Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Postman came bearing gifts...

Happy Tuesday!
I have a lot of wonderful friends to thank today, so I'm going to get right to it. Yesterday, I worked, but last evening I came home to a passel of good stuff! The postman must of had a pack as big as Santa's because here's the haul....

From Cathy B I received a gorgeous hardanger fob....isn't it simply beautiful? Here it is modeled on my Sarah Gingher's and I believe it shall stay on my Sarah's...utterly gorgeous! Thank you Cathy!

Then I came to a package from Harmien...and it is just wonderful as well! Here's Blackbird Designs "Pins and Needles" stitched by Harmien, it is so lovely... and as always she paid attention to detail and stained her lace with coffee, I believe. It's prim, it's a Blackbird Designs, it's wonderful...what's not to love?! Thank you Harmien!!!

Harmien also sent a little present for our newest member, Master Lil' Red - she sent him some kitten mittens to play with....and let me tell you HE LOVES THEM! :o) Thank you Harmien!!

Next my friend AmySC sent me a lovely Prairie Moon Patriotic Box for this Yankee Doodle of the First Order ;o)

And on the inside was a perfectly stitched and assembled Pincushion filled with walnut shells! I've always lusted after these little deals, and now I have one for myself! Here is is modeling some needles...Amy also sent me two packages of John James Needles...never tried them am excited to give 'em a whirl! But isn't this precious?! And it fits so well in my home too! Thank you Amy!

Next my friend Terry P sent me a bit 'O Good Luck - who doesn't need that?! - in the form of the "Good Luck Biscornu" and here it is:

On the back she included our initials and like I told her this morning...BFF's FOREVER! Thank you Terry!!

Lastly (as this isn't enough....)Sweet Julianne sent me a gift certificate for stash! (how can you go wrong with that, huh?!) And here's what I picked out:

I got a large cut of Picture This Plus "Earthen" lugana and 4 charts from The City Stitcher....I've recently become a huge admirer of Samplers, particularly primitive samplers...and The City Stitcher fits the bill with these lovelies...check out the "BEE SAMPLER" I'm thinking that will look pretty doggone nice framed and hung near "The Bee Man", huh? Thank you Julianne!

And lastly dear Annemarie sent a gift certificate to me too and I'm awaiting the arrival of Carriage House Samplings newest "Fredricka" to use it all up :o) Thank you Annemarie!

Whew! What a haul, yes?! I am most thankful for the gifts, but the biggest blessing of all is just the friendship of these ladies....I appreciate it so much that they take time out of their busy schedules and lives just to do something special for me on my birthday...humbling!

And until next time....
I got a frame for my Blessings and Kind Wishes...and am working on framing it and making a Framing Tutorial...so keep an eye here, if you're interest in learning how Vonna frames her needlework! I've had a lot of e-mails about it and I thought I'd just write it all down once for all to see, if they are interested, of course!


  1. Wow, what a haul! It sure is fantastic to have such wonderful friends. Everything looks so pretty and stitched with love and who said one has enough stash?!

    It's great to hear you'll be doing a framing tutorial. I've been curious even though I haven't asked. Your tutorials sure come in handy!

  2. What great gifts and from such great friends, too!

    I'm looking forward to your tutorial on framing. It's so expensive to have it done and we all need to cut corners these days :)

  3. What largesse! I have three of those four City Stitcher charts: I love the willow tree! Have fun with all the new toys.

  4. What great gifts! Those are all wonderful! You have some sweet friends! And I'v got those charts - you're right about the Bee one - with look good with the Bee Man's Garden! Wow - it's like Christmas in July!

  5. Me again - too bad I can't spell - must be typing too fast! LOL Got carried away in excitement with all your goodies!

  6. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Beautiful gifts for the sweetest lady! The box and pincushion are so pretty!!

  7. Wow! You sure did get some wonderful goodies! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday!

  8. What lovely gifts from some very sweet friends!

  9. What fabulous gifts from generous friends. What a wonderful woman to have inspired such creative & thoughtful gifts!

  10. Wow, those are some beautiful gifts from your friends. Beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady!

  11. What lovely pressies! There all gorgeous, but that little fob looks amazing :)

  12. Beautiful gifts Vonna, you are a lucky girl.

  13. amazing gifts, love the good luck biscornĂº.

  14. I would have hugged my postman had he delivered all of that! I have the PM Halloween box with the black cat and now I know what to fill it with! I NEVER would have thought of walnut shells! What a good idea!

    Oh and PTP Earthen is like my new favorite color. It's SO pretty. I have a piece of it do to Bent Creeks Tree pattern. :)

  15. You deserve each and every one of those precious gifts. They are all beautiful.
    Have a great day!!!!!

  16. Lots of great things Vonna! I love the BBD! Looks great!

  17. So many wonderful gifts, Cathy's hardanger fob is exceptional, and both pin cushions are great. Plus new stash and gifted at that. I love the City Stitcher designs too and have Fredericka on my wishlist. Enjoy, CJ ok;-)

  18. You received some beautiful gifts Vonna! What wonderful friends you have:)

    Love your finish of Blessings and Kind Wishes and it looks so beautiful framed.

  19. Wonderful gifts.

  20. What lovely things. Enjoy.

  21. Dear Vonna, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated day! You received some wonderful gifts from friends. Lovely thoughts and stitching. We're as rich as our friendships.... :]

  22. Such lovely gifties. Enjoy them all. BTW, the charts you chose with your gift card are all terrific. I love The City Stitcher, they have wonderful samplers.


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