Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candy and Stars...

Hidey Ho Neighbors!

I have two more ornaments that I've received from the Christmas Ornament Swap that I am in and without further ado, here they are:

"Star On Top of the Tree"
by Blue Ribbon Designs
Stitched by Jill F.
Gorgeous isn't it? Jill did a spectacular, beautiful job from the top of the tree, to the hanger to the beautifully beaded edge :o) Love it Jill! I will cherish this always.

Ribbon Candy stitched by Joan S

Cute isn't it? Just like old-fashioned dime store candy! And all decked out to grace my tree forever and ever :o) Thank you Joan!

I guess I'm a little short on typing today....I have a lot on my mind. Multiple things have been going on here on the home front and otherwise...but defiance is a word that comes to mind that is perfect for things that have been happening recently. Seems nobody wants to follow rules, laws, regulations - isn't that what brings order to the universe? At least that's what my mind says, but I'm a simpleton compared to most. Although in my college days I learned all about Mr. Murphy and his chaos theory. ORDER will quickly go to DISORDER nothing is static. And I definitely could point out about 12 random things where this is clearly illustrated. I guess any mother can tell you that without the help of dear Mr. Murphy. But sadly none of this defiance is due to my, sadly that is not the case - its all "big" people. I'm ready for this week to be over! Come on Friday!!!! And I have a chair with my name written all over it, I plan on buying a gallon of super glue and melding my fanny to the cushion. You can depend on it!

Until next time, I'm taking some happy pills (ibuprofen - not anything stronger...but I wouldn't be against something stronger at this point) and a couple bottles of beer. Its five o'clock somewhere......

***GRATEFUL NEEDFULS*** a weekend off, rolling rock brewery and my pima cotton Land's End nightgown


  1. Oh don't even get me started on people who are old enough to know better but still decide to not follow the rules. The world is full of what I like to call the Self-Titled VIP...the kind of person who doesn't feel the need to follow rules or extend courtesy or be polite, because they're FAR too important to have to deal with things like that. Grrr.

    Sounds like it's definitely Beer:30around your neck of the woods. :-)

  2. Lovely ornaments. Hope your days get better.

  3. when I was reading, I got to the part where you say "I plan on buying a gallon" and I had to scroll down to read the next part... I immediately though ICE CREAM! :) then saw you meant super glue! Course I think a gallon of ice cream might help you out too!

  4. Hi Vonna,

    Sorry to hear that things have
    been so frustrating for you,
    and people have been inconsiderate
    and thoughtless. It's good to
    know that you've got a well
    deserved weekend off coming up.
    Hope you have the opportunity to
    relax and stitch a bit during
    that time.

    I so enjoyed the pictures that
    you posted a while back of some
    of your Fall decorating. I've
    still got to do mine, and I'm
    really looking forward to doing
    it. You've got some really
    wonderful things, and all the
    incredible stitching designs
    that are Fall or Halloween
    oriented are the jewels in the

    I loved seeing when Staci was
    the recipient of all the Xmas
    ornaments last month. Now it's
    your turn and it's amazing how
    many different finishes are
    being used. That little Ribbon
    candy design is amazing. It
    really does look like a piece of
    candy. And Staci's pear is
    wonderful. I've been looking at
    the close ups to see the

    Your biscornu for the SBEBB
    exchange is so cute. The
    circle of ladybugs is very
    charming, and the ruffled edge
    on the biscornu is quite unique.
    And the black and red combo make
    the design pop!

    I always find your blog and
    your stitching very inspiring

    Take care.


  5. Your ornaments are just beautiful. I especially love the ribbon candy. When I was young that was mine and my mom's special treat. We can no longer buy it here so it was cool to see it in ornament form. Keep you chin up, your butt in that chair, your stitching in hand and SOMETIMES.... things go right.

  6. Well TGIF Vonna. The ornaments are both great and your going to make it to the chair yet. Happy Stitching CJ(ok;-)

  7. I hope that the people who are acting like - well - idiots sort themselves out, and that you can relax this weekend with some quality stitching time!

