Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'm a winner....

Do you think.....I'll start to believe that if I keep telling myself that?! LOL! I'm in a bit of an "emotional funk" of late. But I *really* AM a winner because I won this spectacularly stitched and finished pinkeep from sweet Angela and it arrived yesterday. Words that I try to live by ~ Thank you Angela! I love it!

Pinkeep from Angela

In a couple of groups that I'm in......the topic of "how do you store your floss/fabric" or "how do you organize your stitching items" and I thought I'd just take a picture of how I do it. I purchased drawer towers from Walmart ($16.00), they have casters so they roll....I have one for fabric and one for my flosses:

These DMC skeins are organized in ziplock bags according to numbers (100's, 200's,etc all together) these are just my "extra" ones for when I run out in my Spool Chest (about 1/2 down). I purchase a handfull every time they go on sale (4 for a dollar). See there is a handfull in the corner ready for me to put in their bags :)

Here's my Crescent Colours drawer Silks on left and cottons on the right:

Here's my WDW and GAST drawer:

Here's my friend, I made him a bed in the window so that he's comfortable while I'm working:

Here's where I finish - this is just our basement, and it is unfinished for the most part....but it has nice light and I can spread out and do what I want ;)
And here is two patterns that I'm wanting to start - like yesterday.... ;) if only I had time....Thank you to Lizzy and Cathy B for helping a sister out!

Now...what else? Hmmmm....a very nice lady that has become a friend of mine started a blog. Her name is Beth and her blog name is: Cross Stitch in the Garden . Beth happens to be the designer of Fanci That! Pop on over and give her a welcome, she's a dear!

The kiddos...... have just arrived home, and the evening commences all too soon. I'm planning on fixing supper, cleaning that up and hopefully sitting on my tooshie for the evening and stitching....let's hope I can!

So until next time....love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours! XXxxx

This one struck a cord today with me, I hope it strikes one with you...

"There isn't much that I can do, but I can share my hopes with you, and I can share my fears with you, and sometimes shed some tears with you, as on our way we go." ~Author Unknown


  1. lovely pinkeep.

    the drawer are a very good idea to store stash.

    thhe kitty look very confortable.

    have a great week.

  2. You are so organized!

  3. That is such a pretty pinkeep. Lucky girl. And organization is a very good thing. Nothing worse than not being able to find something! And great GH charts! I'm still trying to find Plant Virtue and In March and In April myself. I'm sure they'll make their way to my hands sometime!! I bet you can't wait to start them!

  4. Thank you for your organising tip. I recently bought a 5draw rolling plastic strorage whatsit, and filled it with charts in a nanosecond. It would make more sense to use it for fabric and the charts can make their way into the filing cabinet which I've already got set up for charts! Slapping myself on the forhead! Why didn't I think of that earlier? thanks!

  5. Oh Lordy - are you ever organized?! Lovely - now come sort my stuff, will ya? LOL

    Pretty stitching!

  6. You are ready to go with all that floss girl! Thx for the new blog addy---Fanci That! happens to be one of my most favorites! :)

  7. I'm so happy that you love the pinkeep :) Great organizing tips, now I just need some space, LOL!

  8. Congrats on winning Angela's cute pinkeep :) And I'm sure you'll enjoy stitching those lovely GH charts!

    Thanks for sharing your organization secrets...I love seeing different ideas :)

  9. The pinkeep is awesome, your organization drawers are great and the charts are on my to do list as well!

  10. Congratulations! That is a nice pinkeep. And, you are definitely a winner. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. Hi Vonna,

    I love, love, love checking out your blog freq. You are so creative. Your stitching is so beautiful. When do you find the time to do everything you do and stay organized?
    Carol E In Az

  12. Oh my gosh! Your kitty looks exactly like my Jazzy did before she went to kitty heaven. I have a terrible fondness for grey kitties.

  13. I knew you were a winner before you even said that!
    Love your organization. I am getting there, I have just spent my last two days moving stuff from my bedroom into my new craft room! Soon I will be able to walk around in my bedroom again! I have those drawers on wheels...they are fantastic!

  14. Congratulations on winning the pinkeep. Thanks for sharing your organized supplies. I need to do that.

  15. Congrats on the win! Impressive organization!

  16. Ooh, what a beautiful pinkeep! And kitty! :)

    Loved your organizational tips. I would love to do something like that with my fabric. I also would love to get all my charts into notebooks (they're in big Rubbermaid totes now) but am afraid that DH might notice. We exist on a 'what they don't know what hurt them' policy, me for stitching & him for golf. ;)

  17. Congratulations on winning the pretty pinkeep! I hope it cheers you up. You are so organized! Lots of nice stash too - enjoy your new patterns!

    Your kitty is beautiful! I have a weakness for cats which is why we have a FEW of them!

  18. Very nice winnings there, Vonna! Also enjoyed seeing a bit of your stash and how nicely it's all organized. :) One day I'd love to completely empty out my "studio" and do a total reorg. One day. :D

  19. Sending you lots of warm defunking hugs, Vonna. Hope you feel more like your sparky self again very soon.

    Your work area is so organized! I just love it. :D

  20. Congratulations on winning!! You are most deserving :)

    You are so organized..I'm getting there! Have a wonderful week.. Bee Man is gorgeous!


  21. I believe that we are on the same wave length, it is scary. I just finished my post and decided to do some reading...it's a bit of deja va over here. :D
    Your winning gift is perfect as are your organizational skills. I shall remember to post a picture of my craft space...it's such a nightmare!

    Have a great day.

  22. I hope reading this will make some of your organizational skills rub off on me. : ) You have tons of floss and fabric my dear! Where are your charts? I'm too embarrassed to show you what I've collected over the last several years-lets just say I could start a cross stitcher's library! I have to live to be 300 to stitch everything!
    Love your quote too.

  23. We store our stuff very smiliar! I figured we do 'cuz we have the same colored kitty kat! lol

  24. Congrats on your pinkeep! I have been lurking around your blog for a bit now, and I am so excited to have found it! You are an amazing stitcher! Thanks for showing us your VERY organized stash! Outstanding to know where it is! Cant wait to see what is next!

  25. Congratulations on the win! I just love looking at how people organize their stash and your bobbin bin is lovely!

    I can't wait to see you do more Goode Huswife designs!

  26. Gorgeous pin keep lucky girl!!! Great storage system! Love your kitty!!! I also love the two designs! They are both great!

  27. Hey Vonna!
    Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're enjoying the day with your family and not working this weekend.
    Congrats on the win!
    Thanks for sharing your fabric and thread storage situation. Now, how do you store your patterns? When I started stitching I stored them in 5 drawers; spring, summer, autumn, winter and misc. That doesn't seem to work any longer and I need a new way. I've got file cabinet space. Any suggestions?
    I had just told mom, if Vonna doesn't share any pictures of the prince, I was going to have to ask for some! He's so beautiful! And what the man, sitting with you while you craft. Give him my love.
    I hope your spirits have lifted. Get some swing/dance music on here and dance with your prince and little princess!
    ((hugs)) Julie

  28. This pinkeep is so lovely.
    My thread storing system is similar to yours. And I think it's easy to handle because I always find waht I'm looking for - if the threads are in their containers, that is, lol.
    The more charts I see of the Colonial Gardening series the more I love this series. It's a beautiful series.

  29. Vonna, you always are a winner! What a beautiful piece to win and I'm sure its quite poinant to you.

    I hope you've gotten out of your funk, or figure out what it is you need to cheer up! That's the hardest part sometimes is to focus on yourself when you're a Mother and a giver (becuase you certainly are a giver).


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