Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A sweet Random Act of Kindness...

Hello Friends! How are you all doing this fine day?! I have a special Random Act of Kindness gift from the sweet Hannah isn't it sweet?

Random Act of Kindness from Hannah

Hannah told me she used my tutorial for finishing an altoid tin. She did a lovely job! Thank you so much Hannah, you are such a kind and generous friend. I shall cherish it always and it sits beside my stitching chair housing my "scissors of the week". Thank you so, so much!

Speaking of scissors...how do you like those black antique scissors? I got them from Anita's Little Stitches I love them! They are my new favorites!

Finally I shall leave you with some funny pictures of my furbaby Chatty....my kids were jazzing him up today and this was the result:

"My future's so bright...I gotta wear shades!"

"Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willace?"

You can see...in the top picture his bandana around his neck...that isn't a dress up bandana, no rather I've been using it to try to detour him from scratching his neck. I took him to the vet twice about his neck and nothing that told me has worked, so I've been "doctoring" him myself. I bought some hypo-allergenic cat wipes and I wipe him down once in the morning and once in the evening. After I wipe him down, I dab his dermatitis area with peroxide (I'm doing this so it dries it and kills any bacteria present) and then I pat the area dry with guaze. Finally I use Cortaid (hydrocortizone) on the area to help heal it and help with the itch. It's looking the best its looked since it appeared. Finally the bandana is put on so that he can't damage the area. I've clipped his nails, but still if I would let him, he'd make himself bleed - hence the bandana. Funnily enough he leaves it on....I've been calling him Poncho and Lefty :) LOL!

Until next time....have a great day!


  1. Loving the pictures of your furbaby. LOL Just don't use too much of the peroxide as that tends to keep an open wound open. The bandanna is a great idea for keeping the claws away. :o) That tin Hannah made is gorgeous!.

  2. The tin looks wonderful. Hope Chatty gets better. Sometimes the old fashioned home remedies are best, not to mention cheaper.

  3. Definitely one "Kool Kat" :)

    Hannah did a lovely job with the tin!

  4. Vonna! LOL on Chatty! He looks like he could give MC Hammer some moves!

  5. Hope chatty gets better soon! He looks so much like my kitty - all grey, with those yellow green eyes.

  6. Rolling around, laughing away. That poor kitty needs to come and live with me where he will get some deserved respect LOL.
    The tin you received is beautiful. What a great teacher you are.

  7. That little tin is so cute! How sweet of Hannah!
    Chatty is so cute! He's a trooper, my cats wouldn't let me take pictures, let alone "dress" them up!
    I've really been enjoying your playlist. You've got some good ol' songs on there that take me back...
    Thank you!

  8. What a wonderful surprise from Hannah~
    Your kitty is sooo cute with the sunglass on!!! ^^

  9. Chatty seems like a good cat. Lots of cats don't like medicine or stuff around their neck (now who may I be talking about?)
    The little tin and scissors are sweet!

  10. Gorgeous tin. Chatty looks like a very placid cat, and those photos are so cute!

  11. Gorgeous tin. Chatty looks like a very placid cat, and those photos are so cute!

  12. Now I have that song in my head: The future is really bright for your cat with such a caring cool family. Lovely the gift you got!
    Best regards

  13. Chatty is such a sweetie! My vet recommends Neosporian w/pain med in it whenever my babies have an issue. It works miracles!!

  14. Lovely RAK from Hannah! She did a beautiful job on the tin.

  15. What a lovely gift!!!
    Chatty looks so cute with the sunglasses :)

  16. Darling. The glasses are too cool on your cat too. I hope he heels quickly.

    Ps. Where do you find your tins for boxes?

  17. What an adorable RAK! Enjoy it.
    I love the kitty photos. To get a cat to lie still long enough with shades on it a miracle!
    As for his neck. It sounds like you are doing a great job in getting it healed. You might try a little cornstarch on it after the peroxide. That will help it dry up and heal a little quicker and it should help the itch as well.

  18. Such a pretty RAK!
    Love Chatty's pics! TOO FUNNY!!
    Hope she gets over her neck problem soon!

  19. Love the tin and Chatty's photos too. LOL.

  20. What a pretty tin! Chatty looks adorable!

  21. I have just found yor blog wit tutorials, and of course this blog. You make nice things, very interesting.
    Your cat it is also nice, especialy with glasses :-)


  22. Such a lovely tin finish and such a great gift. Cute pictures of the cat!


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