Friday, September 26, 2008

October is.....

breast cancer awareness, and because breast cancer touched my life, I decided to stitch the new Dinky Dyes and Cat Whisker's Scissors slide for the the Kelmscott Breast Cancer awareness scissors and here it is:

But I changed the back in memorandum of my mother's sister, my aunt - Sarah Weber - who passed from breast cancer in 2003.

The back says: "In Loving Memory Sarah Weber 1952 - 2003

She was my Aunt, yes....but she also was:

my friend.......

My maid of honor ....

My first baby's God-mother

God Bless you Aunt Sari, I love and miss you terribly. One day we shall meet again....

Dedicated to you with love,hugs and kisses ~ Vonnie


  1. What a wonderful remembrance Vonnie. It's beautiful.

  2. Such a beautiful token to remember her by. Lovely pictures.


  3. So sorry for your loss. What a wonderful tribute, and what wonderful memories.


  4. Wonderful words for a terrible loss. Hugs, MJ

  5. What a beautiful tribute!!!
    It's just gorgeous, Vonna!

  6. What a loving tribute Vonna! I've been lucky, I've never had a close friend or loved one have breast cancer. You looked lovely in your wedding dress!

  7. What a beautitul tribute! I am sorry for your loss.

    I love the design and scissors.


  8. What a beautiful piece! Sometimes it's nice to negate a little sadness and loss with a sweet tribute to someone you loved dearly.

  9. A wonderful tribute.

  10. What a beautiful tribute. Wonderful finishing too!


  11. Thanks for sharing your memories!

  12. Anonymous5:01 PM

    That's beautiful, Vonna! Thinking good thoughts for all those in need...

  13. Just gorgeous Vonna. Wonderful tribute to you aunt, friend, MOH.

  14. Anonymous5:22 PM

    It's beautiful, what a wonderful tribute to your aunt.

  15. Anonymous5:36 PM

    thanks for the great memorial for my mother you will always be in my heart. thanks for everything

  16. Vonna, what a lovely way to remember your dear Aunt. It is beautiful...


  17. What a beautiful token to do in her honor.

  18. I must get that pattern Vonna...and I know where to order it from (excuse the bad grammar) memory of my best friend Mary Ann who I lost 10 years ago this month to breast cancer.
    Thanks for showing this lovely design.

  19. Beautiful tribute! I got the scissors and kit at the market a few weeks ago. I have never lost anyone from breast cancer, but have had family and friends who have been cured, Thank God.

  20. Anonymous8:43 PM

    What a lovely tribute to Aunt Sarah. THANKS for showing her as the kind and loving aunt and sister she was. I too miss her everyday...but you brought her back to life by the wonderful blog.
    Our family also has a beautiful and kind person in you....I am so proud that you are my daughter. Love you lots...Love Mom

  21. What a lovely tribute, Vonna. I'm sorry that you lost your aunt, your friend. :(

  22. What a beautiful finish and such a lovely tribute to your aunt!

  23. Anonymous10:58 PM

    This is awesome! She had the biggest heart and you are following right in her footsteps. She would be so proud of you as we all are. You really know how to make a person cry!

    We love you,
    Adam, Missy, and Bradyn

  24. What a wonderful way to remember such a close friend and Aunt. This way she we always be on your mind when you use those scissors.

  25. What a lovely tribute to your aunt.

  26. What a beautiful finish and lovely tribute to your aunt!
    Your works are always so perfect, and I'm touched by your words.

  27. What a pretty scissors slide and what a beautiful way to remember your aunt!

  28. Great finish, and a lovely idea to do it in memory of your much loved Aunt.

  29. That was inspiring, thank for sharing a personal part of your life.

  30. My dear Vonna - that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen you stitch. And such a lovely tribute to your aunt. You are in my heart today dear friend!!!!

  31. My dear Vonna - that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen you stitch. And such a lovely tribute to your aunt. You are in my heart today dear friend!!!!

  32. What a beautiful way to remember your Aunt.

  33. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Love your blog, have just lurked till now. What a lovely tribute to a, from what you've said, wonderful woman. I'm sure she's smiling up there in heaven!

    Love your Eagle's Wings song. Whenever it's played at Mass, I bawl, because it reminds me of my dad.

    Happy stitching!

  34. A wonderful memorial to your sweet Aunt, Vonna. It's beautiful.

    I lost my Mom to breast cancer 5 years ago. Your post has especially touched my heart this morning. Thank you.

