Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tropical Thursday...

Hello Friends! Hope all is well ;o)

Last night in good 'ol Indiana we had a smattering of rain. Today I woke up and it looks like I could cut the air with a knife. UGH...

First up: here's Hannah's Halloween RR from the Witching for Stitching RR isn't it cute?!

This was round #1 thus my lonely kitty standing in the moon....~MEOW~

Next up: heard from my partner Clare H. from Fair and Square that she received my humble squares. Clare loves how could I resist stitching these up for her on a piece of my own hand-dyed linen:

Walking Chronicals: Many of you dear readers have asked me about my 5 a.m. I shall not disappoint. Yes! I have continued my daily 5 a.m. walks ;o) Luckily my high wattage flashlight must be frightening all the critters away! Hurray! I have not even seen any squirrels since my skunk and raccoon encounters...or maybe the skunk told the other critters that I was one formidable opponent and multi-lingual? I don't know what the reason, but my walks have been uneventful!

That's it for me today, thanks for all the lovely comments and visits that you gift me with daily! I so enjoy them :o)

May the floss be with you!


  1. no rain for us in my part of Indiana!!! Want to send it north?? We need it BAD!!!!
    Love your acorn piece!!!! Too cute!!
    Congrats on continuing to walk!!!! I told my DH we need to get a high wattage flashlight, so we can continue our evening walks, even after it is dark by 4 pm!!!

  2. What a cute Halloween RR! The exchange pieces are also adorable! Great job with the hand dying!

    I am still exercising and walking also.

  3. Good for you to be keeping up your 5AM walks!
    I was out walking the dogs at 6:20 this morning and I enjoyed the most beautiful sunrise I have seen in a long while. I actually did not see the sun because it is so cludy today...but oh those colours reflected in the clouds were spectacular!

  4. Hi!
    Glad to see that someone has the will to keep on walking at that time of day. Surely the skunk warned the others about the human "light" walking and they all hide out as you walk by.
    I showed my husband your spool cabinet saying that it is a stitcher's dream (and it is so beatiful). Although I don't have that amount of thread (a bit less), I don't think he got the hint!!!
    Paula Nunes Lima

  5. Such gorgeous stitching! I am so getting in an Autumn mood! May the floss be with you - I'm assuming you are on the side of the good floss!

  6. Your black cat in the moon is such a great Halloween addition.

  7. I love that charming little cat. I hope you don't meet one like it on your morning walks ...wait until the moon sets.
    It's good to hear you are doing so well. Congrats on keeping up the good work.
    I had a look at that neighborhood on the other blog WOW that is stunning...but I can't be tempted. I'm starting a Miabilia on the 1st of Jan. that's enough for me!
    Have a good time with it. I've put it in my Google reader and look forward to following it.

  8. Love your lonely kitty standing in the moon! Her RR is going to be gorgeous.

    Very pretty squares for Clare, too!

  9. Well I am still way behind with blogging and will never catch up at this rate. Last night I came on here and ended up and Me, Myself and I, searching for homes and getting all excited and it was not until i was in bed I realised I had not even left you a comment LOL.

    Lots of nice things going on I love your redwork and I love the bicornu from Hazel (The Peak District, Derbyshire my part of the world). Glad you are keeping up with your walking. Will try and watch I would have to miss your blogoversary.

  10. Your home is absolutely lovely! I want to come fondle all your needlework and quilts. ;)

    Great photos! I'm envious of your bright, nice stitching area in your room. Take care!

  11. I love the RR!

    Way to go on continuing with your walks. You go girl!

  12. I just LOVE the thought of the skunk telling all the other wild critters to beware that early-morning human!! LOL!

  13. Hi!

    I arrived here via Lennu´s blog. We share same intrests. I am into christian folk (Ok, you like rock and country, but in Europe we say folk music, if we mean non-American "country" music.) and I too confess to be a compulsive stitcher. It helps me concentrate and clear my thoughts! Miracle cure! Check out my new blog (in English and Finnish)!

  14. Hi Vonna, congrats on your walking success!

    Your acorn scquares and halloween RR look awesome. I see you are really getting into the fall spirit!

  15. I just love these Halloween RRs - wish I'd known about them before so that I could have participated! Ah well, I will have lots to do when mine comes home in January!


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