Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday's Topics...

Happy Thursday Friends! The weekend! :)

Yesterday when I went to my mailbox, I found this:

Birthday Wish Sheep by Shepherd's Bush
stitched over 1
Finished as a Floss Holder by the lovely Su for a belated birthday giftie

Isn't she fabulously talented? I've secretly coveted one of these since I saw Staci's Fair and Squares finished off like this. The colors are perfect, the subject is my favorite :) and it is so tiny this measures just about 4 inches tall...and maybe 3 is TINY! Thank you so much Su - you know I love it and just like the tin you made for me last year, I shall gaze upon this and think of you!

Up Next: The Walking Chronicles:

Today as I arose wearily from my bed at 4:55 a.m. I was close to saying "screw it!" but I persevered! I don't "fix" myself up in the least prior to my hitting the streets in the a.m. Nope I just pull on the same clothes I've worn the past week to walk in (yep, they are standing by themselves in the corner of my closet and I think today they were walking themselves - but never fear today IS laundry day!) - anyway, back to the subject at hand - I pulled on my clothes and shoes, kissed my husband goodbye, grabbed my flashlight and garage opener and off I went. The first leg of the journey went well - not many people are awake at this time of the morning so its a bit freaky when I first start out. I was walking along had about 10 minutes into my 45 and up ahead a saw "something" that caught my attention...what was that? A cat? A rat? What WAS it? And just like a cowboy in western shoot out - I whipped out my flashlight and hit the button and illuminated a SKUNK with tail erect and prepared to spray me! AWWWW HECK! (I was thinking something much more spine straightening...but this is a G rated blog and you get the idea).....

Well what to do? I made a sort of "YELP" at him (I mean I can't scream bloody murder at 5 a.m. in the middle of American Suburbia awaking God and everyone from their last minutes of morning slumber) - the yelp.....didn't phase him. I jumped up and down stomping my feet - nothing. Taking a page from Dora the Explorer I said - "Vamanos!". Aparently he didn't speak Spanish. I said menacingly, "Kommen Sie nach Haus!" (get home) - I heard my Pap say this to dogs on occasion growing up and didn't know what it meant until my adult years - but regardless of my impeccable German accent and verbage - the skunk was apparently NOT of German lineage either....I was running out of options when I finally just started walking toward it S-L-O-W-L-Y...and finally the tail lowered and he casually (like on a Sunday stroll) walked over to the other side of the street.

I tell you friends, I was nearly ready to just throw my hands up in disgust and "kommen sie nach haus" myself - but I trudged on *hoping* beyond hope that my animal encounters were done for today. I'd walked on about 1 minute and I heard a car - I turned around and it was my husband leaving for work, so I ran out in the middle of the street to stop him - usually he just flicks his lights at me to say "goodbye" - but today he was going to hear about this SKUNK encounter. After I told him my harrowing story - do you know what he did? He laughed. I was dare he laugh when I could have smelled for DAYS, might have had to take a bath in tomato juice - he laughed and said, "The kids are gonna LOVE this story!" Hrmph! I just told him he better get me a more menancing flashlight and I mean with wattage!

You know after all these walks and the things I have SEEN on them just in 5 short days - I believe I could write a book. I've been told before in school and then people that read my blog that I'm talented at weaving a tale. I even went so far as take an entrance examination for a school that took manuscripts and helped you become an author. I passed it - they wanted me - I got pregnant with twins - end of story. So I think I'll just continue being "The Twisted Stitcher" - and you can read my diatribe freely :o) But back to the skunk, racoon sort of reminds me of the kids movie "Over the Hedge" doesn't it you?! Funny!

Alrighty friends that does it for me for me tomorrow and all weekend (YUCK!) but I'll be back next week....have a great weekend! And stitch with Happy fingers!


  1. ROFLOL Vonna.... I'm beginning to think you need a treadmill my dear! I can tell you, you're truly the twisted stitcher going up against a skunk! ;-) Thanks for starting my day with a laugh & a smile on my face!!

  2. What a fantastic thread holder. I've looked at her tutorial, but me thinks its too precise for me to tackle.

    We have a fantastic walking trail at the college here. The draw back is it's in a wooded area and a skunk haven at times. So, no early morning jaunts there.

  3. Oh yes, a treadmill you NEED!! LOL! Nice present to find in your mailbox, you lucky woman!!

  4. What a pretty thread holder!
    ... And what comes to your "walking chronicles"... Hahahahahahahaaaa. :D :D :D

  5. That SB giftie is beautiful - beyond words. What a treasure!

    Sounds like you had a doozy with that critter. My Dad always says - you gotta is nothing with out laughter. Enjoy your day!


