Friday, August 15, 2008

What a surprise!

Hello Friends! Didn't have an idea that I was going to blog today, but I can't let these beauties go unnoticed! The mailman was generous today in filling my box up with gorgeous goodies from two lovely ladies :o)

First up is a belated birthday gift from the sweet, hard working Mommy to four kiddos, Barbara look at this beauty:

"Tulips" from the 2008 Fremme Collection
Stiched using overdyed DMC on a mystery linen
Finished as a pillow and backed with the sweetest MODA fabric
THANK YOU Barbara!! She chose yellow to stitch the piece in and yellow is one of my favorite colors and this deep mustard color is my favorite of all yellows!
Barbara sent the sweetest note along with such wonderfully nice sentiments in it, thank you Barbara, I feel the same way about you. Any mother, no matter if you have 1 or 12 kids, has leads a harried life and has a tough job to guide and lead your chicks. You do it admirably, Barbara!
Next up is Round #8 Fair and Square Friendship Squares from Clare:

I've loved meeting Clare and I've become a loyal reader of her blog. She's a sweet soul and likes many of the same kinds of stitching I do. She did me up righteous with a set of these lovely redwork squares...absolutely gorgeous! And I just love the curley ques aren't they sweet?

Lastly an update on my Walking Chronicals: Today was a good a.m. walk, no grumpy raccoons to be seen, no ornery skunks visible (though I do think I smelled the little feller some where) shooting stars :o( But I did have an encounter with a bitty bunny! He just hopped away, but he was a tiny rascal....little sweetie. So I figure in the last 6 days I've walked 24 miles. Yay me! My knees ache, my hips are sore, my buttock and back of my thighs are begging for mercy - there's not a flat place around here - we're all hills and hollars so I'm either walking UP or walking DOWN never just walking FLAT....and although I think I'm going to blow an artery before I get to the top of some of these rolling hills, I try to always think how great it is going to be walking DOWN the other side! LOL! Trying to keep it know the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" type thing.....sad thing is the walking DOWN seems to go a lot faster than the walking UP and before I know it I'm walking UP again.....*hrmph!*.....

My dear husband did take me seriously about the flashlight with wattage though...he gifted me with a big 'ol flashlight and I'm talking W-A-T-T-A-G-E! I think it would make a vampire cringe it's that bright!

Alrighty friends - that's it for me today! I wish you a sunny, fun filled weekend with light and laughter all the days....peace out!


  1. How pretty!

    Baby bunnies are so cute! It sounds like you've seen everything but a porcupine! Hope those buggers stay away! WTG on the mileage. That is awesome! Glad you got a good flashlight now.

  2. Hi Vonna! Lots of pretty things there. Nice flashlight! that ought to keep the monsters at bay!

  3. Yay, I'm so glad it arrived and that you like it. :D I'm relieved that later really is better than never. LOL!

    The squares from Clara are LOVELY!

  4. Keep up with the walking! You are one of several that have inspired me to get off the comfy stitching chair and walk. In fact - Ive told myself that walking comes before stitching (gasp!). Then I can really stitch as a treat :o)

  5. Vonna you definately got some beauties!!!

    If your hip is bothering you, you might want to see if one leg is longer than the other. I found out my right leg is 6mm shorter than the left. The specialist gave me a heel lift to put in my right shoe and my hip dosen't hurt the day after a nice long walk. Also if your soreness persists I recommned a REALLY good pair of shoes like Brooks, New Balance, or Asics and perhaps orthotics?

    Speaking as a person with feet problems all of these have helped me to become active again!

  6. Lovely gift from Barbara and squares from Clare!

    Keep going with the walking - you're definitely inspiring me to get out there and do some - I really need to get moving again and tone up some "problem" areas!

  7. What a lovely gift from Barbara.

    Congratulations on walking 6 miles - that's a wonderful achievement for your first week of walking!

  8. Barbara certainly gave you a beautiful gift. I just don't know how she manages to give so many lovely gifts with all that she has on her plate. The squares are lovely too.

  9. Lovely gift from Barbara she has such original ideas that are always so perfect for the recipient and your square that you received is exquisite.

  10. You got some great exchanges and gifts! Love that pillow and deep yellows!

    Glad you had a good walk with a extra good flashlight! Here's hoping you have no more close encounters of a close kind! LOL!

  11. I just love the bunnies that live in my backyard, John doesn't, they do get in the bitty garden we have. Glad hubby gifted you a better flashlight!
    Oops! Still don't wanna walk! hahaha, I am so lazy.

  12. I love your gifts!


  13. Vonna, what an inspiration to be up so early and walking, enjoying the scenery. I love the pillow and what a pretty yellow.

  14. Very beautiful pillow!!
    I love it and the colour is so beautiful as well!

  15. What a lovely stitch from Barbara. It is really quite stunning. And your squares from Clare - gorgeous. She is such a sweet person. She and I have stayed in touch since our exchange. Walk away my girl - I can just envision you tromping down that road with great determination and grit. Glad to see your sense of humour stays with you as you tromp. I'm cheering you on every step of the way.

