Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ornament from Edgar

Hello Friends :o)

Last week I received the most gorgeous ornament from the sweetie of blogland Edgar :

Ornament stitched by Edgar
The Prairie Schooler ~ Santa Rides
Totally awesome, yes?! This is the first piece I own from Edgar and although we belong to many of the same exchange groups, I've never been lucky enough to be paired with him. And the raves about his stitching and finishing are not in vain...this is stupendously stitched, finished and will be a treasured heirloom for my tree. Thank you Edgar...I LOVE it :) a lot!
AND I finished an ornament for Edgar today! Hootie hoot hoot! I got it all packaged up and will mail it tomorrow, so soon, Edgar soon....AND soon my dear friends soon...I'll get to show you what I stitched for Edgar.....it is so cute and I like it so much....I see more of these ornaments in my future...
Thank you for all the kind, sweet words on my Breast Cancer scissors slide in memory of my Aunt Sarah. She was an incredible person, my family misses her deeply.
Tonight is THE night that my children will pull the winning name of my "BLOGGERVERSARY PRIZE". I finished the ornament up last night and its sweet. GOOD luck to all the participants - I hope you win! in fact I wish ALL of you could win...but I'd never get to stitch for myself....
Well I guess that does it for me today...I walked extra today because I've been a bit bad lately...and I smell like a pig farmer...so I need to hit the showers! Until next time - FLOSS ON!
***GRATEFUL NEEDFULS*** a cool breeze fluttering turning leaves, a big pot of chili, and a good book


  1. Edgar's ornament is too cute! Believe it or not but I don't a single PS chart in my chart and I love their stuff!

    I can't wait to see what you stitched for Edgar! Take care!

  2. That is a real beauty of an ornament you rec'd from Edgar! I look forward to seeing what you stitched for him.

  3. Hootie hoot hoot? ROFLOL You crack me up!

    Lovely ornament from Edgar, you lucky girl!

  4. That is a wonderful ornament !

  5. A beautiful ornament from Edgar! His stitching and finishing are both so well done in photos I can only imagine how beautiful they are in person. Enjoy!

  6. I love Edgar's ornament! Your tree this year is going to look great!

  7. Your ornament from Edgar is lovely!

  8. A lovely ornament from Edgar. Wow your tree is going to be overflowing!

  9. Another beautiful ornament,I love the trim used around this one.


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