  6. Awww Vonna you're such a funny easy read!! Loved catching up with all your weekly gossip. xx

  7. Vonna, I'm sorry, I was laughing too. Glad he didn't spray you!

    The floss holder is really nice!

  8. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I'm sorry, Vonna, but I have to laugh too!! Next time, PLEASE take a camera with you!! We need visuals of your adventures!!!! Although, indeed, you paint a pretty picture with words as well!
    Isn't that an amazing floss holder?!!!! Love the SB design too!

  9. What a gorgeous thread holder from Su! She did a beautiful job as always. I received one of these from her in our exchange, and I know you will enjoy it!

    Skunks are so cute - too bad they smell so awful!

  10. What a beautiful gift from Su!
    I also love this thread holder, it's so lovely!!
    The colour matches perfectly and I know how neat her finishing and stitching are!
    Happy belated birthday, Vonna! from me, too! :D

  11. What a lovely floss holder!

    I've got a flashlight for you! Not sure I can ship it across state lines though. It is a police quality flashlight (heavy, bright) and it sprays mace! (I told you about my dad.) That would have given that skunk the what for.

  12. Vonna, honestly you crack me up!!! I always know if I read your blog first in the morning, there will be a laugh involved. The visual of your clothes standing in the corner....OMGosh...too funny. Between that and the skunk fiasco, I was LMBO. You are very entertaining!

    I LOVE your floss holder and I really want to try one, but they look hard to me. I love them, though, and that one is adorable, especially since SB is one of my all time favorite designers.

    Have a great rest of the week!

    Carolyn :)

  13. Thanks for the smile Vonna! Glad to hear that you are still getting up and out the door in the morning ... I know that's the hardest thing for me.

    I love your floss holder ... what a great belated birthday gift :)

  14. What a beautiful gift.

    So Vonna, what are you going to do in the winter when its so cold that ice cubes would shiver? Are you going to look into getting a treadmill?

  15. What a beautiful gift.

    So Vonna, what are you going to do in the winter when its so cold that ice cubes would shiver? Are you going to look into getting a treadmill?

  16. Uh oh...Kommen Sie nach Hause means come home...I don't think you'd want that!!! Gehen Sie nach Hause, means GO Home! Maybe there's a slang difference with old German in the USA, not sure, but...I don't think you'd want the little buddy to go home with you! Now that would be over the top FUNNY!
    Why are you attracting all the neighborhood critters?

  17. Reason #2 you need to carry a little canister of pepper spray with you! :-)

    I wear my running clothes for a few days in a row as well. And, like yours, by laundry day, they could do the 4+ miles all by themselves...LOL!

  18. LOL...what a skunk story! I loved it. So glad the bugger didn't spray ya'! Now that would be a tale to tell for sure! We've had our issues with skunks lately too and I think they seem to be in mass population this year. But, your tale was one of a kind. How dare Keith laugh at your frightening encounter! The nerve of that sweet hubby of yours. Kev would have laughed too if I was the one being skunked :) Glad you made it through that whole endevour smelling good and in one piece :)

    And can I just say that you deserve some kind of perseverence award for getting up before God and all creation :) Wow...really...up before 5am?? That takes determination. I am proud of myself when I get up before 7am. You are one incredible lady! Not that I didn't already think that, but this just further supports my point!

    And can I just say that I loved your back-to-school post. And you did look mighty smiley yesterday dropping off 3/4 of your clan at school :) And good for you on that! You deserve some "me time" and some bathroom time without barge-ins (oh, do I understand that!). I just miss my babysitter, Hailey, but I'm happy she has moved on to her job at school again :) Katie and Hailey remind me so much of each other...just so grown up and so independent and scholarly :) And I loved all your pics. Wow, even pics of the lunches you made...very cool and fancy. You should be proud of yourself. Hailey makes her own lunch...I'm such a mean mama! :)

    Enjoy these carefree days of back-to-school! And hope you get to more stitchin' time now! Though I guess you'll be busy with work this weekend....

    Miss ya' and love ya' and hopefully we can hang soon! Kel :)

  19. the floss tag is beautiful! What a neat gift.
    Gotta laugh at the skunk story, because when we got up at 4:45 am today, the first thing we did was smell skunk. It must have been the morning for them. (I am in IN also!)

  20. Glad that the skunk decided you weren't worth spraying! OMGosh, I do know the smell, glad it's not on you!
    You couldn't pay me money to get out and walk at that time in the morning! I'll forever be extra curvy as Johnny says! hahaha

  21. TOO funny, Vonna!! Over the Hedge, indeed!

  22. The thread holder is wonderful.

    Oh My but you made me laugh ...I know it's not funny to encounter a Skunk but than you mustn't make us laugh about it...hee hee hee hee.
    I'm so happy you didn't get sprayed ..I have a feeling your DH is too because I think you might have jumped into the car with him.

