Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hello Friends! I've been remiss in showing my stitched ornaments for the Christmas Ornament Swap that I am in, so here is the last two installments I've stitched for the monthly recipients:

Designer: Mary Garry
Design: Seasonal Momentos
Fabric: 28 ct. bake and basted
Fibers: DMC as charted
Finished for: Carol

Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: 1999 Yearly Santa Claus
Fabric: 25 ct. ivory lugana stitched 1 over 1
Fibers: DMC
Stitched for: Cathy B

Then last week, the sweet, sweet Julie sent my sweet Chatty a set of kitten mittens filled with cat is the sweet prince after I opened them and gave them to him:
eh??? what are these?

ahhhh! I LUV them :o)
~~Thank you JULIE!~~

It's going to be a Turbo Thursday here at the homestead....Katie's got an Orthodontist appointment today....tightening of the braces...that means mashed potatoes and ibuprofen for the big princess today. Poor dear.... A quick stop at a burger joint for Katie and Ellie - then it's back to school for the preteen. Mama and Ellie, get to go back home for a quick Chatty catch, box into his pet carrier and off to the Vet for dear Chatter. He's due for his Feline Leukemia test and the little dear has been having some bathroom issues so I've asked for them to evaluate him on those. I think changing his food *again* is in order....He's already mad at me because I don't let him have his Fancy Feast any more and he just has dry I'll see what the Vet recommends. THEN it's back home for a Chatty release back into the wilds of his kingdom - back to school to pick up kid #1 and kid #2 from the 3:10 end of school bell, to the homestead to start homework for kid #1 and kid #2. WAIT maybe 1/2 hour - then back to school to pick up kid #3 from tutoring. Back home to drop off kid #3, grab kid #1 and her clarinet -THEN on to band practice. Back home for 1 hour. Hurry make supper....*hurry* *hurry* ..... then back in the van to go pick up kid #1 from Band practice. Back to the plate supper and welcome the dear husband home from a hard day of work. WHEW! I think I'll go back to bed..... :o) Oh, and though I don't mention kid #4 very much, she's always safely ensconced in her toddler seat and in the van....she calls it her van - that's because she's in it so much! LOL!

Before I go....I'd like to share with you some news my Mama received on our Ben's organ donations. Mama called me yesterday and I could tell she was upset, however it was because she had received a lovely package of information about Ben. He was able to donate a kidney to a 13 year old boy, a kidney and his pancreas to a 55 year old woman, his entire liver to a 61 year old man, a cornea to a 26 year old man and a cornea to a 22 year old man. Ben lives on in two people from Indiana, one person in Michigan, one person in Virginia and one person in California.....his gift of life - if you think about it - spans the entire USA and it is like he has spread his arms from the east coast to the west coast in a loving embrace. It is oddly comforting to know that in our grief, his last wish was fulfilled and the young man with a heart as big as the sky above was hope for the hopeless. He helped sustain lives for the hopeless and the sightless. His mother, my Aunt Sarah, received two corneas when she was still living...and I can remember how happy we were when she got the call to go get her surgery performed, yet how we thought that someone had to die for her to get the call. So, with us being able to know see it from both sides - it is even more poignant. Our hearts still ache, we still grieve, today marks one month since his death and sometimes I cannot believe that he is gone. We love him so dearly, it is heart breaking - yet to know that in his death he gave hope to the a blessing in and of itself.

This is a work weekend for I won't be around again until next week stitch with joyful hearts for me, I shall be thinking of you all....

Until next and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours! XXXXXX

The real secret of happiness is not
what you give or what you receive;
it's what you share.
~~author unknown~~


  1. Hello Vonna,

    You cat is sooo cute!!
    I can't stop smiling while I see your photos about her (her or him?).

    Regards from Hungary,


  2. What a wonderful gift of life from Ben and from you & your sweet Mama. My father was able to give the gift of life to people, too, when he passed away, and it is a bittersweet joy but a joy nonetheless. In Ireland, we have what's called the 'Month's Mind', where the family has a Mass said for the loved one that passed away. Prayers going out for all of you & for your Ben, too.

    Love the stitched ornaments! Your State Fair is wonderful, too.

  3. I love how thoughtfully you write about Ben. In all your grief, you articulate your feelings with such beauty.

  4. How lovely that Ben has been able to help so many other people - I'm glad that it is a comfort to you and your family too.

    It sounds like you have a busy day ;) I love the ornaments you stitched and sent - beautiful!

  5. Oh you have brought tears to my eyes about Ben. What a true blessing for him and for those who received him in their lives. I didn't know you Ben but you rock.

  6. Beautiful ornaments Vonna! I have to get started on one myself for an exchange! That's great that Ben was able to help so many people. I hope you and your family are able to take comfort in that. Of course you are still grieving. It will definitely take time. Take care and now that many people love you and are thinking of you!

  7. Sweet little ornaments, Vonna!

    Its wonderful that you and your family, while in your grief, can cherish the knowledge that sweet Ben helped so many people live much richer lives through his gifts.

