Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ornies GALORE!

Hello dear friends :o) How's it?! Things are brightening in this part of the universe...I've had a really great week so far. The hubby has taken a couple of days off and we've spent some much deserved time together.

I've had a really great mail week this week so far too, so I'll share with you what I've gotten - caution!! You'll be seriously jealous when you see them:

First off my ornament from the Christmas Ornament Swap from sweet Cathy B:

Prairie Schooler - St Nick from the St. Nick leaflet #20
Totally divine isn't it? I've been wanting to get my hands on that leaflet for a long time and now I own one of the little fellas. You always know its gonna be a good mail day when you have a package in your mailbox from Minnesota with Cathy B's return address on the label. You almost want to break out in a Alleluia chorus :) Thank you Cathy ~ I love it!
Up next is Carolyn's Ornament:

Homespun Elegance ~ "Ho Ho Tired"

Isn't this cute?! Ellie loves it...she took to it right off the bat (or out of the package). She keeps telling it that she wants a "roll over my puppy for Christmas"...and a petshop fitness center, and a water babies, and a cuddle soft tiger, and a cupcake maker, and a........they learn fast don't they? Anyway Carolyn...I love it! It is so sweet and I (and Ellie) will find great joy in hanging this cutie on our tree this year!

Up next: AmySC touched my heart deeply when I opened her box and found this:

Prairie Schooler's ~ Christmas Strawberries

Isn't that just about the best thing?! Amy wrote that she knows I like quilts and Prairie Schooler so she came up with this strawberry. I can't tell you how pleased and happy I was when I saw this. It is perfectly finished and I love it! THANK YOU Amy!!! It's gorgeous and I will always think of you when I hang it on my tree :o) My sweet friend in SC.

Next up: Have you all seen this??????:

Well guess who's stitching it?! I've stitched to date (just started last night) the "g" in something and all of Wicked, Comes and Way....not enough to show yet...but I hope I can get some wacked out soon so that I can show you...I want to finish it as a quilted wallhanging for my entry...that's a TALL order because I've never quilted...but I bought a book and I figure since I've become a sewing dynamo with my finishing service, I just may be able to quilt?! Maybe not, but I'm going to give it a shot.

And finally, I leave you with a picture of my three youngest babies:

What sweeties, huh? Ian, Ellie and know people always say how much we all look alike - all 6 of us and I never think so...but looking at this picture, it's pretty funny isn't it...the similarities...goofy grins and all!

Until next time - stitch in the light and may the floss be with you! :o)

***GRATFUL NEEDFULS*** days to cherish, goofy grins and my daily walks


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I love your goodies especially Ho Ho Tired. I may have to order that chart. I ordered Wicked from 123Stitch about 4 days ago. I love it!!!! What fabbie are you using?

  2. What a great mail day! And I love the picture of the kidlets...


  3. Lucky you! All are fabulous ornies, I love them all. Enjoy and your 3 youngest are adorable~

  4. What great ornaments. Your tree will be loaded this year! Oh my, Ellies hair is getting long. The boys are handsome as ever.

  5. Lots of great ornies - enjoy!

  6. Nice favorite is that strawberry. Love the pattern and the colors of it.

    Oh no...the pet shop fitness center. Do you have a fan of the Littlest Pet Shop, too? My older kiddo is ga-ga for LPS and wants them all. She hasn't seen the fitness center...yet.

    Cute picture of the kiddies. And yes, your whole family does look alike. I can see both you and your hubby in each of your kiddos. :-)

  7. Fantastic ornies, each and everyone of them. I can't decide which is my favourite, but thankfully, I don't have to. Your kiddies are peaches, and yes, you all do look alike!
    Glad things are looking up for you, dear friend!

  8. Great exchanges, they all look terrific, as do the kids !

  9. You've got some beautiful ornaments - lucky you!

  10. Anonymous4:07 AM

    It'always lovely to come to your blog. You surely got some lovely surprises in the mail, but the best of all things is family isn't it? And you really all look alike.
    Best regards

  11. Fabulous ornaments! The kids look great goofy grins and all. Of course in this picture Ian looks like your twin.

  12. Such beautiful ornaments! Yes you do all look alike, how cute is that?

  13. I really like the Ho Ho, Tired, cuz by the time Christmas comes - that is soooo me! :D

    Love the pic of your kids. I've always thought you all look like you belong together - but now I think your kids' dna is practically identical, lol!

  14. Gorgeous ornaments!!!! Love the second one...such a fun design :)
    Cute pic of your kiddos :)

  15. What great ornaments you received dear Vonna :) I know you will enjoy them :)

  16. Now that's a great photo of your kids!

    I love all the Christmas ornaments, this is a great exchange group. I am very jealous, lol!

    I am glad that you are having a much better week.

  17. Look at all the fabulous ornies you're receiving!!! Aren't those envelopes fun?!?

  18. First I have to sya I love love love your header picture!!!!!! I adore pumpkins!!!! Obsessed at times maybe.
    And second I just picked up The Something Wicked yesterday! I couldn't resist it!!!!! Hope to stitch it soon!!!!
    Lovely stitching and can't wait to see your finish on Something Wicked!!!!

  19. Those ornies are all so cute! Your tree will look lovely with all of them in place. Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. Life caught up with me and I've too much on my plate so I've only had time for reading posts recently.
    Love the pic of your young ones! They definitely can't deny they're related!!
    I can't wait to see your start on Wicked. I spotted this chart online right after I came home from seeing the play Wicked. Is that a sign... should I be doing this one too?!

  20. Dianne12:48 AM

    You have some wonderful finishes here! I'm glad to know someone else who love The Prairie Schooler designs.
    And you certainly look alike! I see Katie and Ellie in your Auntie from her photos you shared. That has to feel good. My only niece looks a lot like me. God works in mysterious ways.


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