    Have a good weekend and keep trekking along.

    Maybe a tread-mill for the winter months in front of the TV on the outdoor channel.

  23. Oh Vonna, I nearly spat my breakfast all over my computer I was laughing so much.
    Are you sure you live in Suburbia?

  24. Dianne7:46 PM

    You certainly do tell a good story! Now, didn't I warn you about skunks, young lady? Where is your walking stick? I think you'll be carrying all kinds of contraptions sooner or later. Like a tool belt for walkers who encounter critters!
    I also took a writing course-writing for children's magazines and got a diploma. Have I written anything? Not really.
    BTW, am going to the chiropractor (not sure how much longer, kinda expensive), and I swear I'm not as hungry after the appt. What gives?

  25. Yikes! I won't laugh at you encountering a skunk~that's scary!

    Perhaps you should get one of those air-powered water rifles that are all the rage with the kids these days? I could see you toting your water rifle every from skunks and raccoons!

  26. What a gorgeous gift you received. It's beautiful.

    Congrats on coming away from your skunk encounter unscathed!

    BTW, you have been nominated for the Brillante Weblog Award:) Please see my blog! (my apologies if it's a repeat for you!)

  27. This is a beautiful present you received from Su.

    You have had some interesting walks. I once came across a moose, it was a little scary but he went on his way ;)

  28. I love the floss holder you received from Su. It is so pretty and, of course, it has a sheep on it! Lol!

    Hope your children are enjoying being back at school:)

  29. BEEutiful gift from Su :)

  30. Hi Vonna,

    You intrepid walker of the
    early morning hours when the
    local wildlife are still out
    and on the prowl!!

    I admire your determination,
    your fortitude and your
    foreign language skills, but
    I think I'd be looking into
    the purchase of second hand
    treadmills at this point.

    So what else might be out
    there, do you think?? Do
    you have coyotes where you
    live?? Fox?? Bears???
    Mountain lions???? Oh my!!

    I can't believe your kids
    are back to school already.
    Our schools are out until
    Sept 2nd. and so the back
    to school advertising is in
    full swing. The Canadian
    National Exhibition, which
    is a sure fire harbinger of
    the end of summer, opens
    today, and we're all shaking
    our heads and wondering
    what happened to the summer.

    The peanut butter of choice
    around here is: Skippy -

    Oh, your floss holder from
    Su is so pretty!! Such a
    lovely palate of delicate
    pastel colours!! And that
    sheep in all it's star
    spangled glory is a delight!
    These are the neatest finish-
    ing design, aren't they??


  31. Ew, skunks! They are cute, why do they have to smell?? Good for you for going walking!

    And I love your gift from Su, it's so pretty.

  32. Oh Vonna, I've nearly fallen off the chair laughing at your story, I am loving hesring about youe adventures.

  33. Too hilarious! Su's gift is just so pretty-what a fabulous little threadholder.

  34. Your new floss holder is truly spectacular, Su did a great job. I have wanted to make one of those, they are quite clever.
    Good for you with all this walking. Think of me...asleep at this EARLY hour. Yikes!

  35. Your new floss holder is truly spectacular, Su did a great job. I have wanted to make one of those, they are quite clever.
    Good for you with all this walking. Think of me...asleep at this EARLY hour. Yikes!

  36. I love the floss holder you received. It's really quite lovely.

    A skunk, now that has to be much worse than a racoon. I think maybe a treadmill would be much better.

  37. Your posts are so entertaining that I think you should switch careers and look at writing!
    I'm so sorry but I had to stifle a laugh as well. In all my walks I never had an encounter like that!
    Forget the treadmill... much too boring. Think of all the fun you'd miss!
    I did consider a treadmill in the winter but not having the funds I just persevered and walked much more quickly.

  38. Im a bit late reading this but it was still funny for the keeping Vonna. I love your little belated birthday gift.

  39. Love your walking stories. In fact, I love reading all your stories. Wish I could write as well as you do.

    Skunks are no fun. We once had one living under our front step. That was interesting.

    Only men would laugh at you when you were telling a serious story about an encounter with a skunk. He would not have been laughing if it had sprayed you.

    Keep up the stories.

  40. I love your blog & you are a talented writer. Wonderful thread keep, too

  41. I have awarded you the I love your blog award!

  42. Hee hee - and I thought it was scary at the gym!!!!


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