  8. That is wonderful that Ben will live on in so many others! What a gift! Your ornaments are so sweet and I hope you get through your very busy day and can get stitching again. I know how that tightening of braces go - I have an almost 12 year old who reminds me how much it hurts!

  9. What sweet ornaments and how wonderful about Ben's organs living on to help others!

  10. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Gosh, I'm exhausted just reading about your day! What a beautiful kitty, mine love their catnip toys too! How wonderful that Ben has helped so many other people.

  11. You have such a gift with words Vonna. Your words of Ben and his gift of life brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad that his sharing of himself can help ease some of the grief you feel. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  12. Vonna your schedule makes me tired!! I have had and still have many days like that-with 4 kids it just comes with the territory. To me they are Jonah days, I hate spending all of my time in the car. :) One time I put 100 miles on my van and never left town! I hope to learn to do it all with a joyful heart like you do!

    I am glad your family has the comfort of knowing that Ben is still giving, even now. God Bless you all.

  13. Your ornaments are so pretty Vonna - Mary Garry and Prairie Schooler always have so much charm!

    Kitty loves those mittens, doesn't she?!!

  14. Such wonderful gifts that your Ben has left for so many.

    And, your ornaments for Carol and Cathy are lovely!

    I loved seeing Chatty's response to Julie's wonderful gift!!

  15. Thanks for sharing about the donor recipients. You can say whether or not you want to be one on our license, and I have always checked yes, but now I'm getting 'up there' in age, so wonder. It definitely is the ultimate gift.

    Hope all is well with kitty too.

    Lovely ornaments!!

  16. Lovely stitching! I love the catnip pictures... too cute. Glad that you have some wonderful reminders that Ben lives on in other's lives. It doesn't remove the grief, but it's comforting to know that good has come from something so tragic. Keeping you all in prayer.

  17. love both of those ornaments. very nice job Vonna.....

    Ben was a special man and his prescence will still grace this earth.


  18. Vonna, it brought tears to my eyes readings about Ben's gifts to others. I found your blog just recently and am hooked! I loved looking at all your finishes. They are just all so beautiful. I am really loving this Mary Garry ornament you just did. Do you know of where I might find the pattern for this?
    Thanks and have a great day.

  19. I don't know what to say Vonna other than

    Many hugs from my home to yours. Keep the faith.

  20. Thanks for sharing about Ben's gifts. Your love for him shows in your writing. WOW, I'm tired just thinking about your day of picking up and dropping off of kids, I would most likely leave one standing in the rain :) Your ornmanets are wonderful.

  21. What very special gifts Ben has given to other people.
    Love the photos of your kitty and the catnip toys - - - a look of pure delight on his face :)

  22. Such wonderful gifts - both yours and Ben's. Generosity overflowing from your family into the world!!!
    Keeping you and your sin our thoughts.
    Big HUGS!!!!

  23. I just love the ornie's! They are both fantastic!! You are busy for sure . . that happens with kids! But what a great busy it is, even when you are so tired from running you can not stay awake! LOL

    I think that Ben's gifts to these are people are just amazing!!! I love to read about Ben because it is so obvious that he was an amazing young man and even after his life is over, he is still giving!

  24. What a busy Thursday!! When I have a day like that I usually go to bed exhausted and feeling like I've accomplished nothing as chores were left undone while attending to other things. :D

    It's awesome to know that Ben's gifts have brought health and happiness to severalfamilies across the nation. Your story is a touching one with a message that can never be too-oft preached. :)

  25. Beautiful ornaments, gives me a great idea of what to do with my 25ct fabric now.

    It's just amazing how one young man can touch so many lives. What an amazing gift!

    Reading about your busy day makes me want to lay down and take a rest.

  26. Hello Vonna,

    Ben will be remembered and not only by you!!! How good of him ...

    Your cat is beautiful, good luck this weekend & I hope you don't have to run like today!

    Greetings, Carolien

  27. your cat is so cute!!!

    Ben bring life to these people, he give hope.

  28. What a wonderful thing Ben did. You should all be so very very proud of him and I hope you mom is feeling really proud of him instead of upset. I really like your ornaments too. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  29. Ben took part in the ultimate PIF. Kudos to your family for allowing his legacy to live on in all those families that he has helped.


    You amazing me - I have trouble keeping track of the schedule of one - I don't know how you do it with four little ones! Hats off to you!

    I love your ornaments - especially the PS one - it's beautiful!

  30. Beautiful ornaments Vonna!

    I hope this coment finds you and the kids all tucked into bed and resting. I hope there were no hicups with your busy day.

    Glad Chatty liked his mittens!

    Happy Sitching!

  31. Just want to say, thank you for sharing, Vonna :)

  32. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Love the ornaments, especially the Seasonal Momentos design. They will look lovely on someones tree.

  33. The gift of life is a wonderful gift to give and its wonderfl that Ben will live on in so many people. God bless you and your lovely family Vonna as you continue to grieve for him {{{{hugs}}}}

    Your ornament finishes are beautiful! I love the Mary Garry one. I have not seen that before.

