Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stained and Decorated!

**EDITED** Tutorial for the Dowel Tree can be found HERE Enjoy!

Welcome Back Friends...... here it is my stained and decorated Dowel Tree ~ just some various shots from different angles around it:

I'm pleased as.....punch with the turn out. It's rather bigger than what I thought it would be...but honestly, I think for a first try they turned out great. Only had enough ornaments to fill one tree. So I guess in between the bazillion other things I want to stitch...I'm going to have to start stitching some seasonal ornies too! Maybe I need to set up a some sort of goal list for myself. Say once per month I need to stitch an ornament...LOL! Oh heaven's I don't know...too much in my frying pan! I know there is a group of ladies that exchange seasonal ornaments here, but I'm thinking just something "loose" - something where I stitch and keep my own ornaments. I guess that would be a Me, Myself and I Seasonal Ornament Stitch Along :) LOL! Maybe I need to ask BeckySC to incorporate a seasonal ornament SAL once per month on the Let's Stitch boards....hmm.....maybe I should just open up a Seasonal Ornamenet SAL Blog myself, even if there were only one or two of us...that would be some cheerleading...any ideas, opinions, people that would like to stitch seasonal ornies and keep them yourself?

Well before I start laundry.... I guess I need to tell you goodbye and I'll leave you with a little piccie of my mistreated Prince......

......isn't life hard? :) :) :) Although the little Prince has a "dermatitis" issue on his neck. Last Friday I had to take him to the vet because he came upstairs with a "hole" in his fur and his skin was all bloody and seepy where he had scratched himself. I got really upset thinking something horrible was wrong...but the Doctor wasn't upset when she saw it. just shaved the area around it and gave him some antibiotics. Really no advice just said it was likely some sort of allergy. So we changed Kitty Litter brands to a non-fragrance, non-dye kind. We'll see if that helps. I've been wiping him daily with kitty hypoallergenic wipes and then I got this "hot spot" itch spray stuff that is supposed to help. So luck...any advice from you feline Mommy's and Daddy's out there?

So I guess I'll close now.... and keep looking here, I'll try to post a tutorial for the Dowel Tree sometime soon. It's really easy friends, honestly it is. And the whole deal only costs about $35 and that was for 2!

Until Next time.... reach for your needle and thread every chance you get!

BIG Hugs and warm regards!


  1. I know, also my cat last week had the same dermatitis we had only tu put on a cream called "gentalin beta" i guess you don't know, but, it is not so horrible, he will be good in 1 week!!!
    By the way your things are too nice.
    Greetings from Italy

  2. Great job on the ornament dowel trees! I look forward to seeing your tutorial on how to make them!

  3. Awww hope Prince's hot spot clears up soon.
    Love the tree and your house is so nicely decorated!

  4. That is such a great idea!!!!! I love that dowel tree....and I love those rolling pins you have around the room!

  5. Some cats are allergic to plastics (my Slash was). We switched him to metal bowls and the problem cleared up.

  6. Your trees look wonderful all decorated up! Hope kitty is feeling better soon :)

  7. Love the dowel tree. We had a cat years ago with the same issues. They have us a low dosage steroid for those periods of time that were the worst and they worked well. They may not be doing that anymore, but it might be worth checking into if he keeps having problems. Good luck

  8. The dowel tree is fabulous! And it sure looks simple to make.

  9. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Wow, what a great build!! That looks awesome!!

  10. Your tree looks great!! Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!
    I hope your little Prince gets well soon~

  11. Vonna, one thing that will help your furbaby is to clip his claws. Our Spooky cat would get an itch and scratch it until it bled. Then, when it scabbed, off she was again, scratching. We clipped her claws, front and back, put a bit of neosporin on the scab and she was soon good as new. Even now, I keep her claws clipped so that they don't get too sharp.
    Love your dowel tree--its just gorgeous, and such a great way to show off ornies, scissor fobs and such. thanks for sharing.

  12. Chatty might have ringworm. One of our cats got it and passed it on to a couple family members before it was diagnosed by the vet. It's a very treatable fungus, but highly contagious. Antibiotics won't do a thing to cure it, though, you'd need an antifungal. I'd make a call to Ms. Dr. Vet and ask her if she considered it.