  16. You received some very beautiful stitching! Both ladies did an amazing job.

    It's wonderful you are keeping a journal of your walks. I'm wondering what furry creature will cross your path next!

  17. My goodness, woman, what are you doing with yourself? Walking up and down hills till it hurts? What have I missed? Well, I'll finish this comment before I scroll down to find out.
    Barbara's gift to you is gorgeous!!!! Well, you know how I feel about Fremme :o) Love the Fair Squares too!
    Don't climb too many mountains, ford too many streams, follow too many rainbows... hang on... I got distracted...

  18. I was with you in spirit today Vonna, sad to report I haven't been as good as you! I plan a curcit around the village tomorrow.

    Your pillowis lovely and I'm so pleased you loved the squares

  19. Beautiful pillow from Barbara - it amazes me too at how much she gets done with four little ones!

    And wonderful Fair & Square blocks too.

    What a great mail day!

  20. Beautiful pillow from Barbara - it amazes me too at how much she gets done with four little ones!

    And wonderful Fair & Square blocks too.

    What a great mail day!

  21. It's beautiful - what a perfect gift.

  22. Good luck with your walking Vonna, you sure are having some adventures with the wildlife!

    Lovely stitching from Barbara and Clare too :)

  23. What lovely goodies you've been getting, going to your mailbox lately must be so exciting. Glad that the walking is going well, and you haven't had anymore skunk encounters. The new flashlight sounds awesome. Given how early you're walking, and the shorter daylight we have now, having the extra wattage sounds like a good idea to me.

  24. What a very pretty pillow ~
    Great F&S squares as well.

    If your joints ache try Flex-a-min, it cushions and lubricates joints all day. OTC product that has Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM.
    Keep on truckin my friend!

  25. The pillow is really beautiful and I do love the backing fabric. The squares from Clare are lovely. Clare was my partner for the last round and stitched me some very beautiful squares as well.

  26. I love the stitched pillow so sweet and different and the red work is great.. keep up with walking it will do you good i know how you feel as most mornings i do a keep fit video and my thighs arm muscles and belly always aches.. persevere its supposed to get easier lol

  27. The gifts are wonderful, and I love reading about your walks!

  28. Vonna,
    visit my blog for a surprise!!

  29. Barbara stitched a beautiful pillow for you, Vonna! I love the backing fabric too, its perfect for this design.

    Great walking stories - I don't know if I could get up that early in the morning though!

  30. Beautiful gift from Barbara and I love the squares from Clare.

  31. I forgot to say that I received my threads from Nancy and I LOVE them!

  32. Beautiful gifta and squares Vonna!

  33. You know...before to long you are going to love these walks and look forward to them by the sound of things! You go girl!!!
    The squares are exquisite!

  34. Hi Vonna,

    Ohh. You received that lovely
    Assisi stitch design that Barbara
    was working on. It's so pretty!!
    I love this reverse style of
    cross stitching. And the backing
    fabric matches the stitched front
    piece so well.

    Clare's F&S square is beautiful
    too. Love the red thread that
    she used, and that design is just

    Glad to hear that your DH got
    you a nice, big flashlight for
    your early morning perambulations.
    Its a handy thing to have.

    I must say meeting up with a wee
    bunny is a heck of an improvement
    over smelly skunks and raging


  35. Nice!! Who wouldn't be happy to find a mailbox full of goodies like these?!?!?!

  36. Hi, Vonna!

    I'm a fellow Hoosier, transplanted to the Chicago suburbs. I've been "lurking" on your blog and other cross-stitch blogs for some time. I couldn't resist commenting on your "skunky" posts. My husband and I have a screened-in patio attached to our house, but it's not accessible from the house. We were going outside one night last week to sit on the porch. Hubby always pounds on the garage door to give any critters an alarm that we're about to intrude on them. As we opened the door, we saw a skunk high-tailing it into the back of the back yard. We decided not to sit on the porch. A couple of years ago, we were held hostage (for about 20 minutes) on the porch by a skunk that came into the back yard and proceeded to snuffle all around the courtyard area, helping himself to the downed birdseed. Ahh, nature!

  37. Nice mail! I love that pillow!

    Good on you for starting to walk, it's really one of the best way to start excercise, you rarely hurt yourself doing it.

  38. Congrats on what sound like lovely walks ..... Maybe the more you walk the more goodies that appear in your mailbox??? :) Go ahead, test the theory.

  39. I always love visiting your blog.:)


    PS I have nominated you for another award!

  40. Beautiful gifts Vonna. xx

  41. Your work is just gorgeous!

    I have a lil' something for you at my blog. Check it out if you can.

    Keep up the walking!

  42. I've given you a blog award! Stop by my blog for more info.

  43. Excellent mail day : )

  44. Wow! You really have some pretties there! :)

    I'm so impressed with you and your walking. At that time of the morning, there would have to be someone walking in front of me with coffee to tempt me to keep moving. I get up, but my mind doesn't usually wake up until an hour or so later. I'm proud of you, girlfriend!!

    Whatcha stitchin'??

    Carolyn :)

  45. Dear Vonna, I would like to give you an award, please visit my site for more info. Hugs, Daniela


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