Monday, December 15, 2008

Counting the days...

Hello Friends! :o) my kiddos are counting the days until Santa comes....I remember the anticipation of the waiting when I was a little girl, straining to hear the faintest *clomp* which might mean a reindeer's hooves on the roof of our house, a tiny *jingle* that might be Santa's sleigh bells....and I distinctly remember a *beep* of a Merlin through the air vents in my bedroom about a month before Christmas when I was 8 years old (that would have been 1978) and I desperately wanted one for Christmas! guessed it - it was my Dad trying it out.... :o) 'cause I guess Santa needed a Merlin tester.

Well Santa a big white US Postal Truck today because look what I got from my good buddy and friend AmySC I love them! And they look adorable on my Dowel Tree!

A Gift of Beauitful Ornaments from AmySC:

Then ever since I saw the simplicity of The Sampler Girl's (Tanya Marie Anderson) freebie "Believe" I knew it was a must stitch. Here is my version (but I have a couple more versions going).

The Sampler Girl's Freebie *Believe*

fabric: Week's Dye Works 35 ct. Parchment
Fibers: DMC 815
Finished as: Ornament with bone buttons, rusty bells and rusty safety pins

Me thinks....that turned out pretty doggone cute! Although....I have noticed the last few times I've stitched on 35 ct and 40 ct fabric OR over 1 even on any count....I'm having problems seeing the holes to stitch - *oh dear* my Pap used to say, "it's hell getting old".... so I had to jump in the car and run to my LNS last Friday, to see and try out what they had in magnification. So I purchased some MagEyes. Yep, I look like a dork, but they work WONDERFUL! So is 38 considered middle age? Don't tell me....I don't want to know.

Hold onto your.....popcorn bowls because the great Caramel Corn Pop Off is beginning tomorrow or Wednesday of this week. My long-time readers will remember that every December all our neighbors, friends and the kid's teachers at school receive a 2.5 gallon bag of Caramel Corn as a little gift to spread Good Cheer in our little corner of the world. I've got about 20 lbs of brown sugar, 10 lbs of butter, 15 lbs of corn and about 2 liters of corn syrup - let the gooiness begin. Actually anyone that ever makes homemade caramel corn especially in the quantities that I make it....Oh heaven's it is back breaking is a gift from my heart, that's all I can say. And it take 365 days before I ever have the urge to even *look* at popcorn sideways :o) BUT it looks like snow/ice may be in the forecast this week and if that is the case, Mr. Pfeiffer may find himself up to his knees in Caramel Corn - you know he took vows - for better and worse, in sickness and health, caramel corn and butter....

Until next time....count your blessing and your stitches!


  1. I am coming your way Vonna!!! I will trade you some of the candy pictured on my blog for some of your carmel corn!!!! Sound like a plan?!?!?!?!?!
    The ornaments are adorable!!!

  2. sticky fun
    love the merlin story
    being a kid at christmas was the best
    the believe ornie is cute
    love the bells and safety pin together

  3. The believe pillow is wonderful. So simple yet it says so much...

  4. Love the ornaments, believe is so simple yet so elegant. Wish I live in your neighborhood :)

  5. Ohhh I love popcorn!!! I think I can smell it all the way to Yuma LOL.
    Your Believe pillow is so lovley - simple and yet it says so much.
    The ornaments you received are so sweet.

  6. The carmel popcorn sounds like a real job, but I bet it's de-lish!!
    Sweet ornies you received and I love your Believe pillow:)

  7. Candy Corn sounds great - I just finished 300 dozen cookies that I give out to friends, family and colleagues - 23 varieties this year. I won't have the urge to go near the kitchen for a long time!!

  8. Oh how I love this time of year and yes, those childhood days of Santa were extra special and magical. Fun to live through them again in our children. Your BELIEVE is so great - esp with those bells.

    Tanya :o)

  9. My husband makes yummy caramel corn - I beg him to do it every year - although not in that quantity!!! You have some very lucky friends, family and teachers :-) Mere

  10. They did turn out cute!

  11. Ornies are so cute! I also love Believe. Great work!

  12. I love your Believe! So cute & great ornies! You must have all the Dentists cheering your name with gooie goodness. I love it!

  13. I love how you finished Believe - the trim matches perfectly and the bells the finishing touch - well done Vonna!

  14. Ooooh. I had a Merlin and I loved it! Mastermind was my favorite game.... now that I'm thinking about it, I wish I still had it!

    Cute ornaments...

  15. Ooooh. I had a Merlin and I loved it! Mastermind was my favorite game.... now that I'm thinking about it, I wish I still had it!

    Cute ornaments...

  16. I love the ornaments you received from Amy and your Believe looks so pretty.

  17. The ornaments are great and your freebie turned out lovely!

    I can't stitch without my MagEyes and I hope Santa puts a few extra pairs in my stocking!

  18. The ornaments are gorgeous, congratulations Vonna

  19. Wonderful ornaments from Amy. Believe is great too.

  20. Oooo popcorn - yummy I'm on my way over LOL!!

    Lovely ornament

  21. I love my Mag-Eyes!!! Like you said, I, too, look like a dork, but they work so well!

    Very nice for you to make/distribute all that caramel corn!

    Beautiful "Believe" pillow!

  22. I love the ornaments Amy sent. The finish of Believe is beautiful.

    Now that a huge amount of caramel corn. It's a great idea for hadning out to neighbours.

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  24. Vonna, I love your Believe from The Sampler Girl ~ she does amazing designs! Where did you get those rusty 'ole bells?

    And the ornaments from AmySC are so darling! My son would love to stitch those up. :o)

  25. Beautiful ornies!! and the Believe pillow turned out great!!


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