Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seasonal Ornaments SAL open!

I had quite a few people contact me that wanted to join a Seasonal Ornaments SAL, so I contacted BeckySC about having a weekend on the Let's Stitch board. Becky was such a dear and was going to let me have a weekend to do it over there on her lovely board, but I had many people that wanted to join that wasn't in Let's Stitch. So I decided to open a blog separate for just stitching along with other members of the Seasonal Ornaments Blog. Many, many wonderful praises for Becky letting me be undecisive and saying ok and then no I changed my mind. I'm sorry Becky and thank you!

I hope that their may be a few people now that are interested in joining me at Seasonal Ornaments SAL. It is not a high stress situation, I've got the general idea of how it will be "ran" listed over at the top of the blog, but essentially, I'll post Themed Challenges every two weeks. You stitch a ornament within the alotted time and post a picture of it and I will add your name to the completed challenge list. Every now and then I'll pull names from a hat and award prizes of some sort.

Intersted? Well mosey on over and take a gander and join me! The first challenge is listed and we have until Nov. 30 to complete it. If we stick to the schedule and motivate each other we could have around 24 ornaments next year this time! WOW!


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    This sounds like a good idea... I'd join in a sec if it wasn't for the fine print that everything must be finished with a capital "F". Maybe I'll just do the stitching part informally along with you guys :)

    BTW, I like your signature image with the needle & thread!

  2. Good luck with your new SAL Vonna! I can't commit the time to joing just now but I will be following from afar :)

  3. Good luck with your new SAL Vonna! I can't commit the time to joing just now but I will be following from afar :)

  4. Oh, this will be fun! I'm OK wiht getting the stitching done, and hopefully this will motivate mr to do more FINISHING, too!
    Heading over to join ...

  5. Oh finishing too! Oooops!
    You can disregard my previous email requesting to join! You know that you're my finisher, LOL!

  6. Wow, such a great idea. Good luck with it. I will just have to see everyone's progress. No time to commit to this.

    Now you can tell how far behind I am in reading blogs and comments.

    Love you new blog design. You are such a wonderful and creative person.


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