two jobs on the weekend anymore! Gosh, makes me tired thinking about it.

  15. Vonna, I was doing crewel when I was six. You.Can.Do.This! Here's a virtual hand to hold while you work on it.

  16. After readings your post and others too, I am not sure about getting this but I just loved it so much when I saw it. It sounds like quite a challenge but I will watch yours and also look at VS website as one lady here said they have some tutorials to watch. It is so lovely and I didn't know it had lots of hard things to do, but it does make you feel good when you are able to do the specialty stitches and they look pretty. It is just a beautiful project.


  17. Thank you for my morning chuckle AND the warning about VS Tea Party. I will keeping an eye out for your progress reports before I even think about getting this pattern. :)
    Love, love, love the photos of Lil Red and the girls. :)

  18. This looks beautiful....what a wonderful piece and think of the joy and satisfaction you feel when completed.

    Your girls are sure cute and so is Lil Red....
    hugs, Linda

  19. You are brave! That sounds complicated! And a Rosary never hurt anyone. We ask Mother Mary for help frequently!!

  20. Ahhh, you'll get it all figured out. One way or another like you said. My nephews usedto bark at people, it mortified my SIL because they were not selective in who they barked at or where.

  21. I'm with Anna...let's all join hands now and send the stitchy love Vonna's way!

    Now may I just say that anybody who can do the finishing that you do will be able to kick this thing's heiney in about six minutes.

    You go, girl!

    Gimme a V! Gimme and O!....

  22. Breathe, it gets easier. Just do one band at a time and walk away if it starts to drive you nuts. That's what I did with my 1st VS and since then I've done several more...they definetly get easier with time.

  23. I found my first VS (Heirloom Christmas) a bit difficult. But, they do get easier as you progress, and each one afterwards is better. Mainly, because you know what to expect.

    I love working on them now because it is a great change from all cross stitches.

    Best of luck!! I can't wait to see more.

  24. I guess I will leave the VS stitching to you..sounds a bit stressful.

    Love the pictures of the kids and kitty, very cute.

    Glad to hear that you are not working as much and hopefully have more free time to stitch.

    Do you know of a Crescent Colours to WDW conversion? Can't find it online.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. I have seen this one finished and it is ever so pretty! Keep on persevering dear Vonna, you will get it done. I can certainly understand your frustrations!

    Just read what Glenna said, and I can't stop laughing! LOL LOL At what she said, not laughing at you, dear one!

  26. I wish you luck with the VS Chart and stitching it. I love looking at VS charts but I don't think I would like all those color changes for one. Have a good weekend. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  27. Oh dear. I fell in love with this piece too. However, I have read in a few blogs now the challenges with doing this one. Since I consider myself a pretty 'basic' stitcher I keep telling myself not to tangle with it.

    I wish you luck!

    Love the photos of all those funny faces!

  28. Your girls are too cute! Tell them that they are sweet little kitties! I've never tried all those special stitches, I'm chicken! Here's hoping that your weekend at the hospital is good!

  29. Fun pictures of the kids and little Red. Good luck with your VS piece, it will be lovely but all the specialty stitching would be rough for me too. Loved your earlier post of Witches Stitch. It turned out wonderfully, and the finishing looked great.

  30. You have me giglling at those pictures of your girls! Too, too precious. And Lil Red? He a cutie patootie too!

  31. It's looking lovely though Vonna, but take it slowly and one stitch at a time and you'll work through it.

  32. Ooooh.... good to know about the VS piece. That was totally on my list of things to get, but mehtingks it may be removed... I do enough cursing due to every day frustrations, I certainly don't need a stitchy piece to add to my angst, lol!! :) The pics of the kids and kitty are just adorable. :) TTFN!

  33. what a cute piece of stitching there Vonna and your kids are adorable. take care,kImberly

  34. Your pictures are so funny Vonna. Reminds of those that my little grand-daughter took at DH's birthday dinner - check out my blog!

    Tea Party looks good - keep on with it!

  35. Oh the Tea Party is lovely so far, Vonna. Just take your time so it doesn't get the better of you! And congratulations for leaving of your jobs! You really can't afford to overwork and overstress yourself! Your family needs you and your stitching buddies would be lost without you!

  36. Your VS Tea Party is looking so pretty.

    Love the photos!! Looks like they were both having lots of fun

  37. Good luck with your piece. Love the pictures of the kids, that is just too funny.

  38. Understand fully about the VS stitch. I stitched one a few years ago and it was quite the challenge. It is beautiful and now hanging on my wall, but I haven't purchased one of their patterns since. :-)

  39. Love the pics of the girls! How cute. I spent a fair amount of time doing some frogging on one of my projects. Sigh!

  40. Don't let this VS design get the better of you, Vonna! I know you can do it! And if you have a specific problem or question about the design there is a VS Yahoo group that Thea monitors and will be happy to lend a hand.

    I started the Heirloom Christmas a few years back, and haven't touched it for a couple of years, so I do know how you can get bogged down. Got all the backstitching finished for that darn Christmas tree on the top and pooped out! :D

  41. It's a wonderful design but I have to admit that it would drive me crazy as well with its crewel stitches etc. But you will manage, I'm sure.

  42. Love that VS Tea Party design. Guess I will wait to get it. I have just started VS Heirloom Nativity. I can relate. Told the lady at the LNS that I might be 100 before I get it done.

    Love the girl's pictures and Lil Red is so adorable.

  43. Congrats to you for making the decision to drop the other job. I know its the best decision. Its hard to keep up with kids, hubby, house, fur babies and be active in the school activities and uh, HELLO find time to stitch when juggling all that!
    I hope that all is well with the VS piece is coming along okay. You're so very brave!


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