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The Goode Huswife...

I need help! And I know that you all out there are knowledgeable beyond belief :)

Last summer I was gifted with a pattern in an exchange:
It was The Good Huswife's "In the Bee Man's Garden". Well I love it, but I recently was kitting it and I realized that this is #1 in a Colonial Garden Series that the Goode Huswife put out with folky verses written by Thomas Tusser in the year of 1597. (OH NO...this is not good...a series...and I love the verse...oh no...I feel a bit nauseated).....

My questions are:
How many of these existed - and do you know the titles? (and of course they are now "out of print" and now like a fire burning in my blood to know more about and find these samplers!) I just hate this when there is this unattainable thing that you discover and want. Now, a couple of things I do know is: that "The Bird Tree" was one of the Colonial Garden patterns and "One Seed for Another" was one....does anyone know the others??

Does anyone have one of these ellusive patterns that they are done with and would like to trade for my Bee Man's Garden when I finish it? Anyone have one they want to sell that is in this Garden Series? Need some stuff finished? I know a finisher that would love to trade work for said patterns. I'm like a rabid dog now....I. MUST. FIND. ALL. COLONIAL. GARDEN. SERIES. PATTERNS. BY. THE. GOODE. HUSWIFE. THAT. IS. NOW. OUT. OF. PRINT. OF. COURSE. ! JUST. MY. LUCK. AS. USUAL. TO. BE. A. DAY. LATE. AND. MANY. CARDS. SHORT. OF. A. FULL. DECK.

:) PLEASE HELP! *invision sad puppy dog eyes* I just need to know more about these....thank you!


  1. Another option for finding the rest of the series is to contact The Goode Huswife designer directly. She is back designing and she might have a copy or two hiding around in her office/stash whatever.

    There is also a web site They have lots of old stuff on there.

    Good luck.

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Sorry, sorry, cannot help here.

  3. Oh, my goodness Vonna, Hun! Seems we have the same Bee in our Bonnet! :) I started looking for these on Sunday as I had seen One Seed for Another finished on a lovely blog and then happened upon another lovely Goode Huswife finish on another blog and then there is Jan's lovely header on her blog and that was it! That Bee was flitting around in my bonnet and wasn't going anywere! And I'm just like you... it's become an obsession! A fever in the blood! lol I found One Seed for Another on eBay and I'm bidding on it... however chances are I'll be outbid on that one as I'm sure it's going to climb above my means! I also found Plant Virtue #7 in the Series and bought that one with Buy it Now... And the same lady has another one I'm itching to buy on Buy It Now but the price is rather steep, so I'm sitting here stewing and trying not to click on that button! I'll let you know if I find out anything else whilst on my Goode Huswife treasure Hunt! :)

    Good luck, Dearest Vonna! :)

  4. I can't help, but good luck!

  5. I was going to suggest the same as Kathy. I was looking for what was considered an OOP chart from CHS and Kathy had it, so possibly Anne would have an old copy. I have a lot of her patterns, but to tell the truth I don't know which ones are in the series. And too, she has been re-releasing some patterns too, so maybe she's got them around. Maybe I'll have a look and see what I've got laying around too.

  6. I don't know the names of the patterns you are looking for but I found that Bee Man's on this site so some of the others listed may be part of the series:

    I don't know anything about this shop, but it may be worth emailing them to see if they really do have them still. When I clicked home I had to remove the rest of the address after the back slash.

  7. You can contact Thistle Needleworks in Connecticut ( This is my LNS when I lived in CT. They have a huge inventory and a lot of OOP charts. The owner, Judie, is very knowledgeable and responds to inquiries quickly. Also, their shipping rates are very reasonable.


  8. That website listed above does have several, but I don't know which ones are in this series. I have right many GH, but mine are the cats, etc. Anne is back in print and has a book out for sale with a lot of old patterns in it. Not sure which ones. You could try e-mailing her @ and see what you get. Good luck!

  9. Just stopping by to give you a Hello, and good wishes on your quest for the charts.

  10. You have one more than I do Vonna! I am dying to find these designs! good luck and maybe we can share any information we find!

  11. Vonna, just email Anne, she is very nice, I have met her before, and did some model stitching for her, she will list the ones in the series for you. She released a book with her old designs in it a while back, they may be in that. I have a bunch of her charts, I'll see what I have. I'm thinking there were maybe between 5-8 designs in that series.

  12. I believe she has a website:

  13. Good Luck! I wish the designers would make all their old patterns available digitally. Wouldn't designers, retired or not, rather receive the revenue than all the people on Ebay?

  14. I can not help you but I am sure there is someone out there who can! Good Luck!!

  15. Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat as you--the boat where I discover a wonderful series AFTER the designer has retired the charts! I only have one, In Her House, and it's not mine, it's a loaner from a patient friend who is waiting for me to stitch it. I do know which charts are in the series, though... I'm not sure if these are all of them, but the series includes--
    In the Bee Man's Garden
    Wife Into Thy Garden
    In March & In April
    One Seed for Another
    Thy Houses & Thy Barns
    The Bird Tree
    Plant Virtue
    In Her House

    Good luck!

  16. I hope you will find the patterns you want ;-)

  17. I'm no help whatsoever but hope you find them all. xx

  18. Oh Vonna, great minds DO think alike after all. I will be starting Wife, Into Thy Garden once I finish BBD's Rites of Spring and I want the LOT. Anyway, when I'm done with mine I would be happy to trade mine with yours. And perhaps Anne can be persuaded to have another book published with this garden series? If we all ask her very nicely??

  19. Sorry, I'm no help to you at all but I do appreciate the smiles you gave me with your post.

  20. Good luck with your search! Sorry I can't hep out.

  21. Oh gosh, we should start a club! I recently got into the same GH frenzy too. I broke down and bought Vol 1 but it doesn't have the charts you are looking for - and I don't even know what they look like.

    I hope that she will start to re-release some of her old designs. Sounds like there would be a lot of people interested!

  22. No help here either but good luck to all on the GH hunt :)

  23. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Vonna, you are TOO funny :)

    Donna in WV

  24. Hiya! I have all the charts in this series - I stitched them all sometime ago, and they are lovely! Would you like the charts? If you e-mail me your address, I will put them in the post to you - I live in the UK so they might take a few days to arrive. My e-mail address is
    Have a lovely day.
    Best wishes.

  25. Hi Von, I am so glad you found what your puppy dog eyes was looking for. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  26. I actually read all the comments because this is a series I also adore but have only got Wife, Into Thy Garden. They go for OUTRAGEOUS prices on ebay. I liked Michelle's idea of designers offering retired designs digitally rather than letting people sell them for blood fortunes on ebay. And then I saw the Lynda is actually going to mail you the lot, you wonderfully lucky lass. Enjoy, and do keep us all posted with your progress of them! :D

  27. Let me know if you are in need of any.
    Lynda was very nice to offer.
    I did pull one out to do since I got so inspired looking through the charts to see if I could help ya, lol
    I agree with Barbaram they go for so much and the designer loses all that profit they make off the OOP.
    I am glad I have had bought mine alomg time ago. Like so with the BOAF and Marry Gary
    Happy Stitching!!


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