    Love the ornament tree, by the way, and PLEASE don't tempt me with another stitch along blog! LOL!

  13. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Love your trees! Great idea. Hope your prince heals soon.

  14. Is that punched tin on your wall? I Love that.

    Your tree turned out great. I would love to make one of those,If you decide to start up a SAL for ornaments I would love to join you in that.

  15. I'm so envious of your dowel tree... and your kitchen! I love the copper backsplash. I have been thinking about stitching seasonal ornaments for myself for a while. There are so many things I'd love to stitch... I plan to win the lottery tonight so that I can stay home and stitch 24/7. :)

  16. Very cute dowel tree, perfect way to show off all of those ornaments!

    Have I told you how much I love your home? It looks so comfy and welcoming.

    I hope the cat gets better...

  17. I love the dowel trees Vonna - I've always wanted one too so perhaps I will get round to making one for myself one day

  18. Great trees, Vonna. The tutorial is wonderful. Thanks for posting it.

    Sorry the kitty has an oowie.

  19. FANTABULOUS!!! :)

  20. Your ornament tree looks great!

  21. great job on the trees and your cat looks so abused lol. My dog had a hot spot on his back and they gave me a cram and it took a week to clear up.

  22. My oh my you are so inventive they are just great.

  23. Thanks for the tutorial. Hope Chatty is better. There is a Christmas Ornament Stitch-A-Long blog, but a seasonal one would nice :)

  24. Love the dowel trees! I just emailed the tutorial to my brother in hopes he will make one...or two! Thanks so much for sharing

  25. Vonna, I don't have any kitty advice for you, Smokey Cat has never had anything like that! Poor little baby! The kitty litter is a good start though I would think! The tree is awesome....and you're right. I think Chatty and Smokey were seperated!

  26. Your dowel tree is awesome! I have always wanted something like this. Thank you for the tutorial :)

  27. Hi Vonna,

    Congratulations on the newest
    addition to your family.
    Chatty looks to be a real
    sweet boy, and is quite the
    handsome fella. Love how the
    gray fur looks so sleek and
    velvety in the pictures. He's
    so lucky to have found such a
    wonderful, loving home. And
    aren't all cats "royalty"???

    Love your Dowel trees. They
    really turned out well and
    will be great for displaying
    all your ornaments. I guess
    you'll be able to use these
    year round, changing the
    ornaments to suit the season.

    The flat fold that you stitched
    and put together for Goldie is
    wonderful!! That Prairie
    Schooler design is perfect for
    the holiday and the colours fit
    the season so well. PS does Fall better then any other designer, my opinion anyways.

    Rob's neighbourhood RR looks
    amazing, and I really love the
    design that you chose to stitch
    for it. The house looks amazing
    done all in blue/gray colours.
    What a wonderful treasure this
    piece is, both for the visual
    pleasure it'll give, as well as
    a reminder of the people who
    volunteered to stitch on it.

    Always nice to meet another fan
    of Nora Roberts. :)


  28. Hi Vonna and Chatty,
    My dog Brutus has hot spots and so did a kitty I had along time ago. We would give them animal Benadryl and cream for the hot spots. Brutus is just allergic to just about everything. sigh...... So good luck with Chatty. Do you use Revolution? That might help.

  29. Thank you so very much Vonna for the excellent dowel ornament tree tutorial. I have been wanting one of these for the longest time. I'm going to ask my husband to make me one for Christmas. :) Yours looks fantastic!

  30. You clever lady, your dowel tree is just fantastic.

    Oh yes, your mistreated Prince looks very hard done by. LOL He sounds like he has what I took one of my cats to the vet for last night... a hole in the fur and the skin looked like she had been bitten. I have some solution I have to wipe over it.

    You are probably doing all you can for him, so don't worry too much. All you can realy do is keep an eye on it, and if it gets worse take him back to the vet. :-)

  31. Your dowel tree looks fabulous - I wish I had room for one, but space is so tight in a one bed apartment!

    I like the idea of an ornament SAL blog :o)

  32. Anonymous5:59 AM

    How lovely!
    Maybe Santa antecipates himself and sends you some more ornaments!!
    Best regards

  33. The dowel tree is fabulous! What a great thing for displaying ornaments! I hope Prince's dermatitis clears up quickly.

