Friday, January 09, 2009


Are we's FRIDAY!!! I am :o) AND I don't have to work this weekend so that makes it extra special! I have a couple of quick ornaments that I stitched up yesterday. These cuties are from Sharon over at It's Daffycat and she designed these CUTE little Jinglebell Reindeer - aren't they sweet? If you click on the picture you'll see I gave my reindeer a big red bead nose...and a jingle bell harness:

Design: Jingle Bell Reindeer
Designer: DaffyCat
Fabric: 32 ct. Creamy Cocoa scrap - Sassy's Fabbys
Fibers: DMC 3781 (for Katie's) and DMC 869 (for Ellie's)
To be finised into ornaments *someday*

Everytime I look at these reindeer they just make me smile :o) CUTE! Thank you Sharon for sharing these little cuties with us!

I guess this is my 2nd and 3rd finish of 2009, which brings up an interesting thing....the other day reading blogs, Sherry brought up a good point basically about how do you count your "finishes". Which got me to thinking about how I count mine. I count everything I finish whether its 50 stitches or 10000+ stitches as a "finish". I don't keep track so that I can brag about "wow look how many finishes I had" rather I keep track so that I can look back and remember what I did and when I stitched it. It's sort of like a "memory book" for me so that I can go back and remember and think about what I was doing during that time of the year, etc. Plus when I go to other people's blogs and I see what they have stitched, what they stitched it for - if they keep track of it in their sidebar - its a really nice way to find new to me patterns/designers or gives me an idea of what to stitch for a project that I'm stumped on or what have you. I'm interested in what other blogging stitchers do to keep track of their stitching. Some I know write it in a personal journal, Sherry, I believe, makes her own Stitching journal each year, they are beautifully made and very pretty too. So what do you do? And does it offend you if people say "I had XXX amount of finishes this year?" We all stitch different things, different sized projects, different subjects, different colors...... and we all come to the table made differently too...I find that is the greatest things about blogs - be they stitching blogs or other blog subjects....the creativity that each person brings to their own blog is a gift to the reader - and it may (or may not) enhance the life or hobby of that person that is reading it - but yet it brings enjoyment. So what do you think? What do you do? I'm interested in what your thoughts are...I thought Sherry's question was thought provoking and then after reading the comments I thought they were even more stimulating. I mean we all want to share our stitching or we wouldn't have a stitching blog right? :o)

Today is........HAED day! Wish me luck!
Until next time....count your stitches and your blessings!


  1. Love how you added the special touches to the reindeer - adorable. As to how I count my finishes, I count every last one of them, large or small! It's for me and gives me a feeling that I've accomplished some of my goals. I love seeing what stitching and finishes everyone else has - it's fun and motivating. It also gives hope to us poor mortals who have SABLE that maybe there is a chance in this world that we can finish a lot of those patterns we have! Never offended at how much stitchers share. You're right; that's why we have a stitching blog!
    I absolutely love your HAED - can't wait to see the progress.

  2. Love the reindeer with the beads and bells. So cute!

    I decided to post my thoughts on your questions on my blog (begun this past July) since I might ramble on. The blogs have been so helpful to me and I would love to be in touch with more stitchers. I'm not an exchanger or a RR person, so it's harder to connect.

    Thanks for your page Vonna. I always love to read it....


  3. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Love the reindeer, I must stitch one of these, they're so cute!

    I log all of my stitching finishes on a spreadsheet and I also use my Picasa web album for pictures of everything. I like to have a record to look back on and I also use the list as a finishing checklist, which is really helpful.

    I've noticed a couple of what I feel are slightly negative comments on blogs just recently about "prolific stitchers", which is a real shame - we all do this hobby because we enjoy it, it's not a contest FGS and some people are bound to be more prolific than others. I personally have no problem with people sharing and saying how much they've stitched, I find it inspiring :)

    Thanks for the post Vonna, very timely - sorry if I got on my soapbox a bit, I guess I just have a strong opinion on this.

  4. I'm still working on my first finish for 2009, but I am going to keep track this year of how many finishes I have by keeping a running list in the sidebar on my blog.

  5. I love the reindeers! This design is on my to-do list.

    I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone how many projects I did in a year but seeing everyone report on their blogs at the beginning of the year makes me want to keep track now so I will start listing them on my sidebar this year. :)

  6. Super cute reindeer!

    I'm always interested in what and how much people stitch. I do find it inspiring. I'm usually just amazed at how productive some stitchers are, especially those with jobs/family responsibilities etc. I think 'wow, I wish I could stitch that fast!'

    I did look back at my blog over Christmas and did a list for myself of last year's stitching. I'd stitched more than I thought so it was a nice surprise :)

  7. First, I love your new background. Very pretty. I will have a list of finished on my blog and I also started a new stitching journal this year. I love having the journal to look back at my progress, change in taste of patterns and just how ambitious I am. It is all for fun. It doesn't bother me when someone "brags" about how many finishes that have. I love for people to brag and feel good about themselves. It isn't hurting me in any way.

