Friday, December 19, 2008

In generosity and friendship....

Hello I am again...getting tired of me? :o) I have some things though that I cannot wait to share with you. Late yesterday afternoon, my Post Man showed up at my door with a contrite face and a smile. He told me that he had not delievered these things for me and that he swung by before he headed back to the depot. I thanked him and ran to the counter because they looked like some GREAT things were going to be held inside :o)

I wasn't wrong....first up there was a package from Marie P . Now Marie and I met through exchanging and she's been my bud for a couple of years now. She does the most divine stitching and finishing, she has a heart of gold and she always sends something just when you least expect it. I wasn't expecting a thing and yesterday this is what came:

Do you see what I see? A beautiful "Vonna" ornament tree that she got especially designed for me from M Designs! Can you believe it? I've never had my name on anything unless I stitched it myself because how many people do YOU know with the name "Vonna"? See that's what I mean...the pattern would have been plenty - I would have been thrilled! But nope, not so for Marie she stitched it up on the most beautiful Kiwi Illusions fabric using lovely Silk and finished it perfectly. Then as if that wasn't enough she put in the two little ornaments in the wagon above the snowman face and the angel - yep, handmade. Well her generosity of spirit and kindness of heart brought real tears to my eyes....really I was a blubbering just really touched my heart that Marie went to such lengths to make something so perfect - for me. I'm undeserving of such kindness. I truly am. Thank you Marie - words cannot express.

Then as if that weren't enough there was another package - this time from Portugal and inside these lovely items:

jolly Santa ornament and a lovely bookmark all from Paula who I've had the pleasure of getting to know through our blogs. What a lovely surprise and again - a touching thing that Paula would take time out to stitch something for myself and my family to hang on our tree and remember a fine lady that I have "met" through my little blog. Thank you Paula "Feliz Navidad" :o)

And then this came out of a package - I had ordered the HAED that I'm going to stitch for the next 25 years (as Amy said) from DSL and my friend AmySC stitched this up for my floss ring....what about that?

Honestly, and I'm not trying to be falsely humble here or pat myself on the back or anything like that - I just can't (really can't) get over how generous and kind that people in the stitching world are. I mean - what do I do? I keep asking that to my husband and my Mom, what do I do to deserve such kindness? I honestly - really and truly honestly - haven't the faintest. I really don't. I'm just a bumbling human that makes MAJOR mistakes every day. I try hard to be a good person, to be true of heart and reach to be the best - but I fail miserably and then to have friends such as these - and its not the "stuff" that I'm getting. It's the time, thought and ENERGY that I know they all put into this to make me smile. For that I am truly humbled, honestly gobsmacked, and unworthy. I honestly feel as thus.... thank you one and all - for your friendship to me.

OK, well now on to what I did last night - oh it's exciting! I kitted up:
Peppermint Twist - Blue Ribbon Designs
(couldn't resist anymore - joined the SAL that's starting in January)
This one I paired with a hank of Sassy's Fabbys Tan Marble - think its gonna be PERFECT!

Lo How A Rose ~ Brightneedle
Stitching this on a piece of my own Bake and Basted Evenweave

Pulled the threads for the first page of my HAED
(look at that sweet floss tag!)
waiting on the fabric for this one - but am stitching it on 25 ct. Lugana (just plain old antique white)

Got my Zippered bags full of the newly kitted projects!

Finally Mr. Chatter Box would like to say Merry Christams to all and to all a MEOW!

Until next time my dear readers..... count your stitches and your blessings!


  1. Vonn, You deserve all the kindess ! You true wonderful spirt is apparent with every post and you touch so many lives
    Merry Christmas

  2. Hi Vonna!
    Was afraid the postman would be late, but no, he made it before Christmas!!!
    And I'm sure everybody else will tell you that you are you (sorry for the redundacy), nice, warm, kind and with a great writing skill. Also to ad the beatiful family. Maybe that is why. Or maybe not. But keep going like that.

  3. I love all your newly kitted designs, Vonna! Looks like some fun stitching in the New Year. And what beautiful gifts you have received!

  4. What wonderfully beautiful gifts! Enjoy them.

  5. your goodness always coes back to
    that says it all

    beautiful projects in the future

    any chance you could show a picture of or give name of which book lo how a rose is in?
    much appreciated
    and happy holidays

  6. Lovely thoughtful gifts, congrats! This hobby attracts so many wonderful people you just got to love it!

  7. Enjoy all of your lovely gifts Vonna! They're all the ornament Harmien sent you too :)

    I've had my eye on that Brightneedle piece for several months, lol! When are you starting it? Want to SAL?