  34. They look wonderful Vonna! Hmm wonder if I can sweetheart my DH to make me one!

  35. Vonna, I'll join you on that 'Seasonal Ornament Blog'! By the way, I love your dowel tree, I think I may make 2 'half trees' for my mantle next year.

    Good luck with the dermatitis, I hope it clears up quickly. Keeping it 'cool' will really help, since Prince will make it much worse licking, scratching, and biting at it.

  36. Cute! Cute! Cute! Nice job Vonna!

  37. Poor Prince! No suggestions from this corner, only get-well wishes.

    Love your dowel tree. First free moment that arises, I'm checking out your tutorial!

  38. The dowel trees are gorgeous, congratulations

  39. Love the dowel tree, Vonna! What a great job! Love your ornaments on it!

    If you start a MM&I seasonal SAL or other kind of seasonal ornament SAL, let me know!!! I am so there!

  40. Great job!!! Turn out very pretty!

  41. Love the tree! They could be made in all shapes and sizes!
    As for Chatty-I do clip Cosmo's front feet. They'll do it at the vet, but it's not that hard, just watch the quick. He doesn't wear a collar, correct? Maybe he's just getting adjusted to your house too.

  42. Love the dowel trees Vonna! Very inventive! :) Oh the poor kitty. I had a cat who had the same problem - I about passed out in the Vets office when they were cleaning her up. The things we go through for the love of our animals!! :)

  43. Vonna- beautiful idea! What a perfect way to showcase ornaments.
    My cat got a "hole" like that once- and that's just how I described it, too! I think it healed itself very slowly (this was over 10 years ago). I use an aerosol called "AluSpray" on my horse- can you ask your vet if you can use this? It coats the wound like a flexible bandage. It works wonders on horse wounds, but I've never used it on my cats or dog. And of course, the horse doesn't try to lick her wounds clean.
    I hope it's not too much trouble, but, Anna at Stitch Bitch tagged me for Six Random Things About You, and I'm passing the flag to you!

  44. Your dowel tree looks's so pretty with the ornaments. I'd join an ornament SAL blog.

  45. Well I guess after all the previous comments you know your dowel tree is great ;)

    You have a lovely home and I really hope your kitty get better soon, sorry no advice our kitties haven't had anything like that.

  46. Cool dowel trees! Poor kitty. Hope he mends soon. xx

  47. Hi Vonna!
    Your ornament tree is gorgeous. I might have to convince my DBF to make one for me.
    Poor Prince. Similar to Miss Ann, I had a cat who was allergy to plastic. So my old cat got Corelle dishes. We also had to not put on any type of collar for a while especially a flea collar. We did start using that once a month thing you put on the back of their neck but I am not sure if that would be good for Prince. My current kitty is on fishy flavored predinose liquid for an autoimmune thing that is aggrivated by stress.
    Give Prince a little pat for me.

  48. I hope Prince's spot heals quickly... poor boy! Nice dowel tree!

  49. My goodness girlfriend. Now you are making trees. Unfortunately, me and wood do not have a good relationship sigh - guess I will just have to admire your trees!
    Love the idea of your ornament blog. Will be watching as everyone stitches. My plate is too full to add another - darn.

  50. These are a great idea! I can't belive what a handy person you are, just as skilled with hammer and nail as with the needle and thread.

  51. Hi Vonna, My kitty is alergic to things too. She has to go and have injections about every 6 weeks because her neck gets all horrible. We are going to try her tablets in the hope that this will help and I wont have to take her to the vet all the time. Her eyes get horrible too.

    I love your stitching and enjoy your blog. I must post a picture of my ornament tree which sits on my piano all year round as the ornaments are too pretty to put away.

  52. Your dowel tree turned out great, what a fun idea and a great way to display various small designs throughout the year. Hope the hot spot clears up soon. Jaz gets them off and on. She's gotten a cream from the doctor and also a antihistime to help get the itching down and done great.

  53. Love the dowel trees! They really turned out great! You are so handy! :-)

    Sorry about your poor kitty. Hope he is better soon.

  54. Love the dowel tree Vonna. Sorry your kitty is having problems. I hope the dermatitis gets better.


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