  34. It's so sad he had to died so young but so wonderful he saved so many lives : it lakes his death less meaningful ... hugs.

    The ornie is lovely ;-)

  35. Wow Vonna I don't know how you do it, that is some schedule! Hats off to you!

    So nice to know that Ben helped so many people from all across the country too. I signed up for organ donation this week and your writing about Ben was the inspiration.

  36. It is wonderful that Ben will continue to live on through his gifts.

    I hate days when I have to run here, there and back to there again.

  37. Vonna you are an amazing woman! How do you fit so much into a day?

    I love your ornaments and thanks so much for sharing the info about Ben's gift of life, that's the ultimate gift.

  38. I am happy to know that Ben's spirit lives on through someone out here in California. What a blessing Ben was and still is!
    I pray for peace for you and your family. I sill miss my Mom after 25years. She lives on in my heart.
    I remember those days when all my girls had completely different directions to go in after school. Luckily two of them were at the same school, making the pick ups and drop offs a little easier.
    Take good care of yourself. There's a lot of energy needed from you, it sounds like!

  39. My you are having a busy day, I don't know how you keep it all straight. Hope you are able to find a bit of time for yourself in there. Lovely ornaments, and Chatty looks so cute with the mittens, what a sweetie. While it is so sad why an individual's organs become available, what a wonderful gift they are able to give to others by being a donor. As you say, in a way they are living on and making some good come out of a tragedy. {{hugs}}

  40. Lovely stitching and finishing.

    How lovely that the tragedy of a death can have such a fantastic outcome. I am sure your cousin would have been so pleased to know that he had helped so many people.

  41. The ornaments are so beautiful, and both are so neatly finished.
    You seem to be very busy these days, but I can easily remember this kind of days when my kids were still young and going to school.

    I love what and how you write about Ben.

  42. Your ornies are great! Nice thoughts regarding Ben-it really gives one pause.

  43. Lovely ornies! They are adorable!

  44. Hi Vonna,

    Your sweet Chatty is such a handsome
    guy!! Love his sleek Grey fur. He
    certainly loves his new mittens
    doesn't he?? Is that a special
    cushion in the window just for him??
    It looks like something a cat would

    Congratulations on finishing LHN
    State Fair. It looks so pretty
    and a fun stitch too. I always
    hold off on buying new designs
    until I see pictures in blogs like
    yours that really show the design
    off to it's best advantage. I find
    that the pictures on the packaging
    really don't show the designs off
    as well as they could.

    Your Christmas ornaments for the
    exchange you're in are lovely too!
    The PS Santa is a handsome fella,
    and I love the pattern in his coat.

    I read your opinion on stitching
    threads with interest and tend
    to agree with what you wrote. I
    do love stitching with the Crescent
    Colours threads and collect them.
    I also collect Threadworx because
    I love their colours but admit to
    not using them for anything yet.
    I have lots of DMC and find that
    stitching with them is relaxing
    and worry free. I have used
    WDW on a few projects and they do
    not impress me at all. As you
    say, they tangle easily, and I
    find that they also fray easily
    and don't cover as nicely as
    DMC or Crescents.

    Read about the organ donations
    made by Ben and am amazed at how
    wide spread the donations were.
    What a wonderful legacy that
    young man has left for so many
    people. Hope that it helps
    bring a small measure of comfort
    to your family during this time.

    Hope things at work went well this
    weekend and you have a great week


  45. Ben's wonderful gift of life has touched so many lives from one coast to the next. When we lost our sister last December, we knew organ donation just wouldn't be possible considering all her medications. So thank you for sharing that. Despite the pain of losing him, I can see where you would feel a little comforted.

    Wow, what a busy day! Shouldn't days like that be an Olympic event worthy of a gold medal? lol

  46. Vonna,
    What a wonderful gift that Ben shared, but bittersweet as well..

    I'm counting my blessings..

    Your ornaments are beautiful, as always!


  47. You've been awarded! Please check my blog ;)

  48. You are right, he wrapped the country with his gift, and your sweet family is to be commended for allowing that to happen.

  49. I'm so happy to read about Ben's passing on his life. I know it's still raw, but your ability to look at that blessing is beautiful.
    Your stitching is perfect as always!

  50. It's amazing how a young a person can make such a life-altering impact on so many. There are people everywhere that spend their entire lives trying to make a stamp on life and only a few that make the imprint that Ben has made. You are so blessed to call him your own! I guess he's my brother from another mother too perhaps. ;o) Thanks for sharing God's gift with us.

  51. Vonna, what a cute cute pic of your kitty. Hope the trip the vet was a good one. And I so remember days of constantly being in the van, yup, had one of those too, but I wouldn't change a minute of it. Enjoy it, it goes by so swiftly!!

    I adore those ornaments, lucky recipients,they are gorgeous!

    I am so sorry for the loss you and your family has experienced, but knowing his memories and live on and in others, has to be such a comfort. A very bittersweet blessing. (((((HUGS))))))

  52. Your cat is so beautiful!

    And you have very very nice stitchings here!


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