  35. What a nice tribute to your aunt. Your scissors case from Cat's Whiskers is beautiful - the personalization really makes it special.

  36. I love how you've personalized this piece. What a beautiful tribute to your Aunt.

  37. Beautiful tributeindeed, Vonna! The colors, the design, the finishing, the whole meaning of this piece... It´s just perfect! =)

  38. A lovely tribute Vonna.

  39. It's a lovely tribute Vonna

  40. Just beautiful Vonna!!

  41. What a lovely piece and rememberance. She sounds like a very special lady.

  42. oh Vonna, what a touching remembrance and beautiful tribute piece. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  43. Anonymous12:43 AM

    What a special memorial piece for your auntie. She sounded like a wonderful woman. God Bless.

  44. Anonymous8:47 AM

    What a great memorial for your loved Aunt.

  45. It's just stunning! I'm sorry for your loss :o( I've had breast cancer myself and didn't hesitate to buy this pattern and scissor. ((((HUGS))))

  46. A lovely rembrance of someone you were so close to.

  47. Oh Vonna how wonderful. I have the scissors and the needle minder but couldn't find the chart. I lost a cousin who was only 6 minths older than me to breast cancer. I'll keep looking for the chart, stitch it then send it to you to finish. LOL. Hopefully Mary Kathryn will have it.

    Jan R

  48. Vonna,

    I think that your tribute is beautiful. I enjoy your blog very much, because of this I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award, you may see it here:

    Your blog inspires me everyday not only with your crafting but with your wonderful generosity for the stitching community.


  49. Vonna what a fantastic tribute! I'll be running on October 5th in "The Run For The Cure" to fundraise for Breast Cancer research. To date I've raised just over $500.

    I will think of your Aunt during my 5K run next Sunday.

  50. Hi Vonna,

    What a lovely memorial to your
    Aunt. Such a pretty design,
    and you've finished it off
    beautifully, of course.

    Congrats on your 2nd bloggerversary!!

    The time flies, doesn't it? You've
    been such a huge influence on the
    stitching community, it's hard to
    believe that you've only been
    blogging for two years. Everyone
    knows what an amazing stitcher,
    and finisher you are. And your
    blog posts are always a pleasure
    to read. This is such a nice place to visit.

    You received some lovely Xmas
    ornaments this week too. The
    P.S. St Nick is quite a handsome
    fellow with his rosy cheeks and
    full beard.

    And I can well understand why Ellie is so taken with Carolyn's ornament. This is so cute, and funny too. Poor Santa looks knackered. Ellie has her Christmas wish list nailed, doesn't she?

    Amy's Christmas strawberry looks
    neat too. The red and green
    pattern is so complex looking,
    and it changes everywhere you look.

    Can't wait to see your progress on
    Wicked. This is a great Halloween
    verse and that witches shoe is

    Nice picture of the kids hamming it
    up for the camera. There's no
    doubt that these three are related.
    Look at those blue eyes. I take
    it the bear is adopted??


  51. Great post. I love your scissor case-such a gorgeous tribute to someone taken too soon. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer too. I miss her every day. Lovely work you do!

  52. You made me cry! (a good cry...) I lost my mom to breast cancer 7 years ago. I think about how much she has missed with my children. I have not gotten this scissor purse/scissors because I thought it would be too painful to do for my mom. Now I have to rethink it. Thank you for having me do that.

  53. What a beautiful loving tribute to your aunt.

  54. Beautiful scissor slide and memory. Hugs!

  55. Anonymous5:10 AM

    a most lovely way to honour someone so important in your life. I lost my father too, in 2000, to lung cancer. Every day I remember him.
    Paula Nunes Lima

  56. Oh that is just such a beautiful tribute to your aunt Vonna.

  57. Such a beautiful stitched piece, and such beautiful memories you have of someone you loved so much.

  58. Oh, Vonna! What a lovely keepsake/tribute for your aunt. It is very pretty.

  59. What a lovely tribute for your aunt :o)

  60. I'm all teary at your post, Vonna. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful woman. And a strong reminder to everyone out there to have regular mammograms.


  61. Wonderful tribute Vonna (hugs)

  62. It is simply beautiful and a wonderful tribute!

  63. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Simply beautiful like Aunt Sari! Ben, Ethan, Alicia, and I did the Evansville Race for the Cure on 9/21. 18,000 strong -- it's amazing how good (people supporting people) can come out of bad (breast cancer)! See you Saturday.


  64. Beautiful tribute to your aunt!


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