Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Talk...

Hello Friends! How are you all doing this fine Summer Day? I'm doing well...I continue in my pursuit of "turning new leaves" in my life. Today during my 5 a.m. walk I was accompanied by my flashlight and a 1G iPod downloaded with all my favorite songs. My dear, sweet, generous friend Julianne read my self evaluation post and offered to send her iPod that she doesn't use anymore complete with Nike armband to hold it so I can walk in stereo! In "swap" all she wanted me to do was finish a Shepherd's Bush pillow for her. What a deal! Thank you Julianne :) My walk was just divine with my new musical walking!

Speaking of my walk....this a.m. I saw 6 falling stars...no kidding...were we in the middle of some meteor showers or something? I haven't read anything about that...but I saw 6!!! I never saw a shooting star in my life until the age of 21, and to think that I saw 6 in one 45 minute walk this a.m. is just astounding to me. I made wishes on each of those stars for Health and Happiness for my family. I also had an encounter with a Raccoon this a.m. I was terrified, I've seen them in the distance, but never close enough that they could growl at me...for heaven's sake...I was scared to death! YIKES! So that's all the adventures I have to share with you about my walk today...6 shooting stars and one angry Raccoon...enough for anybody!

I have some goodies to share. Up first is by Kelly. Kelly granted my wish on the MAW board for an Americana design finished as a pinkeep or flatfold. Kelly generously fulfilled my wish making this pinkeep:

Thank you Kelly! I love it! And to further my "leaf turning" Since I have been granted 3 wishes and I fulfilled 3 wishes, I am asking BeckySC to release me from the board. I am staying on track for lessening the stress in my life and uping the hobby "value" to my HOBBY. I feel better knowing that I can stitch for myself and give myself a little breathing space :) I have one round to moderate and one round to stitch for an exchange and then I've also asked to be released from the SBEBB that Becky runs. I feel better knowing that I'll have even a bit more breathing room...stitching is my passion and love, and it's become a chore because I've signed up for so many things that I could not have the heart to pass up. So just like food that tempts me, I'm eliminating it so that it doesn't tempt me anymore! LOL! Becky runs a wonderful board and there are GORGEOUS stitchers that stitch on there, but I need a break.

Next up is a gorgeous biscornu from Anita D, isn't it gorgeous?

Then remember my telling you about the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe hand-dyed threads? Well that sweet Nancy sent me a little surprise in the mail for sending new customers her way:

Wasn't that nice?! I didn't expect anything like that at all and the sweet lady flabbergasted me. Not only does she have wonderful hand-dyed floss, but she has a huge heart of gold! Thanks to Nancy! I love them :)

Well today is the last day of Summer Vacation for my kids. Today, little do they know that it won't be spent leisurly lounging around....NOPE...we're off to clean the house one last time - THOROUGHLY together. I think it teaches them good values to know how to clean and to keep a house tidy. They'll be doing it one last time with me as a team today! I just announced this piece of information and they are all groaning...sorry lot they are :) Yesterday they had their fun, they went to Chuck E. Cheese's and then after that they all went to Toy R' Us and got to pick out a $25.00 end of the summer fun prize, and on the way home we stopped a Frozen Custard Stand and got some yummy treats to celebrate a good summer vacation. They've had their fun and last big BLOW OUT, today they've got to do a little muscle work to get things tidied.

So for this year I must say good-bye to my Summer 4th of July decorations. I probably get out my fall decorations today, I know it's early, but I love fall :)

Lastly...I'm a huge Third Day fan and they have a new album out...if your listening to my "tunes" then it is the first one that comes on when you open my blog. Third Day ROCKS...and their new album is no exception. And funnily enought this first cut off their album meets with my "leaf turning". :) ROCK ON!

Alrighty then folks...thanks for sticking with me on this chatty, post....lots going on in Vonna's World. Have a great day and I'll see you all soon with my 1st day of school pictures tomorrow!

Hugs and love ~ Vonna


  1. Now I'm going to have to head to the store sometime soon and seek out the new Third Day cd. I really enjoy their music too!

  2. You had a very adventurous walk, lol. I have never seen a racoon, I think they don't exist over here. But I think I wouldn't like to ecounter one at that time of the morning, lol.

    Your 4th of July decoration looks really great. Looking forward to see what pictures you will show of fall. I love fall, too, it's my favourite season.

  3. Racoons can be nasty little animals! I don't like them either and keep my distance. We are in the middle of some sort of meteor shower (forget the name or timing of this one) but did hear about it on the news the other night. You have a wonderful Americana collection! Can't wait to see your fall collection! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such pretties, all of them, Vonna! And your display is wonderful. Enjoy your Tuesday.


  5. I love your Americana display Vonna! The pinkeep and biscornu you received are both lovely :)

  6. You do such a pretty job decorating your house. I'm so envious!

    We used to have a family of raccoons living in our barn. The babies are adorable but man they smell bad!

