Thursday, April 02, 2009

In the Village...

Hello Friends! :o)

A big THANK YOU all of you who answered my questions about the Colonial Garden Series by the Goode Huswife. I boldly e-mailed Anne and she replied saying that her next volume of patterns coming out in September was going to be of the Colonial Garden Series! But I really need to say a BIG thank you to Lynda who *graciously* offered the entire series of the Colonial Garden samplers to me. Lynda says she stitched them all and has them framed and hanging in her dining room! I'm thinking Lynda needs to take a picture of her lovely samplers and post them on her blog! Don't you? What do you say Lynda? Lynda started blogging not long ago, but obviously she's a prolific stitcher! Thank you Lynda your generosity, stole my breath away - literally!

I've spent some time in the village.....and sadly I STILL haven't gotten that block #12 done :o(
I've been stitching and stitching, but filling in that entire block is taking some work. I've only finished in the village blocks #1 and #2....some time back (like 2006) is when I started that village. Pretty sad, huh? But here's my progress to date (maybe by the end of April I'll get this block completed):

Yesterday .... I started Bee Man's Garden by the Goode Huswife, and I got a pretty good chunk done, but I'm too lazy to take a week, for sure you'll see a picture. I purchased a yard of Purely Primitive linen from Silkweavers and have just been holding it back waiting for the *perfect* things to stitch on it. Well now I've decided that all my Goode Huswife Colonial Gardens will go on this's in Newcastle 40 ct. So far it is stunning!

Yesterday... I also got a call from my LNS - they had a client that wanted something finished. She was "vacationing" here in Bloomington (her son lives here) and she is leaving Saturday morning. They said "no pressure" but if I got it done they'd be able to give it to her prior to her I got my *rear in gear* and finished this - isn't it darling? Not the greatest picture...but it's a wallhanging (using my new technique) with a handsewn ruffle all around the edge:

So...that's the story of my life - consider yourselves up to date! Thank you again for your visits and comments, they make me smile!

Until Next and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours! XXxxxx

Friendship is a gift from God
that's blessed in every part....
born through love and loyalty...
conceived within the heart.


  1. I am not in the least surprised that there was someone out there ready and willing to help you out!! Enjoy those new stitches. There is not that much left of your HOHRH - keep up the good work!

  2. Hey! Don't feel bad Vonna, I started Houses of Hawk Run Hollow in 2005! And I am no where near done! Take a picie of the GH bee soon! I wanna see!
    Have a blessed Holy week!~Annie

  3. I know I love the Goode Huswife designs as well but they are very hard to get my hands on...I cant wait to see your progress on Bee Mans Garden.

    I love the wall hanging you did It looks fantastic and I am sure that the lady is loving it. I am going to be calling on you fairly soon to do a few finsihes for me. I cant wait :)

    Till next time Take care friend.

  4. nice for the subjects!

  5. How sweet of Lynda!! The generosity of stitchers never fails to move me!

  6. Glad you got the GH designs - that's awesome! Love you finish - very pretty. Good luck on VOHRH.

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the GH designs. That is so wonderful of Lynda to offer them to you. Stitchers really are some of the best people on the planet. :)
    Love your finishing on that cute piece.

  8. wow, you are so fortunate to ask & receive so soon!!! That is awesome!!!! Your finish you did looks great!!!

  9. Yes there is good people in that world. Wish they were more ...

  10. Vonna, I just love the piece you finished for a client! TOO cute!! Nice work :)
    VoHRH is coming along...that's the way I feel with HoHRH..I stitch and stitch and it seems I get nowhere in a hurry :)
    Have a nice day!

  11. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Thank you for inspiring me to pick up the Village too, Vonna. It's slow going, but we'll get there... ;o)
    Love your 'spooky' finish!!!

  12. How nice of Lynda to offer her charts to you! I will say again that people who work with fibers are the nicest people around!

    Love your new finish!

  13. Oh that's GREAT to know that Anne's next book will include these charts. I will hold off on trying to buy anymore (and save my pennies for the book - LOL!).

    Love that adorable ruffled finish!

  14. Vonna, that wall hanging is darling!! Your finishing never ceases to amaze me :) Your CHS project looks lovely, I have it too and keep thinking darn that's huge! I'm so glad you found an answer to your charts and the generosity of other stitchers amazes me too!

