Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Me, Myself and I Round Robin?

I have some questions for you all, my dear readers, and here they are:
  1. How many of you want to stitch on a Neighborhood Round Robin?
  2. How many of you are afraid you can't meet the stipulated deadlines?
  3. How many of you are afraid that once you get started on a Round Robin that it may be held hostage at some stitcher's house never to be found again?
  4. How many of you fear losing the RR in the mail?
  5. How many of you don't want to pay the $5-8 bucks to mail the RR's each rotation for around 18 months to 2 years?
  6. How many of you fear that the "subject" that will be stitched on your RR isn't what you had in mind?
  7. Or the quality of the stitching is not up to your ideal.
  8. Or the colors aren't what you were "thinking".
  9. You don't have enough "connections" to get into a RR.

Well then I think a Me, Myself and I Neighborhood Round Robin is the answer for you! There are no stipulations, no deadlines, no dates, the universe is the limit on what you can build in your neighborhood....still doubt you can be that creative...go on over and take a gander at Carol's Neighborhood that she's built herself (and I have been following for the last year) - you can find it here http://linenstitcher2.wordpress.com/2008/08/10/tools-of-the-trade/ she's done a spectacular job!

Still not so sure? Well how about you can do anything your heart desires, you can have a fall town, a spring town, Easter town, small town, big town, winter town, Christmas Village (eh?!), a town where there are 4 seasons - just walk up the street and it's winter, walk down the street and it's summer...across the street is spring - while just around the corner its autumn! I'm personally wanting to do a "Liberty Town" ...where every house on the street sports an American Flag.

Wanna join it? If there is enough interest in starting something like this...it will sort of be a "SAL" since we aren't exchanging with anyone just stitching it ourselves....I'll open a Me, Myself and I Neighborhood Round Robin Blog and invite you to join. Just leave me a comment with your contact information or send me an e-mail (addy in my profile).

I'm counting this as my New Year's Start so we'll have 4 months to get the layouts, borders stitched, ideas meshed...etc. Then we can start on Dec. 31, 2008! I love to start my New Year's Project on the night of New Year's Eve...its a personal ritual I have.

Exciting, exciting, huh?! COME ON! You know you want to join...and think of all the creativity out there....show off yours and join up with me!


  1. Hi Vonna

    Please count me in :) I love the idea of building a neighbourhood, I have been admiring them for awhile now but RR's scare me so a SAL will be perfect. I have had some not so wonderful experiences with RR's and now only organize them with people I know and trust.

  2. All those things you said about RR's is why I haven't joined one...this sounds like a terrific idea, count me in :) Now I need to do some massive brainstorming!!!

  3. That is a great idea! I would love to join. I will send an email.

  4. I want to, I want to, I want to...but I must stick to my plans and stitch on my Chatelaine, I am determined to stay ontop of it and get it done in mid 2009!
    But watch out after that I'll be stitching up all the LHN's, CC, and quick stitches until my fingers cramp up and fall off!

  5. Vonna,
    This sounds interesting. I just may be interested in doing this.

  6. Call be a dummy but I don't understand these things. How they are done or what you are supposed to do or any of it. LOL! Sounds like fun if I just knew what to do and all.

  7. Hi Vonna.
    You can count on me!!! I wanted to start a tablecloth with the 4 saisons doing nothing but LHN and CCN motifs.
    I will send you an email right away.

  8. Count me in! I'll go email you now.

  9. Hi Vonna, I would be interested in doing a RR, but I would only be interested in stitching for someone, and not having my own RR going around... know what I mean?! I LOVE stitching for others, and I enjoy a challenge. Let me know if this is doable, if not, I understand :)

  10. Hi Vonna, I would love to join this "SAL", I just LOVE little houses! I'll send you an e-mail straighaway!

  11. Count me in!!!! I want a neighborhood but haven't been able to get anyone to swap with, so this sounds perfect to me!

  12. I've never been afraid to join in RRs, and I'm now working on my 3rd Neighborhood RR. :)

    But, I *love* the idea of a DIY RR SAL (can I get any more acronyms in there?)LOL, and the fact that the start date isn't until December 31 is even more appealing - I've got too many things that I want to finish up this year, so I'm excited that this isn't going to happen in earnest until January. Definitely count me in!

  13. It sounds like great fun but I dunno if I can commit to it just yet. I will bear it in mind though. xx

  14. Oh darn, Vonna, you do have a way of drawing people in. And you start in about four months' time? How can I say no to this? You're right. I can't. So it's a yes. You know where to find me, right? ;o)

  15. Count me in too, Vonna! Send me an invite, I'd love to join!

  16. Hey, I may just take part in this! Sounds like a wonderful way to do an RR without have to deal with the common RR risks. Put me in the "very definitely interested" list.

    I swear, girl, you come up with some of the greatest ideas. I'd be doing well if I had even half of your creativity. ;-)

  17. Oh! sounds like so much fun!! Count me in.

    Now to decide - Christmas village or haunted houses?? oh the agony!

  18. What a great idea, Vonna! May I join, too? Pretty please? LOL!

    Can I count my current neighborhood as my project?? Hmmmm, or maybe I should finish it and start a brand-new one. Decisions, decisions. (Believe it or not, I've already thought about doing another neighborhood. Can't imagine where I think I'll find the time, but there's still a lot of patterns that I'd like to use in a new neighborhood.)

    I think you know where to find me. And I will absolutely look forward to seeing everyone's progress on this SAL!

  19. I would love to join you for this. I started a neighborhood for myself some time ago and didn't get very far. This is the perfect opportunity to pull it back out.

  20. Sounds like a fun! I would like to join.

  21. What a great idea, I followed the link and was amazed by the beautiful neighbourhood- I just have to have one for myself!
    Count me in!

  22. If it is a sal you can count me in

  23. I just might be interested. I would love to have a haunted neighborhood in time for next Halloween =)

  24. Yes, yes, yes! What an excellent idea. You can definitely count me in. This is just what I wanted to do for quite some time.

  25. Ok, twist my arm.... Count me in! Will this count as a SSNES project?? LOL!
    Thanks tons!

  26. I would definitely be interested too, but whether I will have the time remains to be seen. It is something I have been thinking about anyway, over the past few weeks.

  27. What a great idea you have there.


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