  8. Those reindeer are the cutest. The red nose is perfect.

    Personally, I never keep count of 'finishes'. I just do this for fun.. no goals or numbers to shoot for.

  9. Love the reindeer ornaments. I still have to stitch it, lol
    As for bragging...
    I dont finish as many as I should. I do keep a log on my sidebar for others to refer to a design and or designer, if they like what they see.
    When others stitcher tell how many finishes they have, it just motives me more, I can! I can!
    Have a great weekend

  10. Those reindeer are just the cutest and love the little extras. I'll bet you are going to do something remarkable with the finish too!
    I count my finishes like you. It can be a small finish of 100 or a large one, it can be a page or a section. It's my count and it's what works for me. I had not kept count until the end of this year. I went back through my photos this past year and started to add them up. I was stunned at how much I had stitched. I only had PL as my big finish so I felt I hadn't done much. Boy, was I wrong.
    I decided this year to keep a running tally on my blog. That is for my sometimes needed pat on the back and if others are interested that's great too. Keep it up girl!

  11. Love the reindeers! How cute! I'm fairly new to the blog world and do have a sidebar listing my finishes. I enjoy looking at all the different blogs out there and seeing all the wonderful things people stitch. It doesn't bother me if someone has a long list of fact it inpsires me to stitch more productively. Plus, like you I think it's neat to see what everyone's stitching and am amazed at how many different designers are out there that I might never have discovered had I not blog hopped. Before I found the "blog world" I used to take pictures of my finishes and save the photos. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at always developing the film...thank goodness for digital cameras. Now I shoot and upload on my blog as a record of what I've done. What an interesting topic...thanks Vonna...just love checking out your blog. Happy HAED stitch day!

  12. Cute reindeer! I love their beaded collars. :-)

    As for finishes...I've been keeping track of mine since I started this blog (early 2006) and started the sidebar list in 2007. And I count them all - from tiny fobs to large BAPs...when the final design stitch is in, it's a finish.

    I don't keep track of mine to brag or show off...I use the list on the blog to help organize my stitching album here at home. I like to keep track of when items were finished, and I can quickly add finishes to my blog before I get a chance to get them properly added at home. I'm one of those people that if I don't write it down somewhere, I tend to forget it. :-)

  13. I've loved these reindeer since I first saw them on the Smalls blog! Love the red noses too!
    As for finishes, for years I kept a journal but life got away from me and now I have several years to go back and reconstruct. I hope by labeling my finishes as such on my blog, I'll keep better track. The number does not concern me but I like to remember when I did what. The number of other folks finishes does not concern me. I just love seeing everything everyone is working on or has finished. It is truly inspirational to me!

  14. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Love the reindeer ornaments idea! Will need to make up two for my granddaughters for Christmas 2009.

    As for finishes, I keep a journal of each project with pictures so that I can refer back to them. The memory is just not what it used to be.

  15. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I love the reindeers. Do the boys get one also?
    Have a relaxing "stitching" weekend.
    Chat with you over the weekend.
    Love, Mom

  16. Seems everyone love the reindeers and I'm no exception. I like the red nose idea and the baubles are so cute too.

    Before I started a blog, I would start a page for each project - dates of when I start, when I finish and the times in between (e.g. did I enjoy it? did I learn stitches etc.) I don't have so much time to do that anymore now that I have a blog.

    I do an 'accounting' of my finishes at the end of the year just to satisfy the closet accountant in me. It doesn't bother me at all to see other stitchers with long lists of finishes. I admire what they can accomplish and they inspire me (sometimes I just sigh with envy!). I have never come across any stitcher who has 'bragged' or appeared competitive. We all have different life circumstances that allow us how much time to stitch.

    Thanks for posing this question and I enjoyed reading all the other comments too.

  17. Love the reindeer!! ADORABLE!!

    It doesn't bother me when people post their finishes,,,in fact, it amazes me! I sit and wonder who does their laundry, etc. But, I do feel excited for them.

    I've never done enough in a year to count!! I like to do many things or I get bored. In fact, I am missing my books, scrapping, stamping, quilting, sewing....

  18. Very cute reindeer!

    Looking forward to hearing how week #2 of HAED stitching goes :)

  19. Anonymous11:08 PM

    What cute little reindeer! I like them very much!

  20. Love your reindeer! They're going to make such cute ornaments!

    I try to keep an up to date list of my finishes each year. It's fun to look back and remember what you may have been doing or where you may have been while stitching a certain piece. And I love seeing what everyone else has finished, no matter how many or how few it may be.

  21. Those are cute. Will have to get the design! I love looking at other people's finishes because I see so many new designs/designers or get a new finishing idea. I am often amazed how creative stitchers can be in finishing!

