Monday, July 27, 2009

Stitching like Crazy...

Happy Monday Friends :)
I hope this finds you all healthy and happy! Thank you to all the well wishes for my shoulder and neck....I was soon on the mend by Saturday and by Sunday I was 100% back to normal! We didn't do much this weekend in the way of activities, so that meant I had a lot of stitching time! HURRAY! So what did I stitch, you ask...well read on dear friends, read on! First I started my Country Cottage Needleworks Winter Wonderland Thread Packs...I think these are just darling and although these aren't my "usual" colors, I really liked the way the whole finished and framed piece looked. I figure I can have it out at Christmas and then all the way through to Spring! And it is C-U-T-E too! Here's the #1 block - Frosty Blue House all finished up:

Country Cottage Needleworks/Crescent Colors ~ "Frosty Blue House"
Thread Pack #1
28 ct. Vintage Examplar
Belle Soie Silks as provided

I started and finished the CCN house on Saturday, so Sunday I went through my stash and pulled out Little House Needleworks "Be True" and started it on Sunday. Today I finished and framed it in the Crescent Colors "Dee" Frame:

Little House Needleworks ~ "Be True"
DMC as charted
32 ct. Light Cinnamon by Sassy's Fabbys
Framed in the Dee Frame
So another for my wall to squeeze in somewhere ;) Tonight I'm starting something else new that I think I can maybe get banged out in no time....we'll see!
we went to see the new Disney 3-D Movie "G-Force". My kids really were wanting to see it and it was SO-SO, cute in places and overall entertaining, but I guess I was thinking it would be something a little be *more*....the kids even said they didn't think it was "that good". Sunday's paper said that G-Force knocked of Harry Potter's new movie so I was expecting it to be a blockbuster....its not....
So that does for me today, until next time....
"Love and Best Wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours!"
As a countenance is made beautiful
by the soul's shining through it,
so the world is beautiful by the
shining through it of God.
~~Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi~~


  1. Love this first little finish in this series. Also your Be True came out great, congrats on both. CJ ok;-)

  2. Two finishes? Congratulations!!

  3. Your pieces are just beautiful! You did a marvelous job framing that!

  4. Great job, Vonna! I can't wait to try framing something one of these days! Glad you're feeling better ~ have a great week!

  5. Glad you are better. Both pieces look beautiful! I love the blue colors in the LHN design!


  6. While your Country Cottage piece strays from your usual colorways [mine, too], I can see its appeal ... it really is a very charming piece. And of course, Be True... is lovely and more like what I am accustomed to seeing on your blog ... love the frame. I'd say you had a very productive weekend.

  7. Hi Vonna,
    OMGosh! You are one of the fastest stitchers I know of! Wow~ how do you stitch so fast? I've tried to be faster, but it just doesn't work for me. Any tips? Your needlework is just beautiful....I'm inspired to expand my horizons and to try and frame my own piece. Wish me luck! Carol in AZ

  8. You HAVE been stitching like crazy! Way to go! Missed commenting on your sampler wall. Color me GREEN! It is awesome.

  9. Hi Vonna,
    I'm so glad you are on the mend. Two more finishes? They look beautiful.

    I did some stitching this weekend too.


  10. Hi Vonna, I'm glad you are feeling 100%.

    Two pretty finishes....Be True is precious and I love the frame it's in....hugs, Linda

  11. Hi Vonna, it's good to hear that you're feeling better! Your finishes are beautiful, like everything in your blog :) I just LOVE your sampler wall, it's gorgeous! Have a happy day :)

  12. How in the world do you work on 36ct? Actually I'm not sure I even knew there was a 36ct. till you mentioned it....


  13. Love that Dee frame. It looks lovely.

    I took my daughter to see G-Force on Sunday and felt the same way. I had trouble following the plot myself so I don't know how a little one could understand all that stuff about the computer virus. I had fun guessing who all the voices were though!

  14. They both look very pretty!!!

  15. Your LHN is gorgeous, Vonna, and I love the CCN piece. So nice to see it stitched up. I'm on auto for those but haven't started the first one yet!

    Just wanted to say thank you for your basted and baked fabric tutorial. I tried it yesterday and I'm so pleased at how it turned out.

  16. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your Winter Wonderland is looking great! Just wait until you get the rest of them. They are just as fun to stitch as the first one.

  17. Lovely finishes!!

  18. Wow, two finishes! And both are fabulous. I love Be True by LHN.
    I can't wait to see what else you get done this week.

  19. Anonymous11:41 AM

    You have been one busy stitcher! I love it!

  20. How great to get two pieces completed! I love the frame! Your wall is growing and I can't wait to see a photo of it!

  21. You always have such great finishes! Love them both! Interesting about G Force -- I was wondering how that was. My kids are too old and dignified to go see it. lol!

  22. Vonna, you stitch so fast - both finishes look great!

  23. I am really debating about getting this CCN set...I love it I do but the L*K's new Christmas Flip Its are calling me too! ugh! I'll have to watch your progression on this one.

  24. Hi Vonna,

    I'm so happy to read that you are feeling better.

    Great stitching and finishing!

  25. Such pretty pieces.
    Okay my dear pal, I'm going to be finishing my Neighborhood Round Robin's border in a week or so (it's taking me forever as it's boring!) and I am going to try your framing method. No way am I using glass in a piece that big!I'll be heading to Michael's as you suggested. Can't wait to try framing. : )
    Hope you are all better by now. I am always hurting something and then bouncing back-lol

  26. Glad to hear you are noe 100% fighting fit again. Two wonderful finishes.

  27. So glad that you are feeling better. Love both pieces! Too cute!

  28. Beautiful framing and stitching! Glad you're better.

  29. Glad you're feeling better. Both finishes are lovely, congratualtions

  30. Beautiful start and finish Vonna!


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