  15. Another one here that started Houses in 2005/2006, so don't feel bad. Only on House 5. Then had the audacity to start the Village (only one block done), and THEN went on to start Shores with Siobhan and some others! But that's good news about the Goode Huswife charts. And I'm really intrigued to see these stitched up. Perhaps you can get Lydia to take some pictures! Anyway, your WIP looks great!

  16. I still feel a little faint after receiving your e-mail yesterday :o) And you have to fill me in on that fabric you're using for the Colonial Garden Series. Every colour I have is too dark!

    You're a very brave soul for continuing with the Village. I've given up. Too big.

    Love your wall-hanging type finish! Tres Halloweeny :o)

  17. Vonna, I'm so pleased you located the charts you were looking for. Yes, this stitching community is amazing, so friendly and generous. I am 'getting to know' so many new fellow stitchers.

    Share, if you would, the name of your LNS. Just in case, I'm ever in your area and have a chance to visit it...

    Many of the shops in our area have gone by the wayside... so sad.

    I will be anxious to see pics of the goode huswife pieces!!

    happy stitching.

  18. You certainly need lots of stamina to stitch these, I would love to do shores , maybe some day when I can stitch and stitch without big gaps to then get fed up in ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend coming up , take care

  19. I love the finish you did and please don't worry about not finishing VOHRH yet. Hey I started Catherine Agnes in 2006 and it's still not finished! And that isn't that big and I only have the corners and a one little itsy bitsy block to finish. Love Patti xxx

  20. I am not surprised that someone out there had these for you! Fellow stitcher's are just the most awesome and helpful people in the world!!!! I know you don't thinks so, but your progress is coming along nicely! It is looking great! Can not wait to see a pic of Bee Man's Garden! I just Love the finishing on the halloween one for the client at your LNS shop!

  21. How nice that you managed to get those charts :) Another stitcher helped me out this week too in a similar way - there are some lovely stitchers out there!

    Cute finish with the ruffles and VoHRH is looking wonderful!

  22. I bet that stitcher was thrilled with the hanging finish! Your finishes are always so inspiring, Vonna.

    I think you're making great progress on your Village block -I know some of them seem to take forever!

  23. First of all, I adore the burial ground square! Right up my alley! And your finish for the LNS is awesome! I bet the recipient just adored it.

  24. Lynda is so nice and generous ! There are so many helpful stitchers around. Looking forward to seeing your GH designs :)
    Great job on the hanging finish :)

  25. That's wonderful that Lynda offered you those charts, and yes! I think Lynda should get those photos onto her blog - we would all love to see them. Thanks for sharing the info about the new GH vol 3, and thanks for emailing to let me know.

    Gosh, with all that you do in your life, I think you get loads of stitching done, and wonderful ones at that too! So, there, feel better!

  26. love the finishing that you did.

  27. What a sweet thing for Lynda to do. I have found that most of all my stitching friends are very generous and kind. Glad you will get to stitch them!

  28. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Love the cute ruffly finish!
    And may I say you look terrific in the photo with your guys!

  29. Hi again!
    As soon as I've worked out how to send/post 'photo's - am a bit new to all this technology! - I'll show you the picture of the Colonial Garden series, at present hanging in the dining room!
    Have a lovely day all!

  30. Oooh, I can't wait to see Lynda's pictures! :)

    Love your wallhanging! YGG!

    And a super YGG on the Village! I looooooove the HRH designs but they are so stitch intensive that each block is truly a finish in & of itself. Your cemetary block is coming along great! I'm still slogging through block #5 on Shores, the block that I was sure would take me two days to stitch. *insert eye roll here* Have a great weekend!

  31. What great friends we have in stitching, Vonna. I'm so glad you'll have your charts, and can't wait to see your results! Darling finish, too. You're so generous to take time to help others.
    Hugs, Deb

  32. So great for you to get those charts from Lynda. I'm very curious now and looking forward to seeing Lynda's finished pieces on her blog.
    Great finish on the Halloween piece, very nice edges.

  33. I love the piece you finished for the LNS's client. It looks fantastic. Out of curiosity, what is your new method for doing wall hangings. Lately that has been my preferred finishing method and I would love to have more than one version.


  34. I found all that all the filling in on the houses is so incredibly boring as well. Great finishing job!


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