    I still wish on falling stars. You never know, it may come true!

  7. I love, love, love my iPod. Love it so much I bought one for my DH shortly after he got one for me because I knew he'd love it too. If you're interested in doing some playlists, email me and I'll send you some sites I use. I like to use the Smart Playlist feature so iTunes will change up my playlists for me based on my preferences. It's very easy to do and makes for a nice fresh mix whenever you want it.

    The shooting stars you're seeing might be part of the Perseids Meteor Showers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perseids

    And I think it's good that you're cutting back on your obligations. Once stitching becomes a chore, it's hard to see the point in stitching anymore. Cutting back will let you breath again, and refresh your passion for it.

  8. Wow, Vonna, what a chockablock full post!

    Glad you had the sense to steer clear of Rocky Raccoon. They're quite impressively big IRL, aren't they? We had a family of them when I was a kid. Very hard to raccoon-proof your garbage if they are determined to get into it.

    Good for you, cutting down on obligations to keep your hobby fun. Been working on that one myself for awhile and am finally beginning to enjoy myself and stop feeling quite so darned guilty. LOL.

    First day of school tomorrow?! Good heavens, where did this summer go?? I thought school began around the first of September, or am I behind the times? Our kids have 2 weeks and 3 days left. Rowen can't wait!

    Take care, and thanks for such an interesting post with so many lovely pictures!

  9. Good for you turning over a new leaf! you have more will power than i do! I do have to start hitting the gym though, life has just gotten in the way lately. sigh....

    What a fun day with the kiddos! Mine started back yesterday to school and it is quiet around here but a nice quiet. LOL


  10. Life sounds like it continues to be busy and fun :) Good job with the walking...I should be doing that but I'm just too lazy. And that will be great that you'll have more time to stitch for yourself! The Victorian Motto threads are wonderful to stitch with as well~~very little twisting and tangling, have fun with them!

  11. Shooting stars are so special - I remember seeing them several times, my favourites being I lived in the city of Bath, and I was walking home late on a frosty night, and another time lying on a sailing boat moored for the night on the River Nile. Perhaps I will have to have an early walk in the morning too - my waistline (ahem) would thank me!

    I'm with you on the stitching - it should be fun and not an overwhelming obligation. That's why I'm only on one exchange group (Hooked on Exchanges) plus Simone's Ornie swap, which is only twice a year, and one birthday group. Listing makes it sound more work than it is... LOL

  12. I have a hard time doing my jogging/walking without my mp3 player (not an iPod, but it works the same). I've had mine for over 2 years and I *love* it. It also comes in handy when cleaning...I be-bop around the house dusting and de-cluttering to Sinatra et al. :-)

    A suggestion for your walking - pepper spray. I always take it with me as a defense against country dogs or other critters...or, heaven forbid, a creepy person. I've only used it once...I didn't know what the dog's intentions were, so I gave him a little squirt and he backed off. It's a little peace of mind.

    Today is the last day before school here, too. My oldest baby starts Kindergarten tomorrow! Yowza.

  13. Great posting Vonna, I loved hearing about your adventures whilst walking. Your home decor pics are brilliant, can't wait to see your autumn ones.

  14. Love your gifts, Vonna, and how wonderful of Julianne to send you her IPod. I always have music when I'm walking alone!

    I am so looking forward to receiving my threads from Nancy:) The ones she sent you are beautiful.

  15. Holy smokes, what a great post! Love all your pretties in stitching and your house decor. Stay away from those raccoons; you never know one could be rabid!!! And...enjoy that ipod!

  16. What a beautiful post you made today, Vonna! You sound very upbeat and happy. Guess turning those new "leafs" over is agreeing with you. Your gifties are just wonderful ( I received my floss from Nancy today also - geez they are big honkin' skeins, aren't they?). I can't wait to decorate for fall too!


  17. Hope your kids have a great first day of school tomorrow. I LOVE your patriotic display. Can't wait to see fall, 4th of July and fall are my favorites. I keep my 4th of July up all year in my dining room/office.

  18. what a generous friend you have sending you the ipod. I love your pinkeep and I have a cute table I should dedicate to a holiday or season. Thanks for the idea :-)

  19. First off ... thanks for putting Third Day as your tunes ... I'm loving listening to it as I read your blog :). I haven't gotten any of their new stuff in awhile.

    I love your 4th of July decorations ... can't wait to see what you do for the fall if you choose to share with us. You have an amazing eye for decorating :)

    Looking forward to seeing your back to school pictures ... those are always fun :)

    Sounds like you are doing well cutting back on your commitments. I know I enjoy doing the Fair and Square exchange ... but don't think I could do much more than that. Thank you again for starting that ... it's a wonderful exchange.

    Have a great day!

