Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Sampler Wall (s)

Hello Friends :) Thank you so much for your kinds words on my "Lo How A Rose" finish! I so much appreciate them, and its funny a grouping of kinds words make the day go so much better! Thank YOU all so much!

Well in my last post.... I said that "Lo" was going to go on my WIP Sampler wall....a few of you wanted to see my Sampler I thought I'd show you and then you'll see that it truly IS a WIP:
going up our staircase....
in our master bedroom....
on the balcony over my great grandmother's bureau...
on the walls over the balcony...although I don't know about that I don't think we have a ladder tall enough to hang them the light from the window would probably not be good....
hallway between kids rooms...
wall outside the master bedroom....

Hardy Har Har!....see I don't *have* a sampler wall! :) so it truly IS a WIP :)))))

Everything I've stitched besides a wedding sampler and my Home of a Needleworker has gone to somebody else's house to live....but I have quite a few walls to start filling up! Thus all the excitement of seeing them G-R-O-W!

And did I mention..... I have a sampler cat?! Well here he is....I awoke him from his nap....

I think I'll have another finish by tomorrow morning! And depending on who you listen to...Bloomington got between 12 and 14 inches of snow! Hubby was getting cabin fever so he decided he was going to work if he had to tunnel his way there and me and the kids? We're happy to be put in the house :) It sure is pretty to look at, and have you ever went outside when there's snow on the ground? I love that...soft, muffled, serene feeling....a wondrous gift from the creator!

Until next time....count your stitches and your blessings!


  1. Ahh, the lovely Chatty. What a cute picture. Cats and quilts seem to go together. I actually found a website ages ago (forgotten the address by now) that collected photos of cats and quilts.
    We are crunching through about 8inches of snow here. Last two days have been "snow days"...even the gym was shut down. I may venture forth today, even though I only teach one little class at 4pm and I'm sure no one will show up.

  2. It looks like you are in for lots of fun deciding and stitching your samplers!

    What a beautiful kitty. I agree - there is nothing like the peacefulness of new fallen snow.

  3. Well - with all the stitching you do, those walls will be filled in no time! Love the cat. Snow is so pretty when it's just fallen and undisturbed and you look out on it. We have many gifts from our Creator, if we'd only take the time to see, wouldn't we? I'm guilty as charged! Looking forward to your next progress pics!

  4. Aw, sweet kitty! You're so lucky to have all that wall space!! As fast as you stitch, you should have it filled in no time. ;)

  5. plenty of room for plenty of samplers!!! I should go thru my house & take pictures!!! I have stitching in nearly every room. My son says I have gone overboard! HA! Can never have too much!

  6. Your stitching wall looks a lot like mine--especially the one going up the stairs. :)

  7. Too funny Vonna! We'll build our sampler wall together! :)

  8. Awww, I love your master bedroom. Please tell me you made the quilt by yourself. It is so beautiful.

  9. Oh , I can just imagine these empty walls as sampler walls. I can see them all hanging there: Lo, Home of a Needleworker, the Village of Hawk... nah, let's not talk about that one ;o)
    Love the kitty. He's gorgeous!

  10. Anonymous3:42 PM

    In Lisbon we are not that lucky. No snow outside (only rain)or better we only get it every 20 years or so. We have to go to the middle of Portugal to fell that fluffy feeling. It is great to have that number of walls to fill. I used to do a lot for others. Now I do stuff for me (sorry if I sound selfish) but it is about time. Go, girl!!! With all the lovely works you have those walls will look great!
    Love the cat!

  11. Please lend me a couple of those walls. I have pieces stuck in the closet because I have no more room. And what did we get for Christmas - the grandkids handwork (I LOVE THEM) to hang on the walls. something else will have to go into the closet GROAN

  12. Lots of wonderful space for many samplers! Chatty is too cute :)

  13. Anonymous11:01 PM

    If you keep finishing projects at your current rate, I'm predicting that those walls will be filled by, oh, NEXT WEEK!

    Love the bunny!!

  14. You have plenty of spare wall space to go at there Vonna. Get stitching!

  15. Now that certainly is a lot of wall space. Now how many lifetimes will that take to fill?

  16. I'm surprised that you don't already have a ton of framed pieces decorating your place. I had to stop stitching pieces that need to be framed, because I ran out of room to display them. Mind you, I usually like myself to 2 stitched pieces per wall. Right now, I have 3 framed pieces on my bedroom floor, waiting to go up on the wall.

    I would love to have a sampler wall, too, but most of my pieces don't actually qualify as samplers.

  17. Vonna, I just can't beleive your walls are that empty! You need to definately get some of those WIPs finished for yourself!

  18. Isn't it nice to have lots of empty walls? That's exactly what I have in my apartment. And my plan is to fill them all with needlework. And your house looks completely gorgeous. And your cat, too cute. Great pic.

  19. Beautiful walls...but you need to quit giving your beautiful work away...Vonna!!!

  20. I can't wait to see your sampler wall shaping up! Lo will look beautiful hanging in your home. I bought Quaker Virtues after seeing your post on it the other day...what a beauty!

  21. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Oh, my... I am so envious of all that spare wall space you've got!!!! My house ain't that big... and it has lots of windows etc so I've officially run out of wall space! Love your "Lo"!!! Can't believe how much you get done!!! It's always a pleasure to check out what you've been up to!!!


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