Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet Ornaments :)

Good-day Friends! Hope you all are having a lovely day. Today is laundry day for my household - ho hum....
But the day went from GLUM to GLAM when the mailman came because he brought me these ornaments from Our Christmas Ornament Swap:

"My Christmas Pear"
by Hands to Work
Taken from the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue 2005
32 ct. belfast cream linen
Stitched by the lovely Staci

Isn't it lovely? Isn't it perfect? I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you sweet Staci for this treasure!

Next Up - look at this:

Snowman and Cardinal
by Prairie Schooler
taken from Santas and Snowmen Leaflet
32 ct. Summer Khaki
Stitched by the lovely BeckySC

Isn't it CUTE??? I love the strung red beads that Becky used as the reminds me of sweet, juicy cranberry garland hung on a tree! I LOVE this one too! Thank you Becky!

Both of these additions will be lovely treasured heirlooms to hang on our tree this year! Thank you ladies!!!!

Have you gotten the newest Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine for this year????? I have and I've already started an ornament last to guess which one?! Hmmm??? Let me say this about the ornament I'm stitching: It's a deviation from what the designer usually submits for the magazine. And I love it and I have a fabulous idea for finishing it.

AND I finished my "carry along" WIP last night which also happens to be a Christmas Ornament....I hope to finish it today/this evening and show you soon :o)

I was just called to go into work tonight....that STINKS!!! Now I have to scramble to get everything in order for the kids to function prior to their Daddy getting home. I think this may be the beginning of the end for the person that called in "sick". I think he doesn't like the job and is interviewing with someone else...if that is so, then I am in BIG trouble....there are just not any Microbiologists that want to work in the Clinical Laboratory, so since we are few and far between and I'm the only one...that will mean daily working (I'm not kidding) if this guy leaves. Oh, the horror...and since we're a Clinical Lab (Hospital) that means we never 7 days a week. It's already just me and this other guy (my supervisor) that works in there....if he leaves (which I think he is or will soon because of his unhappiness).....I'm up a creek so to speak....oh well as Scarlett O'Hara said, "I'll worry about that tomorrow..."

Until next time my dear friends - remember to floss daily! :o)

1. My job - I really DO love being a Microbiologist
2. My washing machine - can you imagine doing laundry like the old days?
3. My husband - even though I got mad at him this morning he's mine and I love him - most of the time ;o) Just kidding!


  1. Both ornaments are gorgeous! Lucky you :) My ornament issue should be on the way, since I got the PayPal invoice and paid for it yesterday :D

    Sorry about your job, hope everything works out OK.

  2. Lucky you! Those are 2 beautiful ornaments. Sometimes living in Canada makes me mad, the JCS Ornament issue isn't available here yet. Sigh.....

  3. Gorgeous blog header! I love your little ornaments too! :)

  4. Oooooo, if you got your ornie issue, then mine's on the way! Squeals with glee!!!!!! I can't wait. hope that guy doesn't quit, you need time for yourself!

  5. Those are beautiful ornaments.
    I hope I get my JCS mag soon.
    Hope everything goes well for you at work. Maybe a hefty raise will be in order, lol.

  6. Beautiful, Vonna!

  7. WHat cute ornies! I love the way Staci finished hers...
    Hope you don't end up having to work even more than you do now...maybe the other guy just needs a few "mental health" days. Good luck!

  8. The ornies you've received are both really pretty!!! Lucky you :)

  9. I got my ornie issue at lunch today from my local shop!!!! Great ornies in there...decisions, decisions!!!

  10. ...what kinds of qualifications would one need for a job like that??

  11. I love them all but especially the pear - have to add this one to the wish list!

  12. What super cute ornaments!!! Yule have mine towards the end of next week!!

  13. They are both very lovely ornaments. My guess for what you are stitching from JCS is LHN. I hope mine comes soon.

  14. They are beautiful ornaments, Vonna.I either do not imagine my life without my washing machine and my husband,although from time to time it gets upset to me with both LoL.I am using the translator, I hope that he translates well. Greetings. Alicia.

  15. Oh, both your ornaments are so cute! I know you will cherish them. I love the way the first one looks like a pear with the leaves and stem. And the second one...I love the beads. Like you said, reminds me of a string of cranberries on the tree.

    Haven't seen the new ornament issue yet. Will have to go to the bookstore and pick one up.

  16. I saw Staci's Pear Ornament on her blog and it made me hungry! It's lovely! So is the PS....what precious gifts...

  17. First of all, LOVE the pumpkins atop your blog, Vonna!

    Secondly, those are darling - esp that pear - wow ee!!


  18. What lovely ornaments!

    I hope your job situation works out - working seven days a week would be no fun at all!

  19. Those are some sweet ornaments!

  20. Goodness, *everyone* is stitching up ornaments already, and I'm still in Rites of Spring mode!

    Hope all works out well at work.

  21. Both ornaments are very pretty and beautifully stitched!!
    Lucky you!

  22. Your ornaments are beautiful Vonna! Aren't you a lucky lady to receive these. The finishing on both (and the stitching) is wonderful!

  23. That Pear is absolutely the CUTEST thing! Staci did a fabulous job. And so did Becky on that adorable snowman. Love the beads!

    I hope to pick my issue up this weekend. I'm hoping there's an ornament by Threads Through Time? She hasn't been in the last couple of issues.

  24. Hello!
    I must confess I like the snowman better than the pear. Christmas, for me, is red and green. And the talk about Christmas made me want those cold days, waiting for the magic night. No matter how the world is, Christmas night will always be magical.
    Whem I entered your blog Paul Simon was on and "You can call me Al". Not only one of my fav musics but also a favourite video. Him and Chevy Chase are really funny.
    Hope everything goes well with your work. Let's hope that guy has a change in heart.
    Best regards
    Paula Nunes Lima

  25. Dearest happy you like my choice of ornament :) AND, I know you will cherish that gorgeous pear from Staci!!

  26. Lovely ornies. Hope work sorts itself out for you soon and remember try not to take on too much!

  27. Lovely ornaments Vonna!
    Hope things improve with the job - if I had a plane ticket I'd be over there in a flash to help you

  28. especially and very beautiful the pear :)

  29. Love the ornaments!!!

    More hours means more pay, and more stash. LOL!! Down side less stitching time to use up the stash.

  30. Oh what beautiful ornaments! You are right the one from Becky looks just like a cranberry garland. Love it!


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