  20. Great reading today, Vonna! Love the stitching and just love the Americana table....Good on you for taking more time for yourself. I would love to do the same......

  21. Wow - first day of school tomorrow already. Summer sure flew by.

    I need to get myself moving and walk in the morning too. I would have a hard time getting out of bed at 5am though!

    I'm with you on cutting back. I was just thinking the other day about all the wonderful LHN designs I would like to stitch for myself and I have no time to do it! Taking a little break is a good idea.

  22. Yes, there were metor showers in in the early morning hours. DH got up early to watch them.

    Have fun with your personal stitching! I can't wait to see what you make for yourself!

  23. I would have loved to see the kiddoes cleaning house.

    You will be missed on the BB. Glad you are going to do some stitching for yourself.

    Love the patriotic decor.

  24. Hi Vonna,

    I enjoyed reading your post today.
    Your morning walk certainly was
    eventful, wasn't it?? We get
    raccoons around here too, and
    they can get quite ornery if you
    get too close. You're wise to
    be wary around them.

    Aren't Ipods the greatest thing
    since sliced bread?? I take mine
    to work and it makes the day go
    a lot easier and more pleasant.
    Julianne was very generous to
    give you hers...but then she's
    getting something special back
    from you. One of her stitching
    pieces finished by you.

    I can't remember the last time
    I saw a falling star. How
    exciting to see 6 at one go!!
    Your wishes really must be
    coming true with all that star

    I laughed imagining your kids
    reactions to being put to work
    on their last day of vacation.
    You are such a wicked lady!!
    Lol!! But sounds as though
    they had an awesome day the
    previous day so they're not so
    hard done by.

    That biscornu from Anita is
    beautiful. I love the lettering
    she stitched on it and the
    thread she used. And look at
    that cute little heart button.

    My but your Fourth of July
    decorations are lovely. It's
    a shame to have to put them
    away indeed. But now I want
    to see how you decorate for
    Fall. Though I must say, it's
    a tad early for that, even if
    it feels like fall around here.


  25. Vonna your walk sounds wonderful seeing six shooting stars! That must have been amazing until the racoon appeared. I agree they are cute at a distance! My daughter just came in saying there is an opossum in our driveway.

    Lovely pinkeep, gorgeous biscournu and scrumptious threads! I really do need to try those.

    Your July 4 decorations are so pretty, and I'm looking forward to see what you have in store for Autumn.

  26. Dianne12:21 AM

    I thought I was the chatty one! LOL
    Me thinks you need a walking stick or something that makes a noise to ward off the critters. We are smelling a skunk tonight, so be glad that's not what you ran in to.
    How awesome about the falling stars! I saw a rainbow yesterday. : )
    Your Americana display was awesome! I like autumn too and share your enthusiasm for decorating for it!
    Good luck to your kids this year in school.

  27. I have to tell you i have been reading your blog for a while and I just recently started one. I admire your stitching and finishing! Your instructions for finishing are great! Congratulations on spending more stitching time on your self. It is never to early for fall! Hope your children have a great first day!

  28. I missed your post about the racoon! They scare the pants of of me! We live in an area full of them and they come up to our house looking through the trash cans at night! Scarey!

  29. Paula Nunes Lima9:48 AM

    Although I loved the pics of the ladys on the beach, these you have now in your blog are really nice. Is this your home town?
    More or less twelve yars ago my husband made a car journey with some friends in USA and although he liked the big towns he went like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vegas he really enjoyed the smaller towns they passed by.
    I just got to tell you that you are really lucky because I am 41 and never saw a shooting star. Maybe I don't look up that much or the sky in Portugal is not that clear at night!!
    One more thing: got to know "down sunshine lane" and especially "Prairie Schooler" through you. Thanks for that!!!
    Best regards

  30. I understand exactly what you mean about exchanges. Love them but it's soooo tempting to sign up for too many isn't it? :) Those sign-ups open and you pick one, or two, and then another one opens.... LOL! I'm not quite at the stage you are though and I'm staying with the SBEBB as I do enjoy it. Good for you for putting yourself out of temptation's reach :)

    Glad the lifestyle changes are going well too. Have a great week :)

  31. What a way to start the day, shooting stars and a racoon, lol! Love the smalls you received. Great July 4th decorations.

  32. I love your Americana decorations! I want to make those little firecrackers, they are too cute.

    I am proud of you for lessening your obligations for stitching, you need to stitch more for you! *hugs*

  33. I love your Americana decorations! I want to make those little firecrackers, they are too cute.

    I am proud of you for lessening your obligations for stitching, you need to stitch more for you! *hugs*

  34. Sounds like the kids were really impressed with their last day home, lol!
    I love all the gifties you received. There are some lovely and talented stitchers out there.
    Glad to hear you're making more time for yourself.
    All these exchanges look so tempting but I know I'd end up going out of my mind trying to accomplish everything. Instead I'm content to just window shop!


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