Friday, September 05, 2008

A week later....

Hello dear readers and friends, long time no type, eh?!

Well a few words on that......everytime that I *think* that a little R and R is in my grasp (whether it be Rest and Relaxation or the R and R FABRIC type of rest and relaxation...) it is snatched away like a carrot in front of a donkey (or ass as it were) - me being said creature :o) But ONWARD readers to the "meat" of the this post!

First Up: I am the lucky, smarty pants that got my name pulled for The Christmas Ornament Swap and I received my very first ornie in the mail yesterday from the ever delightful Carol:

"My Christmas Tis of Thee"
by Lizzie*Kate
Isn't it just super-de-duper? I love it and am looking forward to hanging it near my Hallmark Patrotic Snowman I have on my tree this Christmas! Thank you Carol, I love it!
Next Up: My own stitching you say?! Hmmmm??? Well that's been quite non-existant. I've got it all set up...but nil, nada, nothing. Hopefully Monday? Tune in Monday to see kids!
Next up: I've gotten myself into some fund raising for the 5th Grade Class at the kids' school. Katie is in 5th grade and they always (for like the past 50 years) attend a 3 day commune with nature retreat at a camp called "Bradford Woods". They need to raise $3500 for in-need children to be able to go. We, the parents of 5th graders, found this out on this past Wednesday night. Last night I went to the PTO meeting and asked permission to hold a bake sale on this coming Tuesday to help fund the endeavor for the needy families. I was granted permission. So last night at midnight I was busily e-mailing parents and making a flyer to go home with the children today asking for donations of baked goods to the bake sale table. I'm a bit worried. But it has bothered me since finding out about it. I feel a "need" or a "calling" to do this, so I put myself out there - I just hope I'm not a laughing stock. I also feel that my family is fortunate enough to "have", I am hopeful that others will feel so as well and "give". We'll see...please wish me luck. fret...fret...fritter...fritter....*gnash* *gnash*

Walking Chronicals: Still Truckin'...... no critter encounters.....I figure I've logged near 50 miles.

Until Next time, my dear friends....may your floss never end and if it does, may the "floss be with you" (and not somewhere where you can't reach it!) :) :O)


  1. Very cute ornie from Carol...and so the goodie envelopes begin ;)

    Good luck with the bake sale :)

  2. So glad you like it, my dearest friend! That bottom right corner looks like the postal service squished it! Does it look OK?

  3. OMG...that ornament is absolutely adorable!!!

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Enjoyed the new pumpkin fall look a lot.
    And you are really lucky because that christmas ornament is lovely. By looking through yours and some other of the blogs in your list I've been getting some new ideas for my christmas tree although I've already done a few of the ornaments I put there and also a Nativity scene that is all year round on the wall.
    Good luck with the funds for the kids. It is important to get involved, I think.
    Will be back monday to see the new cross stitchs.

  5. Wonderful ornamnet !

  6. I don't think you can ever be laughin stock when charity work comes from the heart Vonna! I think what you are doing is great. Taking action is the way to go!

    Love your ornaments-sweet!

  7. I hope your bake sell goes good! As a cashier at our school, (I live in a well to do area) I'm amazed at the number of lunches I have to take away because of charges. Now, they don't go hungry, we give them a Pb&J and Milk, but it amazes me that the need is there. I wished the state could provide free lunches for all students.
    Love your ornie!

  8. Snort... you do make me laugh, Vonna. But when, oh when are you going to take things easier. No stitching? That doesn't seem like a good idea if you want to stay sane!
    Hey, your new blog header is making me giddy!

  9. This is a lovely ornament!

    I am sure that your bake sale will go really well.

  10. Love the ornament! Good luck with bake sale! It sounds like a great idea and I am sure you will have lots of donations for it!

  11. Good luck with your bake sale Vonna...
    I thought of you this week when I was up at 4:30 to make Dan his lunch and again at 5:00 am when I went back to is just too dark here to walk at 5:00 street light at all...I do walk the dogs though ...but at 6:30 or 7 am instead...I admire your perserverence.

  12. It's really nice ;-)

    I love the pumkin on the top but I'm still not ready for fall !!! lol

  13. What a very cute ornament! What you are doing for needy families is very admirable, and I'm sure you will be successful. And, until next time, may the floss find its way to you very soon!

  14. linfernale.xx@voila.fr8:50 AM

    Wow !!! I love everything you stitched.
    Do you know the french leaflets from Tralala ??? I'm sure it's for you !!!

  15. A super sweet ornament from Carol~enjoy!

    Best of luck with the bake sale; make lots of money!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. What a lucky receipent of the ornament. To cute. Good luck with the bake sale. What a great thing to do for those kids.

  18. I stitched this for Max a year or two ago. It's sucha great design!

  19. I hope the bake sale goes well! I'm sure you'll have plenty of goodies. 5th grade parents rock! LOL

    Love your new ornament from Carol. Very pretty!

  20. Take it from a parent whose kids have been there and done that...PTO's and other parent organizations (sports boosters, band boosters, etc) are doing a crazy happy dance whenever someone steps up and says they'll organize something. And since a bake sale is always 100% profit, you've got nothing to lose.

    I think you're doing a wonderful thing. Everyone deserves a special school experience like this retreat, and usually it's the in-need children that need it the most.

    Good going, girl!

  21. Love the ornament that Carol sent you.

    The pumpkin picture at the top of your blog is so neat. I love fall and seeing things like that.

    Since I am behind in blogs, I am sure that you had an awesome bake sale. You are to be commended for taking charge of such things. Not many people are willing to step up to the plate.

  22. Carol's ornie is really cute! Love that biscornu too.
    I love the fall look to your blog. I think it's time to spice mine up some. After all, this is my favourite season.
    Hope all goes well with your bake sale. It's so good of you to take this on when you have such a busy schedule already. I feel the same way though, I am so lucky compared with others. I'm sure you'll receive lots of goodies for your table.


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