    I count everything regardless of size as a finish, and am using my blog as my "online" journal w/ pics. I also keep a handwritten journal. I also like to look back and see what I stitched when. I have even started writing down if I watched a particular movie, sporting event, etc. and that definitely brings back memories!

    Great post that made me think!

  22. Those reindeer are just too cute & adorable! Love them!

  23. I love keeping track of my stitching and I have been keeping a handwritten stitching diary since 2000. There I can see what I stitched and finished when, who I was sending which gift to, what exchanges I joined, what get-togethers I was taking part in and many other things. For me this adds to the fun of stitching. This year I will also keep track of all my finishes on my blog, just for the fun of it. I count my finishes like you. And I love to read about other stitchers' finishes on their blogs as well. It's very inspiring and on their lists of finishes I often discover designs and projects I once stitched myself or wanted to stitch and forgot about.

  24. Very cute reindeer! I look forward to seeing how you finish them.

  25. Love the Reindeer

    When it comes to finishes I count the lot, every finish counts in my book.
    The way I look at it is that those that have huge lists of finishes stitch smaller projects than I do so they are bound to have more HD's than I am. I choose to stitch larger projects most of the time, doesn't mean I'm a worst stitcher than someone else just because I finish less. The world would be a boring place if we all did the same amount :)

  26. Did the girls love their ornaments? I plan to stitch a reindeer a month this year, and Daffycat's is first on my list. Thanks for sharing your embellishments.

  27. The ornaments are adorable and I love how you personalized them! I have this pattern waiting in my files to be done!

    I am like you and don't want to brag. Just look back and remember. Plus it just makes me feel good to be able to see I actually accomplished something!

  28. You are so welcome, Vonna! The silly reindeer I designed has been so popular, I'm overwhelmed. I really enjoy seeing when someone takes my design and makes it their own ~ like your awesome Roudolph noses! CUTE! Thanks for sharing and for the blog link!

    ***stitchy hugs***

  29. I love those reindeer! I've downloaded the patterns myself for a future stitch.
    I keep track of my yearly stitches in a Webshot album where others can go and view them with a link in my sidebar on my blog. Besides this I print out a picture of each finish. On the back I write the title, fabric and floss used and the designer. I put all of these pictures in a small photo album which I can refer to if needed. It sits on my coffee table and serves as a conversational piece. I've interested others in stitching this way.

  30. Those reindeer are adorable! Congrats. As for listing finishes and such. I believe in freedom to blog. It always disturbs me when others are negative in regards to what and how much people stitch and recently about posting stash pictures to their blog.

    I keep a journal with all my finishes listed. I have all my finishes from the time I started stitching which has been over the last 9 years. I must admit this year I stitched far less than last. But, I find other blogs very inspiring and enabling for stash too.

  31. I love how you did those reindeer and I think I will have to make those for my family this year.

    I like to keep track of my finishes, not to brag but to share and show myself what I have done. I enjoy seeing other's finishes and have never felt less than or better than another stitcher if my numbers are different than theirs. I love the sharing and enabling that blogging has brought to me...

  32. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I never used to keep track of my finishes, but I felt like I wasn't getting anything (since 2007) I keep a list of my finishes on a page of my blog.

    I like a list because I can see what I've stitched, not for competition... I don't really think about how much other people finish. Although I AM very jealous of how much stitching Nicole gets done LOL

    I also have a blog category for finishes so I can see all the pics in one spot, too.

  33. The reindeer are so adorable!! I recently started being drawn to them!

    I don't keep track of my finishes until I open my drawer with all my finished pieces and say "OMG - what am I going to do with these????" Then I shut the drawer quickly and sit down and stitch to calm myself! LOL!

    I am inspired by people's finishes. If someone is annoyed by someone else's successes, maybe they shouldn't be reading people's blogs! Isn't the purpose to have a venue for sharing our work? How else can we do it in today's world- frankly, most people aren't that interested in my last cross stitch piece unless they cross stitch, too! Blogging is the perfect opportunity to have like minded souls encourage and praise one another.

    I learn so much from others blogs: they are a springboard for ideas and inspiration, I learn different ways to finish things, I see ways of using other embellishments like beads and buttons and ribbons, I can ask questions, we share feebie information and lastly, I can sit down and avoid any work I don't want to do by reading blogs! What could be bad?

    I didn't realize that Daffycat had designed the reindeer. I have to have it. Gotta run!

  34. Love the Reindeer!!

    Going to try to weigh in on your question. I always keep track by project of what I finish each year and it fun to go back and see what I finished when. I use it sort of in the same manner you do, but I know there a lots of people who use it to show off how much they can get done in a year, no matter the size. It might be a 20x20 stitch piece and it counts as one finish when I am doing Quaker Christmas that finishes 15x22 inches of stitching. The lists and tracking is a personal preference and should not be used to guilt someone into stitching more. It is to be a fun hobby not a job to finish a bunch every year. Kinda of a rambling statement. Sorry


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