  8. What wonderful gifts, Vonna!! And you certainly deserve them all.

    I'm quite jealous of all your planned new starts....those tan fabrics are all right up my alley....drool drool drool!

  9. Wow - great day in the mail for sure! Love the name tree - what a sweet gift! Your Santa gifts & floss ring are also lovely. I've not stitching a HAED anytime soon, but I have to say that the one you picked is one that is very tempting, to say the list. Look forward to seeing all the progress on these goodies. Merry Christmas!

  10. Some lovely gifts there and all of your WIPs ready to begin.
    I'll tell you why you are thought of so kindly Vonna, you are a warm and generous person yourself. Your blog is a delight to visit, wonderful photos, lots of advice and oodles of great posts.

  11. Lovely gifts ! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  12. Beautiful gifts! Your kitted projects look like fun, can't wait to see progress :)

  13. What great gifts Vonna! You are completely deserving. You are so open and helpful to all the stitching community.

    I am so tempted to join in on the Peppermint Twist SAL. Do I dare? I am already so behind! And don't get me started on Lo How A Rose! That's in my stash and itching to be stitched too!

    If only there were more hours to the day...

  14. Vonna,

    What wonderful gifts from very kind and generous friends. Enjoy them all :)


  15. Nice gift from the personalized tree chart. You got some precious gifts.

  16. Oh, Vonna! You are WONDERFUL and I'm delighted that fellow stitchers are showing you how great you are! :D ENJOY!

  17. I just love the M designs!!!! (love the look of your blog festive!)

  18. Cool VONNA tree...I'd love a KENDRA tree for myself! May have to check that out...

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  19. Beautiful gifts! I LOVE the Vonna tree! What a great gift from Marie! I love all the new projects you have kitted up. It's going to be fun following your progress on them!

  20. Enjoyed reading your blog! what nice treats...and Merry Christmas to your kitty!

  21. Merry Christmas little Chatter Box! I swear, you're Smokey Cat's twin! :-)

    Vonna, she used beautiful colors for your name tree. What an honor.
    Happy Christmas!

  22. Great gifts! I really like the Santa and of course, Chatter Box is too cute for words. Gorgeous blue eyes.

  23. Goodies in the mail indeed-and you do deserve them (and they are pretty and cute). If we all could get together, that would be neat, but mail is the next best thing. I don't have many things with 'Dianne' on them either. Some people would just give me stuff with the single 'n'.
    Good luck with your next pieces!
    Hi Chatty-Merry Clawmas in your new home!

  24. You have a heart of gold and are such a sweet person so I think that's why you deserve gifts and these are truly gorgeous gifts you have received.

    Oooh I can't wait to see your WIPs on the things you have kitted up. I am going to be stitching Peppermint Twist with my friend Chris but not until much later on next year. I have it on order though! Lol!

  25. Wow you certainly did get some lovely gifts. The Vonna name tree was so unique, how cool to have a design of your name. I love your new starts, Peppermint Twist especially is calling to me too. I don't have that one yet, but I'll be starting another BRD as a SAL the first of the year and I can't wait.

  26. Such wonderful gifts! and why?
    because you are YOU. Your heart is big, your words are kind, you share your beautiful talents with us all, your energy lifts us and you ooh and aah over our pieces:)
    You are given gifts from your friends because you are a gift to your friends....including me:)
    OK,,,,'nuff of that:) TEXAS size hug;)

  27. Vonna,

    Everything is wonderful! I have done many different types of crafts but I have always said that people who work with fibers (stitching, quilting, ect) are the kindest, warmest, most generous people on the earth!

  28. Those are lovely gifts! Don't ask why...simply enjoy!!

  29. What lovely gifts, Vonna. I really like the M Designs piece.

  30. Just getting back into cross stitch after abandoning it for scrapbooking. Now I will try to do both! You have a wonderful blog and I plan to spend more time looking and enjoying!

  31. Great gifts! Enjoy them! Wishing you a happy Christmas!

  32. Such beautiful gifts and ho lovely to have one designed especially for you.

    You have some great projects you are going to be working on. I will enjoy wathcing these over the year.

  33. Wonderful gifts!!

    Good luck with the HAED's huge!! I'll be stitching my first HAED next year...but it's a quick stitch, so it isn't as big as yours :)

  34. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady. Could you please tell us where the Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming pattern is located? I have been looking for it , but no success. Have a great new year. Teah

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