  8. The ornaments you received are beautiful!

    Sorry you're having a frustrating time with idiots that should know better - enjoy your weekend off!

  9. Oh wow you have received some of the most beautiful ornaments Vonna:)

    I hope things get better. Don't get me started on inconsiderate people. I've had my fill of them especially those who should know better!

  10. Your newest ornaments are beautiful Vonna, and you are getting me in the holiday mood! I hope you can get lost in your stitching this weekend to make you feel better. It always works for me!

  11. Two more absolutely adorable ornaments! Your tree is going to be fabulous!

    I know what you mean about's rampant in my house as well. Life would be so much easier if people would just take care of themselves and follow the rules. Then we could have a beer for the pure enjoyment! LOL Hope things (people) shape up soon and you can RELAX! (((HUGS)))

  12. I hope you have a wonderful weekend stitching in that chair...keep things close, after all being glued in can be a bit difficult if you don't have your drinks near by.

  13. p/s all you little ornaments are adorable..I love the pear!

  14. Love everything here, you have so many exchanges going on *boggles* You crazy girl. I like Becky's ornament, the way the hanging cord is finished with the beads, I am so stealing that idea LOL!

    I hope you can finally relax this weekend. Life has been nuts for me too, is there something in the air around here?

  15. Doesn't it sometimes feel like we are still in high-school. Or at least, like some people have never left! UGH!!!

    TGIF!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Oh Vonna, I'll join you with the happy pills, if you don't mind. Sorry to hear about Murphy and his evil ways are affecting you.
    Love the Christmas ornie!

  17. All your ornaments that you have received are just gorgeous. This is a great exchange group that you are in.

  18. {{{Vonna}}} - I'm so sorry that you're feeling frustrated. I hope things turn around soon.

    All the ornaments you've been receiving are lovely!

    I love the "fall" look of your blog too!

  19. Hope your day gets better! I think adults are far worse then children when it comes to chaos and disorder!

  20. Your Christmas ornament very cute and beautiful :)

  21. I sure hope you're getting that weekend you want and need!! I'm ready for one, too!

  22. i am so sorry that you are having a bad week i feel like that a bit this week.. but its due to my two eldest kids.. they jsut dont seem to comprehend the word chores and help.. lol my youngest just wants to whine at the mo as he is teething and i know its not his fault but cor dear ... its nice when he has gone to sleep and is not latched on to my arm or i hope things pick up for you and you enjoy or enjoyed the bear.. take five

  23. Anonymous6:36 AM

    The ornies are all gorgeous!

  24. The ornaments are just beautiful! I think there is a full moon as things seem crazy here too!

  25. Hi, Vonna!

    I just found your blog and REALLY enjoyed reading back through several posts. It is now bookmarked and I'll be back regularly!

  26. Hope that your weekend is going better than your week!
    Oh how I wish this move had not forced me to opt out of the Christmas Ornament Exchange...I am drooling over your newest ornaments! :)

  27. What fab ornaments have been coming your way lately! I hope that cheers you up a wee bit. I love your new "grateful needles" section- always a nice note to end on. :)

  28. Wow you're lucky to receive such gorgeous ornaments. I love your fall theme!

  29. Sorry to hear things are so frustrating right now, it is so irritating when those who are old enough to know better won't follow the rules that are needed to make things work properly. Hopefully things settle down soon, it sounds like work is quite stressful at the moment too. The ornament exchange items are all so pretty, what delightful surprises to give and get.

  30. Wonderful ornaments that you have received, your tree will be decked out so beautifully yet again this year.

  31. The ornaments are beautiful! Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you've not had a nice week, I hope your weekend has been much better!

  32. Beautiful ornie Vonna! xx

  33. I hear ya girl! I am so fed up with the complete defiance going on around here too! Shocking!!! I keep wanting to send out an email that says "Please send wine." Last week was like this and this week has started out the same! I am all for gluing myself to my stitching spot and not moving!


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